Xerox Man

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You are sitting at the desk in your office. It is a Friday evening and the time is fast approaching 5 o’clock. You have some work to complete for your manager, to be on his desk first thing on Monday morning – a very demanding person is your boss! A colleague pops her head around the door.

“Have you got much more work to finish hun?” she asks.

“I will be done in about half an hour,” you reply.

“I would stay on and give you a hand but hubby is taking me out tonight.”

“That’s okay, I should crack it soon.”

“Oh, by the way the photocopier engineer has just rung. He has been held up in traffic. Should be here in ten minutes or so. Can you show him where it is and leave him to it? The security guard can let him out should you leave before he has finished.”

“Okay,” you reply.

“Cool, gotta shoot, see you on Monday,” she says as she turns to leave.

“Okay. Have a good weekend, see ya.”

She leaves the room and you hear her bid farewell to her fellow workers, as she departs the building.

You get your head down to complete your work. A few minutes pass and there is a knock at the door.

“Hiya! I’m Richard, I’ve come to sort the copier out. Can you show me where it is?”

You look up from your desk to observe me standing in the doorway, dressed in a pair of red overalls.

“Just down the hall, second door on the left. Give me a mo and I will be with you.”

I turn down the hall as instructed. Finding the door, I open it and fumble for the light switch. The fluorescent tube fires up and reveals a large floor-standing copier, which stands alone in the room apart from a small stack of shelves holding stationery.

I flick off the power to the machine and open my tool box. I then undo the front panel to try to see what polatlı escort the problem could be. The office had only given me the outline facts.

“You okay, mate?” you say as you stand in the doorway.

“Call me Richard,” I reply. “Do know what the problem is? The report from the office was pretty vague.”

“No idea really. I was just asked to look after you and leave you to it.”

“Okay, won’t be a mo if you are waiting to go home.”

“No problem, I have a few things to clear up before I can get away,” you reply. “I think there is some coffee left in my machine if you would like one. It will only get chucked out otherwise.”

“Love one, I am parched. Two sugars if you have any or sweeteners if you haven’t.”

“Don’t need any, I am sweet enough already!” you reply with a wry smile.

I grin in return and you turn to leave. I watch your ass as you leave the room, imagining getting my hands on those fine buttocks.

I return to the copier to check some components inside. You appear at the door, cup in hand.

“Richard, where would you like it?”

“Now that’s a leading question but if you’re talking about the coffee, stick it up there on the shelf.”

“How long have you had this machine, babe?” I continue.

“It was here when I arrived a couple of years ago,” you reply.

“I bet it has seen some action at Christmas parties, eh?”

“Don’t know about that; I have certainly never used it for anything other than work,” you say.

“Not even a quick pic of your butt for your boyfriend?”

“I am a married woman,” you exclaim.

“I will need to do a test print; fancy hopping up there and doing a copy for hubby, make his night it would!”

“Okay, anything to please you.”

“Just remember pursaklar escort that hubby will be pleased as well,” I reply, as I click the front panel shut.

You hitch up your skirt exposing a thong beneath. I help you up on to the machine. You pull your skirt up a little further and sit down on the cold glass. This makes you wince and fall slightly forward. I reach out to stop you falling further forward.

“Steady! Are you falling for me?”

“Could be,” you reply, giving a little grin.

“I will hold your legs if you like to stop you falling backwards.”

“Okay,” you reply, “are you sure that this is safe?”

“You will be fine babe, just let me stabilize you.”

You spread your legs slightly to enable me to get between them.

“Be a better pic for him if you took that off,” I say pointing at the thong.

“You think so?” is your reply.

“I know that I would like to see more than your butt if I were him.”

“Okay, if you think that would please him.”

“Do you want me to leave the room while you do it?” I ask.

“You’re okay. Anyway I don’t feel safe up here!”

I help you hop down and you remove your thong, dropping it onto the floor. Helping you get back on the copier, my hands on your hips and your forearms resting on my shoulders.

“If you spread your legs a little more I will stand between your knees and hold you there for a while,” I say reaching over to flick the main switch on.


You spread them and reach down for the button to operate it. The strong light warms the glass and your ass.

“Looks good to me hun,” I say as I look down at the copy leaving the machine, “and the picture’s not too bad either!”

You grin.

“He will be happy having that tonight.”

“Would ankara escort you like some of it now?” you reply.

“Never thought you would ask,” I reply as I lower my head to the machine.

You spread your legs even further apart until your pussy is in full view. You pull my head in to you, as you slip forward on the copier. I smell your sweet scent and flick my tongue on to your pussy lips and clit; this makes you wriggle on the glass. With my head buried deep in your crotch, I probe you with my tongue.

“I want you to make me cum,” you exclaim.

I find it hard to reply with you holding my head deep into you. I continue with a succession of licking, sucking and tongue fucking, until you are ready to cum.

“If I hit that button as I cum,” you say, “you can keep a memento of this evening.”

I am in no position to refuse, with a face full of pussy.

The light flashes brightly and the copier starts to turn out a copy as you cum on my face.

“You okay in there?” comes a voice from outside the door. It is the security guard just starting his round.

“Fine! I am just coming,” you reply.

“Okay!” he replies and we hear him leave the door and go up the hall. I remove myself from your groin and stand back to view the copy.

“Looks good to me, I think we have sorted it,” I say.

“I had better go before he comes back,” you say, as you jump down from the glass.

“You go babe, I will clear up here.”

You pull your skirt down to its former position and bend to pick up your underwear from the floor.

“Don’t forget your hubby’s copy, hun,” I say as I hand it to you.

“Okay! See you later then.”

“Okay! Soon I hope?”

“You never know, Richard, that copier could break down at any time and if it does, I will make sure we ask for you to attend. See the guard on the way out, will you?”

You pull the door lever, open it and turn towards me.

“Thanks for your prompt service, see you soon,” you say as you depart the room, leaving the door slightly ajar and disappear into the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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