What A Weekend

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It had been a long week and Justin and Scott had been looking forward to Friday night and it was almost here, one more hour and the weekend begins. They had made plans to have a guy’s night out and blow off some steam. They had planned to go shoot some pool and check out a few strip clubs. Their wives had also made plans to rent some videos, make some mixed drinks and do some gossip catch-up. They all met up at Scott and Kim’s place. Justin and Misty had stopped by the video store to get some videos. The women were aware of their husband’s plans for the night and told them sarcastically to have a good night, but not too good. After a little conversation the guys headed out the door to begin their night of fun.

As soon as the guys left, the women looked at one another, smiled and Kim said she’d get the movie ready if Misty would make the mixed drinks. Soon the women were into their 3rd drink and laughing like schoolgirls watching the comical movie. When the movie ended the women began talking and soon the conversation turned to their husbands. Misty had said that she was curious as to what their guys were up to about now and Kim said she was also thinking about them. Kim said that Scott would most definitely be in a dirty mood when he got home and she was honestly looking forward to it. She knew that after watching a bunch of naked bakırköy türbanlı escort women all night what he’d be wanting when he got home. Misty said that she wasn’t to fond of them going to the strip clubs but at least they told them what they were doing and were not lying about where they were going. Kim said that the only thing that bothered her was that after looking at the strippers all night that Scott might not think that she was as attractive. Misty assured her that it would not happen because she was very attractive and had a beautiful body. This surprised Kim but also aroused her a little too! Kim said that she and Scott had also said the same thing about her when the subject had somehow come up. Kim jokingly said that they should show their men a little strip tease of their own. She told them that just because they don’t do it at a club did not mean that they couldn’t be exotic.

After all the mixed drinks the women were filling a bit crazy and adventuristic. Misty said, “ I’m up for it if you are!” So the half drunk women had decided, what the hell because they were getting a little worked up or turned on by their up coming performance. The women were getting things ready, putting in the right music, dimming the lights a little, finding the right clothes, and continuing to bakırköy ucuz escort put away the drinks. By now the women had been drinking enough that they were really feeling good.

When the men pulled up in the driveway the women were waiting at the door. The guys had also had several drinks and were feeling pretty good. When they got to the door the women immediately grabbed their guys by the arm and walked them to the couch. To say the guys were confused and curious would definitely be an understatement. The women were both wearing teddies and the guys were both definitely taking notice. Both men were sitting on the couch with smiles from ear to ear eagerly awaiting what ever the women had in mind.

When the music started the women both started dancing in the middle of the room. The guys were stunned, this was a hundred times better than the strip clubs. The women seemed to be really enjoying themselves as well. The dancing was great but the guys almost messed themselves when the women started helping each other out of their outfits. Here they were sitting on the couch with both their wives dancing totally nude in front of them. They were in heaven, admiring not only their own wife’s but also each other’s. The women began rubbing up against one another and fondling each other. This not başakşehir escort only turned the guys on but the women as well. Soon the women had almost forgotten about the guys and were really into each other with Misty sucking the nipples of Kim’s tits then slowly slipping down onto her knees having Kim’s neatly shaven pussy right in front of her. She gently kissed it then plunged her tongue into her lips. Kim was moaning loud and close to exploding when she grabbed Misty’s shoulders and pushed her onto her back on the floor then turning her body and dropping down to her knees on top of Misty putting them into the 69 position were they immediately started into one another.

The guys could hardly stand back and watch at this point. Both had bulging hard-ons and were dying to join in. So they quickly removed their clothes. This caught the women’s attention and they rolled off one another and on all fours they crawled up to their husbands. The guys, however, had another idea and switched places with each other now standing in front of the others wife. The women proceeded to take hold of the dick put in front of them and cram them into their mouths. The guys were enjoying watching their wives being face fucked while being sucked off at the same time. Soon the guys had the women flat on their backs lying in opposite directions and were fucking them hard. Unfortunately the guys were so turned on by the ladies performance that it did not take long for them to shoot their loads. Now they all lay naked and exhausted, while laughing at how the night had turned out. Both guys agreed that they were looking forward to next weekend to see what other ideas their ladies might come up with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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