Welcome Home

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When Randall came home, Cassie was waiting to take his coat. Dressed in her school uniform, as usual; the skirt so short that you could see the bottom most curve of her ass and her white cotton shirt over a white cotton tank, tucked into her green plaid skirt. Lotus was crossing the floor, with a scotch in her hands. As she moved the ice tinkled against the glass, that was nothing compared to the slight sway of her breasts, he thought as he loosened his tie with a smile.

He took the glass from Lotus and downed it in two gulps only leaving the ice cubes. He handed it back to her as she waited obediently and turned to make him another drink. Looking down, he watched Cassie unlace his shoes and he kicked them off for her. She smiled impishly as her fingers flew to the zipper of his khakis and drew it down. Lotus was back with another scotch as Cassie’s fingers released the hardness that began when he got out of his car and knew what would be waiting for him.

Man, he liked being double-teamed by them, he thought happily.

Lotus, not to be outdone, was dressed in a french maid’s uniform, with heels and fishnet stockings. She put the drink in his hand and put her arms around his neck, kissing him after he took another pull. It was a long satisfying kiss and just what needed to welcome him home. They broke and Randall shuttered as Cassie’s lips met the top of his cock. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and was nibbling gently at it, covering it with her saliva. Lotus backed up to lay against his side, holding his hand and looked down at Cassie. “She has been wanting to do that all day, the horny little bitch. Cassie ate me three times today while you were away; she couldn’t get enough. She woke me up with her tongue in my slit but she is a good girl like that. Right, baby?” She said as she petted Cassie’s long golden blonde hair as she bobbed on Randall’s cock. Cassie moaned in assent and Lotus pushed her neck further onto his thickness quickly. He closed his eyes in complete joy.

Randall felt as Lotus left his side, walking over to the sitting chair that was her favorite. She sat in it, parting her legs thoughtfully watching. Her hand traveled down her stomach to her legs, rubbing the creamy thighs covered in black fishnet. Soon, she started rubbing her clit that was exposed by the cut-out design and began to moan slightly, letting her head rest against the back of the chair. He watched as she closed her eyes and was lost to the world for the moment, caressing her wet warmth.

Cassie’s lips brought him back into focus on her. She was sucking on his thick cock, throating ankara escort it gently. He could feel her teeth pushing against his expanding girth, she might run out of room, he thought. Cassie cried with him in her mouth and he noticed she was watching Lotus stroke herself and playing with her own clit. Her fingers rapidly stroking her tiny pink clit in search of gratification.

She grasped his cock around the base and rubbing it lightly until she met her teeth. Cassie created a bulge of cock skin as her hand moved up and down his length, guiding it into her wanting waiting mouth. She began to throat him mercilessly, quickly; like she knew he liked. His little Cassie had him, as always, at her mercy.

A painful sounding gasp took him away from the feeling of Cassie’s mouth as Lotus was contorted in a knot centering at her clit as she stopped stroking gently. He smiled at Lotus, she was so vocal as she came. Then like a stack of dominoes; Cassie gave in to her rhythm, squeezing Randall in a very painful way. Which, of course, turned him on to no end as he flooded Cassie’s clenched jaws with her reward. She recovered nicely, not allowing a drop to spill. .

Randall withdrew his cock from her mouth, thanking her and rubbing her head as she smiled up at him, with come still on her lips. With unbuttoned pants, he went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, he needed it. From the sink, he saw Cassie pad over to Lotus, kissing her deeply as she shared his juice with her dominate partner. Randall leaned against the sink, watching the girls make out in a delightful but spent way. He was surprised when his cock began to stir again as their movements gained purpose.

By the time he returned his cup to the sink and went to the couch, he was sporting another good hard on. Lotus leaned forward, holding Cassie by the shoulders as she kissed her neck and looked over at Randall thoughtfully. Her eyes flew to his erection as she broke the kiss, getting up and stepping lightly over Cassie.

She kneeled in front of Randall, laying herself between his legs and taking his thickness into her warm mouth covering it with her saliva. Nibbling at the head and licking the whole length lightly. Centering on the underside, Lotus kissed his cock with a reserved gentleness and respect. When she had him wet, she put his thickness in her throat, massaging it with her tongue underneath. Her eyes met his, she grinned around him, happy in her task.

Randall reflected on the styles of the girls he kept to amuse him. Lotus was older, wiser and took her time to please him, tease him to great heights. Cassie escort ankara was a straight throater, she loved to take him as deep and as hard as she could. He enjoyed them equally though but the best was when they did it right after each other. Like now.

Randall watch amused while Cassie was rubbing herself against Lotus’s shoulder in a panicked heat. He could feel her rocking against the bigger girl and saw the wetness building up as she got more excited. Cassie began gasping as Lotus took her hand from his balls and unseeingly thrust two fingers in Cassie’s hot snatch. Cassie opened her eyes wide with the intrusion but took it in stride. Randall was always astounded at their corresponding horniness.

Soon Lotus’ ministrations were working up to serious intent on his cock. It was swelling in her mouth as he was feeling the pre-cum escape and be licked up by her eager tongue. He began to buck his hips into her mouth, trying to get deeper inside of her tight welcoming throat. He arched up and thrust his cock deeply down her throat as he released his deluge into her. Shaking, he sank into the cushions of the couch with a satisfied grin.

Lotus turned her attentions to Cassie and it didn’t take long for her to make the little girl come also. She cried loudly as she came from her lover’s licks to her clit with her fingers shoved into her wet cunt. Cassie ran her hand thru her curls as Lotus sucked gently at her clit, looking up into her eyes.

Randall thanks a higher purpose that he met these two and is privileged to their love.

Breathlessly, Cassie says, “Lotus, mistress, you haven’t come. Let us make you come, I have to try this position I heard from Blondie…” Lotus nods but they both know that she gets immense pleasure from creating it in others. Lotus uncoils herself from underneath Randall’s legs and tests her legs gently. Cassie suggests for her to get up on the couch and plant her feet on opposite sides of Randall. He is amused that she is positioned right above his chin, he can smell her excitement unreleased. He is shocked when Cassie spreads her ass open softly and begins to lick the crevice of her ass. Lotus loosens up a bit, leaning forward and right into Randall’s face.

Cassie removes her face from Lotus’ ass long enough to smile wickedly at him as she pushes Lotus onto his chin. Randall got the idea earlier but wanted to see where they were going with this. His tongue dives into her wet warmth with practiced skill, knowing what delights her as she does him. The poor girl was really holding it in as the assault on both sides was a winning effort for them. All ankara escort bayan this was turning them on all over again, Randall had taken his cock in his hand and pumped it lightly.

Again, Cassie’s face came around her ass and looked down at him but quickly lost interest as she entranced by the hardness cradled in his lap. Her long legs made their way to his thighs as she settled her slippery pussy gratefully on his cock. She makes her way to Lotus’ ass again, keeping her mind on the pleasure that is needed but she takes her time riding Randall steadily.

Slowly, he enters two fingers in Lotus’ tightness and she gasps in pleasure as her hands are playing with her breasts in a distracted way. Her legs are trembling as Cassie’s face appears before him, her hand tugging his fingers out of Lotus and directing them to her own clit. She smiles as her tongue takes the place of his fingers, moving inches from his own face.

Feeling her so close and focused on the same thing as he is, her cunt eating up his cock, is incredibly erotic. He reaches up with his left hand and tugs on her left nipple meanly. She cries in Lotus, with a shocked intake of air. Swiftly, he backs off of Lotus’ clit and reaches down to meet Cassie’s mouth in a come-soaked kiss.

Lotus cries in frustration above them as Randall releases Cassie to do her job but not before he angles himself to lick Lotus’ cunt in support with her. Then he trails his wet tongue back to her clit slowly, as her whole body begins to vibrate with her impending orgasm. Her cries are louder, more intense.

Just when Randall thought she couldn’t take much more, he sees Cassie lick two fingers and put them around to Lotus’ round ass. This is just what she needed, as she rises through her orgasm and releases her wetness to his awaiting tongue. He just laps it up as Cassie is struggling on his cock, her face distorted in concentration.

Lotus climbs down, out of breath but incredibly happy. She is smiling devilishly as her feet reach the floor and sees Cassie fucking Randall. She looks at him, smiling as she puts two fingers in her mouth and puts them in Cassie’s ass harshly. Cassie’s eyes fly open but she is lost to this world as her strangled cries attest to.

Randall watches and feels in amazement as Cassie gets tighter on his cock with the thrusting that Lotus in doing in her ass as she kisses her shoulders softly. He slyly puts his thumb against her clit rubbing softly, smiling back at Lotus openly.

Cassie is unbearably tight as she grips his cock in her cunt as she is losing control and wetting him from the inside. Her cry is heartbreaking as she submits to the fingers and cock in her, wetly.

Soon, she quiets and opens up her eyes, smiling. “Welcome home!” She says breathlessly. Randall and Lotus cannot help but smile at her boundless joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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