Asia’s Fantasy

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Asia’s Fantasy
Asia’s Fantasy

by Max, Asia, and RLM

Author’s Message and Prologue:

In early March, 2009, Max sent me an e-mail stating that he enjoyed the stories I have written and posted on my web site. His message also informed me that his wife, Asia, had recently read some of my stories and had become extremely aroused by the thought of becoming a hotwife. I have posted Max’s e-mail message on my web page. It is reproduced below without editing:



I have been a consistent reader of your stories for a long time and truly appreciate the effort you have put into them. They are truly magnificent.

Me and my wife both share the fantasy of her being a hotwife even though we have not acted out our fantasies till now. But we do plan to make it real one day.

While appreciating your work again we would feel privileged if you can write a story about my hotwife “Asia”. You can use any of our pictures that is available on the links below or else I can provide you with the originals.



Asia is 5′ 3″, 120 lbs with 34C tits. She is wildly excited by the thought of becoming a hot slut wife. As part of this, she and Max plan to have her breasts enlarged to 36D. In subsequent e-mails, Max has told me that Asia is also into soft bondage, latex and high heels.

She loves to pose and exhibit herself. This desire is complemented by the fact that Max is an excellent amateur photographer. As you can see from his e-mail message above, he and Asia will be providing many of the photos you will see in the html version of Asia’s Fantasy. They are unedited. The first two of these are the story’s lead illustrations seen in the html version of the story. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to stress her sensuous beauty as it is more than obvious. Since Asia has not yet had sex with other men, the photos depicting hardcore sex will be of models from the net.

I hope all of you enjoy “Asia’s Fantasy” just half as much as we enjoyed bringing Asia’s and Max’s desires to life in the story. When she finally does become a hotwife, perhaps we can write a sequel with the actual photos showing her initiation and hotwife activities…. Max, Asia, RLM


Maid Service:

Mason Brintel waiting impatiently in his study for the latest applicant for the maid’s job to arrive. He had already interviewed 5 different women but had found none of them acceptable. Two were overweight, one to the point of obesity. Another two were too pushy about the salary, the hours, and the job responsibilities. The fifth one was fine with respect to the job, but she just wasn’t attractive enough. He hoped that this woman… he checked the application form for her name, Asia … was what he wanted.

At that moment, the front door chimes on Brintel’s luxury Las Vegas condo sounded. He flipped a switch on the condo’s intercom and spoke, his voice being transmitted to the guest at the front door. “This is Mason Brintel speaking. What do you want? Just speak into the receiver.”

“I’m here to apply for the maid’s job, Sir. I sent you my resumé earlier. I’m Asia.”

Brintel smiled at the soft, feminine voice that came over the speaker. “So far, so good,” he thought. “Oh yes,” he said into the speaker. “The door’s unlocked please let yourself in. Just walk straight through the condo. I’m in the study at the back.”

The door opened smoothly and effortlessly under Asia’s hand. She gasped at the opulence of the condo’s interior. She knew that Mason Brintel was a high-level vice president at one of the city’s most popular and expensive hotels. Nevertheless, the gorgeous tile entryway, the plush carpets adoring many of the rooms, the original oil paintings on the walls, the expensive furniture were breathtaking.

She followed Brintel’s directions and soon saw him sitting behind a large desk in his study working on some papers. She tried to suppress her nervousness but had little success. She and Max needed this job. Although her husband was a talented software engineer, the economy was poor and his job did not pay as much as it should have. To make matters worse, she had just lost her job as a banking executive. Finally, Las Vegas was proving to be much more expensive than they had imagined. It was certainly a far cry from any city they had visited back in her native country … expensive, exotic, somewhat decadent, and very liberal in its sexual mores. Asia smiled as she entered the study.

When Brintel looked up at the new applicant, it was his turn to gasp. Asia’s beauty was breathtaking. Her legs were almost beyond belief, and the front split in her already very short skirt coupled with the 5-inch heels gave her a sensuous, exotic look. Brintel’s cock began to harden as his eyes roamed over the Asian beauty. She stood beside the chair directly in front of his desk waiting for instructions.

“Oh, please excuse me. I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful woman. Please sit down.”

“Thank you, Sir. I have my references here if you would like to see them.”

“Yes… yes, of course. Please,” Brintel stammered as he extended his hand for Asia’s references. She moved in front of the desk, bent over slightly, and laid her references on the desk. Rising, she smiled, retreated to the chair, and took the seat Brintel had offered.

Brintel’s cock was now close to being fully erect. When Asia had bent over to give him her references, a third of her tits were on display and the enticing darkness down her cleavage had attracted him like a moth to a flame. He scanned the pages of Asia’s reference file, but all he could think about was an image of his cock sliding between the woman’s tits.

After giving her references some perfunctory attention, Brintel looked up at Asia with the intent of offering her the position. He had even opened his mouth to speak, but the wide expanse of thigh flesh Asia’s crossed legs were revealing caused his words to die stillborn. They also caused his cock to rise to a full, throbbing erection, which the desk concealed, much to his relief.

When he regained his composure, Brintel offered Asia the job. Her response was immediately. “Oh thank you! My husband and I need a second income as we never expected Las Vegas to be so expensive. I promise to take extremely good care of your beautiful condo.”

“I’m sure you will, Asia. Now permit me to explain the details of the job… the responsibilities, the hours, the salary, and the working conditions. I expect the entire condo to be dusted and carpets swept daily. Once a week, I would like for you to mop the tile and polish it with the electric buffer that is available. When I plan to be home, I expect you to prepare the meals for me and my guests as well as for yourself. Each day, you will make the beds, change the linens, if necessary, and from time to time, clean the kitchen and bathroom. I am aware that I require a great deal of work and a lot of your time, but the job pays $1,000 per week with raises for excellent performance. There will also be many opportunities for you enhance your salary by additional services, but those details can wait. Do you have any questions?”

Asia was stunned. The salary was $52,000 per year. Max had hoped that she could make $30,000 to $35,000 per year. He would be elated! Aloud, she said, “No Sir. No questions. I promise to do a very good job for you. Please inform me if you find any of my services unsatisfactory so I can make appropriate changes. I guess I do have one question. When can I start?”

“Tomorrow. Here is a set of keys to the condo and to various closets and cabinets to which you will need access. If you wish, you may use one of the closets in the guest bedroom at the end of the hallway to keep several changes of clothing as you desire. Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will, Sir.” Asia uncrossed her legs to leave, but hesitated to say, “I deeply appreciate your giving me a chance at this job, Mr. Brintel. I will certainly not forget your kindness.” Asia waited for a response from her new employer, but he seemed mesmerized, almost transfixed. She waited, but he continued to stare. “Mr. Brintel, is anything wrong?” she asked.

The question shook Brintel out of his near trance. “No… no. Nothing at all. I was just thinking about some important business matters, Asia. I will see you tomorrow at 9 AM.”

“Yes, Sir. I won’t be late.” His new maid turned and walked toward the front door. Brintel couldn’t take his eyes off of her undulating ass. He was on the brink of cumming in his pants. When she had uncrossed her legs, he had hoped to catch a glimpse of her panties, but he had failed. Instead, he had seen her naked cunt. Asia was not wearing panties.

Exactly one week later, Brintel was at his desk examining the entertainment schedule he had set up for the coming month at the hotel, but most of his attention was centered on his new 27-year old maid who was busy preparing lunch. Although Asia had turned out to be an excellent worker, diligent, efficient, and smart, none of those attributes had anything to do with the reason why Brintel had hired her, which was nothing other than her dark-skinned, sultry beauty.

In fact, Mason was deeply disappointed in Asia. She had dressed hot during the interview, clearly hoping that it would help her get the job. However, once she began her work as his maid and cook, her attitude and demeanor became all business without a trace of anything remotely resembling sensuality. In addition, her clothing had gone far beyond conservative to drab. In over a week, Brintel had not seen a hint of her tits or thighs, much less of her cunt that he had briefly glimpsed during the interview. Not only did she always dress to cover every square inch of her body, her clothes were all loose-fitting, even baggy, so they revealed nothing of her hot, sensuous body.

At the moment, Asia was busy preparing one of his favorite dishes for lunch. She wore baggy long pants, a loose-fitting white shirt that exposed almost none of her tits. To make matter even worse, she generally wore a long red apron while she worked to prevent soiling her clothes. Mason hated it.

“Asia, I’d like to speak with you for a few moments,” Mason said.

“Yes Sir, Mr. Brintel. Let me put this bowl on the counter. It will just take a moment.”

When she had returned the bowl to the kitchen, Asia respectfully stood before her employer waiting. “Please, sit down, Asia.” After she took a seat opposite him, Brintel continued. “First, I want to tell you that your work is excellent. So much so, that I’m raising your salary to $1,200 per week.”

Asia’s hand flew to her mouth almost in shock. “I’m not certain what to say, Mr. Brintel. I never expected a raise this soon. You are a very generous and considerate man. Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Asia. Even though your work is excellent, there are some problems.” Brintel hesitated, collecting his thoughts. “Asia, I’m not sure exactly how to put this. You know, I’m sure, that Las Vegas is one of the major entertainment centers of the United States.”

“Yes Sir. It’s a beautiful, exotic city. My husband and I love it.”

“Precisely, Asia! Your choice of the word “exotic” is excellent. That’s exactly what Vegas is… “exotic”. You may also know that I’m the Public Relations and Entertainment Vice President for one of the major hotels in Vegas.”

“Yes Sir, I know. That is a very responsible position.”

“It is, Asia, it is, but please, call me Mason or Mr. Brintel. “Sir” is just too formal. It’s not… eh… it’s not exotic. Not proper for Vegas. Do you understand?”

“As you wish, Mr. Brintel … Mason.”

“Now, as I was saying, Vegas is an exotic city, and in my position as VP for entertainment, I need for every thing around me… every thing in my charge to reflect the exotic nature of the city and the hotel. That is particularly true when I’m entertaining guests of the hotel. I want every thing they see to reflect the beautiful, exotic nature of the city.”

“Of course, Mr. Brintel. I understand the need for that. Am I not doing a satisfactory job of keeping your beautiful condo clean, spotless, and exotic? I can prepare more exotic dishes for your meals. I really want to do a good job for you, Mr. Brintel. My husband works as a software engineer, and he has told me many times how important it is to give your employer your best effort. I want to do that, Mr. Brintel.”

“Excellent, Asia. That’s just perfect! But the problem has nothing to do with your work performance… that’s just outstanding. Don’t change a thing.”

“What is it then?”

“Well… frankly, it’s your appearance. You’re a beautiful, exotic woman who would do wonders to improve the ambiance of my condo if you dressed appropriately. In fact, the hotel has many, many positions that would provide you with substantially higher income but they all require that you dress sensuously and exotically in keeping with the Vegas style. I’m not speaking about a simple raise. I’m talking about positions that would double, triple, even quadruple your income. Do you understand my meaning, Asia?”

“I do, Mr. Brintel. Is it really true that I might qualify for a higher paying position if I … if I … eh… dress more exotically?”

“Absolutely! And remember, I’m the VP of entertainment. If I wish to make something happen, it generally happens.”

“I know. It is the same in my country. Powerful, influential men can make things happen. You are such a man. I can tell. But I do have three problems, Mr. Brintel.”


“The first is my husband, Max. He must agree. In my country, the husband is always in charge. The second is that I’m not sure I can be “exotic” as you say. I have never been … eh… been that way. I have had no experience. Third, we do not have a lot of extra money, and the clothes I have are not exotic in the Vegas style. I’m very sorry to displease you in this manner, Mr. Brintel.”

Brintel thought for several minutes and then sat down at his desk where he wrote out a check. “I can easily fix the third problem for you, Asia. That is nothing. Here’s check for $3,000 that will allow you to purchase the new wardrobe you need. Take a week… discuss it with your husband… think about all the possibilities yourself. We’ll speak about this again next week.”


Eroticism from the Internet:

Although Asia was not “experienced” as she had put it to Mr. Brintel, she was a woman, and knew very well what he wanted of her. Even though she had never been intimate with any man other than her husband, a woman still knows such things.

At first, she was shocked at his request, but the more she thought about it afterwards, the more enticing and exciting the thought became. Asia had seen most of the men in Vegas staring lustfully at the women, particularly when the women were dressed “exotically”. The thought of them staring with such lust at her had her body trembling with excitement. She wasn’t sure whether she was trembling from excitement or from fear, but she knew one thing for certain… the thoughts had gotten her panties very, very wet.

While riding the bus to their home, Asia was enjoying her fantasy thoughts of being an exotic woman. However, she knew that such thoughts were merely day dreams as Max would never permit it. Mr. Brintel might be turned on by such exotic women, she thought, but my husband would surely be horrified by the very thought. In fact, Asia knew that she would never have the nerve to even tell him about Mr. Brintel’s comments or about his $3,000 check in her handbag.

The bus let Asia off at the corner, four houses up the street from their home. When she reached the yard, she noticed that Max had not taken the empty garbage cans back inside the garage. They weren’t heavy, so she did the job for him. Once there, it was more convenient to enter via the connecting door to the kitchen rather than walk around the house to enter through the front door as she usually did.

When Asia entered the den from the kitchen, she saw Max sitting at his computer. He was completely engrossed in what he was doing and was obviously unaware of Asia’s presence. She started to say “Hi”, but at that moment, her husband shifted his body slightly allowing her to see the screen, which was filled with text and a photo of a naked woman wearing nothing but high heels. Her legs were spread wide, and she was holding her pussy open with her fingers. Asia was shocked when she realized that Max was reading some illustrated, pornographic story from the net.

Moving back into the concealment of the kitchen, she continued to watch. It wasn’t long before she saw Max’s arm moving frantically up and down… he wasn’t just reading the story, he was masturbating furiously as he read and stared at the image of the naked woman on the screen. When he leaned back in his chair, she saw that his penis was hard… very hard… the mushroom head swollen with fluid leaking from the tip. His organ throbbed harder as his hand moved faster and faster.

As quietly as possible, Asia went back to the garage and walked around to the front of the house. After waiting for ten minutes, she opened the front door and called out in a loud voice, “Hello, Honey. I’m home!” By the time she reached the den, Max had closed the web site he had been watching and was now looking at the day’s stock reports.

During dinner that evening, Asia told her husband about landing the job as Mr. Brintel’s maid. “That’s wonderful, Darling. The money will certainly help us afford this city.”

She was beaming with pride when she said, “I haven’t told you the best part. Want to hear it?” she giggled as she said it.

“Of course. What’s the best part?”

“The salary, Honey. The salary. Mr. Brintel raised my salary to $1,200 per week! I’ll have to work hard, of course, but just think of the freedom this will give us.”

Max could hardly contain his joy. They cuddled together on the couch, kissing and pleasuring each other until neither could wait any longer. By this time, Asia was nearly naked. Jumping to her feet, she ran for the bedroom with Max in hot pursuit. She fell onto the bed on her stomach. an instant later, Max fell onto her back, pushed her legs apart, and drove his engorged sex spike deep into his wife’s eager cunt. They both groaned with the exquisite pleasure of her wet cunt throbbing around his iron-hard cock.


The next day, Brintel wanted to know if Asia had discussed his suggestion with her husband. She shook her head. “Not yet. I’m still trying to get up my nerve. I’ll let you know, Mr. Brintel.”

Brintel had to leave early for a dinner at the hotel, so he told Asia she could take the afternoon off. As a result of the unexpected vacation from her duties at Brintel’s condo, Asia arrived home at 2 PM that afternoon, at least three and a half hours before Max would get in from work. Immediately, her eyes fell on the computer. She knew she shouldn’t be spying on her husband, but she just had to know what he had found that was so erotic that he had had to masturbate.

Once Asia was logged onto the computer, she opened the “History” log and quickly found the site from which her husband had downloaded the porno story he had been watching. She didn’t recognize the site’s URL: ,

but she pasted it into her browser and downloaded the file. She stared at the screen in shock at what appeared.


In bold face, red letters, the title read:

Sensuous Encounters – 3: Paula’s Erotic Hotel Tour

by RLM


For the next half hour, Asia read the erotic story of Paula’s hot adventures in a hotel in Vegas of all places. The more she read, the hotter and more excited she became. Before she had gotten very far into the story, she understood fully why her husband was masturbating as he read the incredibly erotic story and looked at the exotic, pornographic illustrations of the story line.

The wife in the story, Paula, was a beautiful slut who loved sex. Throughout the story, men were constantly fucking her. Sometimes, her husband, Gordon, knew that his wife was being fucked… at other times, he was unaware that she was cheating on him. Eventually, Paula would tell him, but instead of being angry and beating her, or divorcing her, or even worse, Gordon would get hard and hot. This always resulted in the two of them having incredibly hot, steamy sex during which Paula would have multiple, screaming climaxes. It was obvious that they both loved their exotic lifestyle.

Asia was beside herself with excitement. Her pussy was gushing fluids … wetting her lips, her thighs, and the chair in which she sat. She began to masturbate and was soon having hard, intense orgasms. Not only was she in white hot heat, she realized that she was incredibly jealous of Paula’s freedom. She was enjoying awesome sex with a wide variety of men while she had never had anyone except her husband. She finger fucked her throbbing hole harder.

Occasionally, Gordon would have sex with other women, although that seemed to happen a lot less often than his wife doing it with other men. The fact that Paula’s husband was enjoying her sexual adventures as much as his wife was raised Asia’s excitement to new levels. Before she was half finished with the story, she knew she wanted to experience some of what Paula was enjoying.

At this point, Asia’s dress was up around her hips. Her panties were lying on the floor, and her legs were wide open. She would read several paragraphs, and then have to stop and rub her throbbing pussy just as furiously as Max had been stroking his cock. Every second or third time she did this, her clitoris and vagina would explode in hard spastic contractions. Juices were running out of her swollen, overheated pussy as she brought herself off again and again.

At one point, the story became so hot and erotic, Asia began to have near continuous orgasms. She knew if any man had come into the room at the moment, she would have begged him to put his organ into her vagina and fuck her. As the scene unfolded, Asia moaned in heat… her pussy opening and closing as it convulsed in one orgasm after another.

Paula is alone in the hotel while her husband is away attending a convention. An Italian stud, Santi, is about to take her into a hotel room for sex. He has her tits out making her wait in the hallway while he unlocks the hotel room door. Asia’s cunt trembled in another orgasm as she continued to read:


As he led me down the hallway, he consulted a small black book as he checked the room numbers. When we reached Room 972, he smiled and unlocked the door. Down the hallway, a man had just emerged from his room. He saw me, and I gave him a smile just before Santi pulled me into the empty hotel room.

Almost as soon as he had me inside the hotel room, I was being fucked on one the tables in the hotel suite. My soft moans filled the air as I gyrated beneath Santi’s body. His iron-hard, thick, eight inches of meat slowly moved in and out of my widely stretched vagina. He had already made me cum twice and was now pumping me slowly toward still another climax. As he forced his cock back and forth inside my sex channel, I heard myself whimpering in ecstasy.

I was surprised when I felt him pulling his cock from the grasp of my throbbing vagina. Grasping my waist, Santi lifted me with no apparent effort and turned me over so that I was now face down on the table. My moans started again when I felt the cock pushing back into my pussy.

As the thick organ sawed in and out of my cunt, I felt oil being poured into the crease of my ass. His fingers spread the oil over my anus and one oiled finger worked its way into my rectum. With a hard cock pleasuring my pussy and a finger inside my ass, I groaned with sexual pleasure and raised my buttocks to encourage Santi to push in deeper.

More oil was applied to my ass, and the finger pumped me faster and deeper… twisting and thrusting until I was urging him to do it to me. Another finger entered and my anus stretched to allow it entry. More moans and whines of female pleasure filled the room. I arched my butt high and grunted when Santi thrust a third finger inside my ass.

Suddenly, the cock was pulled from my cunt. “NO… NO… please. Don’t take it out! Please,” I cried out desperately.

He ignored me. “Fuck your ass on my fingers,” Santi ordered.

I moaned with need, but his fingers had stopped moving. They were still in my ass, but they had stopped fucking in and out of me. “Do it!” came the order. I obeyed by pushing my buttocks up to take his fingers deeper into my ass.

Without warning, Santi pulled his fingers from my ass and pressed the head of his cock against my anal ring. He worked it back and forth coating it with oil. Then he pressed it even harder against my back hole. For a time, my ass wouldn’t open sufficiently to allow the thick organ to enter. He pushed harder and my sphincter gave way allowing the big head to sink into my tight hole.

Slowly, he worked his cock deeper and deeper into my ass while I screamed with a mixture of pain and hot pleasure. His rod continued to sink deeper and deeper until I felt his balls slapping against my clit. All 8+ inches of meat were buried in my ass. He began to fuck me harder… faster. My moans were changing to hot cries of pleasure mixed with grunts. My body was trembling as it usually did when I was about to cum.

An orgasm exploded deep inside my ass and spread to my pussy and belly. My uncontrolled wild cries filled the room as I rammed back against the surging cock screwing in and out of my ass. I heard Santi give a low groan then his body quivered as his load filled my back passage.

Asia’s vagina and clitoris went into hard spastic contractions as she came again. The climax was so hard, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. Her back and hips arched high off the chair as a series of intense contractions surged through her cunt. Juices from her throbbing pussy spurted out coating her thighs.

Before Asia had finished “Paula’s Erotic Hotel Tour”, she had had three more orgasms. The chair and the floor were both drenched. Even with this, her overheated pussy wouldn’t stop throbbing. Desperately, she moved to the couch. Yanking her dress up to her hips, she laid down on her back with one heel up over the back of the couch, the other on the floor. Thrusting her hand between her gaping thighs, she frantically rubbed her clitoris … hard… fast.

When she pushed three fingers deep inside her erupting cunt, her ass rose off the couch and humped the air. “OOOHHHH Fuck me, Santi! Fuck my cunt with that big cock… Fuck my hole… Make me cum, Santi!” she wailed as intense orgasms ripped through her cunt, her clitoris, and her belly.

It took her almost an hour to wash every thing sufficiently to remove the sexual aroma in the room and bathe herself. By the time Max came home, Asia was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She gave him no hint of how she had spent the afternoon.


Max had completed writing and testing the new software security program for the Flamingo hotel at 2:30 PM. With no work waiting on his desk at the office, he decided to take the rest of the afternoon off. He could hardly wait to get back to his computer and read more of those stories about slutty hot wives.

By 2:45 PM, he was seated in front of his computer typing in the URL of the website. When the page loaded, his problem was selecting which of the stories to read. There were so many it was hard to choose. After reading the short synopses of several stories, he selected one entitled “Hot Married Pussy” and downloaded it.

The title page showed a photo of a sexy blonde with a young man behind her reaching around and cupping both of her large tits. The caption beneath the photo read, “The young man learns that Hot Married Pussy is the best.” Max’s cock was already hard, and he hadn’t yet begun to read the story.

Fifteen minutes later, his pants were open and his rigid, hard cock was sticking out like a steel spike. The story was about a gang bang called a “Hot Married Pussy Party” at which the women weren’t permitted to say “no”. Four married couples and eight single black guys were involved. As he read the story, Max fantasized that Vicky in the story was his wife Asia. Every place Vicky’s name appeared, he mentally substituted “Asia”. He also imagined that he was the husband in the story. Max rubbed the swollen head of his cock that was already throbbing and ready to shoot. He was at the point where Gordon was about to fuck Asia:


Moving downward, I slowly, ever so slowly and tantalizingly, pushed my tongue inside the oozing hole of her cunt. In… out… in… out… Asia began to wail and sob. “God! I can’t stand it… aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. can’t stand it… aaahhhhhhh… fuck harder… for god’s sakes… harder… you’re going too slow… I can’t cum… please!!”

I pushed my arms under the moaning woman’s legs and lifted them into the air. When I moved into her sex saddle, she spread as wide as possible, pulling her legs even further back with her hands under her knees. Her cunt gaped open, juices bubbling from her excited, throbbing hole. Her nipples were so engorged and swollen, they throbbed and burned.

“Tell me what you want, Asia.”

“Fuck me!” she gasped. “Please. I need it. I NEED COCK IN ME!”

“Again. Say it again.”

“FUCK ME!” Asia screamed at the top of her lungs.




Max had to stop reading and pump his shaft. He could only jack it a few times before his load threatened to explode. Not wanting to cum yet, he pressed his thighs together and squeezed the head of his cock to suppress his orgasm. “Oh fuck!” he said aloud. “That’s so damn hot. If only Asia wasn’t so conservative… so straight-laced … I could ask her to be a hotwife, but she would never, ever do it.”

Max was now leaning back in his chair, jacking off steadily as he continued to read:


I didn’t make her wait any longer. Pressing my 8-inch, throbbing erection to the hot, wet, pulsing opening of Asia’s cunt, I said, “Is this where you want me to put it?”

She was trembling too hard to reply. Her entire body was shaking with female heat and intense, desperate desire. I shoved the head into her hot hole. Immediately her hips rammed upward to get more cock into her cunt. I assisted her in the effort by driving seven inches of thick meat into her waiting pussy. The mushroom head thudded into the bottom of her hole with a full inch of cock still left outside her opening.


“Shit! Look at her cum!”, Max gasped. “He made her cum on the first stroke! Can you fucking believe that?!!”

Max didn’t know it, but he hadn’t seen anything yet. I pulled the shaft from his wife’s contracting hole, and slammed it back into her even harder. The head hit the bottom and pushed her womb back allowing another half inch of cock to enter. Keeping my shaft fully embedded deep inside her sex socket, I flexed it and ground my pubic bone against her exploding clit. Max’s wife wailed and screamed in another orgasm.


Asia’s body shuddered, and then began to shake violently as she screamed. “I’m cummingg… ooohhh god… I CAN’T STOP CUMMINGGGGGG!” At that moment, her sex juices squirted out in a huge stream.

I fucked my cock relentlessly in and out of the squirting hole, her juices flying out, coating my cock, belly, and drenching the bedding.


Now it was me who was groaning as I pushed hard into the convulsing female. My buttocks clenched as my sex gun fired. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Again and again, I pumped one huge gush of semen after another into Max’s wife. Before my climax had finally ebbed, Asia was cumming again.


Max’s hand continued to jack up and down on his throbbing cock… The big head turned purple. His back arched. “Oh fuck!” Max screamed. “I can’t hold it! I’m gonna cum!”

In front of the computer, Max’s buttocks clenched hard sending a huge stream of semen and sperm bursting from the wide open tip of his cock. Gush after gush of cum rocketed into the air landing in his hair, on his face, and all over his chest.


That evening, Asia told her husband that she needed some rice from the grocery store as they were out. “Either go get us some rice, or there won’t be much for dinner,” is the way she had put it to Max. He got the message and hurried off to the store. As soon as he was out of the house, Asia was again sitting in front of his computer checking the history log.

A quick scan of the log told Asia that her randy husband had downloaded and read four more stories that week… everyone of them involving a hotwife being fucked by numerous other men. As she scanned the titles, she began to wonder if she should tell Max about her desire to be more like the hot women in those stories.

She did decide that she wanted to show off her body for her husband. Before Max returned, she had bathed and changed into a tight blouse, black bra, short black skirt, thigh-high stockings and heels. When her husband returned, he did a double take at his gorgeous, sexy wife. All through dinner, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hot body. She had the blouse opened half way exposing over half of her tits. Max was surprised when he realized that his cock was hard. By the time dinner was over, it was like a steel bar.

Asia served dessert, and as they ate the pastry, Max continued to stare at his wife’s exposed tits.

“I think you really like the way my tits look, Darling. You haven’t taken your eyes off of them since we sat down to eat.”

“I can’t help it. They’re just gorgeous.”

“I don’t want you to be able to help it, Honey. I like for you to stare at me that way.”

“Not nearly as much as I enjoy staring at you.”

“Do you think other men would enjoy seeing them like this?”

Max’s cock began to throb wildly inside his pants at that thought. He pressed his thighs together to keep from shooting off in his pants. “Any man would love to see your breasts, Darling.”

“I wasn’t thinking about them seeing my breasts, Max. I was thinking about them seeing your wife’s tits.”

Max’s cock surged. He pressed his knees more tightly together. “Would you really do that?” he asked in a hot whisper.

“I’ve already done it, Darling. I let Mr. Brintel see my tits like this every day. He gets very hard… like you. You are hard, aren’t you, Max?”

“Oh god, Yes!” How much does Brintel get to see?”

“At least this much, Honey. But he is my employer, and we do need the job. So, some times I let him see more. Do you think I should let him see my tits like this.” Asia opened her blouse completely and pulled down her bra. Both luscious globes thrust outward. “Would it make you angry if I let Mr. Brintel see my naked tits? Or would it make you hot to know I’ve taken them out for him?”

“AAgggghhhhhhhhh… god… OOHHHHhhhhhh Fuck!” Max moaned as his load fired out of his cock, drenching his shorts, and making a spreading cum stain all over the front of his pants. He jumped to his feet to run to the bedroom, but Asia caught him and unzipped his pants. A moment later, she had his kurtköy escort bayan cum-covered cock out and was putting it into her open mouth… cleaning it and sucking it back to full erection again. It only took a few minutes to get her randy husband hard as a rock.

“Oh fuck, Asia. Let’s go to bed. I need to fuck you.”

“You don’t want to make love to me?” she teased.

“NO! I want to fuck your hot cunt. Now! Come with me, woman!”

“Yes, Sir,” she grinned and ran ahead of her husband into the bedroom.

By the time Max reached the bedroom, Asia already her dress and bra off. Since she wore no panties, she was waiting on the bed for her husband naked except for her thigh-high stockings and heels.

“Come on, you sexy stud. Get naked and get on the bed on your back so I can suck your big cock.”

Max got naked and on the bed in record time. Straddling his face, Asia simultaneously lowered her mouth onto her husband’s rigid erection and her wet pussy onto his mouth.

“MMmmmmmmmm… big fuck stick,” she moaned just before she took him deep inside her mouth. When she felt the tongue pushing in and out of her pussy and flicking over her clitoris, she moaned around the plunging shaft that filled her mouth. Masculine grunts of pleasure and female squeals of delight filled their bedroom. Asia’s ass gyrated grinding her cunt into Max’s face as he thrust his hips upward pumping his shaft in and out of her mouth hole.

Suddenly, Asia’s cunt exploded. Juices gushed out coating Max’s face and the bed covers. The intensity of her orgasm forced her pull her mouth off the throbbing shaft. She wailed every time her cunt contracted in another hard spasm.

“Get on your hands and knees, you hot Slut,” Max growled as her pussy continued to throb.

“Oh YES!” Asia hissed with hot anticipation. “Like this, Lover? Is my ass high enough? Can you see my hot wet pussy waiting for your big cock?”

“No. Not enough. Reach back and spread your ass open, Slut!” His wife didn’t waste a moment in pulling her buttocks wide apart so her lover could see both of her hot holes.

Moving off the bed, Max pulled his wife’s ass closer to the edge so he could get into her cunt. Asia lowered her head to the bed and spread her knees wide apart.

“UUNNGGGGGGG… GGGAAAHHHHHH.” Asia’s screeching wail filled the room as Max’s engorged shaft drove hard and deep into her waiting pussy. Juices squished out of her hole as his piston filled all the available space. Each time Max drove his hips forward, Asia slammed her ass backwards. The dual action forced the cock into the hot depths of her cunt on every stroke. The head hit her cervix and womb sending electric shivers of pleasure through Asia’s body. When her husband pulled his shaft out, it sc****d over her G-spot causing her to moan with excitement.

“OOohhh god… that’s feels so damn good, Honey. Fuck it to me, Honey. Fuck your hot slutty wife’s cunt. Give it to me… hard… deep… Screw me, Lover. Fuck my hot ass off,” she begged just as her second orgasm engulfed her body.

Max was amazed. He had never felt his wife’s pussy contract and throb around his cock like it was doing now. This was fantastic! And the way she squirted when he made her cum… God! She had never done that before either. And all the hot, wild sex talk. Before she had hardly said a word. When she had a climax, she moaned softly. Now she was screaming like a hot, wild whore. He loved it… he just fucking loved it!

“OOohh god…. that big fuck stick is making me cummmmmmmm… aaaahhhhhhh… fuck it harder, Stud. Ram my hole, Baby….oooohhhhh god… cumming so hard!”

“I can’t hold it… OOHHH Shit…. HERE IT COMES!” Max screamed as his cock began to shoot thick volleys of semen and sperm into Asia’s throbbing hole. Before the last volley had been pumped into her, the thick cum load was spurting out of her tightly plugged hole and cascading down her thighs.

Max continued to thrust in and out of Asia’s cum-filled cunt until his rod softened. As soon as he pulled out and rolled over onto his back, his wife rolled on top of him and attacked his cock with her mouth. Sucking the entire organ into mouth, she licked and suctioned his shaft, using her tongue to rim the cock ridge.

After ten minutes, Max moaned, “Uummmmm… don’t stop, Asia… you’re getting me hard again.” His hips pounded upward fucking his cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

“UUggh…. stop.. UGH! STOP! you hot witch.”

Pulling off his now throbbing, engorged rod, Asia asked meekly, “Do you not wish to cum in your wife’s mouth, Darling? Or would you prefer to shoot in her pussy?”

“Neither… I wish to use your hot cunt.”

“Oh yes! Darling. Please… in my cunt… in you slutty wife’s wet, hot cunt.”

With one smooth motion, Max turned his wife onto her back, pulled her legs high in the air, and ordered her to spread wide open. “Like this, Darling? Am I spread wide enough? Can you see my hot pussy?”

“I can see it just fine. Can you feel this, Asia?” His rod slammed into her hole all the way to his balls. “And this?” He drove his rod hard against her womb brings female grunts of passion and more hot words begging him to fuck her harder… faster… deeper.

Abruptly, Max rolled his wife onto her side, moved behind her in spoon position, and drove his rod into her cunt. “UNNGGHHHH! YES! Like that! Oh my god… You’re fucking the shit of out meeeeeeee,” she wailed. Max’s male ego soared to heights they had never reached before.


When Asia’s orgasm had ebbed, she said softly, “Let me get on top, Darling. I want to fuck your delicious cock.”

Max couldn’t remember the last time Asia had asked to ride his cock. He rolled onto his back, his rod throbbing in anticipation. He was even more amazed when his wife hissed, “I’ll hold my cunt open, Honey. Stick that big cock into me, Stud!” She reached back, pulled herself open, and Max drove his sex spike up into her waiting hole. “AAAAAHHHHH… YES! That’s where I want that big prick!”

As she slowly… sensuously pumped her pussy up and down the entire length of his cock, she leaned forward and whispered. “I know you’ve been reading porno stories on the internet about hot wives who fuck a lot of men.” She felt Max’s body go rigid beneath her. “Don’t worry, Darling. I’ve been reading the same stories, and they get me so hot, I end up masturbating over and over.”

She felt her husband’s cock jerk and then swell inside her pussy. A moment later, he grabbed her hips and began fucking her harder. “It really turns you on to imagine that I’m fucking a lot of other men while you watch or participate, doesn’t it?” He fucked her harder still. “It gets your cock hard… really hard… doesn’t it. So hard you have jack off just like I have to rub my clit. Isn’t that right, Honey?” Asia moved her cunt harder and faster on her husband’s now throbbing shaft.

“Yes..yes, I got hard… very, very hard,” he moaned.

“Sexy pervert,” Asia said with a smile as she squeezed his jerking cock with her vaginal muscles.

“Didn’t reading those stories get you wet and hot?” he asked nervously?

“Very wet… very hot, Darling. I masturbated several times every time I read one.”

“Would you… would you… I mean… well… ”

“Yes? Would I what?” she hissed as her pussy squeezed his cock even harder.

“Would you actually do it? Does the thought of fucking other men really turn you on, Asia?”

“Oh yes. It’s a very hot thought. It excites you too, doesn’t it?”

“You know it does.”

“From the way your cock is pulsing and throbbing inside my cunt, I’m pretty certain that the thought really turns you on… big time.”

“Do you want to do it? I mean, actually do it?”

“You know that Mr. Brintel wants to fuck me, don’t you, Darling?” Asia felt his cock jerk even harder inside her hole. Even though Max had already cum three times, he was on the verge of shooting another load into his wife. That had never, ever happened before.

“He wants me to dress “exotically” as he puts it so he will enjoy it more when he sinks his cock into your wife’s cunt, Darling.” Max’s cock throbbed hard. He began to thrust upward as Asia’s cunt milked his rod.

“Since I’m working in his condo at least four hours a day, he will have a lot of time to fuck me every day… I think he will take me as soon as I arrive in the morning… probably after conducting a panty check to be certain that I’m not wearing any panties, like he ordered.”

Max groaned and pumped hard into the hot cunt throbbing around his embedded prick. He grunted in his fuck need.

“Do you want me to let him fuck me?” Asia asked leaning closer and dangling her tits right in front of her husband’s face.

“Yesss… oh YES! Let him fuck you. But you have to tell me about it… Every detail!”

“Of course, Darling. Is there anything else you want me to do?”

“Oh god! Would you do more than one? Would you fuck several men at the same time while I watch… with none of them knowing that I’m your husband?”

The awesome image of a dozen men using their rigid, hard cocks in her… over and over… had Asia exploding around Max’s cock again and again and again…. of course, in her mind, it wasn’t his cock, but those of other men using her cunt … screwing her … fucking her.


In the midst of her convulsive orgasms, Asia felt her husband’s cock jerking and throbbing inside her cunt… pumping his load into his slutty wife.

Later, as the couple cuddled up together, they couldn’t stop talking about their newly found sexual freedoms.

“My second fucking of the day will probably be around noon, Darling … and then once more before I’m allowed to leave for the day. Will it turn you on at work to know that Mr. Brintel is screwing your wife two or three times a day?”

“Oh yes… I can’t believe this. I’ve already cum four times and you’re getting me hard again.”

“Mason has many important clients and customers of the hotel visiting his condo… many are very high rollers… do you think he will have me entertain them with my married cunt, Darling?”


“Jack off, Honey. Jack off and think about one man in my married cunt… another in my married mouth hole.”


“If he has a lot of guests, I would imagine they will be taking advantage of my married asshole too… don’t you think so, Honey?”


Max was shooting his fifth load high into the air. It arched over his head and splattered against the headboard of the bed.


The Exotic Maid:

Max was still at the kitchen table having breakfast when Asia was ready to leave for work. He looked up at her with a sheepish grin. She knew what he wanted to ask, but wasn’t about to give him any help other than some time to get up his nerve.

Max stared at the tight, sexy red dress his wife was wearing. The dress was long coming almost to her ankles, but there was a side slit that rose to just below her right hip. As a result, every time she moved, the dress fell away and exposed her leg up to high on her thigh. But it wasn’t the side slit that made the dress hot and exotic… it was the fact that it was thin and transparent. Her black bra and naked ass were easily seen through the material.

“My god,” her husband exclaimed. “I can see right through that dress, and I don’t see any panties. Are you wearing panties?”

“No, Darling, I’m not. Mr. Brintel wants me to dress ‘exotically’, Darling. Do you think this is exotic?” Asia raised her heel up onto one of the kitchen chairs causing the dress to fall away completely from one thigh. She pulled it back from the other thigh letting her husband see her naked cunt.

“Oh fuck! You’re incredible! I’m so damn hard, I feel like I want to jerk off.”

“MMmmmm… go ahead. Jerk it, Darling. Does my naked ass turn you on?” Asia turned on the chair and thrust her naked ass at her husband.

Max frantically extracted his hard cock and began to stroke it. As he jacked off, he just blurted out the question he had to ask. “Are you going to let him fuck you today?”

Turning to face her excited husband, Asia grinned. “Well, when I asked you last night in bed if you wanted me to allow him to fuck me, I believe you said, ‘Yesss… oh YES! Let him fuck you. But you have to tell me about it’ or something like that. Have you changed your mind? If so, you had better tell me right now before I go to work.”

“No… No! I want you to do it and then tell me every thing that happened. Will you fuck him?”

“I’ll think about it, Honey, but probably not. I’m married to you… not to Mr. Brintel, but I will suck you, Baby. When I’m around, you never need to masturbate, Lover. Come here!” It took Asia less than two minutes to suck Max’s load into her mouth and belly. Max’s cock was still leaking semen and twitching when Asia slipped into a full-length coat to avoid being arrested and headed out the door to work.


There was one day left in the week Brintel had given her to come to a decision about his demand that she begin to dress and act more “exotically” in a manner appropriate to Las Vegas. Although she still had not discussed Brintel’s demands with her husband at the time, Asia had already decided to dress more exotically to make her employer happy. During her lunch break several days before, she had spent $2,000 of Brintel’s check on a variety of erotic clothing at Fredrick’s and Victoria’s Secret. When she left for work the following morning, she took with her an overnight bag containing most of her outfits.

Now that she had her husband’s blessing to have sex with Brintel, her body trembled at the thought that she might be doing much, much more than just dressing exotically.

After letting herself into Brintel’s condo, she immediately went to the guest bedroom her employer allowed her to use and changed from her slutty red dress into one of her new black latex maid’s uniforms. The uniform was simple. It consisted of a black latex French maid’s outfit with white lace about the hem and top of the dress. The bodice emphasized her breasts, and the hemline just barely covered her ass. When bent over to dust or retrieve something from the floor, her naked ass was almost totally exposed. The only other item of clothing Asia wore was a pair of black pumps with 6-inch heels.

When Brintel came home from work at the hotel at 2:30 PM, he found Asia hard at work dusting the furniture. She was bent over the sofa with one knee up on the arm while she dusted the end table and lamp. With her sexy ass on display, Asia bore essentially no resemblance to the drab maid of the previous week. Mason’s cock instantly began to harden as he stood watching her.

“My god, Asia. I knew you would be exotic in the right clothes, but I never imagined just how sexy and hot you would look.”

“Do you really like my new look, Mr. Brintel?”

“Like it? Hell no! I love it! I just have to ask. Are you wearing panties under that short dress?”

“Mr. Brintel, you shouldn’t ask a lady a question like that,” Asia said blushing, but secretly very, very pleased. Even though all she had done was allow her employer to see her naked buttocks, she already felt like a hotwife. It was a delicious feeling.

“I know I shouldn’t, but I also know that you are pleased that I did ask, and I know that you want to raise your dress and show me. Do it! Raise your dress.”

“Do you think I’m wearing panties, Mr. Brintel?”

“Yes… I think you’re wearing a thong. Eventually, I will ask that you not wear any panties, but for now, I’m sure you’re wearing them.”

Grinning, Asia turned her back to Brintel while still kneeling on the sofa. Slowly, she raised her black maid’s dress. When it reached the junction of her buttocks and thighs, exposing her sensuous ass and the dark crack between her buttocks, Brintel’s cock got even harder.

“Can you tell if I’m wearing any panties now, Mr. Brintel?”

“Pull your dress higher, Asia. I can’t tell yet.”

She pulled her dress high enough to expose half of her ass. “Is this enough, Sir?”

“Damn it! You know damn well it’s not high enough. Pull it up to your waist.”

“Yes Sir,” Asia whispered as she bunched her dress about her waist revealing the full expanse of her ass. No panties were in sight. “Can you tell now, Mr. Brintel?”

Brintel’s pants were tented with his raging erection. Asia’s ass was awesome. There was no sign of any panties, but she might be wearing a tiny thong with the ass strap buried between her cheeks and inside her sex trench. “No. I can’t tell. It looks like you’re not wearing panties, but the thong strap could be buried deep inside your crack and your pussy slit.”

“It’s not, Sir. Really. I’m not wearing any panties.”

“I can’t be certain. As your employer, I need to know if my maid is wearing panties or not. Prove to me that you are not wearing a thong that is buried within your ass crack and pussy.”

“How can I do that, Mr. Brintel?”

“I think you know very well how to do that, Asia. You may not be experienced, but you’re a woman, and I’m sure that you know how to prove that you’re not wearing any panties.”

Smiling seductively at her employer, Asia mounted the counter separating the breakfast room from the kitchen, again pulled her dress up to her waist, and spread her legs wide open. Brintel stared at her totally exposed cunt. Her lips were wet with her excitement, and as he stared, she used her fingers to open herself. “See, Mr. Brintel. No panties.” Brintel’s moan thrilled Asia and made her vagina contract.

“Staring directly into his eyes, Asia asked, “Are you going to fuck me now, Mr. Brintel?”


As Brintel swabbed his engorged cock head up and down Asia’s sex trench rubbing her erect and throbbing clitoris on every stroke, Asia drew her legs back and groaned.

“OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! Please, Mr. Brintel. I need it. AAAHHH! AAAHHH! UUNNGGHH! Don’t torture me… Please. I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME!”

“Where do you need it, Asia?”


Brintel’s cock head pushed into Asia’s vagina. Instant orgasm! She wailed at the top of her voice as her vagina clamped down hard on its invader. Her clitoris danced and pulsed wildly under the friction of the hard shaft. Brintel drove five inches of cock into the howling female. Her legs shot straight up into the air … rigid… her heels quivering in the air, curling back as her ass and cunt holes contracted in hard, violent spasms about her employer’s thick phallus.

Brintel pulled his cock out of the gasping woman preparing for the next stroke into her wet, tight fuck hole. Snapping his hips forward, he drove all 7 inches of cock into her. Her ass rose to meet his thrust. Loud, female grunts filled the air when the cock thudded into the bottom of her quivering cunt. She came again.

Brintel screwed Asia steadily for 15 minutes forcing repeated orgasms through her body. Just when she thought she could not reach another orgasm, she felt two of Brintel’s fingers entering her ass. She hissed… wailed… screamed… her asshole stretched… she howled even louder. The cock plunged relentlessly in and out of her vagina at the same time as the fingers fucked her ass. Both tits bounced wildly in response to the fierce shagging she was receiving.

“I am going to cum inside your cunt, Asia. Are you ready?”


Brintel grinned. I’ll assume that means ‘yes’. Three fingers plunged into Asia’s now widely stretched asshole as Brintel used her throbbing hole for his pleasure. Squishing sounds filled the condo as the thick sex piston pumped Asia’s erupting cunt hole. Asia felt Brintel’s cock swelling and jerking inside her pussy. She knew he was about to shoot off inside her. Wrapping her legs tightly about his hips, she pulled him hard against her body and squeezed his rod with her vaginal muscles.

Brintel screamed, “Take my load, Asia. HERE IT CUMS!” Thick cum jets rocketed into Asia’s waiting cunt hole. He continued to shoot into her for almost a minute. When his balls were finally emptied, Mason pulled his semi-hard cock from Asia’s still-throbbing pussy. She kept her legs up, knees bent, as her lungs sucked in air. Brintel gazed between her spread legs at the stretched pussy from which a thin river of cum was now seeping. The hot bitch was a fantastic fuck and he knew that she had loved ever second of the screwing he had given her. He had no doubt that this hot woman would be available whenever he wanted to fuck her.

Brintel’s cum load ran from Asia’s stretched and well-fucked cunt in a steady stream. Asia’s body throbbed with pleasure. She desperately hoped that she had pleased Brintel and that he would decide to fuck her many more times.


Asia need not have worried about Brintel wanting to have sex with her again. The next morning, she had just begun preparing Mason’s breakfast when he came into the kitchen with his usual morning erection. Seeing his new maid dressed in a tight, very short, white dress with red heels, he simply bent Asia over the kitchen counter and pushed her dress up above her ass. His cock surged to full erection when all he saw beneath the dress was a delicious naked ass and a wet pussy.

Asia groaned as Brintel’s cock split her pussy lips and sank into her vagina. He hadn’t pumped her more than a half dozen times when an intense orgasm surged through her cunt and clit. The hard cock continued to fuck into her cunt from behind. Asia’s feet weren’t even touching the floor as her tits were forced back and forth on the counter top from Brintel’s hard thrusts. He gave her one last, hard cock stroke, and muttered, “Oh Fuck!”, as jet after jet of hot semen spurted into her pussy. She felt the hot wetness of his discharge and began to cum a second time herself.

That evening, Brintel stripped her naked, and ordered her to mount his desk in the study. “Show me your cunt,” he demanded.

“I’m showing it to you, Mr. Brintel,” Asia hissed, already anticipating the fucking she knew her employer was going to give her.

“That’s not the way a woman shows her cunt to a man. Jack your legs up! Spread them wide so I can see both your ass and cunt holes. Do it!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Brintel. It won’t happen again,” Asia moaned as she hurriedly pulled her legs up and spread wide open exhibiting herself to Brintel.

“Good” was all Brintel said before he moved up to the edge of the desk and nailed his thick cock into Asia’s wet cunt hole. Before he allowed her to leave for home, he had fucked her twice, shooting inside her vagina each time.

On Tuesday, Asia wore a simple, short dress, black 6-inch heels, brown hose with a white garter belt, but no bra or panties. Brintel’s cock had hardened as soon as he saw her tits bouncing under the dress with her hard nipples thrusting against the material. When she had bent over to scrub the kitchen floor revealing her naked ass and cunt, it was more than he could take. Pulling off her dress, Brintel dragged a panting Asia to his bedroom. She spread her legs wide open so he could see her wet and ready cunt. Mounting her, he drove his rigid cock into her and fucked a huge load deep inside her throbbing pussy. Afterwards, he had let her ride his rod until she had cum several times and another thick load was pooled at the bottom of her vaginal pit.

On Wednesday, Asia was fucked only once as Brintel was gone most of the day taking care of business at the hotel. Just before she left, her cell phone rang. It was Brintel.

“There is a package by the front door. It’s a new dress, bra, panties, and heels. I expect you to be wearing it tomorrow and nothing else.” He hung up before Asia was permitted to say anything. When she opened the front door, the package was exactly where Brintel had told her it would be. Before she left, she put the package in the guest bedroom for the next day.


Max’s Hot Wife:

When Asia arrived at work slightly after 8 AM, she went immediately to the guest bedroom to examine the package Brintel had left for her. It was still on the bed exactly where she had put it the evening before.

When Asia opened the box, she was shocked, surprised, and sexually excited all at the same time. Just as Brintel had told her, there was a red dress inside the package, but what he had neglected to mention was that the “red dress” was really a red mesh that was mostly holes. The material was elastic and stretched so that it would mold her body perfectly, exposing all of it through the large holes. It that wasn’t enough, the hemline was no more than one inch below the junction of her thighs and ass. Asia’s pussy began to throb as she imagined herself wearing the slutty garment.

The bra inside the package was elastic like the dress. It consisted of two cups for her tits held together by a small strap at the bottom. At least half of her tits would be exposed when wearing it. The “panties” were no more than a stripper’s G-string. They were pink to match the “dress”. The only other item of apparel in the package was a pair of hot, pink sandals with 6-inch heels.

Asia took a quick shower, combed her hair, and put on lipstick to match the dress. She slipped into bra adjusting it to cover as much of her tits as possible, which wasn’t much. The tiny G-string panties weren’t going to cover any of her ass and very little of her pussy. If… no, not if… when, she spread her legs, she knew her vaginal lips would show.

The dress looked far too small for her. Except for the slutty holes, it looked as if it had been made for a 10-year old girl. When she stepped into the dress, however, Asia realized that it stretched easily… just like a body-stocking. It molded everyone of her curves perfectly. When she surveyed herself in the mirror, her pussy throbbed at the erotic sight. She looked positively whorish… There was no doubt that when wearing this outfit, she looked like a hot wife.

When she emerged from the guest bedroom, she found Brintel and another man sitting in the den. They had obviously been waiting for her. “Ah, here she is,” Brintel said to the other man. “What did I tell you, Norman. Isn’t she just delicious?”

“Oh my god, Yes. You didn’t do her justice. She’s hot and gorgeous!”

“Asia, this is Mr. Norman Galison. He’s one of the hotels most important guests. I told him earlier in the week that I had something very special waiting for him. And from his comment, I think he agrees. Right, Norman?”

“Oh hell yes. Where have you been keeping this awesome woman?”

“She just started working for me two weeks ago. Would you excuse us for a moment, Norman? I need to talk to Asia.”

“Not a problem, Mason. Take your time. I’ll just enjoy some of this excellent 30-year old scotch.”

Brintel motioned for Asia to follow him into the study. When they were out of earshot of Galison, he said, “Asia, how do you feel about showing Mr. Galison a good time today? If he’s pleased, we forget about your being a maid and make you a member of my entertainment staff with a substantially increased salary.”

“I think I’d like that a lot, Mr. Brintel.”

“The increased salary or entertaining the hotel’s client?”

“Both… definitely both!”

When they reentered the den, Brintel said, “I’m going to have to go to work at the hotel. Why don’t the two of you just enjoy my condo. You’re more than welcome to spend the evening. I’ll see you later, Norman.”

No sooner had the door closed than Galison said, “You look incredible, Asia. Mason tells me he’s the first man you’ve had since you’ve been married. Is that right?”

“Not quite, Mr. Galison. Mr. Brintel is the only man I’ve ever had other than my husband.”

“My god! How can a woman look as beautiful and as hot as you and never had but two cocks in her? Mason says you’re an incredible fuck. Are you?”

“That’s for you to decide, Mr. Galison.”

Galison grinned. “Please call me Norman, Asia.”

“Thank you, Norman. Would you like to see my ass? My husband Max thinks its one of my best assets.”

“Oh yes. Please. Just turn around. In that dress, you don’t need to do anything else to show off your sexy ass.”

Asia turned to face the wall of the den. Slowly, she bent forward thrusting her ass back toward Norman. The mesh pulled tight across her ass, the holes separating as the material stretched exposing even more of her full, rounded ass. “Do you like my ass, Norman?”

“I’d have to be dead not to like your ass, Asia. Can you bend forward a little more?”

“Of course, Norman. I love having a man look at my body and get hard. Are you getting hard, Norman?”

“No, I’m not getting hard, Asia. I’m already hard as stone. Bend over. Show me more.”

Asia bent forward even more. When she heard Galison moaning behind her, she whispered to him, “You could see me better without my panties. Shall I take them off, Norman?”

“Oh hell, yes,” came the masculine gasp from behind her.

Slipping her hand beneath the mesh dress, Asia took hold of the ass strap of her G-string and pulled it out of her crack and far to the side. “Can you see more now, Norman?”

“Yes, but I could see even more without the panties. Take them off! Now!”

“Yes, Sir.” She quickly pulled the G-string down her thighs and off her heels. Dropping the useless garment onto the floor, Asia bent back over and presented her now naked ass to Brintel’s important customer.

“It would turn me on a lot, Norman, if you would take out your big, hard cock so I can see it. I love to watch a man stroke his meat. Please do it if I please you. That way, you’ll be really big, hard, and hot for me later on.”

Galison unzipped his pants and extracted a very hard six and half inch cock. Asia stared at it, and moaned softly. “MMmmmmm… I love the sight of a man’s cock when he’s hard like you are, Norman.”

‘Bend way over, Asia. Grab your legs and spread wide so I can see your pussy.”

When she did as he had directed, Galison groaned at the sight of her hot pussy between her thighs. He could even see the moisture on it. Galison’s hand slowly jacked his shaft. “Turn around, Asia. I want to see your cunt. Pull up your dress. Spread your legs. Show it to me!”

“Let’s go out on the terrace, Norman, and I’ll show you my cunt.”

“Someone might see us.”

“Oh yessss! That thought just makes me wild. Come on, Honey. Follow me and I’ll show it to you.”

Once they were out on the terrace with Galison sitting in a chair, his cock still out… still hard… precum leaking out of the engorged, purple head, Asia leaned back against the edge of a table and began slowly pulling her dress higher. At that moment, her cell phone rang.

“It’s my husband checking on me. He’s been trying to persuade me to let Mr. Brintel fuck me.”

“He doesn’t know that he’s been screwing you for over a week now… every day?”

“No, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have a clue. I’ll just let it ring. Forget him.”

“No. Answer it. Put it on the speaker so I can hear. But keep showing me your hot cunt while you talk to him.”

After getting her cell phone, Asia again leaned back against the table directly in front of Galison. She opened the connection and pressed the speaker button. “Hi, Darling. Is every thing all right?” She pulled her dress up to her belly button.

“Every thing’s fine, Honey. I’m at work with my door closed. Well… tell me?”

“Tell you what, Darling?” Asia rubbed her mound right above her cunt. Galison jacked his cock a little faster.

“You know what, you hot tease. Did you fuck Brintel?”

Slowly Asia opened her thighs exposing her hot wet slit to Galison. He leaned closer so he could see every crevice, every fold, and especially the hard, erect shaft of her clitoris as it protruded from its sheathe, excited, hard, erect… ready. “I don’t fuck men, Darling. You know that. Men, especially men like you, fuck me.”

“Ohhhh fuck… yes… Did he? Did he fuck you?”

“No. He had to go back to work almost as soon as I arrived. I didn’t even have a chance to try to seduce him. Probably just as well, don’t you think so?”

“I suppose,” Max moaned, totally unable to keep the extreme disappointment he felt from his voice. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m cleaning the terrace tables and furniture, Darling. Right now, I’m working on one of the tables out on the terrace.”

“I can hear you breathing hard. Is it really hard work?”

“It’s hard, Darling. It’s very hard, but I like it. Doing something to help us financially is very gratifying to me. I’m doing my best, Darling.” Galison rose and stripped off his clothes motioning for Asia to do the same.

“Can you hold the line for just a moment, Darling. This is hot work. I’m sweating. There’s no one here, so I’m going to take off my sweat pants. Just a moment, Honey.”

She and Galison could hear her husband moaning as she stripped off her dress and bra leaving her naked except for her 6-inch fuck-me heels. “What if someone comes in?” Max warned.

“Brintel won’t be back until late. I’m perfectly safe… and if he did come back and found me like this, he would surely fuck me. Isn’t that what you want?”

“OOohhhhhh yes!”

Galison motioned toward a leather ottoman indicating that she should get on the ottoman on her back. “I’ve finished my work on the table, Honey. I’m going to go over and start working on the ottoman. It looks like it hasn’t been used in some time.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Get down on it and work on it, Darling.” Getting started now. It’s a really big ottoman, Honey. I’ll have to get on it to do the job. Getting on it now.” Asia spread out on the ottoman on her back. Slowly she spread her thighs wide open. Galison knelt between her gaping thighs. Holding his cock, he swabbed it up and down her gushing sex trench bringing even more copious flow from the hot wife’s pussy. Her secretions quickly coated his cock head and shaft.

“How’s it going, Honey. Are you getting it clean Ok?”

Galison pushed the head of his cock into her opening. Asia’s head flopped back over the edge of the ottoman. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out with the intense pleasure the thick cock was giving her as it pushed relentlessly into her waiting cunt hole.

“Well, are you getting it Ok, Asia?”

“OH Yes… Darling. I’m getting it just fine.”

“I really hate for you to have to work so hard. It must be exhausting work. I can hear you gasping and panting.”

“It’s just that no one has done this before. I’ll bet no one’s done this to the ottoman in a long time. And I’m not used to working like this. MMmmmmm … it’s so hard, but I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me. Call me later. Maybe Brintel will have returned.”

“Ok. See you later, Darling. Please don’t work so hard. It makes me feel bad.”

“Don’t feel bad about me, Honey. I’m enjoying working like this. Bye.” She broke the connection and instantly began to wail and beg Galison to fuck her harder… deeper.

Instead, he pulled out of her now throbbing and contracting cunt hole. “Noooo… Oh god… please… don’t take it out …. I’m about to cum…. oohhhhh shit… stick it back innnnnn…Please!”

“Turn over!” Galison ordered. Asia obeyed instantly. “Lie on your belly!” came his next order. She followed his orders praying that he would soon fuck his cock back inside her eager hole. “Grab your heels and pull your legs back. Arch your hips… I want your cunt in perfect fucking position, Asia.

Grabbing both heels, she bent her knees and pulled both legs back toward her back. At the same time, she thrust her ass upward presenting her gaping cunt hole for fucking. “OOHHHHH god! Is this all right, Norman.? Is my pussy in perfect fucking position for you?”

“Your pussy?” he questioned.

“I’m sorry… please… I’m sorry… I meant kartal escort bayan my cunt… is my hot cunt in perfect fucking position for you, Lover. Please. Stick it in meeeeeeeeeee!”


“My cunt… stick it up my cunt hole.”

“Stick what?”

“Your thick cock… in me… in my cunt hole. Oohhhh I’m dying… I need cock in me… Do it to me!”

Galison slammed his rod deep inside Asia’s waiting cunt and fucked her steadily for almost an hour. She came again and again… when he announced that he was ready to shoot his load into her, she was babbling incoherently… her ass thrusting wildly. Every time the cock charged down her convulsing vagina, she hissed and came again. When Galison began shooting his load down her hole, Asia grunted like a mare being bred.

Galison stayed in Brintel’s condo until nearly 4 PM. He fucked Asia four times and spent nearly three hours with his cock buried in all of her holes at one time or another. At that point, he took a quick shower, dressed, and returned to the den. Asia was still spread out on the couch, naked, cum gushing from her stretched cunt with more of Galison’s load on her tits and running from her asshole.

“You’re a great fuck, Honey. Loved it. Maybe I’ll get a chance to bang you again before I have to leave. You were great.”

When Asia got up ten minutes later to go to the bathroom and clean up, she saw the money lying on the coffee table. Picking it up, she saw that there were five, crisp, new $100 bills in the stack.

Just before she got to the bathroom, her cell phone rang again. “Hi, Darling.”

“No, Brintel never did get back…. so he didn’t fuck me. Maybe next week.”

“No.. just worked all day. Bending over constantly… cleaning… washing… rubbing. I’ll see you in about two hours. Bye.”


A Night Out with a Hotwife:

That evening Max could hardly contain himself. He was just wild to know all the details of what had happened that day while his wife was working in Brintel’s condo. Asia was busy preparing their dinner. Usually, he read the newspapers or watched the news on TV while she did this, but tonight, there was no possible way he could concentrate on the newspaper or the TV. Instead, he was in the kitchen with his beautiful wife helping her with dinner. As he set the table, he asked… trying his best to keep his voice calm. “Well, what happened today at work?”

“I just worked. I had to work really hard on the ottoman, as I told you. Later on, I had work even harder on the bed. It was a wreck. The bed covers were everywhere. I’m sure Mr. Brintel fucked some woman in that bed the previous night.”

“Did Brintel ever come home?”

“No. He left as almost as soon as he got out of bed in the morning and hadn’t come home before it was time for me to leave.”

“So, you didn’t fuck him?”

“Darling, I don’t fuck men. Men fuck me. You should certainly know that.”

“You’re right. I phrased that badly. Did you let Brintel fuck you?”

“It’s pretty hard, Dear, for a woman to let a man fuck her when he’s miles away.”

Max felt foolish, but he plowed ahead anyway. “If he had come home, would you have let him fuck you?”

“You told me to make myself available for him if he decided he wished to fuck me, Darling. I would have… if he had been home and had wanted me.”

“Would you have done anything to let him know that you were available?”

Asia smiled at her husband’s naiveté. “The way I was dressed, I don’t think an experienced man like Mr. Brintel would have had the slightest doubt that I was available, Max. If he had been there, I’m sure my pussy would have become just one more notch on Mr. Brintel’s big sex gun.”

Max’s cock surged to full, hard erection at the thought of Brintel’s cock sinking into his wife’s cunt… fucking her… adding her pussy as another notch on his sex gun. All through dinner, his cock remained fully hard. There just wasn’t enough room in his pants for him to get comfortable.

Asia grinned at her husband’s discomfort. The fact that she knew that she was the cause of his problem was making her pussy quiver. She could feel the wetness forming between her thighs. “Are you all right, Darling? You seem upset. Is the dinner all right?”

“Oh yes… it’s fine. You’re a great cook, Asia.” Unable to think of anyway to explain his problem, Max lapsed into silence. But Asia wasn’t about to let her randy husband off the hook.

“But you’re eating almost nothing. Is something wrong?”

His cock throbbed even harder. He just blurted, “Yes… something’s wrong! I’m so hard, it hurts. And my pants are too tight. I just can’t get comfortable.”

“Take it out, Darling. Unzip your pants and take it out. It’s outrageous for a wife to let her husband suffer like that. I’m supposed to take care of you when you have such problems. Take your cock out. Right now! Not another word! Take it out!”

Max unzipped his pants and Asia was kneeling between his thighs before he even had his pants down around his thighs. She shoved his hands away and pulled his shorts down. An engorged, seven inches of hard man meat surged out into the open.

“OH! It’s beautiful! So big! So powerful! OH YES! Don’t you ever sit there with something this wonderful hidden inside your pants and not tell me, Darling. Understand?”

“I was embarrassed. I’m sorry.”

“Embarrassed? Why? Because you’re a virile, randy man who’s turned on by his sexy wife and thoughts of seeing her being fucked? You’re supposed to get hard when your wife is slutty and hot.” Asia ran her hand up and down the throbbing male shaft bringing groans of pleasure from her husband. He leaned back in his chair and thrust his hips upwards… urging her to do more.

“Do you want to use my mouth or my cunt, Darling?”

“Both… first your mouth… but don’t make me cum. Then, mount me and let me fuck your that hot cunt of yours.”

“Yes Sir. If I don’t fuck properly, I expect you to punish me appropriately.”

Asia lowered her head and engulfed Max’s erection. He groaned with he felt it enter her hot, wet mouth. As soon as she began to suck the shaft and then the head as her lips moved up and down his cock, he began to groan. She cupped his balls, letting saliva coat them and his entire length. Asia began to moan when she felt her husband’s hand pulling her all the way down his rod forcing the cock head and two more inches of shaft into her throat.

“STOP! STOP! I’m about to cum. Get on me. Hurry!” Max urged as he struggled to contain his orgasm.

Standing, Asia stripped off her sodden panties in one motion and straddled her husband’s legs. Holding his throbbing shaft in her hand, she centered the head against her cunt hole and sank her pussy down his shaft. The sensation was exquisite… tight, wet, vaginal walls sliding down the rigid male shaft… both vagina and cock throbbing against each other. Max grunted like a stallion on a mare in heat; Asia squealed like a slutty bitch taking hard cock. The both came at the same time… cum fired into Asia’s cunt… her juices spurted out and drenching Max’s cock, the chair, and the floor. It took them 15 minutes to clean up the kitchen later on.

That night in bed, just before sleep claimed them, Max whispered to his wife, “Don’t make any plans for tomorrow night, Darling. We’re going out to a hot club. I want you dressed sexy.”

“What do you want me to do at the club, Honey?”

“Flirt with the men. Get them hot and hard while I watch you doing it.”

“And when they’re hard and want my cunt, then what?”

“Give it to them.”


The Palomino Club was crowded as it always was on the nights they had amateur strip contests. By agreement, Max had entered first, found a place at the bar, and waited until his wife arrived 10 to 15 minutes later. If and when he approached Asia, it was to be as a guy who was looking to get lucky with a hot woman, not as her husband.

As he waited, Max wondered what his wife would be wearing. He had badgered her all afternoon to tell him, but she had just grinned and said, “You’ll find out soon enough. Be patient, Honey.” His patience was wearing very thin as he waited for his wife.

Asia arrived about 20 minutes after Max. Men were turning their heads to look at the hot woman who had just entered alone. She was wearing a white, stretch top that exposed her shoulders, arms, and a lot of tit. Her black skirt didn’t reach to the bottom of her ass. The dark stockings she wore were elastic top thigh-highs that didn’t need a garter belt, but Asia was wearing one anyway. The tiny skirt she wore didn’t come close to concealing the black straps of the belt. As Max had expected, she was wearing matching black pumps with 6-inch, come-fuck-me heels.

Max watched as his wife approached the bar, leaned over, and ordered a drink. As she leaned over the bar, her skirt pulled halfway up her ass exposing both succulent globes. Max couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties or not. With five men in the club to every woman, and most of the women present escorted, Max’s wife was regarded as fresh female meat. Several men quickly surrounded her at the bar and struck up conversations.

Try as he might, Max couldn’t hear the conversation between his wife and the men surrounding her. They would say something… she would smile… laugh… and say something in return. In the background, the erotic beat of the strip music was playing and the current amateur strip contestant was gyrating and humping her pussy at the men surrounding the stage.

In order to get a better view of his wife, he moved closer. With several men surrounding her, he still couldn’t see much, but he could see that two males hands were stroking one of his wife’s ass cheeks while another man was caressing the other one. Every so often, he saw Asia wriggling her ass underneath the stroking hands.

It didn’t take one of the men long to escort Asia to one of the booths along the back wall of the club. Several of these were empty despite the crowd because they were so far away from the stage, and most of the men wanted to be as close to the stripping women as they could get. Fortunately for Max, they were facing him, which allowed him a good view of what was happening or about to happen.

The two of them chatted for awhile before Max saw the man’s hand move to his wife’s stocking-clad knee and begin moving slowly up and down her thigh. Asia made no move to stop him, but she didn’t open her legs either. Max didn’t know whether to be happy or sad over that fact.

Two of the other men at the bar just to Max’s right were watching Asia and the guy. He heard them talking about the hot fox in the booth.

“Al, do you think Fred will score?” One of the men at the bar asked his companion.

“I fucking hope so,” the other replied, “She’s one hot-looking piece of ass. Fred usually nails the hot ones… so, I’m betting that he’ll have his cock in her before the evening is over.”

“She’s a little on the small side though.” The first one observed.

“That just means her cunt and ass will be that much tighter about Fred’s cock, Man,”
Al laughed.

For the next half hour, Asia and Fred continued to chat. She would occasionally giggle and shake her head. Sometimes, she would giggle and nod. The entire time they talked, the hand never stopped moving over her legs. After a half hour, Fred’s hand was spending a lot of the time out of sight beneath Asia’s short skirt. Amazingly, she still had her legs closed.

Max’s cock, which had been hard for some time, began to throb when he saw Fred lean over and whisper something in his wife’s ear. She smiled, turned her face toward him, and opened her mouth wide to receive his kiss. From the way their mouths were grinding together, Max knew their tongues had to be working inside each other’s mouth. The hand beneath Asia’s skirt was now moving more insistently.

Five minutes later, Fred was still kissing Asia. The hand beneath her skirt had moved upward to her shoulder as she leaned back in the booth. Moments later his hand began to move downwards until it came to rest on one of her tits. As he began to gently squeeze her tit through her white top, Asia took hold of his wrist, and, parting their lips, said something to Fred, though she did not push his hand away.

Fascinated and hard, Max watched Fred playing with Asia’s tit. His fingers squeezed her flesh firmly as his palm rolled over and pressing down against her excited nipple. Then, he saw his wife stiffen when Fred’s hand again moved to her thighs. He was now pressing his hand between her closed legs pulling them apart. Asia put up little or no resistance as she allowed herself to be spread wide open. As her legs opened wide, Max saw that Asia was wearing panties… a matching pair of thin, black panties.

Fred’s hand reached Asia’s pussy, and his fingers began to slowly slide up and down right over her sex trench. His wife’s legs closed around Fred’s hand and squeezed. Fred said something in Asia ear as his hand began pulling up then pushing down against the pressure of her closed thighs. Max knew the pressure on her clitoris must be intense.

The man beside Max at the bar nudged him in the ribs and said, “It won’t be long before her legs open again. Just watch. Fred’ll have her wide open in just a few minutes.”

Max watched intently, his cock now iron-hard and throbbing, as Fred’s hand rose and fell faster. As he rubbed at Asia’s now drenched panties, her legs began to open again. Up above, Fred’s other hand was now inside her top. Asia’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed, mouth open, and her tongue flicking over her top lip. Fred pulled her top off her tits down to her waist and then immediately moved back to Asia’s now heaving naked tits.

Fred was now concentrating on Asia’s pussy, parting the lips and rubbing them and her clit with rapid, hard strokes. Max could see his wife’s hips beginning to thrust against Fred’s hand. Again, he spoke to Asia, and she made some sort of reply. Max saw Fred say something else that caused his wife to tense and raise her ass off the seat. Fred quickly unzipped Asia’s skirt, slid off the seat, and pulled both her skirt and her panties down her thighs. From there, he pushed both garments down to her ankles.

Fred’s fingers started to probe at Asia’s wet cunt hole. Two fingers pressed between her puffy lips then moved inward sinking slowly into her pussy. In response, Asia’s hips arched high off the seat and thrust against the hand probing her excited cunt. Max saw the grin of triumph spread across Fred’s face as he plunged his fingers all the way into her cunt causing Asia’s body to shiver in hot excitement. His thumb stretched up to her clit as his fingers began to move in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm that drove her to a climax within minutes.

Sliding out of the booth, Fred extended his hand and helped Max’s wife out. He started to lead her toward the back of the club, but Asia stopped him, leaned close to his ear so she could be heard over the loud music, and whispered something in his ear. He looked around, nodded, and handed Max’s wife her skirt. She gratefully stepped into it and zipped it up. A moment later, Fred was leading her toward the back of the club as her naked tits bounced to the delight of the men who were watching him taking the hot bitch to the back where he obviously intended to fuck her.

“Shall we follow them and watch?” Al asked.

“Can we?”

“Why not. Fred doesn’t care if we watch him nailing the hot slut. After he finishes, we can fuck her. Come on.”

“Where’s he taking her?” I asked.

“To the manager’s office. Fred’s the manager.”

“How are we going to get into the office?”

“Easy. I’m the associate manager. I’ve got a key.”


When we reached the manager’s office, we stood outside the door until we heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman being fucked. Female gasps and moans could easily be heard even though through the closed door.

“Fred’s fucking her now. We can go in and watch,” Al said as he unlocked the door.

When we slipped inside the room, we saw that Fred had my wife on his desk. Her skirt had been unzipped and pushed up below her tits. Fred had her ass right at the edge. He was standing on the floor slamming his cock in and out of my wife’s gaping cunt hole. One of her legs was high in the air above Fred’s head. The other was splayed out to the right completely exposing her pussy. The squishing sounds of his cock pumping in and out of her sex hole were loud and clear. Asia was grunting each time his big cock head pounded against her cervix and womb.

“I wonder if the bitch is on the pill?” Al whispered to me.

“Who knows?” Max said, unable to tear his eyes off the awesome sight of the thick cock stitching in and out of his wife’s cunt. She was howling now as her orgasm exploded.

“Listen to the slut cumming,” Al said. “Fred’s cock is just huge… almost 10 inches. He makes all the women cum multiple times when he screws them.” Max was close to cumming inside his pants.

Max soon realized that Al’s comment was on target when his wife came again… then again… she began to beg him to fuck her harder… deeper… faster… she came a fourth time. “Ooohhh god! What a cock! Fuck that thing into me, Stud. UUNNGGHH… OOHHHH… FUCKKKK! SHOOT IN ME, BABY. PUMP MY HOLE FULL, LOVER!”

That was too much for Fred. His balls erupted in a series of hard contractions, each one sending a thick stream of semen and sperm deep inside Asia’s throbbing pussy. When his balls were finally empty, her vagina was flooded. As the huge load ran from his wife’s stretched cunt, Max wondered if one pill a day would be enough to keep that monster load from impregnating his wife.

As soon as Fred withdrew and moved away, Asia’s legs fell to the surface of the desk. She was still gasping from the intensity of her multiple orgasms. “I’m going to fuck the hot bitch,” Al said as he stripped off his pants and shorts and moved to the edge of the desk. Asia’s eyes opened wide when she felt another cock pushing into her cunt. Before she could say a thing, Al had her legs pressed wide open and was nailing his hard 7 inches in and out of her squishing, cum-filled vagina.

Max watched as his wife’s ass began to hump wildly against the new man between her legs. Al’s pubic bone mashed her clit hard on every stroke. “OHHHH YES. LIKE THAT, STUD. WHOEVER YOU ARE… FUCK ME HARDER. MAKE ME CUM, BABY!”

As hot as Al was, he could only last a few minutes before blowing a second large cum load into Asia’s throbbing cunt. “Oh Shit! Shit! I’m was almost there… ooohhhhh damn… need more cock,” she hissed.

Al looked at me, but I shook my head. He nodded and pulled my wife to her feet. “Come on, Honey. There’s a guy right outside who would love to have a hot lap dance from you… particularly a lap dance when you’re cunt is naked and filled with cum. This way, Honey.”

Asia struggled to pull her skirt down over her ass as Al led her out of the manager’s office and back toward the lap dance area of the club. Max tried to follow, but the crowd was so thick, he lost sight of his wife very quickly. For the next ten minutes he searched for her without success. Finally, he asked one of the waitresses where the lap dance area of the club was.

“It’s down the far hallway to your left… all the way to the end and then through the doorway to your right, Honey. Better hurry.”

“Why?” Max asked.

“I hear they’ve got a hot Asian babe bouncing on Leroy right now. Watching a woman being bounced on that 10-inch dick of his is a sight you don’t wanna miss, Honey.”

When Max reached the lap dance area, he saw a half dozen women giving lap dances. Most were wearing panties, but not all. A couple of women who were doing it without panties were both being fucked. Max’s cock got hard again from watching the women pumping their pussies up and down the hard cocks.

In the back of the room, a half dozen men were crowded around one of the lap dancing chairs. He heard his wife squealing and grunting before he was able to work his way close enough to see her pumping her sexy ass up and down a thick, black cock that thudded with masculine authority in and out of her cunt with each trip she made down the big shaft.

“Bounce that hot brown ass on my prick, Baby,” the man under Asia ordered.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! OOooohhhh god… you’re huge… aaaahhhh… OOOHHHH!”

“Like it, Baby. Like my black dick in your hot cunt, Honey?”

“Oh yesss…. fuck me harder. AAAAahhhhh… never.. Ever before… big.. So damn big… ggghhaaahhhhhhhh… cumming…ooohhhhh god.. I cum… I cum… I cum!”

“Shoot the hot bitch full of jizz, Leroy… pump her full!” some man in the crowd urged. The others took up the chant. ‘Pump her full! Pump her cunt full! Pump her, Leroy! Pump fuck her!”

Max couldn’t tear his eyes away from the connection of the big black shaft with his wife’s squishing, pulsing cunt hole. He couldn’t see how she could possibly get all of that monster cock up her pussy.


When Leroy had unloaded inside Asia’s pussy, Max helped her off the big stud. Copious, thick streams of cum ran from her stretched hole. “Are you ready to go, Honey?” he whispered. “I can’t take any more of this. My cock is so hard it hurts. I’ve got to fuck you.”

“Whatever you say, Darling. I need to collect my top and panties, if I can find them. I’ll meet you by the bar where we were at the start of the evening.”

Max waited at the bar for almost forty minutes without seeing any sign of his wife. Finally, becoming concerned, he saw the same waitress who had given him directions to the lap dancing area. “Excuse me, Miss. I’m looking for the woman who was in the lap dancing area with Leroy about an hour ago. Have you seen her?”

“You mean your wife?”

Taken aback, Max stammered, “Well… I mean… yes. But how did you know that she’s my wife?”

“Not hard to figure out, Honey. Both of you are Asian. And you’ve been watching her like a hawk ever since she came in earlier in the evening. At first, I thought you just wanted to get into her, but then it became rather obvious that you both get off on her doing other men while you watch.” Max turned beet red.

“Don’t worry about it, Honey. Lot’s of guys find that really hot. So does my boyfriend, and I like for him to watch. Anyway, if you want to watch some more, you should check out the men’s room over on the left side of the club. I saw Marvin taking her in there about 10 minutes ago. They should be hot at it by this time.”

When Max entered the men’s room, it was obvious that Asia hadn’t been able to find either her top or her panties. “Marvin” had her mounted on the counter beside the sink. She was leaning back supporting herself with her hands behind her. Marvin had one of his wife’s legs up on his shoulder spreading her wide. He was fucking her hard bringing grunts of pleasure from his impaled wife. Her big tits bounced in time to the hard cock thrusts pumping in and out of her vagina.

Asia saw her husband watching. “Oh, Honey. He’s fucking me… he wouldn’t let me leave until I agreed to let him fuck me… aaaahhhhh… god… he’s giving it to me so hard… so damn deep… unghh…uughhh… uuggh… Can you see his prick going in and out of your wife’s hot pussy, Baby?”

Max began to rub his own cock frantically. “Oh yeah, Honey. Rub that big hard dick. Watch him fucking me…. aaaahhhhh shit… I’m gonna cum again… uungh; uunngh…ugghh.. cumming… ooohhhh I’m cumming, Baby. Cumming on his big cock!”

Abruptly, Marvin pulled his shaft out of Asia’s gaping cunt, pushed her onto her back on the counter top, and pushed her legs back against her tits elevating her ass. The guy swabbed some of the cum that was pooled in her pussy over the opening to her ass and pressed his cock against it.

“OH GOD!” Asia wailed. “He’s gonna ass fuck me, Max. OOHH! UUGGHH! AHHHH SHIT! IT’S GOING INNNNNNNNNN…. CAN YOU SEE IT SINKING INTO MY ASS, HONEY?” OOOhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk…. He’s in meeeeeeeeee!”

Max jerked down his zipper and pulled his cock out. As Marvin pumped his wife’s asshole… Max pumped his right hand. Both men ejaculated at the same time… Marvin deep inside Asia’s contracting asshole… Max all over his hand and the men’s room floor.


Gang Bang Wife:

As Max drove home after leaving the Palomino Club, Asia sat with her back against the passenger-side door, her left heel up on the seat, the right one on the floorboard. The short skirt was hiked up to her waist. Since she wore no panties, her cum-filled cunt was on display for her aroused husband.

“Did you enjoy watching your slutty wife tonight, Darling? Or did I go too far?”

“I loved it! I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I shot off in my pants watching once and jacked off a second time. I’m still hard and can’t wait to get home and get into that hot pussy you’re showing me. Oh Asia… I loved it. Did you enjoy it or hate it?”

“Couldn’t you tell from the number of times those men made me cum, Darling?”

“I could, but I really need to hear you say it. Did you enjoy it?”

“It was wonderful! I’m never felt more like a desirable hot woman before in my life. I just couldn’t get enough.”

Max grinned and began rubbing his cock through his pants. “Can you believe that four different men fucked you tonight? Seeing that got me so damn hard! Even when I would shoot off, I got hard again almost immediately!”

“Four men? Why do you say four men, Darling?”

“Because that’s how many you had, Honey. That’s amazing! You even lost count, you had so many!”

Asia grinned slyly and whispered, “I didn’t lose count, my darling husband. You did.”

“Not so! You had Fred, the guy who first took you to the booth and took off your panties. That’s one.”

“Yes. He was the first. Do you know how many times he made your wife cum?”

“I’m not sure. At least twice… maybe three times.”

“It was four times, Honey, and everyone of my orgasms was fantastic.”

“Jezzz. Then there was Andy. He screwed you after Fred finished in the manager’s office.”

“That’s right. He was number two. Could you tell how many times he made me cum?”

“I don’t think you got off with him.”

“He did finish very quickly. Didn’t have your staying power, Darling. Not even close, but I did cum when he first entered me. It was just so hot feeling a second cock fucking me, I came very quickly. Who else did you see with your wife?”

“That big black stud… Leroy. You came twice.”

“No. More than that. I was having orgasms almost continuously. Probably four before he shot off. Who was next?”

“Marvin, the guy who took in the men’s room. You came three times with him.”

“I did, but you left out two guys, Ruma and Robert.”

“How? When did you have sex with them?” Max asked totally puzzled how he could have missed his own wife being fucked.

After Leroy finished, you told me we should leave. I wanted to try to find my top and panties. So I told you that I would meet you at the bar. Remember?”

“Of course I remember. I waited for over a half hour but you never showed up.”

“I’m really sorry about that, Darling, but it was hard for me to meet you when two men were fucking me. As soon as you left, Ruma caught me. He was so turned on to find a hot Asian woman that he begged me for a lap dance. I didn’t have the heart to turn him down. Well, you know that I didn’t have any panties on, so when I lap danced on him, his cock was against my naked pussy. I was so wet, so hot! My pussy was open and ready. All Ruma had to do was lift my ass just a little and he was in me. He fucked me like a wild man. Before he would let me off his cock, he had cum in me twice and I had gotten off two more times.”

“Ok. But you said two men. Who was the other one?”

“When I pulled myself off Ruma’s cock and started for the door, Robert grabbed me. He was kissing me before I knew what was happening. When he released my lips, I told him that you were waiting and I had to leave. He said, he was so hot that there was no way he could last longer than a few minutes. He pleaded with me to just bend over and hold onto my ankles. So I did.”

“And he fucked you?”

“He did. He shot off in me once and I came once. So it was a fair deal,” Asia giggled at her own comment.

“So you were fucked by six men, not four as I thought?”

“That’s right, Honey. Please don’t be angry with me. I didn’t want to keep you waiting like that but I didn’t know how to say ‘no’ to Ruma and Robert after they had just watched Leroy fucking me senseless.”

“I’m not mad… I’m just disappointed that I missed getting to watch you. You have no idea how much it turns me on. I’m going to keep a log, Asia, of all your men. So far, we’ve got six names in the log… Fred, Al, Leroy, Ruma, Robert, and Marvin. I think I’ll record how many times they had you, how many times they shot off, and how many orgasms you had, if you can remember. Also the dates.”

“Well, Darling, if you’re going to keep a log, I think it needs to be accurate and not leave any of the guys out. Don’t you agree?”

“Of course. No point in having a log that’s not correct.”

“In that case, you need to add Mason Brintel’s and Norman Galison’s names to your log, Darling.”

Max was so surprised that he had to pull the car over to the shoulder so he could face his wife. When he did, he saw that she was smiling. A moment later, she began to giggle. “You told me that you had not let Brintel fuck you yet! And who is this Norman Galison anyway?”

“I’m sorry, Darling. It was just so delicious to let Brintel fuck me and not tell you about it. It made me feel really wicked and hot. And you got all the benefit of how hot it was making me. It really wasn’t cheating since you had given me permission. Am I going to be whipped?”

“You can count on being spanked… hard. You deserve it, you know.”

“You’re right, Darling. You must spank your naughty wife or she will do it again… and again… and again… and again. Mmmmm… you’re getting hard, Lover. The more times I tell you that I’m going to do it, the harder your sexy cock seems to get.”

“Hot Bitch!”

“And you love it!”

“And who is this Norman Galison?”

“Oh… he’s an important customer for Mr. Brintel’s hotel. He brought him to the condo one day and asked me to entertain him. I did… all day long. As a result, I’m no longer working as a maid at $1,200 a week.”

“What then?”

“I’m on Brintel’s entertainment staff at the same salary but much more pleasant, enjoyable work, and with tips… big tips… and big shafts too.” Max was iron hard again. He felt like he was about to cum in his pants for the second time in a single evening.

“How many times did Galison fuck you?”

“He was with me most of the day… four times I believe. Once in my mouth, one time in my ass, and twice in my cunt, Darling.”

“Oh god,” Max moaned, clutching his cock and pressing his thighs together in an effort to suppress his orgasm. “How many times did you cum?”

“I lost count … at least 15 or 20 times.”

Max’s cum load began to shoot forcefully into his shorts. Very quickly, the second stain of the night spread over the front of his pants as Asia watched and pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy while her other hand worked feverishly on her throbbing clitoris. It only took her a minute to make herself cum.


On Sunday, Max kept Asia in bed all day long. He never her allowed to dress. When she got up, she was only permitted to put on her 6-inch heels, which she also had to wear each time Max decided to fuck her.

Finally, on Monday morning, Max had to allow his wife to dress for work. It was the first time she had been dressed since 20 minutes after they had arrived at the Palomino Club on Saturday night. When she into the kitchen to fix some breakfast before they left for their work days, Max got hard again. His wife was dressed in knee-high, elastic, white stockings with matching 6-inch heels and black bra. Her stretch, white dress had two, small spaghetti straps over her bare shoulders. The form-fitting dress just barely covered her ass.

“Good morning, Honey. How do I look?”

“My god! You’re going to clean Brintel’s condo in that!?”

“I don’t do maid work any longer, Max. I told you that. I’m on Mr. Brintel’s entertainment staff now.”

“Well, you certainly look ready to entertain.” Max again found himself clutching his cock.

“Mmmmmmm… my husband is hard again, isn’t he?”

“You know damn well I’m hard. Any man would be with you in that outfit.”

“Good. That’s the idea.”

“Are you wearing any panties under that dress?”

“What do you think, Darling?”

“Turn toward me. Face me,” Max ordered. Asia turned as ordered with a sly grin.

“My god. You’re not wearing panties! I can see your pussy!”

“No you can’t.”

“I can!”

“No. You can see my cunt, Darling… not my pussy.”

“Will Brintel actually let you show your cunt like that at the hotel?”

“He might. Depends on what he wants me to do this morning. If necessary, I have the matching white panties in my handbag. I can put them on if he tells me to.”

Twenty minutes later as Asia was on her way out the door, Max said, “Asia.”

She turned toward him. “Yes? What?”

“Will Brintel … you know”

“Will he what, Darling?”

“Will he fuck you today?”

“He’s been fucking me everyday for the last week. He might miss a day, but I doubt it. By the way, I’m going to tell him today that you know that he and other men are fucking me and that it excites you. He won’t tell anyone and this way, you can be present some of the time. Would you like for me to call you on your cell when he’s about to fuck me. You can listen.”

Max shot off in his pants again.


On Tuesday evening before dinner, Asia asked her husband to sit down in the den with her. She had something to discuss with him. Once they were seated, she said, “Mr. Brintel is hosting a large party in his condo for some very select customers of the hotel and some VIPs on Saturday evening. The party will probably last most or all of the night. I and two other female members of his entertainment staff will be the hostesses in charge of providing the entertainment. He has also invited you to attend as one of the guests. No one will know you’re my husband unless you tell them. I have two questions… Ok?”

“Yes? What are they?” Max asked, his cock again getting hard.

“First, are you Ok with this? It will be like the Palomino only there will be more men present.”

“I can hardly wait. It’s going to be a gang bang, isn’t it?”

“I’m sure it will be.”

“Oh god… that’s so wild and hot!”

“My second question is whether you want to attend or not? If you do, Brintel will send a car for you around 8 PM. I will already be at the party. You can stay as long as you like, but I will be spending the night and part of Sunday as well.”

“Are you serious? Wild horses couldn’t keep me away!”

“I was sure those would be your answers, but I had to check. I’ve also got a couple of things to tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

“There will be two other women at the party. I’ve met them… Roberta and Megan. They are both gorgeous and very hot. I want you to enjoy one or both of them at the party, but not me. I want our sex to be private… just between the two of us. Ok?”

“I feel the same way about our sex together. That’s why I didn’t try to fuck you at the Palomino Club. But I don’t know about Roberta and Megan. I’m not really interested in fucking other women.”

Asia laughed. “Bull Shit! You’re a hot, randy man, and those two women are hot, delicious females. Enjoy them. Please. I want you to.”

“All right. If you insist. It’s going to be a tough, rotten job, but someone has to do it, I guess.”

Asia laughed. “Sexy bastard. I bet you screw both of those sluts multiple times. I hope you do because all the other men are certainly going to be kaynarca escort bayan fucking your wife.”


Brintel’s car arrived promptly at 8 PM on Saturday night. It was a limo with an uniformed driver who got out of the car, came to the door, and rang. Max answered it. The limo driver greeted him cordially, and a few minutes later, Max was on his way to Brintel’s condo.

Taking the express elevator to the top floor where Brintel had his condo, Max could hear the muted sounds of the guests before he reached the door. When he rang, he was greeted by a gorgeous blonde wearing a red dress and heels. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra as one of her big tits was totally exposed. He wondered if she was wearing panties.

“Hi, Honey. Mason said you’d be hear in around 8:00. I’m Randi… you must be Max, Asia’s main man. Come on in, Honey. Join the party.”

Max entered, totally unable to take his eyes off Randi’s big, exposed tit. She laughed, “38DD, in case you’re wondering, Honey. Wanna feel? Don’t be bashful, Baby. This is gonna be a hot party. Come… feel me.”

“How come you only have one of your breasts exposed?” Max asked.

“I don’t know. Talk to Sam. He took one of them out… left the other one in. He told me to leave my tit out, so I did. Why don’t you finish the job, Baby? Take out my other tit.”

Max moved closer and hefted the large globe. It was firm, but still soft and pliable like a woman breast should be. “This one feels great. Let’s check out the other one.”

Randi thrust her chest toward Max in obvious invitation. With one smooth movement, he had both of her tits exposed. From behind her, he cupped and squeezed both tits while planting kisses on her neck.

“MMMMmmmm… feels good, Honey. I think you’ve had some experience handling a woman’s tits before. Squeeze and pull my nipples, Lover. That really makes my pussy juicy.”

“Are you wearing panties?” Max asked.

“Why ask me, Max, when there’s a perfectly good way for you to find out?”

“Good point.” Max kept his left hand on Randi’s left tit as he pulled up her dress with his free hand. When he had it up to her hips, he slid his hand to her crotch and found her very wet panties pressed tightly against her cunt. “Seems like you do have panties on after all. Didn’t think you would.”

“You must have me confused with that slut Asia, Max. She’s the one who comes to parties without any panties.”

Max slipped his hand inside Randi’s panties and slowly ran his finger down into her soaked cunt slit. Max was amazed. He had met this hot woman less than a minute before, and now he had her tits out, her dress up, and his hand in her panties probing her sex trench.

“Ooohhh… UUgghh… that’s good,” the blonde hissed as she thrust her cunt harder against his hand. “Go inside me, Max. Do it to me!”

Max stroked her engorged, erect clitoris faster… rubbing her just above the clit’s sensitive tip. Randi’s legs spread wider and she began to grunt softly: “Ug .. Ug.. Ug… Ug”

The doorbell rang, and Randi said, “Sorry, Max. Got to answer it. Later. I can’t wait to have you finish me. Asia told me that you’re a hot stud in bed.”

As Randi moved away to answer the door, Max walked into the condo’s huge den where the party was getting under weigh. Quickly, he counted at least 12 men not counting Brintel and himself. Some were older, obviously very wealthy men in their late 40s or so; others were younger men who had probably inherited their wealth. There were five young blacks who appeared to be professional athletes. Finally there were a couple of men who looked to be Italian. Max wondered if they were Mafioso.

After a brief search, he caught sight of his wife. She was wearing a black, latex French maid’s outfit. At the moment, she was seated at the wet bar with her legs crossed. Her short skirt was pulled high exposing almost all of her left thigh that was crossed over her right knee. Max watched her from a distance as she nursed a glass of wine.

As he watched, two men approached and began chatting with Asia. As they chatted, one of the men was stroking the wide expanse of her naked thigh while the other guy was feeling her tits. She spoke to one and then to the other guy… back and forth. Max had been so intent on watching the men playing with his wife’s thighs and tits, he was shocked when he noticed that Asia had extracted both of their hard cocks and was slowly jacking them off.

Hearing loud roars from the master bedroom, Max tore his eyes away from his wife to investigate. Inside the bedroom, four men surrounded Randi who was on her back on the bed slowly stripping for the men. When Max first saw her, she had her dress bunched around her waist, and her legs spread straight out to the sides. Her panties were pulled so tightly against her cunt, the lips beneath were clearly outlined. The men chanted, “Lose the dress … lose the panties… lose the dress… lose the panties.”

“You guys want my dress and panties off? Then how about giving a girl a hand,” she teased. Randi didn’t have to ask twice. Three guys quickly climbed onto the bed with her. One of them pulled her dress up over her head. The second guy held her legs high and together while the third pulled her panties over her ass, up her legs and over her heels. Now naked except the CFM heels, Randi pulled her legs up and back, spread her cunt open, and whispered, “You guys like my cunt hole?”

This question was met with a chorus of cheers. “If one of you hot studs will hand me my vibrator off the end table, I’ll show you how to use it.” A second later, she had her vibrator, and 10 seconds after that, she had it sliding in and out of her now throbbing hole. “Hope you guys are learning something,” she grinned just before she convulsed in her first orgasm of the evening.

One of the black athletes had stripped off and as soon as Randi’s cunt began to contract in hard spasms, he was on the bed and between the moaning woman’s legs. She grunted under his weight but quickly jacked her legs high in the air, spread wide, and waited for the guy’s cock to enter her. He slipped his hands beneath Randi’s ass to elevated her cunt into proper position and pressed the head of his 9-inch shaft against her opening.

“OOOHHHHHHHHH… YES! IN ME! STICK IT IN ME!” the woman howled. The she screamed when the thick shaft started into her cunt. When it was all the way inside her and the fucking started, Randi’s screams changed to excited moans as her feet jerked back and forth in the air.

When Max returned to the bar area, he saw his wife was no longer there. Three men had her in one of the lounge chairs with one leg over one arm, the second leg over the other. She toyed with her wine glass as she exposed her hot cunt hole for the men. “I have to tell you hot studs that I cum very, very hard when a guy licks my pussy and clit. Once he makes me cum, there’s no way I can resist letting him fuck me.”

“You heard the lady, Bill. Get down there and make the hot bitch cum,” one the men holding Asia’s legs open yelled at his companion.

Immediately, Bill dove between Asia’s gaping legs and pressed his hand against her cunt. With slow deliberate motions, he stroked her mound then ran his fingers around her outer lips. Max’s cock was hard as stone as he watched the hot passion in his wife’s eyes that grew with each stroke Bill made over her pussy. When she felt him parting her pussy lips while two more of his fingers rubbed over her clit, Asia’s ass began to hump. She kept her eyes locked onto to Max’s as she rose closer to an orgasm.

“Spread her wider,” Bill ordered. The two men holding Asia’s legs quickly jerked them even further apart.

The lust Max saw in Asia’s eyes increased as Bill began sliding his hand up and down her sex slit. Max heard his wife groan loudly. Moving to the side, he saw that two fingers were now fucking in and out of her cunt. Gradually, her mouth spread wide open and emitted a shuddering groan, her eyes clenched shut, and her toes curled back. When Bill increased the pace of his fingers in her cunt, Asia boiled over into an orgasm… squirming and pushing against his probing fingers, her squirting juices drenching his probing fingers.

All the men could see Asia’s hot cunt contracting and throbbing in orgasmic bliss as she came. She continued to hiss and moan until her orgasm ebbed. Bill didn’t stop the fuck motions of his fingers, and very soon, Asia was rising toward another climax. When Bill heard the shrill keening moans erupting from the shuddering female, he mashed his face against her cunt, and slid his tongue deep inside her sex trench and then over her erect clitoris. Max’s wife hissed with hot female pleasure, her hips arching up off the chair seat and humping against the hot tongue. Max saw that Bill had two of his fingers up her asshole. It only took her a few minutes to cum again… this time even louder than before.

Without giving Asia time to recover, the men pulled her to her feet and carried her into one of the other bedrooms. Max and four other men followed. Bill got onto the bed and ordered Max’s wife to suck his cock. Bending over him, the men all heard her gasp when she saw its size … at least 8 inches long and almost two inches in diameter.

“You heard me, Slut. Suck it!” Bill commanded. She opened her mouth and then closed it around the big cockhead. Max watched, squeezing his organ, as the cock started into her mouth hole. With her head bobbing on Bill’s meat, every man knew that the woman’s tongue would be sliding around and along his shaft, the tongue tip circling the big rim at the bottom of the head.

“Take it all, Asia… every inch! I want your lips to be kissing my groin and my balls… understand?” With her mouth full, all she could do was grunt.

“Someone whack her ass to make sure she understands.” A moment later, Max’s wife was grunting as the hands spanked her upturned ass. “You got the idea now, Honey? Take it all… all the way in, Baby. Now!”

“Take it all Asia.” Bill commanded as his hands drew her head forward. “I want you to kiss my groin.”

Asia gave into the pressure of Bill’s hands on her head… pulling her downward causing her lips to slide lewdly down his shaft until the big head butted against the opening to her throat. She stopped and took a breath through her nose as Bill continued to pull her head down his rigid shaft. She gagged… snorted… gagged again… then to Max’s amazement, her lips slid even further down his shaft. Her mouth fucker pulled her further down… she was breathing in sharp snorts through her nose, as the thick shaft moved deeper and deeper into her mouth hole.

At least three inches of thick meat was in Asia’s throat when she gagged again. Bill ignored her and pulled her down even harder. Her eyes opened wide, staring at her husband… half in apology for not sucking him like she was sucking this man… and half in hot passion. The rest of the cock sank into her mouth and throat. Her throat bulged outward indicating the position of the cockhead. Finally, Asia’s lips were kissing his groin as he had ordered.

The sight was so hot, Max practically tore his pants in his haste to get his cock out. As he began to stroke his engorged cock, his eyes were locked onto the incredible sight of his wife’s lips wrapped around the base of Bill’s thick shaft.
Bill held her still for a moment, his cock buried to the hilt in her mouth and throat, then, he guided her head back up so that his flesh slid wetly from her mouth. As her lips reached the base of his cap, she was again shuddering with sexual heat. Once more, Bill pulled her down on his cock. Asia continued to snort and grunt as she was drawn down on the thick, hard flesh in her mouth. This time, however, she gagged only twice before her lips again kissed his groin. Immediately, Bill guided her head back up his shaft… back and forth… up and down… for several minutes, Bill kept Asia’s mouth sliding up and down his throbbing shaft in long, slow motions.

Asia was still snorting, her breathing ragged and short. Bill continued to drive his cock all the way into her throat on every trip she made down his cock. Finally, Max’s wife stopped gagging. Bill increased the pace… fucking her mouth faster… harder. Asia’s lips were bouncing against his groin before each back stroke. At that point, Bill moved his hand off her head to her tits, but Asia kept pumping her mouth without guidance… all the down… all the way back.

“Here comes the load, Slut. Take it all!” Bill screamed as he pumped jet after thick jet of cum straight into Asia’s belly.

After Bill had ejaculated into Max’s wife, the other two men who had held her legs in the den took their turns. Asia’s mouth closed around another cock and immediately slid right down to the cock’s base. Word passed that there was a hot mouth hole available in the bedroom and soon there was a line of six naked men waiting their turn at Asia’s hot mouth.

One after the other, the men approached Max’s wife, told her to open her mouth, and then waited for her to begin sucking. She didn’t keep them waiting. Each man used a different technique. Some guys made her suck it slow and soft; others preferred her to suck hard, fast, and deep. Two men just held her held in place and fucked her mouth like it was a cunt. It took Asia almost 45 minutes to suck off all six men plus Bill. Half the loads went into her belly… the other half creamed her face, her tits, and shot straight into her open mouth.

In the master bedroom, the last of a group of 7 men including all five of the black athletes was just finishing ejaculating all over Randi’s body at the finish of their circle jerk. She was lying in the middle of the bed covered from face to pussy with seven loads of semen and sperm. When the last spurt left his cock, the man squeezed out the last few drops onto Randi’s face and followed the other six men into the guest bedroom to sample the hot Asian slut who had just sucked off six men. As they were exiting, the six men Asia had just finished servicing, came in to check out the hot blonde.

After she had swallowed the sixth cum load, Asia was desperate to get a cock into her throbbing pussy. When the 7 men who had been with Randi entered the guest bedroom, she was lying on the bed with her legs wide open frantically finger fucking her pussy and rubbing her pulsing clitoris. Max was jacking off watching her.

One of the black athletes moved to the side of the bed and said, “Hi, Honey. I’m Steve. Love your hot, sexy body, Bitch. Make that pussy cum for me. Now!”

Asia obeyed instantly. Her finger rammed in and out of her vagina… every stroke burying her fingers as deep as they would go. Her other hand went to her tits and squeezed. She kept her eyes locked on Max as she fucked herself. The sight quickly drove her husband over the edge as thick streams of semen rushed from his cock arching three feet into the air before landing on the carpet several feet in front of him. Asia fucked herself even harder when she saw her husband’s load exploding from his cock.

“Do you want my prick in your cunt, Bitch?” Steve asked when he saw the first signs of Asia’s approaching orgasm.

“Yes!” Asia gasped out through a moan of pleasure.

“Then ask for it, Slut. You know how to beg a man for cock. Ask for my cock, tell me what you want me to do with it.”

“I want you fuck me with your huge black cock, Steve. I want to feel that thing inside me, fucking me hard.”

“And my friends here? What about them?”

“And your friends too,” Max’s wife groaned as she wantonly rubbed her clit with her legs wide open directly in front of Steve and the rest of the men. “I want your friends to fuck me too. I want to feel their hard pricks fucking my cunt,” she hissed. Max’s cock was already hard again.

Steve pulled a chair up beside the bed, sat down with his back toward Max, and pointed at his erect cock. Asia scrambled off the bed and quickly straddled him. She stared directly at her husband, her body trembling with anticipation as her lips mouthed the words, “Oh, Honey. He’s gonna fuck me… in my cunt!” Max began jacking off again.

Even in her high heels, Asia had to stand on tip toe to raise her cunt enough to get Steve’s huge dick beneath her hole. Reaching under her body, she grasped his cock and guided it to her pussy keeping her eyes locked on Max’s. Her mouth opened into a huge oval when she lowered herself onto his erection. The big head stretched her lips wide open. When the swollen cock head entered her cunt, Asia wailed.


After letting Asia fuck herself on his cock for several minutes, Steve began to pump himself into her hot pussy. As she rose and fell on him, his cock slid in and out of her sheathe bringing unintelligible gasps of pleasure from the impaled woman. When Steve began thrusting his rod into her faster… deeper, Asia began moaning and sighing with each rise and fall, her hair fluffing, her tits bouncing to the faster and harder pace of the black shaft.

Asia’s head suddenly flopped back as she let out a cry of bliss, her entire body stiff and trembling as she ground down on Steve’s cock in orgasm. Steve grunted when he felt the hot cunt throbbing about his shaft. Ramming into her hot hole even harder, Steve continued his fucking motions making her climax even heavier. As soon as her orgasms ebbed slightly, Max’s wife again started to ram her ass up and down the iron-hard cock pumping her cunt.

Steve thrust his hands beneath Asia’s ass and picked her up like a toy doll. Climbing onto the bed, he put her on her back, and moved firmly into her gaping sex saddle. The entire transfer had taken only a few seconds during which Steve’s thick, fuck stick had never left Asia’s cunt hole. Now firmly in command, Steve rammed his huge organ in and out of Asia’s defenseless pussy. Her juices were being churned into a thick white froth by the plunging cock. Hisses… screams…. grunts… sighs… moans issued from her mouth as she felt herself cumming yet again.

The hard contractions of Asia’s vagina drove Steve to the brink very quickly. He slammed his meat into her hard and fast. The bedsprings slats protested with each thrust:


“OH FUCK IT, STUD. FUCK MY CUNT WITH THAT BLACK COCK! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! FUCK IT!” Asia howled. Max was jacking his semi-hard cock again.

Steve grunted with the deep satisfaction of a male planting seed in a hot female hole when his cock erupted and several gushes of sperm-filled semen poured into Asia’s cunt. Max continued to masturbate as Steve let his rod soak in her hole for a couple of minutes before he withdrew. As soon as her sex holes were vacant, the next guy got on the bed with Max’s wife. Max pumped his cock harder.

Her new lover was so wildly excited from watching Steve fucking the dark-haired beauty his load exploded into Asia’s vagina within a minute after entering her. She pushed him to one side and raised her legs invitingly for the next man.

Asia watched the next man climbing onto the bed, her body still trembling with after shocks of ecstasy. Her new lover told her to get on her hands and knees. She moved into position as quickly as she could facing me… now mouthing the words, “He’s going to fuck me doggie, Darling.”

Although in this position Max could not see the cock that was lunging in and out of Asia’s pussy, he could easily see her body moving backwards and forwards in time to his thrusts. Her eyes seemed to be unfocused most of the time, but she kept them on her husband as the man fucked her relentlessly.

At that moment Asia cried out in another orgasm, her body grinding back at the man fucking her who in turn pushed against her as his sperm erupted deep inside her throbbing, hot hole. A few minutes later another man mounted the bed. He rolled her onto her back so that Max was now looking at her gaping cunt hole that waited for the man’s cock to enter it. Parting her legs, the black stud moved between them and thrust his 9-inch cock into her. With a slow, but hard pace the man started to fuck Asia. She matched his every movement by thrusting her hips up from the bed as her legs rose high over his back, her heels dancing wildly in the air in response to the thud of the cock against her womb.

After ten minutes of steady fucking, the black stud mounted on Asia moaned, “What a hot bitch… her cunt is squeezing the shit out of my cock… Gonna shoot in you now, Bitch. You ready for my cum load?”

Max was again jacking off furiously as the black stud fucking his wife filled her pussy with another load of sperm.

When the thick black shaft was pulled from Asia’s stretched hole, two men carried Asia to a love seat off to the side of the bed and put her on her back. One man pushed her legs high in the air and moved into her sex saddle. Max watched as his wife clamped her legs about the man’s hips and pulled him downward to her waiting cunt hole. Both men entered her at the same time… one into her cunt… the other in her mouth. The three of them sighed and grunted in sexual heat as both cocks pumped her holes, and she squeezed the dick in her cunt with her vaginal muscles and sucked hard on the prick fucking her mouth.

Asia was now moaning continuously. Her head tilted back to look at Max while her body responded to the man fucking her. Her hips and ass were now ramming upward every time the stud fucking her thrust downward into her hole. Every time the huge cock stretched her cunt open and sank deep inside, Asia shrieked with the intensity of the sensation the huge shaft was giving her.

“You about to cum again, Baby?” the man in her cunt asked. She just moaned and growled, “Shut up, you hot stud bastard, and fuck my hot cunt hole. Make it shoot…. aaaahhhhhhh…. fuckkk… I’m getting it… hard… uunngghhh… I’M CUMMING!!”

Max slowed the motions of his hand over his cock to prevent another ejaculation. He watched… his cock jerking at the erotic sight… as the man fucking his wife drove his organ into her hard and deep. Two other men got close and held her legs up and back. Asia began to grunt around the thick prick sunk into her mouth as her body went through another orgasm. Her fucker pushed in deep and filled her with another load of semen.

As soon as the second man doing Max’s wife had ejaculated into her mouth and moved away, Asia was claimed by a fresh male who told her mount the bed on her knees and lower her head to the bed. When she was in position, the man growled, “Higher, Baby. Get that hot ass higher. I need it in fucking position. And move your knees further apart. I want you wide open!”

Asia bent forward, head on the bed, and felt the man swabbing his cock up and down the length of her cum-filled sex trench. When he moved it over her sensitive clit, uncontrollable gasps of excitement erupted from her mouth. At the same time as he swabbed her sex trench with his cock, his fingers were plunging into her cunt and then into her asshole… back and forth. First it was a single finger… then two… finally three. When he had her anus thoroughly lubed with cum and her cuntal secretions, he moved his cock to her ass.

“Ooohhhh god… you’re too big… please… fuck in my cunt… I can’t take that huge black cock up my asss…. noooo… please… nooo…AAAAAHHHHHHHH… UUNNNGGHH! GOD… TOO BIG… AAAHHHHHHHH… OOOHH SHIT… IT’S GOING INNNNNNNNNNN!”

“Give it to her, Brent. Stretch her hot asshole, Man!” one of the other black athletes urged.

Max was stunned to see his wife’s asshole stretched into a huge oval as the thick black shaft worked its way into her depths. Once the big head was in, Brent worked his rod back and forth, each time sinking in deeper and deeper. Asia had stopped screaming and was now groaning softly. The deeper the cock went, the more excited her moans became. When 8 inches of black cock was sliding smoothly back and forth in her ass, Brent reached around Asia’s hips and ran his fingers into her cunt while pressing his thumb against her erect clit. Another inch of cock was pushed into her ass as he strummed the throbbing passion button. Max was again pumping his cock. He knew he was going to cum watching this.

Asia’s moans suddenly changed to excited shrieks as she urged Brent to fuck her ass harder… deeper. “Oh God… Oh god… that feels so good… fuck my ass, Honey… Harder… Aaaahhhhhh don’t believe this… gonna cum… already gonna cum… uuuugghh… yessss… yes … yes… cumming… ugh ugh ugh .. I CUM … I CUM… I CUM!”

“Oh Man! The Bitch’s asshole is trying to squeeze my cock off,” Brent grunted. What a hot fuck hole… you guys gotta try this… can’t hold it no mor… gonna shoot it in her.” He pumped all 9 inches of dick in and out of Asia while Max watched, his own cock jerking, precum running from the tip. “HERE CUM MY LOAD, BITCH! TAKE IT!” Brent and Max both shot off at the same time.

As soon as Brent had pulled out of Asia’s asshole, his place was taken by Hank who screwed Asia’s ass for about 15 minutes before he unloaded inside her colon. By this time, Asia was babbling with sexual heat. She seemed to be having continuous orgasms even when no man was fucking one of her holes. Ralph mounted her when Hank pulled out. He lasted only a dozen strokes inside her asshole before emptying his balls into Max’s wife.

When Ralph finished, Max watched as one of the guys he thought might be Mafioso got Asia mounted on him with his cock nailed into her pussy. As soon as he was in her, another one of the black athletes mounted her ass and drilled her stretched asshole with his rod. The two of them fucked her in both holes. After some adjustment, they set up a rhythm… Mafioso in… athlete out… Mafioso out, athlete in… and so on until Asia was howling and cumming repeatedly. The two men shot into her at about the same time. When they pulled out, the fifth black guy slammed his meat up her ass and shot in his load.

Asia rolled over onto her back after her last fucker had pulled his dripped cock from her dilated asshole. Her tits heaved as she tried desperately to suck air into her lungs. Her legs splayed wide open as sperm-filled semen gushed from her holes.

By Max’s count, every man at the party had now fucked his wife at least once. He figured that they had all also screwed Randi. After completion of the fuck cycle, the men drifted off to the dining area for beer, drinks, and food leaving the women to recover and clean up if they wished.
Asia turned over onto her knees with her ass raised high in the air, apparently waiting to be mounted again. Max stared at her stretched asshole, which was now a huge oval that stayed open even without a cock inside it. Using his hands, he spread her ass cheeks and gazed into the deep pit of her ass, which was filled with numerous loads of semen and sperm. Even though he had already cum four times, he felt his cock becoming hard again.

“They’ve all finished, Darling,” Max said in her ear. “Everyone of the men have fucked you at least once. Are you all right?”

“MMMmmmmm… I’m tired and a little sore, but I’m more than all right, Honey. I loved it. Just loved it. Are you ok? Was it bad for you to watch your wife being used by all those men?”

“I came four times and I’m getting hard again. Does that answer you question, Darling?”

“Mmmmmmmmm… yes. Are you going to spend the night? Brintel has instructed Randi and I to both sleep together in the master bedroom. Some of the men will be spending the night and using the other bedrooms and the couches. We’re to be available if any of them want more sex during the night or in the morning.”

“Is it all right if I spend the night?”

“Of course. You might have to sleep on one of the couches though.”

“I doubt that I’ll sleep at all, I’m so turned on. Can I sleep on the couch in the master bedroom?”

“Pervert… you just want to be there if your sexy wife gets screwed again during the night.”

“How did you know?” Max teased.

“Women’s intuition, I guess,” Asia said. “Come on. Take me to the bathroom. I need a slave to bathe me… clean me up… get me ready for bed. Think you can handle that?”

“I’ve bathed you before, Darling. I’m sure I can handle it.”

“You’ve bathed me… yes, but you’ve never “cleaned” me… do you understand what I mean?”

“You mean your pussy?”

“No… not my pussy… my cunt.”

“MMmmmm… and your ass?”

“Of course… my ass. Will you?”


“With your mouth and tongue, of course, Darling. Will you?”

“Come on, you hot slut. You need cleaning.”


During the night, every one of the black guys fucked Max’s wife again. She was taken by two men at the same time twice before morning. One of the Italian men fucked her ass, and one of the older men gave it to her in missionary position. Randi was screwed just as often.

Starting at 11 AM in the morning, Brintel had an elaborate catered breakfast brought in. When the seven men who had spent the night came in to enjoy the meal, Brintel informed them that some more erotic entertainment was available in the game room, which they might wish to check out before they left. The men alternated between eating and checking out the game room.

When the men entered the game room, they found Randi tied across a sawhorse that had been converted into a fucking platform. Her arms were bound to the two legs on one side of the horse, her legs to the two on the opposite side. The top was wider than usual and padded for her body. She was ball gagged and wore only garter belt, hose, and heels. The position made both her cunt and assholes readily available.

Asia was on the other side of the room wearing mesh hose, heels, and a black top that was pulled down to expose her tits. She was gagged and her arms tied behind her back. Padded cuffs about her ankles allowed her legs to be tied and spread. One was suspended from a ceiling rope; the other was tied out to the side. Like Randi, both of her sex holes were exposed by the position.

When Max wandered into the game room to check out what the “entertainment” was, the Italian guy was behind Randi driving his cock into her cunt. Previous loads of cum were dripping onto the floor.
the cock thudded into her cunt.

On the other side of the room, another man was mounted on Asia screwing her in the ass with what looked to be an 8-inch cock.

Sounds filled the room… the men were grunting as they powered their cocks into the helpless women… the women were moaning through their gags each time they climaxed. Max was just too tired to continue watching. As he left to find a couch on which to crash, he heard his wife’s gag-muffled cries as she came again.

It was 5 PM when Asia shook him awake. She was again freshly bathed and obviously ready to leave. “You look fresh as a daisy,” Max commented, quite surprised. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Maybe… maybe not.”

“What does that mean?” Max asked, puzzled.

“It means I want to know if you fucked Randi during the party or not. I told you to. Did you?”

“No. I was so turned on watching you, I didn’t want to miss anything. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize for getting turned on watching your wife being fucked like a hot slut. But the rest of the men are gone now… so you don’t have anything to watch. Randi is naked, except for her heels, of course. She’s in the master bedroom waiting for you. Get your ass in there and make the hot bitch cum. We’re not leaving until you do.”

“Well… like I said. It’s going to be a tough job but..”

“Oh shut up with that stuff… just get in there and fuck her ass off, Darling.”


For the next hour, Asia sat in the den listening to Randi’s wild howls and screams as orgasm after orgasm surged through her vagina and exploded in her clitoris. Max had licked and sucked the woman for a half hour giving her one intense climax after another until she was begging him to stop… to let her rest. He ignored her, shoved her legs even further apart, sucked her convulsing clit into his mouth, and stroked her throbbing shaft until her juices were squirting in heavy steams out of her erupting cunt.

When she finally regained enough control to speak, she moaned and said, “My god… my god. Eleven men fucked me two or three times apiece last night and none of them… absolutely NONE of them got me off like that. And you had me last! If you had been first, I think my body would have just exploded.”

“You’re not done yet, Randi. I haven’t even gotten my cock into that luscious cunt and ass of yours.”

“Ooohhh Fuck! If you fuck just half as good as you suck, you’re gonna be out of this world, Lover. Come on. Get on me. Stick that magic wand of yours up my hot cunt.”

“What if I want your ass first?”

“You can have any of my holes… anytime, Honey. Just call me and I’ll spread for you whenever you want me.”

“Get on your knees… head down, butt up. I think I’ll start with your hot ass.” Five minutes later, Randi had her legs wide apart, her ass arched high as Max drove his cock in and out of her asshole. On every stroke, his balls slapped against her cunt as his full length sank into her depths. He screwed the wailing female hard with masculine authority. Randi howled and trembled as the iron-hard shaft plundered her ass.


As Randi’s asshole contracted in hard spasms, Max jerked his rod out the woman’s ass and thrust it hard into her cunt. Lowering his body to the bed, he pulled Randi on top. “Fuck your hot cunt on my cock, you luscious slut. Make us both cum!”

“Oh god yes!” Randi screamed as she wildly hammered her vagina up and down the rigid sex spike impaling her cunt.

Asia now had her dress up to her waist ramming her fingers in and out of her pussy as she listened to her husband screwing the hot slut in the bedroom. For forty minutes, Max screwed the thrashing woman in every hole. She was babbling, grunting, begging him to make her cum again… she sounded almost insane with fuck lust. Asia had to watch. For the first time, she understood why her husband loved to watch… as soon as entered the bedroom and saw Max pounding the woman’s ass deep into the mattress bringing howls of pleasure from the sexy blonde, her own pussy exploded in an intense climax.

Asia drove three fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched. When her husband began to shoot huge streams of semen and sperm into the shuddering female, she came right along with her husband. At the same time, Randi fainted. When Max and Asia left the bedroom 15 minutes later, Randi was half awake, moaning, her legs still splayed wide open with sperm and semen running in a thick river from her cunt.


When Max and Asia were in the limo on their way home, they cuddled together like newlyweds. “I love you, Darling,” she whispered in his ear. “Do you think you can get it up again and fuck me later today?”

“It’s already up, you hot, delicious woman. I’ve got to be the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Mmmmmmmm… Did you really like watching your wife being gang banged? Come on now… the truth.”

“I loved it… just loved it. I can’t wait to see you doing it again.”

“I’ve got a surprise for you, Darling?”


“Look inside my handbag, Honey.”

Max opened it and stared in amazement at the thick roll of bills inside. “What’s this?” he asked, stunned.

“Don’t you tip waitresses, Lover? Well… men tip hot women who show them a good time even better.”

“How much is in there?”

“Enough for the two of us to take a wonderful, sexy vacation to Cancun, Darling. I hear they have nude beaches there? Sound interesting?”

Max’s cock was so hard, he wondered if he would cum in his pants again before they got home.


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