Willing Slave, the second day (part four)

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The sunlight woke Alice up and the second it did she wished it didn’t. Though the clamps on her nipples had been put on loosely they now burned like fire. The ache that seemed to have settled deep in her pussy refused to move. She was miserable. Her Master still lay in bed, but he was awake. He was watching her and when she glanced down and saw him he smiled.

“Bet you thought you couldn’t sleep standing up.” he said and she blushed and nodded. He stood up and walked around her. Looking at the marks on her ass that lasted through the night, to her surprise there were only one or two. He leaned forward and gripped her tit in his hand, moving towards the nipple clamps.

“I didn’t mean to leave these on last night. Its going to hurt really badly when I take them off. This is a pain I would spare you if I could, because I didn’t mean for you to feel it. Do you understand?” He seemed really upset at this and she just nodded her head, her mouth dry and her brain unaware of the situation for the moment. However when he pinched the first clamp and then pulled if off she snapped awake and without thinking threw her head back and screamed. The pain was unbelieveable.

He pet her head and her back, leaned forward and sucked on her nipple to bring the blood flow back again. Murmuring over and over again, soft soothing words that had no meaning to her, but relaxed her anyway. Without waiting her took the second one off as well, seeming upset as she screamed again.

Alice couldn’t believe the amount of pain she was in from the simple little clamps. It seemed her nipples were on fire, and not even her Masters kisses could cool them. After a few minutes the pain subsided enough for her to slouch forward, tears in her eyes. Her Master undid the cuffs and caught her as she fell. Laying her down on the bed he brought her a glass of water. Tall and cool.

The morning passed quickly for Alice because her Master took pity on her and made love to her. He stoked her stomach and thighs. His hands pressing into her pussy to play with her engorged clit and slide into bahis firmaları her wet pussy. Finallly he pressed her down on the bed and slid his cock into her. She gasped and thrust upwards to meet him, but she could bring him in no deeper than he brought himself in. With a grunt he pulled out, leaving his self and her unsatisfied.

He laughed at the look on her face, one of utter surprise, and helped her to stand. Then he had her kneel and brought her to the bathroom on her hands and knees. He ran the tub with warm water and made her get in on her hands and knees still. Slowly he lathered her up and washed her off, like one would a dog or a fine horse till she was perfectly clean. Then he had her follow him, still dripping wet and nakied, down to the kitchen. She crawled after him as fast as she could,.

In the kitchen he had her bend over the kitchen table and he took some cornoil and lubed up her ass.

“I am going to fuck your ass, and your going to help,” he told her. He placed the head of his cock at the entry of her ass. Except for yesterdays activitys she had been an anal virgin. Last night she was torn between the pain and pleasure of the act and that was with other efforts being made for her not to notice it. So now when he told her to back her ass up onto his cock she was scared.

Slowly she did as he said and pressed her ass backwards. The preasure that built there was increadable. She stopped several times and he said nothing, simply waited for her to continue. With tears in her eyes she pressed back a bit more, feeling her ass stretching slightly as the head of his cock began to enter her.

“Please Master, don’t make me” she begged

“I ain’t making you, your making yourself. I just told you what I want from you.” His voice was low and smooth, and she cried out a bit.

With a determined grunt she pressed back and his cock with the help of the oil, slid three quarters of the way into her ass. She cried out again and he simply waiting. She foze wondering if that was enough. Soon enough she realized he wanted her to ride kaçak iddaa his cock. She would have to ride him until he said enough.

With a low sob she pressed back and pulled forward, sliding on his cock easliy, but painfullly. Slowly she continued fucking his cock, using her ass to tighten on him and moving. It was sudden that the pain turned to pleasure, it happened little by little without her realizing it. Until she was moving fast on his cock and moaning.

It didn’t take long before she came, and she didn’t ask either. One moment she was riding the next she was screaming. When she came her Master realized it. He couldn’t let that go unpunished. She was His and he had to claim her.

So he grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly back on his cock. Fucking her harder and harder, harder than she thought she could bare. Again the pleasure moved into pain and he didn’t stop that, he instead fucked her harder. Her cries changed from ones of exstasy to ones of pain and he grabbed her hair.

“If you can’t control yourself enough to get pleasure without cumming until I tell you to,” he ground out in her ear, “then I won’t give you pleasure.’

With that he threw her head forward and fucked her just as hard as he had been until he came. Filling her tight little ass with his cum until it was running between her ass cheeks and down her legs.

He pushed her down onto the floor and moved away to get breakfast, leaving her to swear to herself she wouldn’t mess up like that again.

The day passed smoothly and Alice couldn’t believe how fast she was growing to need the strictness of her Master. All day he teased her pussy and clit until she was close, then left her alone with strict orders not to play with herself. They had spent the day at home, playing and talking mostly. She had made lunch and dinner and found it fun to cook nakied. He had taken her in every room in the house, without letting her cum once. She was getting desperate for his cock, and he own release.

“How would you like it if Rick and Jake came back tomorrow for your last day?” kaçak bahis he asked her after dinner. She was sitting on her knees on the floor by his feet. Eating out of a dog bowl and drinking out of another. Her collar had a leash which connected to his belt, so whenever he went somewhere she had to crawl along, trying to keep up.

“If it pleases my Master than it pleases me,” she answered demurly and he smiled at her newfound manners.

“I think it would please my little slave even if it didn’t please me.” He said, but he didn’t sound mad about it. She stole a quick glance upwards at his face and caught the grin on it, she felt reasured, but yet didn’t say anything. The comment hadn’t required an answer.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair an dragged her head to his crotch. He pulled his cock out from his pants and stuck her head down on top of it. She quickly took him into her mouth and started to suck. Her mouth moved all the way down to his balls and she tried to lick at them while she sucked. This only caused her to gag however and she soon gave it up. Her mouth moved on his cock quickly and he closed his eyes and threw his head back. His hands were tangled in her hair and he pushed her head down on his cock, choking her with it.

She moaned as she sucked his cock, loving the pleasure she was giving him and getting fairly wet herself. She loved it more than she could say and shyly she reached on of her hands over and began to play with his balls. She realized her didn’t expect that when he forced her head down harder and cam in her mouth, hot shots of his cum. She swalled every last drop of him and heard him sigh in satisfaction.

That night he tied her again to the bedposts, without the nipple clamps this time. Her arms and legs spread wide she was tied standing on the bed, and supported by the posts of the bed. His hand slid around her thigh.

“Think you should cum tonight?” he asked.

She nodded desperatly as he stroked her clit, he leaned forward and swipped her clit with his tounge. Then suddenly he pulled back and laid down on the bed, looking up at her.

“Not today, perhaps tomorrow.” with that he rolled over and was soon to sleep, but she was awake for a very long time.

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