What A Way To Lose It

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I was 18 and had just finished my A levels, it would be several months before my results were due and if all went well I would be stating University in September. I say it my self, but for the last 4 years I have worked bloody hard. I have loved animals all my life and to become a vet has been my life’s dreams. From the day I decided the subjects I needed to do at 14, my life stopped to ensure I would get the results in school I wanted. So with my final exam over I asked my parents if I could go to the villa we owned in Ibiza for the summer. My parents had owned a villa in Spain for many years the latest in Ibiza was stunning, amazing views, great pool and totally private. The were a little reluctant to let me go alone, but I had my driving license and had driven in Spain since I started to drive. I was fluent in Spanish as hopefully that will be proven as it was one of the subjects I took at A level. With some pressure and promises to be careful they agreed for me to go as long as I took another friend with me.

My best friend Jane was totally opposite from me, she was a total hot head, loving loud music, alcohol of any kind and most of all men. My parents both loved and hated Jane, every time we went out together they were never sure what she would get me into, so when I said Jane was coming to Ibiza with me they nearly backed out of our agreement. Jane was not the type of person to loose herself in her studies, and did the bare minimum to get through. She had discovered boys young and from that moment on loved the attention she received from them. We were both fairly good looking, not really stunners, but the boys were always around Jane like flies. Jane had lost her virginity to a guy of 35, saying you needed an older guy who knew what he was doing for the first time. She had sat in my room telling me in detail what had gone on telling me over and over I should try it. From that moment she spent more time on her back with her legs open than most women do in there life. I on the other hand had not had even the slightest urge to discover men and even less sex. At this point I must sound like a real old maid, but I had my goals and nothing was going to get in my way of achieving them. I had explored my own vagina and enjoyed laying in the bath gently touching myself, but I have never had an orgasm or been touched by anyone else. I was on the pill; not to stop pregnancies, but to control my periods as they were quite heavy when I first started. I quite liked the light periods so never stopped taking them.

The day came for us to get the plane to Ibiza, my father had arranged for a car to meet us at the airport and take us to the villa, where we had our own car to use. Jane had been buzzing about having 4 weeks of freedom before my parents came to join us. She had worked out where all the best men rich clubs were and how we could get to them. She also had stocked up on the essentials for the trip, contraceptive pills and condoms; loads of condoms. I worked out she could have sex 10 times a day, every day of the holiday and still have some condoms left over!

I don’t know if it was the two young girls together or that we looked suspicious, but as we went through the Spanish customs we were both pulled over. They went through my bags in seconds, but Jane’s 4 bags took some what longer. It was the third bag that made the male customs officers raise there eyes, they found the 20 large packs of condoms, quickly followed by Jane’s selection of vibrators and dildo’s. She loved to see the guys glow red with embarrassment as they checked each toy in turn. She had told me she had some vibrators, but I had never seen any of them before.

With all Jane’s bags re-packed she waved goodbye to the customs and we went to find the driver. The guy was a friend of my fathers, and I told Jane to be on best behaviour as I would hate him to report back to my father that Jane was like a bitch on heat. I suspected my father would be on the next plane, to keep watch on us. Totally out of character Jane was like an angel for the whole journey to the villa. My father’s friend made sure we were OK and left me with his number if we needed it.

We were here, the first thing we did was to strip, I may not be into guys and sex, but I did like to walk around naked. It was probably my parents who started this off, as we had never worn clothes when at the villa, and they had chosen it specifically for its privacy. The pool had to be cleaned, but after an hour this was done and we took our first dives into the cool water. We played for ages, splashing, diving and trying to drown each other the fact we were naked not bothering either of us, but the occasional feeling of Jane’s breasts against me reminding me of the fact. We finally climbed out of the water and set out the sun chairs for an afternoon of sun bathing. I asked Jane to put some sun cream onto my back, and she sat next to me chatting about what she fancied doing.

I don’t know if it was the sun, the playing in the pool or her chat of uncontrolled sex, but as Jane spread the sun cream over my back bahis firmaları I found myself feeling quite sexy. She worked her way down my back, missing my bum and started doing the backs of my legs from the feet up. As she reached the top of my thighs I wondered what it would be like for her to touch me, run her fingers over my hairy pussy, even to explore the inner folds of my virginal lips.

As her fingers seamed certain to touch my pussy, she stopped putting the top on the bottle. I asked her if she was going to do my bum and with a cheeky laugh squirted to blobs, one on each cheek. She worked the cream over my bum and the tips of her fingers brushed the bit of hair poking between my legs making me feel quite turned on. I had never had even the slightest urge to explore anything sexual with another girl, even when seeing other girls naked in the school showers. I had very dark hair and the down side to this was my very dark and bushy pubic hair that every time I wore a swim suit found ways to escape. We both sat rubbing sun cream over our own fronts; I sat quite entranced watching Jane work the sun cream over her breasts, seaming to linger over her nipples on each pass. Jane noticed the attention I was giving her self massage, and the conversation seamed to dry as we continued to work the cream into our bodies. As Jane worked her hand across her tummy I noticed for the first time she had no pubic hair, and seeing her fingers work the cream over her white pubic region made me quite hot and flustered.

I had never felt like this before, I had had similar feelings when touching my own pussy, but watching another person had never made me feel like this before. I asked Jane how she removed her pubic hair, she said she shaved every day, but for the first time, she used a pair of scissors to get rid of the long hair. She told me her sister had shown her how to shave the first time, using hair conditioner to help stop shaving rash. She said a men’s beard trimmer was better than scissors as it got the hair very short to start with. I asked if it hurt, or itched, as my first attempts of shaving my legs had made them sting and itch for days.

Jane explained that the hair conditioner stopped all that making the razor slide easily over the skin. I told her I always had problems with my pubes as they were very thick and stuck out from my costume or bikini. Jane jumped up and said “come on lets get rid of them”, I was quite taken by surprise and followed her inside with out comment. I told her my dad had a beard trimmer in his room, if that would help and I went in search of it as Jane went to get a bowl, water, razor and the hair conditioner. I had decided to use my parents room as it had a wonderful super king sized bed, and Jane was using the guest room that had a bed nearly as big. Her eyes had lit up at the size of my bed, suggesting she should have it as she could make better use of it, but I wanted it.

I sat on the edge of the bed, with Jane watching me struggle with my fathers beard trimmer. I did not want to hurt myself and it was hard to work on myself, so Jane suggested she helped me. My first thoughts were that it was a good idea, then I realised in horror that she would be closer to my pussy than I have ever been. I said I could do it, but she just shoved me back on the bed, and told me to open wide! As usual I could never stop Jane doing anything she wanted, so lay back and closed my eyes in fear. I heard the buzz of the trimmer and a slight tug as it worked through my hair, but no pain. I opened my eyes to see Jane working with a look of concentration as bunch after bunch of my hair came away. The chat again went to men as it was the only subject Jane really loved, and eventually the talk turned to sex.

She asked if I had ever been with a guy, when I said no she was quite shocked, she knew I was very quiet about my life with guys, but as I explained I had never really had a boy friend, she was shocked. Jane asked if I ever felt randy as she explained if she did not have sex at least twice a week she became bad tempered and stressed. I told her how I occasionally felt randy, and we discussed masturbation. She asked if I had any sex toys, when I told he I not only had no toys, but had never had an orgasm, she screamed in mock shock saying I must be the only girl she knew who had never come.

Jane switched off the trimmer and picked up the hair conditioner, pouring it liberally over my stubbly body. As Jane picked up the razor my nerves returned, but Jane stroked my arm to calm me. Her touch sent shivers though me once again; I hoped she had not noticed looking away from her. She started around my waist and legs working quickly down towards my pussy. It was not long before I could feel the razor very close to my outer lips, and I noticed Jane’s breathing was sounding quite laboured. Jane asked me to hold my pussy lips so that she could get the hairs on the edge, but my hand kept getting in the way. She asked if I minded her touching me, as it would be much easier, by now I was past caring about what she could see, kaçak iddaa and agreed. I felt Jane’s fingers open my lips for the first time, and the first time anyone had touched my pussy since my mother changed my nappy. Not even my doctor had looked down there as he told me that there was no point until I had had sex for the first time. Jane was not chatting any more and I noticed she was quite flushed around her face and neck.

I wondered if her shaving me was turning her on as much as it was me, and to break the silence said if she didn’t finish soon she would be the first person to make me come. She laughed and the moment was gone, her fingers seemed to wander around my pussy with out the stilted nervousness of a few minuets ago. She said it was turning her on as well and she would wet the bed if she wasn’t careful. She had nearly finished when she told me to raise my legs as high and wide as I could, and as I did she shaved my bum making me cringe in shame knowing where she was staring. She took a cloth and wiped me clean saying I needed a shower, she took my hand and we went to the bathroom where there was an enormous wet room, with shower heads on two walls. Jane turned the shower on and when it was nice and warm took me into the shower with her.

She told me to open my legs as wide as I could and taking the flexible shower attachment started to wash all remnants of the hair conditioner away. Without saying anything Jane changed the shower to a jet and worked it over my pussy, I squealed in pleasure as the jet hit my clit. Her eyes were looking straight at mine and when I did not say no, she concentrated the jet on my clit, her fingers of her other hand opening my pussy to allow her better access. No words were spoken as she continued to work on my pussy, flicking the jet from my clit to my pussy hole, the water seeming to fill me, opening my hole for the first time. I started moaning, I could not help it, I felt alive for the first time in my life, it was almost as if the removal of my pussy hair had removed the old me and the new me was craving attention to my pussy and most of all craving my first orgasm.

I almost cried when Jane tuned the shower off, she looked at me and suggested we went back to the bed where we could be more comfortable. I just took her hand and almost ran dripping wet to the bed. Jane asked if I wanted to feel my smooth pussy, so I slid my hand over the now bald skin, my middle finger disappearing down my very wet and slippery slit. Jane pushed me back onto the bed and climbed next to me, she said she would only do what I wanted and I just had to say stop. I had no intention of saying stop and told her if she did stop I would kill her, and with girlish giggles we kissed for the first time.

Jane’s hand went straight to my pussy and located my clit, gently stroking its hood in a circular motion as her tong entwined with mine in my mouth. Her magical fingers were driving me crazy, this was so different to the relaxing rubbing I did in the bath, it was deliberate, purposeful, and the feelings it generated within me was incredible. Almost without warning my body went from the throbbing slowly building sensations in my pussy, to a lighting strike in my mind and an explosion of pain and pleasure in my pussy. My first orgasm was strong, driven from all the pressure of my exams and years of sexual build up. I was screaming humping Jane’s hand as it rubbed my clit, her other fingers working on the entrance to my pussy and my pee hole, all at the same time. I have no idea how long the orgasm lasted, or how long I lay in the dazed in the after glow, but the first thing I saw was my friend’s face, grinning down at me.

I was stunned at the power of the sensations I had just been through, and wondered why I had waited this long to discover the wonders of a woman’s orgasm. Jane was sat next to me rubbing her own pussy as I recovered. I told her, if that’s what I have been missing I was crazy and we both laughed. I had to do something in return and took her hand away from her pussy and started to do to her what she had done to me.

My first tentative movements in her pussy brought some encouraging moans from Jane, her legs spread wider as my fingers delved deeper. I was amazed at how wet she was, having only played with myself in the bath I had never noticed the almost clear juices a pussy produces. I moved closer to get a better view loving the way Jane’s juices felt on my fingers. I was now only a foot from her pussy, fascinated at how it looked, realising that Jane had been this close to me when she shaved me, it was no wonder she had felt so randy. It was this point when the smell of her pussy hit me for the first time, the musky sweet smell of a turned on woman mixed with the acrid smell of pee made an intoxicating drug that drew me closer. I was trying to reproduce the movements Jane’s fingers had done on me, but it was easy to find what turned her on most from the levels of her moans.

Jane asked me to slide my fingers inside her and rub the front inner wall of her pussy. I was not sure kaçak bahis what she meant and she took my hand, folded my thumb and smaller fingers down, and then entered the remaining two fingers in her pussy with my thumb over her clit. She explained that women had a very sensitive area on the front wall, and rubbing it was simply wonderful, but until I had lost my cherry I would have to make do with just the first bit rubbed. I rubbed her as she had asked and her moans told the story, she loved it, and once I had worked out that my thumb could rub her clit at the same time it did not take long for her come. I thought I had hurt her and stopped, but she screamed at me to get my fingers back and fuck her hard. I did not wait and plunged my fingers back in her hole, using my other hand to rub her clit. She exploded; I was not going to make the same mistake twice and rubbed harder. She humped my hand, trying to roll from side to side, but I kept on, it was not till she took hold of my hand crying ENOUGH that I slowed my fingers allowing her to come down. It had been an education, to see a woman in the throws of orgasm was a wonderful sight. I lay down beside her, gently stroking her breasts, her nipples still hard as her breathing slowed to a normal level.

As Jane came down from her climax, she looked at me and smiled; we did not talk for a while just stroked each other and relaxed. I asked Jane if she was OK about having sex with me, she let out a big laugh and said saying she had always fancied trying it with me, but never thought I would agree. I asked her if she had been with a woman before, she shook her head, I knew I was not interested in woman in a relationship way, but if this was a taste of the fun I could have with a woman I would be happy to continue. Jane said the sex with me looked like it was going to be fun, but sex with men was better in just one way; they had a cock, and tomorrow I was going to find out. Jane said she was starving and we threw some clothes on to go get a meal and pick up essentials like Wine, spirits and coffee.

We arrived back at the villa as it was going dark, Jane said she was making a rule, no matter who came to visit, we were not allowed to wear clothes in the villa until my parents came. I said OK hoping no one came to visit! We opened some nice wine and sat watching the sun set and chatted about sex, normally when Jane turned the subject around to this I didn’t really listen, but tonight I was happy to chat, I needed to catch up on the years I had lost. I asked Jane what it was like the first time, some girls say it’s painful, others that it was nothing spectacular. I wanted my first time to be as good as my time with Jane and a night I would never forget. Jane had told me about her first time when it happened, but I was too embarrassed to really listen or understand, now I listened with rapt attention.

She told me that her sister had told her that young guys had no idea how to turn a woman on and if you wanted a night to remember find a guy in his thirties to do the deed. That was exactly what she did; looking around her parents friends. There was a guy younger than her parents who came over quite often for a drink; she decided one night to corner him. She had waited for a moment when her parents were out of the room, sat next to him and asked him if he would have sex with her. Apparently the mouthful of wine he was drinking shot clean across the room, nearly making him choke, but she calmly repeated her request telling him she wanted a guy who knew what he was doing for her first time. It was a week later when he arranged a hotel for an afternoon and Jane became a woman.

I was getting randy again, her story and the wine making my pussy throb with desire, I knew I was going to loose my virginity if not tomorrow, very soon. I joked telling Jane I was ready to be fucked, and I fancied it being a crazy time to be with loads of men taking them all. She said it could be arranged, with a giggle, but I would have to take pot luck as to their abilities. I said if I had 5 or 6 at least one should know what he was doing. I was still joking but Jane had that crazy look and realised she was not. I said perhaps I should find a nice guy for my first time, but she had obviously taken my joke to heart, and said to leave it to her, she would sort it.

I should have been worried about her comments, but instead the idea of Jane setting me up to loose my virginity really turned me on. I asked her what she had in mind hoping she would think up some wild time. She said she liked the idea of us having a gang bang, where the guys could all fuck us both side by side after she had watched me have cock for the first time. She asked if I minded her being there to watch, as she wanted to be very close as the guys cock entered me. I said I liked the idea of having a friend with me, and loved the idea of her watching close, I suggested she used my camera to film the moment I was entered. Jane squealed with delight, saying if we were going to do that we would need a before and after shot as well. She asked if my hymen was still intact, as most girls had torn it horse riding or by using tampons. I didn’t have a clue, I did not use tampons as they hurt when I tried to insert them, but as to whether I was still intact was a mystery.

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