Young Cowboy Part 3

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Fuck Hard

Parts 1 & 2 are already posted on this forum, read them and get a little background to what’s going on.

I got a good nights sleep once my “company” left after last nights festivities but, was awakened by a woman screaming. I grapped my squirrel rifle and moved off in the direction the screaming was coming from. I came over the top of a small hill and there was a beautiful blonde haired woman fighting to get away from a burly looking trapper. I didn’t care about the background of what transpired just that this woman was about to be raped and who knows what else by this backwoodsman and I needed to take matters into my own hands.

He had her hands tied around a tree and was busy pulling up her dress and petticoats and all the other layers she was wearing. He was leaning forward and saying things right into her ear, things that didn’t make her look too happy about what was coming next.

I lined up my squirrel rifle and leaned against a tree to steady my aing, cocked the hammer and squeezed the trigger. Not wanting to kill the man until I figured out what was going on, I shot him in the right thing, giving him instant pain and a new focus on life.

I grabbed my powder horn and set a charge in, then rammed a patch and ball down and put a fresh primer on the nipple. He spotted me and drew his pistol. It would have been a lucky shot on his part as it was at least 50 yards away and those Old Navy revolvers weren’t accurate at all that far away. I hollered out to him to drop his weapon or the next shot will part his eyeballs. He thought about making a run for it, then got smart and slowly laid the pistol down and tried to move around on his wounded leg.

I made my way down off the hill and told him to move away and pointed my rifle in the direction I wanted him to move to. He started getting a good bit mouthy so with one smove action, I went from pointing my barrel at him to swings it up and stroking the bottom of his chin with the buttstock of my rifle, effectively putting him out for a nice long nap.

I finally took a close look at the woman tied to the tree and could see how much of her dress and undergarments bahis firmaları he’d torn open. She started getting pretty bossy for a woman in that position ordering me to untie her and to stop staring at her privates.

I told her she’s not one to be making demands in the position she’s currently in but, that didn’t slow her down one bit. Telling me her father will be looking for her soon, etc. etc..

She just wouldn’t shut up. If there was anyone within a hundred yards of us, they’d have heard her squaking and come running thinking I had put her in this situation.

I walked over and grabbed her chin and told her to shut up before trouble comes looking for easy prey. She wouldn’t slow down enough to let me say anything so I tore off a piece of her petticoat, twisted it into a fairly thick rope and tied it right to her mouth and around her head, effectively silencing her. Well, that made her madder than a beehive with a bear stealin honey and her thrashing picked up in speed and she ended up kicking me right in the left shin enough to cut into my leg and the blood staining my pants.

I tore the entire bottom of her dress off leaving her in nothing but her underwear from the waist down and told her to settle down or there’d be more to follow. SHe kept going at full steam so I started slapping her ass. Then I pulled off her underwear and slapped it with my hand right on her bare ass. White as the day she was born, soft too.. Had some nice red handprints on it rather quickly.

The last couple of days I’d only had cocks in my ass and my cock in other asses, I figured it was no better time to sample some sweet pussy for a change. I ready down to her ass and moved my fingers on between her legs and found a very wet pussy. As mad as she had been, it sure had an affect on her to get her ass slapped apparently.. I slid two fingers into her pussy and felt her spread her legs making it much easier access. Didn’t look like she’d mind this at all. I continued working my fingers inside her until they were as far in as they would go. Her pussy was leaking like a cow that hasn’t been milked in a week. I tasted my finger kaçak iddaa and I gotta say, it was the best thing I’d had to eat since leaving home.

I stepped up behind her and held my cock to line it up with her pussy. Once I found the right spot, I slowly started to push but, there was no resistance so I pushed it in all the way on the first attempt. She was moaning a lot now. All the cacklin had stopped, no more making threats..

I held each side of her hips and started pushing in and pulling out, full strokes each time. I let go of her hips and stopped my movement and she started doing all the work for me. I reached up and undud the buttons on what was left of her nice dress, exposing even more underwear, and then taking that off as well. In a couple of minutes, she was naked as the day she was born and pushing harder and harder on my cock. Her hands were still tied to the tree so I still maintained some control of the situation.

I could feel my nuts swelling up and my cock started pulsing and pulled my cock out and walked around in front of her and told her to finish me off. She was able to lean over to where she could get my cock in her mouth to the hilt and I stepped up on a rock and was able to really give her sweet angelic face a good fucking. After a few minutes I told her to get ready as I was gonna cum and I held my cock all the way in her mouth now, halfway down her throat. Her tongue was swirling all around it trying to coax out that sweet juice.

I finally started pumping my cum right into her throat and she never missed a drop. She could definitely suck a cock like a pro down at the saloon. Once I was done, I went around behind her and started slapping her ass again. I asked her if she liked that and all she could do was moan and shake her head yes. I asked if she’d ever had a cock in her ass and she said “NO! And don’t you go tryin neither..”

Again with the gag and all was quiet except the moaning as I slapped her ass more.. I played with my cock as I spanked her and got hard pretty quick in anticipation of coming events. Once I was fully erect and ready to go, I quit slapping her and moved kaçak bahis up behind her ass. She was moaning but, still trying to resist what was going to happen. I didn’t care. If a man could take it, a woman surely could I figured. So I grabbed each cheek and spread them as much as I could and saw that sweet little bud winking at me. I leaned forward and pushed my cockhead right into her hole which made her jump about 6 inches away.

This time I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to steady her and tried again. With my hands on her hips she couldn’t move much or fight to get away so I was able to push my cock about half the way in.. The next time I pushed it all the way in. Kind of dry, figured that’s why that Yankee had used the axle grease on me the other day. Oh well, I might have come up with that thought but, as much as she was fighting against me, she was gonna get it this way.

I leaned down and spit some on my cock the next time I started to push it in and she nodded her head yes so I did it 2 more times, making it a lot easier to work on that sweet ass. I wanted to make this last so every time I got close, I’d pull out and just run the head of my cock up and down her ass crack, sometimes dipping it into her pussy to get some juice on it, then right back to her ass I’d go.

I fucker her that way for a good half hour and when I let go of her hips, she pretty much collapsed down to her hands and knees. That turned out to be a better position than standing up tied to a tree so I fucker her that way for a bit more until I felt my cock starting to throb and then I dumped a good sized load right into her no longer tight ass.

When I was done, I had her clean my cock with her tongue before I untied her and she thanked me.

I then heard the other guy starting to come around and I grabbed him and tied him to the tree with his hands behind him, then grabbed his legs and pulled them up over his head and tied them there. I cut off any clothing that he had on, underwear included and then slapped his ass with a switch I found lying on the ground. I handed the gal the switch and told her to do as she pleased and I doubt he had much skin left on his ass by the time she finished.

I went back over the hill, got my horse and everything and moved on my way, heading West.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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