Your Eyes Upon Me

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We are naked on the bed facing each. As always, your beauty, sensuality and sexuality get my cock so hard and erect for you. Your beautiful hair, your captivating eyes, your lovely breasts with the engorged nipples and the large areola I love and finally your shaven pussy with the enflamed and swollen pink labia.

I lean back with my feet on our bed and my knees bent. My hands go to my cock and gently touch my balls, shaft and very sensitive head. One hand gently cups my swollen balls while the other hand encircles the width of my shaft. I begin to stroke my shaft and squeeze my balls. One hand encircles my swollen head and forms an “O” ring with my index finger and thumb. I place it around the very edges of my helmeted head quickly stroke the most sensitive part of my penis. I involuntarily grunt in pleasure and thrust my hips up into the “O” ring…fire is now burning the head of my penis and my brain. I look deeply into your eyes and you take an intake of breath as you see the level of lust, desire and need in my eyes. My breath quickens as I stroke my shaft and continue the “O” fucking casino şirketleri of my sensitive and swollen head.

I bring my head back and moan and gasp in pleasure. My hands leave my penis as I lay farther back on our bed and bring my knees to my chest. I look at your face and see your eyes drinking in the length of my cock, my heavy balls. I watch in anticipation as your eyes travel lower and take in my circularly muscled red/brown rectum. My index finger is brought to my mouth and moistened. I bring it down past my thigh and gently rim the edges of my anus. Slowly I go around and around the tight rings of muscle. I stop, you can see the muscles relax and then the tip of my finger presses against the opening and slowly disappears inside of my body. Soon my entire finger is inside of my bottom. You are mesmerized as you watch my finger enter and exit my bottom. I am slowly fucking myself in front of your eyes. You can hear my grunts of animal pleasure, but you can’t tear your eyes from watching my finger making love to my rectum.

My other hand leaves my cock and joins casino firmaları his mate at my bottom. Both index fingers gently slide into my anus, spreading and filling my tight ass. I look up into your eyes, our eyes meet and I say “Baby, you have shown me the inside of your body and I want to do the same for you…look inside of me my lover.” At that your eyes immediately focus on my bottom as my fingers pry and open my rectum. I grunt in pleasure/pain as I pull my bottom open as widely as I can…without thinking you lean closer and peer into my body…the contrast of the brownish color of my anus contrasts with the deeper pink of my anus…you are seeing inside my body! I pull wider and groan as I lift my hips so you can look even deeper into my bowels…the red becomes more crimson as you look farther into your lover’s body.

I can’t take any more and insert my left index and middle fingers into my asshole and my right hand goes directly to the head of my cock as I begin to furiously pump the head of my penis. I am fucking my ass in unison with the same rhythm as I’m pumping my güvenilir casino cockhead. By my moans and gyrating hips, you can tell I am very close. You see my swollen balls beginning to contract in my sac and you know the moment is near. My hand is moving so quickly on the top of my penis…I begin to buck my hips as you see the first stream of my sperm shooting from the tip of my cock…at the exact same instant I begin to come you are shocked when I pull my fingers out of my ass and plunge them into my mouth and begin to suck and lick the essence from my bottom (Baby, I have never done this or even thought of this before, but for some reason I want to do it for you and with you, is that OK with you? I hope it doesn’t gross you out.)

You watch stream after stream of my hot, white, sticky semen shoot from my quivering penis onto my hairy chest and tummy. I can’t seem to stop jacking my cock off as I milk the last drops of my seed onto my stomach. My breathing is still heaving and the movement of my stomach is causing my sperm to slide down, puddle and collect in my belly button…I open my eyes, we connect and both break into wide smiles of satiated desire.

I hope you enjoyed me masturbating for you…but now the questions is…. What will happen with the puddle of my creamy white seed in my belly button? *Smiles*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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