Working Hard: Next Door

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Please bear with me as I start. I’ll try to keep this introduction short, but I believe it’s necessary to show that what happened was entirely accidental and did happen.

We live in a two bedroom mini-home. It may be called a duplex, because it is part of a single structure consisting of two of these units separated by a pair of garages under one roof. Each garage has its own lift front door, but strangely to me there is no separation within the garage space. I can walk through from one side to another. Each two bedroom unit is a mirror image of the other. Our duplex is one of a set of four in a row leaving a total of eight families living here.

My back door abuts a six foot fence with another long row of apartments on the opposite side. But there is about a four foot clearance between my door and the fence. The water heater and our washing machine are there. I’ve added a gas fired clothes dryer inside the garage with the management’s permission. I can walk out that back door and turn right and I’m facing the rear garage door. It is very convenient when it is raining. I can open the large garage door from inside and close it again and then exit and enter the house without getting wet.

We’ve been living here for five years with the same neighbors. They are a nice couple just about three years younger than we are. I’ll call them P and B.

P is a truck driver and works long hours, and his work is short haul so he is usually home every night and weekend. B is a nice looking house frau (nothing untoward is intended in this description it’s just that I’m a man). B appears to have a nice figure, but always keeps it covered well. She appears happy most of the time and is friendly to everyone. My wife and B are about the same height and weight, but my wife has larger breasts and is prettier in the conventional sense. As I’ve said B is nice looking, but I think that the way she dresses may detract from her looks at times.

Both women are caring, friendly ladies and they like each other. They sometimes go places together. Both women drive, but P and B have only one car. We bought my wife a car to do the odds and ends she enjoys, so we have a pick-up and a car.

I’m an electrical sub-contractor building a small business, and I know that I’ll never be rich unless I win a lottery. Still, it is a pleasant job, I make a living at it and I enjoy myself. At home I build little things and repair the cars as they need it.

Now my story can begin I think. My wife had driven up to visit her parents for the day, and so when I got up I pulled on a pair of 501’s and a t-shirt and went out to change the oil in my pickup — it’d been nearly four thousand miles since the last one.

I’d crawled under and was removing the plug from the oil pan when B came into the garage and asked if she could use our dryer. Normally, she’d always use a clothesline behind their half of the duplex. We are friends and this was not an unusual request when it looked like it may rain. I told her to go ahead, and she returned to get the clothes she’d washed.

I looked out from under the truck and could only see her from the neck down. She was dressed in a simple housedress that was a little worn. As I studied her I thought I could see her nipples pushing the front of the dress and a loose button, a bit lower in the front, seemed to open and close as she moved. She would take each piece of clothing, turn to the side toward me and shake it before throwing it into the dryer. I stared as that dress polatlı escort opened. It was below waist height and the garage light didn’t give enough illumination to be certain, but I thought I detected quick glimpses of soft brown hair every few movements.

I must have been unusually quiet for that few minutes because B stopped and turned and then bent over and asked if I was alright. I thought for a moment as I watched the open neckline of that dress. She was about eight or ten feet away but my attention was riveted. For a moment I sat there dumb, and then managed to squeak that I was just resting my arms as I picked up the wrench again.

She turned back, finished what she was doing and returned home. My mind was racing at what I’d seen, and my attraction to her went up a notch.

The property had been resold about a year previously. The new landlord had quietly asked and then inspected each unit. As I lay under the truck, I heard a knock on the hood. I climbed out and saw him smiling there and we shook hands.

He explained that during his inspections he’d noticed the poor quality of the kitchens and talked to some of the ladies about them. He’d just made up his mind to renovate and wanted his brother in law to change them. His brother in law was over sixty but had been in construction all his life. His plans required making changes to the wiring and the brother in law wasn’t capable in that area. He wanted to know if I would look at what needed to be done with the wiring and then give him a quotation to do the work.

I listened to what he was planning and already knew the apartments so well that I quickly reached a figure and wrote out the estimate while he waited. He smiled and shook my hand and asked if I could start the next week. His brother in law believed that he’d stay three units ahead of me as we worked and indeed it turned out that he did.

The brother in law finished yesterday and I had another two days before I got to our unit.

Two days have passed.

My wife’s mother was ill and my wife decided to spend the day with her and had just left. It was only seven in the morning when I knocked next door. B came to the door and when I explained that her unit was next she smiled and invited me in. Her husband leaves at six every morning. B was dressed in that same housedress, but the button was fastened and I knew those were nipples pushing hard at the front of that dress.

I started and was working, and watching whenever she came through. At lunch she asked me if I’d join her and I smiled and said that I’d be happy to. Sandwiches and lemonade. We talked casually as we ate and I could hardly take my eyes off her breasts. I still don’t know why that was because my wife has beautiful breasts and they are definitely larger. The two ladies used to joke and B mentioned that P had told her that anything larger than a mouthful was a waste. My wife had laughed when she’d told me the story.

We talked for over an hour and after lunch I returned to work as B did the dishes. When she’d finished she mentioned that she had something to do and left the kitchen. I’d worked for maybe thirty minutes when I heard a loud bang. I didn’t know what it was or where it’d come from. I raised my voice and called B. There was no response, and so I walked slowly into the living room.

The front door was open and a brisk breeze aired the unit. She’d apparently opened the windows in both bedrooms. I could see into one of them through pursaklar escort an open door, but the master bedroom’s door had been blown by the wind and swung back and forth in the breeze. There was not enough space to see inside.

I called out again and still received no answer. I walked over to the bedroom door and slowly pushed it open and found the room was empty. Where was she? I opened the front door and checked the area under the clothesline and she wasn’t there either.

I returned to the living room and looked around. The only place left was the bathroom. I walked over and knocked lightly and called out asking if she was okay. Still no answer. I knocked and asked again with the same result. Had she fallen?

Worried, I finally twisted the doorknob and walked slowly inside. I saw nothing at first but when I turned my head she was laying there in the bathtub. I almost panicked and ran to her, but suddenly I noticed the slight snore from her mouth and there was no evidence that she’d fallen. There was no water on the floor, or blood. She seemed quite at peace. I studied the picture. She had a beautiful body with firm, proud breasts, lush thighs and that soft brown I remembered from the garage that day.

One hand was almost cupped around one breast with the nipple between thumb and finger. The other arm lay across her soft tummy and the hand partially covered that brown patch. As I stared, I noticed that one finger had disappeared between the front lips of her pussy. That finger seemed to move slightly with each snore.

Somewhat embarrassed, I backed and started to turn and leave. I must have made some sound that awakened her, because her eyes flickered and opened and she was looking straight ahead. She lay in that place between sleep and consciousness and I saw her finger begin a slow circle as she closed her eyes again. I tried to quietly leave when I heard a momentary exclamation and turned to see her staring at me.

We both were transfixed for a moment and then she brought an arm up to cover her breasts and in near panic she asked what I was doing in here. I started to answer when she must’ve noticed that my eyes were fastened on what her other hand was doing. She pulled her finger out and tried to cover herself and asked me to leave.

I turned, left the room and started to close the door when I heard my name. I answered and she asked what I was doing in her bathroom. I explained and then the room was quiet. As I started to close the door again she asked me to come back. I asked if she was sure and she softly answered yes.

I went back in and her hands were just as when I’d left. She looked sad as she apologized and said that it was sweet of me to worry. Her eyes traveled down and seemed to stop at my crotch. She smiled again, that sweet smile of hers and then to my astonishment she slowly lowered her hands. While I stood open-mouthed she asked me to come closer. In a daze, but still slightly ambulatory, I stepped closer. Again she motioned me closer and asked me to stand next to the tub.

She was smiling and her eyes were definitely on my manhood through those 501’s. She asked me to lower my jeans as she leaned back against the tub and moved her hands to almost the same position they’d been in when I’d first entered. I was unsure, but she moved those hands and insisted.

Finally, I moved my hands to undo that top button and she wet her lips with her tongue. I finished that button and started for the next ankara escort and her hands began moving more rapidly. I cleared those final buttons and she was breathing quite rapidly when she asked me to pull them down.

As I put my hands to my sides and pushed them down, she appeared to shudder in climax. As the pants cleared my hips my cock sprung forward and her eyes opened again. She stared and smiled and reached out for me. Her warm, wet hands touched me and I almost had too much. Somehow, I didn’t climax and she was smiling and coming to her knees in that bathwater. Her breasts were close to my hands as her hands closed around me. That warm water and her small soft hands felt better than I could have imagined as she closed them both tightly around me and leaned forward to kiss it lightly. She looked up and asked if I minded. Me? When a naked lady in a bath is kissing my cock? Am I crazy?

Before I knew it, I was bending over and fondling her breasts as she took me into her mouth. Her warm, wet breasts and body were almost as arousing as her attention to me. I almost lost it in the following few minutes but managed to hang on. Eventually she asked me to sit on the edge of the tub, and then she stood, crossed around and straddled me. Her breasts were clean and wet and her nipples like the finest sugar as I bore in on them.

After a few moments I felt her rise slightly and reseat herself after guiding me in. It’s hard to move — well actually it was still hard– while sitting on the narrow edge of that bathtub, but she made up for it. She came alive and I was hoping that I’d be adequate for her. She was smiling with her eyes closed as she whispered how good I felt and started telling me about seeing the bulge in my pants many times and wondering what I would be like.

There is truly something extra special about warm, wet pussy fresh from the bathtub that always turns me on. The warm water after being immersed for awhile seems to swell a ladies lips and the water seems to lubricate better. A woman’s body is softer in a bath. My arms were around her and holding her tightly to me while her soft warm breasts took turns in my mouth. Her husband may have been right in saying that anything more than a mouthful is a waste. She was perfect as my arms lowered to her hips and I began helping her up and down and occasionally shifting the angle of entry.

Throughout she was special to me. And she had an amazing way of communicating each orgasm as it passed. She stopped and asked if I minded if she turned around. I told her that at that moment she could do anything she wanted. She did and seated herself again as she guided my eager member. She said that her husband didn’t like it this way and I thought truck drivers might be nuts.

She told me that she could feel me pressing on her g-spot and asked me to hold her clit. I reached around and her hand came over to help and guide my movement. Eventually she had a really big one and I unloaded, too. She sat there and smothered me with kisses while I dwindled. When finally I was spent, she got up and cleaned me and then sat back down to let me taste the mingled juices on her tongue.

I dried her and carried her into the bedroom. She said the breeze felt good on her naked body as we lay on the bed. It was my turn as I chose to display my lingual talents and held her hips immovable in my arms. She cried out and I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear the cries echoing down the long driveway and passing each duplex. B is the exceptional lover, and her needs are just as exceptional. She’s told me that her husband has never given her oral or lasted as long as she. I don’t know or care how often her husband satisfies her, and I’m still very happily married, but sometimes a man finds comfort in a little extra. B is a lot extra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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