Your Lap… My Dance

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After getting out of the shower, you securely wrap a towel around your waist and walk into your now transformed bedroom. There is soft music playing and candles lit around the room putting a soft glow on a high-backed chair in the middle of the room. As you walk over to the throne, you notice a note which simply reads “SIT ON ME”.

You turn and sit in the comfortable chair and after a moment, you hear “70’s love groove” by Janet fill the room just before you look up to see my elongated silhouette in the doorway. I slowly walk over to you and place my hands on the sides of your head. Looking into your eyes, I use my right knee to widen the gap between your legs. I step into the perfect V as I start to wind to the music. I pull your head down so I can graze your sensual lips with my cleavage as my knee gently caresses your already hard dick. With my hips swaying in small circles, I allow my hands to run down your moist chest as I straighten my legs and allow you a very nice view of my huge tits before I stand and run my hands over them.

Hips swaying in circles now, I let my hips guide me out from between your legs and just out of your reach. I reach behind my back and release the clip from by bra. Still moving, I slowly turn and just catch it in front before emek escort it falls to reveal my breasts.

Slowly I reveal first one luscious globe and then the other and the bra falls to the floor. Looking at my nipples I see they are hard and I pinch them and roll them between my fingers and my thumbs for a few moments before I realize that I’m getting wet, which makes me all the hotter for you. Lifting one breast to my mouth, I lick my nipple a few times as I move to the music. I know you can see the wet spot forming low on my thong and you lick your lips. I switch breasts and suck my other nipple, my eyes closed as I enjoy my own sucking. When I stop playing with my breasts I realize my hips are more thrusting than swaying and I move toward you knowing that I need a lap dance and so do you.

Facing you I sit on your lap and wrap my legs around your waist and then I begin to very slowly move my hips back and forth, rubbing my sensitive clit against the hard rod I feel under your towel. It feels so good for me and I can tell it’s pleasurable for you, too. My hands are on the back of the chair and because of that my breasts are once again right there in front of your lips. Your tongue comes quickly out to lick my nipple and I cry out from the pure sadistic eryaman escort pleasure of it. I slowly stand and continue the slow winding of my hips and turn my back to you.

I slowly bend my knees and lower my grinding ass onto your lap. The pressure of you feels so good under my undulating back side. I lean back lying on your relaxed body and reach back and link my hands behind your neck as I continue my molesting dance. I slowly begin to slide down your body until I am kneeling in front of you caressing your hardness with the back of my head to the sensual rhythm of the music. I turn and look into your eyes as I gently blow into the barely there opening in your towel.

I begin my slow slide back up your body letting the twins massage your body as I rise up. I get eye level and let my gaze fall to your gorgeous lips. Our lips are so close I can feel your soft breath on my lips. I move in another inch and kiss your neck before I lick it and back off. I slide my cheek along yours as I go indulging in the sexy scent of you. I run my fingertips down your chest, over your stomach, then down your inner thighs and down your legs before bringing them back up to the secured spot of your towel. I look into your eyes and smile before opening the towel ankara escort to reveal what I already knew. With my lips very close to your now visible head, I straighten my legs and use my hands to push your legs together and give a quick flick of my tongue to your tip. It jumps as if to thank me. I bend further and slide my chest up your body until your dick is encased between my tits. I wind up and down letting my breasts dance with your steel as I slowly remove my soaking wet thong.

Up and down I glide sucking your head every time it shows itself above my tits, and release it with a loud “pop” to be sheathed once again. I straighten up and straddle your legs before lowering myself onto you. You feel so good!!!! I place one hand then the other behind me on your knees then lift one leg then the other onto your shoulders before I continue my ultimate lap dance. My hips go in small, forceful circles letting you stir me up and hit every wall of my pussy. My head falls back when your hands are filled with my breast and I go from circles to forward and back motions fucking you until I feel the tell-tale throbbing.

As I continue my movements, I remove my legs, place my feet firmly on the floor, my hands on your shoulders, and after another forward thrust followed by a half circle, I stand, bend, and open my mouth and swallow your hot dick just before I feel the heat of you explode onto the back of my throat. I swallow every drop before I lick it clean, close your towel, and disappear back into the shadows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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