We’re not Supposed to be Doing This

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I kept thinking that as I made the turn up her driveway. My radio was on just simply to kill the dead silence in the car as I drove. WE had been at a work thing, drinking and laughing with the rest of the office people. It was about an hour into the party I noticed that my boss was hitting the booze pretty hard. I mean she’s only thirty five and not above getting her drink on but still it was pretty early when I could hear her laughing a bit louder than normal. She wasn’t making an ass out of herself or anything just drinking for more than just to be social. When she was finally alone I sat down near her, asked her if her drink needed a refresher. She declined, she knew she had hit it too hard to early and was now nursing the drink she had but she thanked me and when I moved to stand up and leave she reached out and grabbed my wrist. I could tell it was not planned, her face spoke that she almost regretted it right away but she didn’t pull away as she asked me to sit back down.

I did, noticing not for the first time how pretty she was. She was tall, neither skinny nor fat but in really damn good shape for having two kids. She wasn’t a gym rat by any means but I could tell she did yoga or zoomba or something to keep herself in shape. I like to think I’m handsome but nothing to write home about, pretty average overall.

As I sat I did what I usually do, tried to make her laugh and find a topic she liked and stick with it till we moved on. I landed on movies and she and I talked for what only seemed like a few minutes about new Netflix shows and whatnot. I told a few jokes, she laughed and we kept talking. More and more people kept coming up and seeing what we were talking about a few sat and talked and then got up. Before we knew it, it was about time for the venue to close up and we were two of the last people there. I asked her how she was getting home and if she was ok to drive. She was quiet for a few and I could see she was deciding how she was getting home.

That’s when I offered to give her a ride. She had come with some of the other managers who were friends with her and I as well and they were still there but she smiled and much to my surprise she agreed. She stood and walked over to tell her ride that she was taken care of and I took the moment to get our coats and more importantly, to take a good long look at her ass. She was lucky. One of those women who was blessed with a plump and perfectly round and shapely butt without having to do a million squats in the gym. The leggings she was wearing formed perfectly against her proportionate legs and I could feel myself get about half hard as I wondered what kind of panties she had on. He pretty brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her smile and laugh were infectious. She, like me, was recently divorced and sadly it had been a long time since I had been with a woman. I wondered how long it had been for her as she turned and headed back across the empty dance floor toward me. How long had it been since someone had really paid good attention to her needs; teased her, kissed her all over. Licked her pussy good and hard until she moaned or screamed. Pounded into her, fucked her roughly till she came over and over and finally fell asleep, satisfied and spent.

I wasn’t sure I could and there was no way I figured I was gonna get the chance but hell, as I watched her probably C cup breasts bounce under her cream colored blouse as she crossed the floor I would have certainly liked to try.

“Should we go?” She said, pulling me from my fantasy, again catching me off guard with her big pretty smile. I nodded dumbly and helped her with her coat and showed her out of the building, waving to our friends, the other managers as we left.

As soon as we got into my car things changed, they didn’t really get weird per say they just got super quiet. I turned on my most middle of the road music from my phone; I’m a heavy metal guy but one look at my boss tells me she most likely is not. As I began to drive she settled in, I glanced over once and noticed she was looking out the window, the city at night was pretty but what little I took in aside from how the shoulder strap lay perfectly between her breasts and made them look even bigger.

I asked about her kids out of the blue, feeling silly and just uncomfortable in the absolute silence of the car. She turned and told me about her daughters play last week and her son’s last flag football game. My own daughter went to the same school as her son so we moved on to a few issues there and talked as I turned on the radio to a channel that would please most folks and we kept talking.

It was lucky that we both lived in the same area so it was on my way to begin with. As I made the turn into her drive I caught a whiff of her perfume and the scent stirred my lust. It was feminine and yet sensual without being too much. She saw me looking at her and smiled.


“Oh nothing, just like your perfume and I noticed you cut your hair. It looks nice.”

She güvenilir bahis smiled and pushed an errant strand back over her ear and I could see some color in her tanned cheek.

“Took you this long?” She said, smiling a bit wider. I returned her smile and shook my head. She loves to break my balls, and not just at work but after it would seem and I said as much.

“You’re just super easy, sorry.” She said and then she reached out and touched my arm. It wasn’t like she grabbed my cock or anything but there was an electricity in her touch. I felt the warmth of her touch, which lingered a bit and then she drew her hand down my arm ever so slightly as she took her hand away. Or did she? I was terrible at reading women, thus why I was divorced myself. I was reading too much into it, but that didn’t stop my skin from sprouting goosebumps and my cock to get half hard. Yeah it had been a long time since a woman had touched me. Sad but true.

I pulled the car to a stop in front of her house. The porch light was on but most of the lights inside looked like they were off.

“Your kids with the ex-tonight or did you have to get a sitter?” I asked.

“No, the kids are home, my daughter is only enough to watch her brother and needed the money. ” She said as she gathered up her coat and purse. I figured it was gonna be ok thanks for the ride see you on Monday. The usual.

“You got to go tuck in your little?” She asked, pausing with her hand on the door handle.

“Nope, she with her mom this weekend.” There was a pause, her hand lingering on the door handle. Silence.

She was really quite pretty. Her brown hair was loose but framed her pleasant face well. Her neck looked very kissable. He blouse had slipped over and showed just a hint of a collarbone and one of her bra straps, appeared to be a lacy white style. My mind began to imagine what kind of panties she had on when I caught that she had spoken.

“What’s that?”

“Do you want to come in for a drink?” She asked again, quieter this time. Her pretty eyes were on me then too and I tried not to panic as I saw that she was about to start regretting asking.

“Sure, that sounds great. I don’t want to wake up the kids.” I said.

“We just can’t make too much noise, but I think we will be fine.” She said as she smiled again. “Come on, let’s go.”

I shut off my car and got out, letting her lead the way up the steps and into the quiet and mostly dark house. A light in the living room was still on. She had a nice place, not over much but it was clean, lots of stuff on the walls and coffee tables like “love, Live, Laugh type stuff” that women have. Couple of nice couches and a big Tv.

“Go ahead in and have a seat, I’ll be right back. Gotta go check on the kids.” She said as she took my coat and through them over a chair. I nodded and moved to the couch. It was soft and fluffy and waited in the dark. The stairs up to the second floor were at the edge of the room near the darkened kitchen and she quickly took off her small heels and laughed as she nearly fell over before heading up the steps. I occupied myself but running every possible scenario through my head as I waited. This was probably a bad idea and nothing was gonna happen blah blah blah. My usual bullshit defeatist crap started to creep in. I hadn’t had a lot of luck after my divorce. A couple of dates, most of which pretty boring. A disaster of a Tinder date with some gal that I swear barely had enough IQ to feed herself but she was super-hot and looked easy. I couldn’t bring myself to fuck her and left the date early. Stating to wonder if I was gonna get stuck alone and settling or just whatever. Then I heard her coming down the steps and turned and nearly swallowed my tongue.

She had changed her clothes and put her hair up in a ponytail. Her ears and lovely face more on display. Her feet were bare as were her legs below the knee. She had changed from her leggings and loose silk blouse to a long oversized t shirt and not much else. Holy fuck she looked cute.

She didn’t look my way as she moved off the step and into the kitchen, stopping in the doorway as she turned on the light.

“What you want to drink?” Her voice just above a whisper.

“Beer please.” I managed and as she turned around and made herself a drink and popped the top on my beer. I could only see her legs from just above the knee down but they looked really nice. Smooth like she had just recently shaved and probably lotioned up. There was just the barest hint of a tan which could have been her skin tone. She was blessed with a fantastic ass why not a bit of a natural tan. Her ass was hiding its full grandeur beneath the baggy shirt sadly but the wide neck of the well-loved garment had slipped over one of her lovely shoulders and showed another fun fact.

She had taken off her bra too. I swallowed what felt like a bucket of sand in my dry mouth as she brought our drinks and crossed the room. She handed me mine as I did my best türkçe bahis to maintain eye contact and not look at her body. Try not to gauge exactly what her now free tits looked like as they danced under the shirt, not wonder what it would feel like to have one of her nipples in my mouth while I played with the other. My cock started to make itself known as it grew, my instinct knew even if I didn’t that this was usually a prelude to sex, but this was my boss. A woman of power so to speak in a small but important office. She had lots of people she was in charge of. Well respected by the other managers and upper estulon of power. Why would she put all that on regular old me? And did I/ should I give a shit why?

I took a sip of my beer and tried not to choke on it as she sat not across the room or on any of the other furniture but on the same couch as me, pulling her feet up and crossing her legs. Her shirt was hiked up a bit more now, not too much yet per say but as she leaned back and sipped her drink I saw the shirt press against one of her breasts and her nipple poked the shirt, it was hard as a rock.

“That was a lot of fun.” She said as she sipped her beer, her voice just above a whisper. I nodded, trying to keep eye contact with her as her overlarge shirt had finally settled across her chest and both her nipples were tenting the front of the shirt, her feet where bare and just barely brushing my leg. Despite my beer my mouth was dry as a bone. I could feel my cock starting to stir in my pants and my boxer briefs didn’t exactly allow for my expanding cock. It very quickly became more than a little uncomfortable.

“Yeah it was.” I said as I took another sip of my beer, my eyes leaving hers then as I tried to concentrate on getting my dick into a more comfortable place without reaching down to adjust it. I turned back to her and smiled nervously, she offered one of her cute half smiles to me then and I swallowed again, hoping more beer would make my nerves lessen so I could sound a bit less like a douche.

“You never get so see most of the people we work with like that, you talk about it and laugh and stuff but never see it. It makes the bosses a bit more human.” I said with a laugh. Why the hell was I so nervous? Oh yeah, cut she was my boss and WAY hotter than I am. My college buddies had always said to punch your own weight class when it came to women. This gal, besides being my boss was way out of my league. She was strong, confident, focused, and very pretty. She didn’t need a man. All this just made her hotter, plus the forbidden part about her being my direct supervisor made it all the more dangerous. I shifted on the couch and turned my hips toward her, pulling one of my legs up bent on the couch so I was facing her. I gave a half sigh as my cock finally moved and was now not nearly bent in half.

“Did I tell you I went to Cabo on my vacation with Gina and Tanner?” She said as she took another sip off her drink. I nodded and asked how it went. To my surprise she dropped her legs off the couch and scooted up beside me, her phone in her hand. She gave a little squeal as she moved she had pulled the hem of the shirt way up and over her waist, exposing her panties to me in a moment, another of the many that will be burned forever in my mind from that night. She was wearing lacy white panties, almost frilly for someone so focuses and super business mom, but it also showed she had a sensual, sexy side. They were out in view for a millisecond before she pulled her shirt back down over herself, but I would never forget the view. My cock was now fully erect and I wished I had a pillow at that moment as she began to scroll into her photos and handed me her phone. On the screen were a bunch of photos of her and my other two bosses in various places in Cabo. Eating and smiling, drinking, laughing, holding or pointing to various plant life in the hot Mexican sun.

“We had a blast. I think we were super drunk for most of it.” She said as I continued to scroll. She tensed a bit beside me as we got to some beach photos of her and Gina, she was rocking a bikini that was light blue and pretty simple but it only made her ass look that much more fantastic. Gina, our other boss was more matronly than Rachelle was, still pretty in a way I guess but Rachelle was a full on Milf. I could not get over her butt, like it looked fucking amazing in almost everything but work pants and even jeggings or whatever the fuck they are called did her no justice now seeing her ample, cellulite free bubble butt straining the confines of the full backed bikini.

“You can tell Tanner took those.” She said as I continued to scroll, most of them were shots of bother her and Gina, their tits or cleavage always part of the show. I made a mental not to thank Tanner the next time I saw him for all his good work.

There were a lot of photos and I was going through them kind quick when I must have reached the end and next thing I know I’m looking at a shot of Rachelle in black güvenilir bahis siteleri and white, wearing nothing but a slightly embarrassed and playful lip biting half smile, only a sheet held between her slightly parted legs and clasped to her breasts kept me from getting a full view of her beauty.

“Oh those, shit here.” She flushed as she tried to pull the phone away and I playfully held the phone away from her. I was taking a risk; if she was truly embarrassed and not into me she would probably get mad and that would be the end. But instead she latched onto my turned back, laughing and not caring about her spilled beer as I used my larger frame and long arms to hold the phone as far away as I could and still swipe to see more. And there was more. They were amazing and tasteful. A full boudoir shoot. Done professionally.

“Give that back, come on those are really bad.” She said as I kept her at bay. She was smiling and laughing but her face was super flushed as I got to a shot of her all in shadow, her hand lay against her mound, covering her pussy and bush if she had one, the other arm was draped across her nipples, hiding then from view while causing her nice sized breasts to bulge out nicely. The show was from the side, her hair was tussled like she was mid masturbation session, her eyes half lidded.

My cock was now so hard it hurt. She let out a sigh and took another slug of beer, emptying the bottle.

“My sister convinced me to get those done, she did a set for her husband and she knew I was feeling down, said it would empower me.” She said as she relaxed back against the couch and I sat back, swiping to another that was just down right enticing. She was standing under the shower, again in black and white, her hands were gathering up in her hair, she was looking at the camera and water was running down her body, her face was wanton and just the very tops of her breasts were visible.

“Wow.” I managed as she sighed again and dropped her face into her hands, In the lamp light I could tell she was super embarrassed but she had not made another move to go for her phone.

“Did it?” I asked as I nearly bit my tongue as I swiped again and there she was in a baby doll, black lace, thigh highs, standing on the bed, back turned, her amazing butt was uncovered and she was looking back over her shoulder at the camera, her hair covering half her face, her expression was saying to the viewer, “well, you caught me, now get over here.”

“Did it what?” She asked

“Empower you.” I said as I swiped one more time and she reached out and took the phone from me and shut off the screen.

“Well” She said drawing out the sound of the word as she kicked her leg over me and settled astride my lap. I could feel her rock hard nipples as she slid her body down mine, feel the heat from between her legs as she settled over my lap. Her face was inches from mine, she ran her fingers through my short hair as I struggled to breathe, my hands moving by instinct onto her smooth thighs as she moved closer to me and kissed me lightly on the upper lip. Her half smile there again.

“What do you think?” She said in a whisper. Fuck. I was so in trouble. We moved at the same time. Our lips parted and our tongues met and wrestled, gently and embarrassed at first. The taste of beer and alcohol on our breath but the want between was animal and base. It had been so long since I had been kissed. I had been divorced for over a year and not managed to work up the courage to go out on a date let alone get laid. My heart was beating so hard I could hear it in my head, my cheeks were on fire and I was sure if I wasn’t careful I would pass out. Her skin was so hot as I moved my hands up her thighs. Stopping at the crease between where her legs met her little sexy underwear. I just let my fingers gently roam as we kissed, our kisses became harder and more impassioned. She was holding my head now, tight against her as we made out, her other hand was balled up in my shirt like she was strong arming me. I could feel her hips begin to rock on me, the crotch of her panties was right over my bulge and it felt like she had molten lead trapped behind the gusset of her thong. As she began to really grind on my cock I was sure her wetness was gonna leave a spot on my pants and I gave not a shit. I let my hands roam more and she finally broke from our kiss as I palmed the globes of her bubble butt in my large hands a squeezed, spreading her bare cheeks and caressing them roughly. Her eyes were closed as I kneaded her ample butt, helping her rock against me, and creating the most fabulous sensations as she rubbed herself against my anguished cock. We were both breathing really hard at this point through open mouths, our eyes locked or with hers closed as she quietly moaned and rolled her hips against me, keeping an agonizing pace. Not too fast and not to slow. Keeping one hand on her amazing butt I ran my right hand up the front of her shirt, over her mostly flat stomach and up to her generous breast. She dropped her forehead to my shoulder as I began to massage her tit, her rock hard nipple poking against my palm as I gently but firmly squeezed her tit and the flicked and gently teases and pinched the erect nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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