What If…? Ch. 2

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On our way to the beach you notice how uncomfortable I seem to be. You release my cock from my pants and begin to go down on me as your girlfriend watches. You feel me throb and hear me moan louder, you just smile and keep slobbering all over my cock, you know that you don’t like the taste but you’re to caught up. You can’t believe that you are so wet just by going down on me. You look up to see your girlfriend fingering herself rapidly.

Your mind is a blur, your spit is all over my member. You don’t no what’s come over you but you know that in less than 24 hours since we’ve met you’ve cum more times then ever. The sight of your girlfriend fingering herself and the throbbing feeling hitting the back of your throat is just to much. You increase your speed as you feel my balls tighten and I erupt. You try to keep it all in your mouth but its just to much. you manage to save some bizimkent escort but you swallowed most of it and you climb in the back seat to share with your girlfriend. As you and your girlfriend finish tonguing each others mouths you notice that we are already at the beach. After we compose ourselves your girlfriend notices the time and has to go home. The ride to her house is uneventful but she slips you her number and bounces off to her house.

I then look at you and you mention the beach again. I drive back to the beach with your head on my shoulders softly caressing the side of your breast. Remembering the vibrator still inside you I turn it back on slowly teasing you. It’s now getting dark when we arrive at the beach I pull the vibrator out, making you feel an emptiness in your pussy, and make you lick your juices off. You straighten yourself bostancı escort up and you notice a new found energy. I grab your hand and we bounce off to the beach.

You feel your nipples begin to harden as the cool ocean breeze hits you but you don’t care for you are feeling a sexual energy you have never felt before. We stop by the railing to watch the ocean waves hit the rocks. Your body is pushed up against the railing as you feel me hold your hips. You feel my arousal hoping I would take you right then and there but I just hold you and tease you, caressing you as your head leans back revealing your longing.

You feel your wetness drip down your legs. At this point you don’t care. You have resolved that you will give yourself to me anyway as long as you can feel and taste me. You are awaken out of your trance as you feel my chest against büyükçekmece escort your breasts, my hands on your ass and my tongue down your throat. All you can do is reciprocate and moan with pleasure. I slowly stroke your body causing you to grind against me but I resist. I take you and start to walk as best as I can.

We decide to go get something to eat at the local bar.

As we enter the bar you notice all the men leering at you but you don’t care. You find yourself actually turned on. You get shivers down your spine as you feel my hand in the small of your back leading the way. After dinner we decide to sit and the bar and enjoy drinks. As you sit on the bar stool you suddenly remember that you have no underwear on. I place my hand on your thigh and all your worries disappear.

After a few drinks you begin to feel a light buzz and we decide to continue our drinking at home. On the way home that buzz has increased your horniness and you wonder if I have anything left in me. You enjoyed the night before but this night is special cause you wont have to share me. You finally get to have me anyway you want. you tease me the whole way home.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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