What Mum Wants Ch. 02

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You don’t have to have read the first part, but I do recommend reading it. Hope you like it.


I awoke the next morning in my mother’s bed. My eyesight was blurry, so I rubbed them and waited for them to clear. What I saw was a vision of beauty. My mum lay asleep naked on the bed, lying slightly on her left side. Her skin was unblemished, and looked like an angel in the morning light. A sultry angel, whose breasts fell away to the left side of her chest, waiting to be pawed at by wanting hands, creamy skin that I wanted to lick all over, a perfect, round ass that you wanted to grab, and a sweet pussy that had squeezed my dick for all its worth last night. Yet she still looked so innocent and pure. I just wanted to hold her, tightly.

I thought about what had happened last night. Mum had been masturbating, moaning my name, and then I entered the room, and entered her. I had pounded her pussy as hard as I could. Mum had loved it, screaming at me to fuck her, and had cum numerous times in the short amount of time we were coupled. My last memory from last night was shooting ropes and ropes of my cum over her big tits.

The sex was great, as sex usually is, but last night, I had felt a deeper connection and emotion, rather than complete lust. I had sex with the one person I would always love, no matter what happened, and it felt so much better because of that. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I knew that I didn’t want it to stop. I know that it should be weird; I had sex with the person that gave birth to me, incest! But it felt so right, last night and now. Mum was a beautiful person, and we had both wanted each other.

I lay awake for a while, thinking long and hard about our future. I stared at the ceiling, my mind running through endless possibilities. What if people found out? Our lives would be ruined, for sure. But why, I asked myself. Just because society thinks something is wrong doesn’t mean it is actually wrong. I lay there in mum’s bed, deep in thought for a while, but I could only come to one conclusion; I decided it did not matter what anyone thought of our relationship. Fuck society, I was the best person for mum. We shared the same interests and it was fun to be around her. Other men would just use mum for her body, for sex, but mum and I would be great together in all aspects of life. I would fuck and love my mother forever.

My mind cleared at this point, and I was left with the sound of mum breathing softly. I smiled at this. It was just me and mum, nothing else, the way it should be. I glanced at the clock. It was ten o’clock in the morning, so I was surprised that mum wasn’t up yet. But it didn’t really matter as it was Sunday. There was nothing we had to do, so we could do nothing… or do everything. The possibility of having sex with my mother all day caused me to become slightly hard. But today would not be about me, it would be about mum. Last night, she had been fucked, but today, I would make love to my mum and make her lose herself in pleasure.

I moved slowly on mum’s bed, trying my best not to wake her. I manoeuvred my head between mum’s soft, smooth legs, stroking my hands gently against her thighs, making a trail with my fingers that meandered from her feet to the edge of her ass. The feeling of my fingers on her caused mum to slowly open her legs in her sleep.

I studied her beautiful pussy. It was quite small and thin; ‘How did I ever fit out (and back in) of that?’ I thought to myself. I tapped her lips, watching the gentle ripples on her body, and spread them. The pink contrasted beautifully with her pale skin. She was slightly damp, I could see, as some moisture glistened in the light. She was having a nice dream, I assumed, hopefully reliving last night. I wondered if mum would have any regrets about what happened last night. I knew she had wanted me (but that was as a fantasy) and that she had thoroughly enjoyed the sex, but would, after her mind bahis firmaları cleared of lust, she be glad that her fantasy had become reality?

I thought that if she did regret last night then I’d better get in again before she could say anything about it. I licked around the inside of her thighs, as if able to taste the sex from last night, before I pressed my tongue against the base of her vagina and slowly drew my tongue upwards to her clitoris. By now, it had poked out from its hood, and I latched my mouth onto it. I sucked on it like a thirsty baby on a nipple, never letting it leave my mouth. Mum moaned contently in her sleep. I loved the sound of the quiet hum that left her mouth; I could easily listen to it forever.

Her cunt lips were now spread with arousal, making it easier for me to keep on probing my tongue around her pussy, collecting and tasting the juices she was producing. She tasted sweet. I lightly flicked my tongue up and down the slit, and I brought my finger to join my tongue. I dragged my finger about, periodically prodding on her clit. Mum made an audible “mmm” noise each time I touched her nub and subconsciously thrust her hips up in a gentle rhythm.

I lightly tugged on the fine wisps of hair above her pussy, curling one around my finger. I then took a finger and slowly pushed it inside of mum. Her pussy tried to squeeze around my finger as I moved it in and out of her. I continued to thrust my finger, sometimes slowing when pulling out, dragging with me a string of her natural lubricant. I then added another finger and moved them faster back and forth. Again, mum squeezed my fingers with her cunt. I grazed them against the roof of her vagina, trying to find her G spot. Mum moved about even more, and I smiled as I watched her writhe about. I flicked my fingers faster, and kept on running my tongue on her, making her squirm in delight.

I then poked my tongue inside of her, and repeatedly jabbed it in and out. I tonguefucked her for a few minutes, all while strumming her clit with one hand and stroking her ass with the other. I kept up a continuous rhythm, to maximise mum’s pleasure. I felt soft hands press against the back of my head; mum had woken up. The next notification that she was awake was her voice.

“Ooh… I’m close… don’t stop.”

Why would I ever stop? Her nectar was sweet, her pussy smelt intoxicating, and it looked beautiful. Hearing that she was close spurred me on, and I focussed my attention on her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and ran my tongue over it as far as possible. Mum was now thrusting her hips upwards, grinding her cunt against my face. She let out a series of moans before letting out a high pitched squeal. Her pussy then contracted, and let out a dribble of her juices on my waiting face.

I kept on gently licking her pussy as she came, prolonging her pleasure. I tried to go back to her clit but mum tried to push my head away. Instead, I kept on pushing my tongue inside her. After a few minutes of this, I grazed my finger back over her clit. This elicited a moan from mum. This time I really went at it, running my tongue over her clit as fast as possible, jabbing it repeatedly, and thrusting my fingers in and out as rapidly as I could. Soon, mum was moving about uncontrollably.

“Oh… fuck, son… mmm, your tongue is so… um… so good… uh… I’m close!”

Upon hearing this, I moved my fingers even faster, now a blur, disappearing in her pussy.

Again, her vaginal muscles tried to crush my fingers as she let out a river of cum onto my face. This time, I watched her face, through her wobbling tits, as she reached her climax. Her eyes were squeezed shut, mouth in an ‘o’ shape, completely overtaken by sheer ecstasy. She let out an “mmm” that lasted for her entire orgasm, slowly rising in pitch and volume before dissipating.

After her second orgasm, mum pulled me up to her face, and kissed me passionately. As we broke the kaçak iddaa kiss, mum opened her eyes.

“So, I take it from you eating me out that you don’t regret last night?” Mum asked me, a tone of slight concern in her voice.

“No, you were the best fuck ever!” Mum blushed from my compliment, or it might just be her flushed cheeks from her orgasms.

“So, the incest doesn’t bother you?”

“I thought about it long and hard before you woke up, and I decided that I don’t care what anyone else thinks about us. Does it bother you?”

“Not particularly. It felt weird when I started fantasizing about you, like, ‘I might be attracted to my son, this is (apparently) not normal’, but then, after some time, I just thought of you as a normal person. Anyway, why can’t I be attracted to you? And secretly, it felt hotter because you’re my son.” While saying the last sentence, she stroked my forehead, like a mother, and then stroked my dick, like a lover.

“Ooh, you’re hard.”

“I’ve just had my face in your pussy for about fifteen minutes, why wouldn’t I be hard?” We both chuckled. Mum continued to stroke my cock, and I began to rub her tits.

“You have such great tits, mum. They are just so fucking perfect.” Mum squeezed my dick, hard. “Aaah”

“No swearing, son,” mum said with a devilish smile. I took her left nipple into my mouth and lightly bit down on it. “Yeah… that is not going to hurt me.” She moaned slightly, eyes closed.

“So, we have all day free…”

“What are you going to do today, son, anything interesting?” Mum asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Something like that.” I lifted mum from the bed onto me. My dick rested at the back of her ass, and her breasts squashed against my chest.

I looked into my mother’s eyes, and then pushed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues ran over each other, in a dance. I moved my hand around to the back of her head and moved my fingers through her hair. Mum moaned into my mouth as she rubbed her vagina against my lower stomach. I sucked on her lips as I began to move my dick into position. Mum reached under herself to grab my cock, and rose her hips up. Now I could see my dick waiting at the entrance to mum’s pussy, and I tried to thrust upwards to get inside her.

Mum lifted herself up quickly and put a hand on my chest.

“No, James, let mummy handle this.” She spoke just like she did when I was a child, but now here I was, about to have my cock deep in her cunt for the second time.

Mum then lowered herself, agonisingly slowly, onto my dick. My dick pierced her, and slid into her warm, wet folds. We both groaned as mum came to rest on my hip, now having my whole dick inside of her.

“Mmm, you fill me up so good, I feel like I’m being stretched out.” Mum breathed out with lust, her pussy muscles contracting to squeeze my dick.

My mother then began to lift her pussy up my dick, until just the head was in her. I could see the juices of her arousal trickling down my shaft, so warm, and shining in the morning light. Then, mum dropped on my dick, and I was immediately balls deep in her again.

“Fuck… that’s so good.” Mum smiled as she began to bounce up and down on my cock. I looked up at her face, and I could tell that she was already enjoying riding me. Her mouth was slightly open, letting out a little gasp every time she landed on me, and a whimper every time she had just the tip.

Her ass was bouncing and jiggling off of my legs, sending ripples across her skin as she rode me. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and gave her a smack on the butt every few seconds. Mum moaned in appreciation.

“Mmm… yeah… has your mother been naughty?” I gave her another slap on the ass, “Oh, yeah… fuck me!”

We stayed like that for quite a while, mum riding my dick like a cowgirl, taking it all every time she landed. The pulsing of my cock gave her little vibrations that she reciprocated with a squeeze of her kaçak bahis cunt. I then started to thrust up to meet my mother’s downward motions. When I did that she started moaning louder.

“Oh fuck… yeah… give me that big dick… oh… mmm yeah… riding my son… I feel so naughty… oh fuck… How about you, son… uh… do you like your mum taking your entire dick?”

“Fuck, mum… so good.”

“I know… uh fuck me… oh… I think I’m gonna cum… fuck me harder,” I tried to push upwards in a faster rhythm, an mum started pounding herself on me, “Oh fuck… gonna cum… cum on my son’s hard cock… UH… FUCK… CUMMING… AAH!”

Mum slumped forward on me as her pussy let out a gush of juices onto my dick. Her cunt squeezed and gripped my cock as I continued to thrust into her. Mum breathed heavily into my ear, for a few minutes, before she began to kiss and lick my face.

“Fuck, I love you, son.”

“I love you too, mum.” I loved her as a person, but at the moment, I loved driving my dick upwards into mum.

Mum put her hands on my chest and lifted the top half of her body off of me. I now had mum’s beautiful, full tits in my face, as they swung up and down with each bounce on my cock. I moved my hands from her ass to her jiggling boobs, and grabbed them. I pinched and tugged on her nipples, making mum moan even more. I bought them to my face, and sucked on her breasts, as she continued to bounce on my dick. I loved tits, especially mum’s big, full ones. I let them slip from my mouth, and allowed them to slap me in the face as they knocked about. My whole view was of breast flesh, and my cock became even harder.

Before long, mum was putting real effort in, using her legs to lift up, and forcing herself down onto me, my dick disappearing up her, before reappearing, then again being lost inside of her. Her face was twisted, enjoying the feeling of my dick being stuffed inside of her. She looked close to cumming, and I could feel the feeling of my cum beginning to rise up from my balls.

“Oh fuck… fuck me, son… harder… oh yeah… yes… fuck me… I feel so good… yes James… oh… yes son… your cock is so big… fuck me… oh, ahh… yeah,” I felt like I was going to cum imminently, so I thrust up faster, ” OH YEAH… FUCK ME… I’M GONNA CUM… AH… CUMMING!” Her cunt twitched and contracted around me and once again I felt her gush her girl cum on me. This put me on the edge, so I began to try and pull out of her.

“No!” Mum shouted in orgasm, “Cum in me, my cunt is yours!”

I completely lost it. I began to spray my cum, coating mum’s pussy in my sperm. I could feel her vagina being soaked in my cum, as I continued to thrust in and out of her. I looked up at mum’s face, she was just a huge smile, eyes closed, lost in the pleasure of her son ejaculating inside of her. I looked down at her cunt, and saw cum flying out through the gaps between my cock and her pussy. It had now been half a minute since I had started cumming, and ropes of cum were still squirting out of me and drowning my mother’s pussy. I was having the most powerful orgasm of my life, because I was filling my mum with my cum.

Finally, I finished cumming, and we fell backwards. I held mum, tightly, in my arms as we drifted off to sleep together.

Later that day, I was sitting at the table, staring off into the distance. I heard light footsteps behind me, and then arms around me and tits pressing into my chest. Mum whispered into my ear.

“We still got the rest of the day, I’ll be in bed…”

I turned my head, in enough time to see mum’s wobbling ass walking out of the room. I literally ran up the stairs.


Hope you liked that. If you did, please comment or email me with your thoughts, or improvements. I highly appreciate it. An edited version may be up soon, I just wanted to put this online. Sorry this chapter (and the whole story) was short, it was just so I could get used to writing sex scenes, as I’d never done this before. I probably won’t write any more chapters, but if you would like to write your own next part, email me it, and I’ll see if I like it. If so, I’ll let you upload it.

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