A pleasant long night with a BBC

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A pleasant long night with a BBC
My beloved husband had gone away from town in another boring business trip and I had to work on Monday; so, I could not go with him.
Friday night I felt so fucking horny home alone. I played with my cunt under the warm shower and later on I pushed some of my favorite dildos up my wet hot cunt and my very tight asshole…
After midnight I was still very aroused and horny; so I checked some mails and looked for some porn site in the net.
I met a young black guy and started to chat with him. His name was Willy; he was in his early twenties and looked like a good guy. After a long while chatting, I asked him to show me his black cock.
Then he sent me a couple of pictures, showing his ten inches long black cock. Since I did not trust guys on the internet I asked him to show me his cock live on web cam and he did. I really felt so shocked by the size of his huge black cock that my pussy got soaking wet just looking at his image.
Then I found myself playing with my pussy and masturbating just thinking of having this massive hard black cock in my wet hungry pussy.
After I came in my own fingers, I confessed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Willy what I had done as I looked him on web cam. The black guy laughed and asked me if we could have a meeting in the next days.
The next night I arranged to meet him at a local bar, not so far from home.
I chose to wear a sexy black skirt with a white silky blouse and a couple of matching sexy stilettos. Before leaving my bedroom I looked my reflection on the mirror and saw a perfect whore.
I was sure Willy was going to like my sexy outfit.
After dinner I met Willy at the bar. I came there before schedule and I saw him entering the place. He greeted me with a soft kiss on my cheek and just this made me feel a bit wet down there…
We had couple of drinks together. I noticed Willy was a huge guy, tall muscled and very handsome,
When he sat next to me I could see the bulge in his pants which made me wet even more than before. I could not wait to get him inside me.
Within less than one hour of talking to each other we decided to move to a nearer motel.

When we entered our room he started undressing me while güvenilir bahis şirketleri we kissed passionately. Willy fondled my boobs, licked my hardened nipples and squeezed my buttocks.
I just melted in his hands and I could not wait to have him take me so I started to unzip his jeans and suddenly a huge black monster cock came out.
It was like I had seen on screen; long, very thick and pretty hard already.
I knelt down and took it into my mouth.
Then I started sucking his big cock. He told me he was very turned on and he could not wait any longer to fuck me as I deserved.
He then picked me up and carried me to the bed. I rolled on my back and spread my long legs apart for him.
Willy smiled as he noticed my swollen pussy lips were glistening and wet in anticipation. Then he crawled onto my body and finally shoved his huge cock all the way inside my wet tight cunt…
He kept fucking me missionary position for about half an hour and he made me come moaning loud and screaming like a crazy bitch.
But when he filled my cunt with his burning semen, I felt another shattering orgasm going along my whole body. I canlı bahis şirketleri shuddered and cried in ecstasy.
Willy fell onto my chest and we rested there for a while; with his still semi hard cock buried deep inside of my hungry cunt.
I admitted him I had loved the way he had fucked me; but I warned him also, that I was not done yet. I wanted more; I needed more…
I crawled down his huge body until I got his dick with my wet mouth. I sucked him like crazy, making his huge black cock come to life very soon.
Then Willy made me get on all fours and again I felt his huge dick invading my hungry stretched vagina. He held me by my hips and pumped me in a very wild way; as I yelled at him to fuck me even harder.
He made me cum three times before he unloaded his warm seed into my womb. Then Willy asked me if I was done now; but I just smiled and made him lie on his back.
I straddled him and rode his hard cock for another long while; getting another intense orgasm before he claimed he was exhaust…
I left him have a nice rest; but then he fucked me in every position imaginable; all night long until the sunrise.
When I got home in the morning; my cunt was really very sore; but I had been fully satisfied by that huge black cock.
My loving hubby called me, asking how things were going at home.
I just could whisper in the phone I was tired and sore.
Then Victor knew that next time, he better should drag me with him in his boring business trip…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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