Wrestling Brother

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My name’s Brandi. My brother George and I had to move back home when COVID 19 hit. We had both lost our jobs and even though we were in our mid 20’s we still had to move back home with our Mom. Our parents are divorced and Dad didn’t have room and he was kind of a jerk so we didn’t really have a choice.

My two friends, Wendy and Kelly, and I had developed a YouTube channel giving dating advice, makeup tips and general other life lessons that we had learned in our short years. It was really taking off and we were all super happy with it. It was mostly due to the fact that half our subscribers were men and that we wore low cut tops and often went braless. The best part though, was that we were actually making money with it too. That helped Mom out as she was struggling to keep food on the table for two twenty-something kids she’d thought would be gone by now.

George wasn’t doing crap and seemed to be in a depressed mood all the time. He kept interrupting our videos every chance he got. I think he was jealous that I had found a new way to make a living while he was still jobless and had lost his girlfriend during the pandemic. She didn’t die, they just broke up. Anyway, he kept bugging me to wrestle him like we used to when we were younger. Right before I went away to college, I’m the older sister, we had a huge wrestling match in front of all our friends and I kicked his ass. He’s never gotten over it and was truly embarrassed. Finally I agreed because I knew he’d never stop until I said yes and told him we’d meet him in the basement. My bedroom wasn’t big enough for one and second, it’s also my studio where we film all our videos.

So there we were me, Wendy and Kelly and my brother George. He was taller but still skinny and I was sure I could easily beat him, boy was I wrong. Everything I did he had a counter for and time after time he’d pin me. Then he started tickling me. He seemed to like to tickle under my arms where his hand just happened to brush across my breast. He wasn’t actually groping me so I wasn’t sure if it was an accident or on purpose but it was still weird. I noticed he did the same to Wendy and Kelly.

Finally the three of us decided to attack him together. Somehow he got us all underneath him and just lay on us so that we couldn’t move. And that’s how our mom and her friend found us.

“What the Hell is going on?” Mom asked. “George get off your sister and her friends. What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s not entirely his fault Mom,” I said. “He challenged us to wrestle and we agreed.”

We were all panting and out of breath.

“And why did you want to do that?” she asked George.

He mumbled something under his breath.

“What?” Mom asked.

“I think he said because this time I won,” I replied.

“Is that what you said?” Mom asked.

“Yes!” George shouted. “Last time she beat me and humiliated bahis firmaları me in front of all my friends.”

“So your pride was hurt a little bit?” She asked. “Too bad no no one saw you beat them, except me and Gwen. But I’ll tell you what if you can beat us I’ll tell everyone you beat five women and are the best wrestler in this household. Deal?”

“What?” George said surprised.

“Huh?” Gwen asked.

“Mom, no,” I said.

“But first, take off those sweaty clothes,” Mom said.

George, now donned in only his boxers, wrestled Mom with all he had and she almost pinned him a couple times, even got him in a headlock, but he managed to escape. I swear I saw his tongue slip out and lick her breasts as he did so. Mom’s boobs are bigger than mine, so it might have been his mouth was just open because he was breathing really hard. He finally got Mom pinned to the ground. Then he did something new. He put his butt right in Moms face, hovering just inches above it. Then he took her arms and held them against his chest and tickled her under the arms and along her ribs, and the sides of her big, saggy boobs.

“Do you give up?” George asked.

“Yes, now get your butt out of my face!” Mom said, smacking his ass as soon as he let go of her hands.

“Ow!” George cried.

“Oh is someone getting cranky and tired?” Mom asked poking him in the ribs.

“Hey, stop!” he said jumping back and laughing.

“Gwen’s turn,” I sang. Then I started chanting, “Gwen! Gwen! Gwen!” soon everyone joined in except George.

“You ready?” Gwen asked.

“Give me thirty seconds,” George replied.

“Okay,” she agreed. Then started counting, “One…two…three…”

When she got to ten she ran at George and knocked him down. Before he knew what had happened she had him on the floor, was sitting on his chest (with her butt now in his face) and had pulled his legs up.

“Do you give up?” she asked pulling his legs further and further back.

George held out for as long as he could before finally yelling, “Yes! I give I give!”

“Hold him like that for a minute,” Mom said. She started spanking his butt saying, “Don’t ever let me catch you wrestling your sister and her friends again. And don’t ever stick your butt in my face again either.”

“Brandi?” Mom asked. “Now’s probably your only chance. My friends and I took turns spanking my brother’s butt. Then I had a crazy thought and reached down and ripped off my brother’s boxers.

“Brandi!” Mom scolded.

“Mom, he licked your breast when you put him in a headlock,” I told her.

“What? George you didn’t?” Mom said, then looked down and saw her blouse was wet.

“Mom, I…” George started to say.

“Get him!: Mom interrupted.

“Let’s see how ticklish he is,” I said and me and Wendy and Kelly started tickling his butt and legs. Gwen and Mom were tickling kaçak iddaa his ribs and armpits. George was thrashing around like a wild bull and laughing hysterically.

Gwen then pulled his legs apart and I reach up and tickled my younger brother’s asshole. Wendy and Kelly started tickling his balls which were clean shaven. If fact, George didn’t have any pubic hair at all. Mom and Gwen were tickling his upper thighs and I swore I saw Mom grab my bother’s cock a couple of times, but it could have just been him moving around. Then Mom and Gwen said they wanted to switch, so we did.

Wendy and Kelly each pulled up his arm and tickled underneath his armpits while I lifted up my skirt and put my pantie clad butt in my brother’s face, while tickling his sides. Mom and Gwen were tickling George’s feet, but soon they were handed up to us so they could have a go at his butt also. Wendy and Kelly sat on George’s arms and then grabbed a foot so they could either tickle under his arm or his foot, while I was free to tickle the rest of his body.

Suddenly George shouted, “Oh my God!” I looked down and saw Gwen licking my brother’s balls. Then I looked closer and she was actually licking his asshole. I can’t lie my pussy got a little wet as that was kind of hot. George must have liked it too, because his cock got instantly hard. I reached down and started stroking his cock. A little precum escaped and I used my thumb to rub this around the head, causing George to moan. I looked up and winked at Mom and she leaned in and started licking and sucking on George’s balls. Then Mom and Gwen started blowing air on George’s wet balls and asshole. My brother shivered and I heard Mom and Gwen giggle.

I stood up, ripped off my panties, sat back on George’s face and said, “Lick my pussy and make me cum,” Then I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth. When Mom saw what I was doing she simply opened her mouth and I easily passed George’s cock to her and she had a few sucks on it. Then it was Gwen’s turn. Wendy and Kelly joined us as soon as they saw what was going on.

“Wow!” Brandi. Who knew you brother had such a big cock?” Kelly said, barely able to take half of George’s cock down her throat.

Soon George’s tongue found my clit and stayed there until I had a huge orgasm. Wendy and Kelly each sat on George’s face after stripping naked and he gave them both an orgasm while Gwen and Mom continued to suck his cock and lick his asshole. He finally shot off while Mom licked his asshole and Gwen sucked his cock. She swallowed most of his load but then French kissed Mom and shared some of his cum with her. After I got naked the three of us tickled George and played with his cock while Mom and Gwen got undressed. We also let him suck on our tits. My boobs are kind of saggy but big. He liked to squeeze one while sucking the other. Wendy’s boobs were bigger with big areolas kaçak bahis but smaller nipples. Kelly had average boobs sort of in between Wendy and I size wise, but her areolas had little bumps on them, which George liked because he kept licking them.

Mom and Gwen let George Suck on their boobs while Wendy Kelly and I each rode George’s cock to orgasm. Mom had big boobs but had small areolas and small nipples. Gwen had huge boobs with big areolas and fat nipples. It didn’t take long for the three of us to get off. Mom soon climbed on George’s face while Gwen slid his cock inside her. Mom’s pussy was hairy but trimmed, Gwen had a landing strip. I had a triangle, Kelly also had a landing strip and Wendy was shaved. Mom and Gwen were both moaning, so George must have been doing something right. Every now and then Mom would pull George’s cock out of Gwen’s pussy and suck on it. George kept smacking Gwen’s ass and grabbing her huge butt cheeks. I went back there to watch my brother fuck my Mom’s best friend. When George’s cock fell out I quickly grabbed it sucked on it for a minute, then licked Gwen’s pussy before shoving his cock deep inside her again.

“Hold her ass open George,” I said. I started licking her asshole with my tongue, just to see what it was like. Then I spit on her asshole, rubbed my finger against it, then shoved it in. Soon I was fingering her asshole and that triggered her orgasm. Seconds later Mom came too squeezing George’s head with her thighs.

By now Georges balls were ready to burst. Mom then climbed on to George’s cock while Gwen sat on his face. Kelly and Wendy sucked on her huge boobs while George gave her a huge squirting orgasm. She coated my brothers face with her pussy juice. Wendy and Kelly licked it off of my brother’s face and chest. Meanwhile, I was licking my Mom’s asshole like I did to Gwen. She too started to cum and I heard George grunt and shout, “I’m coming!” Mom kept her legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t withdraw and George shot his load deep inside our mother.

The four of us took turns licking my brothers cum out of my mother’s pussy.

“Now you have to lick all of our asshole’s,” Mom said.

“No way!” George said, and tried to get up to leave. The five of us easily tackled him and tickled the shit out of him until he gave up.

At first he was just licking our assholes. It felt way better than I thought it would, but then my devious little brother started shoving his huge cock in our asses. This must have really gotten him hot because by the time he got to Gwen, the last one, he only pumped in her a couple times before he pulled out. Mom quickly shoved his cock in her mouth and George started shooting off inside her. after the first shot she pulled his cock out and aimed it at hers and Gwen’s breasts’. Wendy Kelly and I started licking cum from their huge tits while Gwen and Mom cleaned George’s cock with their mouths and tongues.

“Any time you want to wrestle again just let me know,” I told George. He shook his head, grabbed his clothes and ran upstairs. Our laughter following after him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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