Wedding Road Trip

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Chapter 1 – Weddings


Really, who doesn’t love a wedding? I mean, what happier time is there in two people’s lives than the day they get married. OK, so I am sure a few cynics out there would answer, the day the divorce is finalized, but I just can’t bring myself to think that way. All I know is that seeing two people madly in love exchanging their vows and promising to be faithful to one another for the rest of their lives is one of the most awesome scenes imaginable.

Like just about every other girl, I’ve been dreaming of my wedding since I was old enough to know what a wedding was. Long ago I nailed down what dress I want, where I’ll be married, how the ceremony will be conducted… basically everything. In fact, I even posted a story about my dream wedding. So that just leaves one missing element… the groom. Well, I feel hopeful that THAT detail will work itself out eventually so I’m not letting it rain on my wedding parade of fantasies.

As anyone who loves weddings the way I do will tell you, it doesn’t matter WHO is getting married – it’s the drama and pageantry of the event that’s so exciting. Of course there is also the fun and potentially naughty side as well. What I mean is in addition to what most people think about when they go to a wedding, there are so many other possibilities to consider… will the bridesmaid get laid by the best man (who cares if either of them are married)? Did the groom get laid at his bachelor party? What did the bride do at her party? When will they consummate the marriage… and where? It doesn’t have to be about actual sex to be fun. Just flirting on the dance floor can be almost as much fun depending on who you’re doing it with.

So in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a wedding junkie. If there’s a wedding – I want to be there! The “always a bridesmaid and never a bride” must have been written with me in mind but I don’t care – it’s a day of fun, even if you have to wear some ridiculous looking dress. I have several of them in my closet if anyone’s interested!

Given my love of weddings, it should have been no surprise to anyone that when I learned that my new boyfriend Steve was going to be the best man at his best friend’s wedding, of course the first thought to come to my mind was when were WE going? Seemed like a logical question to me at least but I think I caught Steve a bit by surprise. According to him the whole thing was going to be a pain in the neck as the wedding would be in northern Arkansas and even in June the weather there can be stifling hot combined with oppressive humidity. Well, that’s what bikini’s, halters, sundresses and short shorts are made for.

At first Steve tried talking me out of it, trying to convince me that he was only thinking of me and not wanting me to be too bored or to have to travel all that distance just for a wedding. Then he made the fatal mistake of telling me the rest of the plans for the week…

It turns out that the bride’s family owned a summer house on a lake where the guys would all be staying. Steve had met his friend out on the west coast where his mom had moved him and his sister back in high school. His friend and his girlfriend hailed from Arkansas which is why that was where the wedding would be held. All of the groomsmen, except for the token brother of the bride, had to travel and needed someplace to stay so the parents had offered the house for a few days.

Hmmmmmm, I was getting suspicious now. Oh sure Steve vigorously claimed there would be no girls there as the guys were all single and none of them would be bringing their girlfriends but still… men are men and I could only imagine the potential debauchery. Well, if any of THAT was going to be happening then I wanted to be in the middle of it.

In a way, I guess I may have been acting a little unfairly in insisting he take me. It wasn’t like Steve and I were exclusive. Heck, we’d only been seeing each other for less than a couple of weeks. Still, it wasn’t like we were total strangers. Steve had been my first real boyfriend back when I was just getting ready to start high school. The brother of Sharon, one of my best friends back then, he was eighteen at the time although when he first fucked me he seemed even older and more experienced than his years.

For over six months after we started having sex Steve was the only boy I dated and had sex with but then his mom got transferred which meant Steve and Sharon had to move with her of course. Being in love for the first time, you can imagine how crushed I was at the time but I soon learned to make do with other boys. It wasn’t like it was hard to find someone to fuck me. Steve and I lost touch with one another until his marriage. Well, that was one marriage I knew would never last given that he fucked me the very day of his own wedding. I mean, what did THAT say about how he felt about his new bride compared to me?

When Steve’s mom was transferred back to the Pittsburgh office bahis firmaları he came back with her although his younger sister Sharon stayed behind to live on her own. When Steve surprised me at church a couple of weeks ago, it was like all my pent up feelings and desires for him suddenly came rushing back to the surface. I’m not so sure that he feels as emotional about us as I do but his dick certainly seems to enjoying the situation. Still, we HAD been apart for eleven years for the most part so I may have been a little unreasonable to think he would want me to come spend a week away with him. Oh well, that’s too bad!

“You DO know Kelly that you’ll be the only girl staying in a house with four guys… right?” I remember him saying, as if THAT would bother me. Heck, he may as well have been offering steak dinner to a hungry wolf and asking if it really wanted it!

Let’s see now… four guys, one girl (me), a house right on a lake in the middle of a hot summer. Well duh!! Why in the world would ANY girl in her right mind NOT jump at such an opportunity?

Then Steve REALLY screwed up (if you could call it that) and mentioned there was also a boat which I assumed would mean waterskiing – my specialty and ONLY athletic ability. Well, that sealed the deal, I was going whether he realized it yet or not.

Besides, if there’s one thing I’ve learned since giving up my virginity it’s that there are always ways to convince a guy to do anything I want…

Chapter 2 – The LONG Trip to Arkansas


Over the years I’ve been accused of a lot of things but there is one thing nobody has ever called me – a “road warrior”. In fact, anything over thirty minutes in a car and I start going stir crazy. In my nightmares I still remember driving back and forth to college in Ohio. Sure it was only four hours (three when my dad drove) but it sometimes seemed like days. If it wasn’t for a finger (or two) between my legs I don’t think I would’ve survived some of those trips.

Growing up, the very worst trip in the world for me was when my parents took me with them to visit my grandmother (my mom’s mother) in Illinois south of Chicago. It was a nine or ten hour trip at best and I hated every minute of it. Fortunately as I got older I learned new and better ways to make the time go by. Even though it was nice having the entire back seat to myself to stretch out, I remember thinking at times how much better it would’ve been to have had a brother or sister to pass the time with! Sometimes my cousin Kristi would come with and then the trip went a LOT faster!

When Steve mentioned Arkansas, I naturally assumed we’d be flying there and even though flying isn’t one of my favorite activities either, it beats the heck out of driving long distances. Thus when Steve told me that he was driving to Arkansas and that it would take maybe as long as sixteen hours to get there, I almost backed out… almost. Oh my god, I just knew my ass would be hurting so badly by the time we got there! Going to Chicago was bad enough. I’d NEVER spent sixteen hours in car in one day before and the very thought of it made me cringe.

Still, I wasn’t going to let one day of misery deprive me of a week of fun. The day finally arrived and by the time Steve stopped by to pick me up I was ready and waiting for him at the front door. He kissed me as soon as he stepped in and then backed up to give me the usual once-over. It pleased me when he smiled but then again he should have. Pittsburgh may not be Arkansas but the weather was still hot so I was wearing not much more than a tight pair of denim shorts and a thin cami that clung to me like Saran Wrap with enough cleavage showing to add further proof I wasn’t wearing a bra. A pair of flip-flops was the only other article of clothing I had on I circumstances which seemed to meet Steve’s approval.

“God I really love your tits” he said huskily as he groped me while we kissed.

“Hey you two, get a room,” Kristi called out from behind us at the top of the stairs.

I looked up at her over Steve’s shoulder and saw that she was grinning with her arms crossed. Knowing my always-horny cousin, she wouldn’t have minded had the “room” been her own bedroom but so far I hadn’t shared Steve that way with anyone in my family and we didn’t have time to deal with that sort of thing today even if I’d wanted to.

Steve’s eyes widened and I caught him catching his breath a bit as he looked back up at Kristi. The little slut knew perfectly well that Steve would be stopping over yet there she was standing at the top of the stairs topless in a pair of loose boy short style underwear with a towel around her neck that did very little to cover her perky boobs.

“Don’t even think about it,” I hissed in his ear as I squeezed his ass just a little bit too hard with my hand.

“Who… me?” his expression practically shouted out as he tried to act all prim and innocent but he didn’t fool me.

Actually, kaçak iddaa had he NOT stared at my hot little cousin I’d have been far more concerned than anything. After all, I had to admit that she did look pretty damn hot this morning. He could look all he wanted so long as I was the last one he looked at.

Ignoring my cousin’s blatant flaunting of herself, I pointed to my suitcases lined up in the hallway, fully expecting Steve to pick them up and take them to the car.

“Damn girl, we aren’t moving down there,” Steve whined, “Shit, how could you possibly need all this crap for just one week?”

I just shrugged and walked toward the door, leaving him to pick them up. It was only two suitcase and a smaller one for my makeup and toiletries. I carried my purse and iPad so it wasn’t like I expected him to carry EVERYTHING. Guys just don’t understand women’s needs. Like, I didn’t know for sure what the weather would be like or what people would be wearing at the wedding and other activities so I had to be prepared for anything. Sure, odds were I would actually wear only a fraction of what I brought, but it’s always better to have too many outfits than not enough.

Steve grunted and groaned, putting on quite a show as he carried my things to his car. When he opened the trunk I tried not to smile as inside was one little suitcase which was then dwarfed by the three of mine. Oh well, guys may be willing to wear the same thing more than once but I would be dang if I’d be caught dead wearing the same outfit the next day.

As I got in the car I waved goodbye to Kristi. She had the front door opened and was standing there on display for the whole neighborhood to watch. Sure technically she was mostly covered by the towel around her neck but try to explain that to the old biddy across the street or the jealous wife who lived next door. Oh well, I was sure she would have plenty to do while I was out – or should I say plenty to do her.

Getting in the car, I was relieved that at least Steve had rented a comfortable car to drive instead of trying to use his monster pickup truck that rode like it had iron bars for springs. He was always bragging about how it was heavy duty and tried to explain to me that it rode great when it had a load. Well, it seemed to me that he never had a load in it when I was with him so it was always a teeth-rattling experience. Now riding in THAT would have made for a really long trip today. My only complaint with the car he’d rented was that it didn’t have a bench seat in front meaning I couldn’t snuggle up next to Steve as he drove.

“Well, we’re off!” Steve said as we pulled away from the curve.

As Steve pulled away from the curb and the rumble of the brick street grew louder, I turned to look at him and admire the view. God he was such a hunk! Even in plain old jeans and a white polo shirt he looked hot. At time like this I could have easily been talked into just spend the entire trip staring at him the while time.

Soon we were on the expressway heading southwest more or less through and into Ohio with Kentucky on the horizon. According to my iPad app it was 828 miles from Pittsburgh to Cherokee Village in Arkansas and supposedly a little more than thirteen hours.

Well, it took less than three hours for me to get in my “Are we there yet?” mode. God… three hours which meant at least ten more to go. This was NOT looking good. Stupid AT&T’s 3G coverage sucks in Ohio so I couldn’t even amuse myself with my iPad. As we passed Columbus I was fidgeting in my seat like a little boy in church that desperately has to go to the bathroom.

“Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Steve finally said as I readjusted my butt for the umpteenth time in the last thirty minutes. “You were the one who insisted on coming along.”

That sort of irritated me so the next time a semi-truck passed by, I turned my head towards the window and pulled my cami down to expose my boobs to the driver. Steve was paying attention to the city traffic and so he didn’t realize what I was doing until the trucker let out a loud honk and practically scared Steve off the side of the road.

“What the fuck?” Steve complained as he regained control and then he turned and saw what I was doing. “Shit Kelly, you have to warn me before you do something crazy like that!”

That’s one of the things I love about Steve, he doesn’t mind me flirting and showing off for other guys. If anything, he encourages me to do it all the more. One time he explained it to me by saying, “Hey, they just get to look and go home and jerk off WISHING they could fuck you. I’m the one who gets to do you later so why not brag about it?”

I guess it made sense from a guy’s point of view. At the same time, I’m not so sure I’d want him pulling out his dick so a woman in a car next to us but then I guess that’s one the differences between men and women. We live in a society where if a girl exposes herself in public people cheer and egg her on but if a guy does the kaçak bahis same type of thing he’s labeled a pervert and gets arrested. Go figure.

In any case flirting was fun for me too and in the end what did it hurt to give a few lonely truckers something to break the monotony? Besides, I enjoy the looks men give me and it turns me on to know they’ll be masturbating about me later.

For the next hour or so as we made our way towards Cincinnati I occupied my time flirting with more truckers. Even Steve was getting into the swing of it as well, pointing out potential “lookers” ahead of us and then pulling up alongside of them so they could get a good view of his girlfriend as I flashed my boobs.

“You really like showing off your tits to strangers, don’t you?” Steve observed.

I turned to him and cupped them with each hand and wiggled for him. “Well, you don’t seem to mind when I do and neither do those guys.”

Steve chuckled and shook his head. “You’ve really changed since we first did it. You never seemed to like being topless back then. You were more the bottomless girl as I recall.”

Well duh! When I was a teenager I didn’t have much of anything to show off on top. It was a never-ending source of frustration for me at that age, especially when friends like his sister Sharon and my best friend Beth were well into their B-cups or better. It was embarrassing going out with them as I was always the girl with the smallest boobs. Now as a solid 34C I was proud of my boobs and yes, I DID like to show them off.

“Does it make you horny to let strangers look at you like this?” Steve asked. From his tone of voice, I could tell he was generally interested in the answer more so than leading me on to something else.

“Of course, how would you feel jerking off in front of a bunch of girls and seeing them get turned on?”

“Well, it’s not like you’re masturbating in front of anyone so that’s different. Besides, I don’t think I could even DO such a thing!”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud a bit at that. Men are SO predictable. Sure they masturbate all the time and seem to like nothing to do more than talk about it, but just try to get them to actually DO it in front of people, especially other guys.

“Well… I COULD do that too. Would it turn you on to watch me?”

Steve turned his head to see if I was just teasing or what. I was dead serious and trying my best to appear so.

“You’re not joking… are you,” he said as he continued to shake his head in disbelief, “Well I don’t believe you… prove it.”

Steve knew full well that if he wanted to get me to do something, all he had to do was dare me. It went back to our dating days. Even as a teenager I was a bit of an exhibitionist as I’d learned early on there was no better way to get in someplace free than to be a slut.

Without saying another word, I laid the seat back all the way and undid my jean shorts. After unzipping them I pulled them down and off my feet, dropping my flip-flops in the process. It left me naked except for my cami top which I had pulled down under my boobs so it was more like a large bandage around my waist.

“Well, is this what you wanted to see?” I teased him as I rubbed my bare mound between my legs.

It felt really smooth as it should as I’d just shaved it an hour before Steve had picked me up. It also felt warm and moist as all this talk about showing off and such had been “motivating” me. In any case, I just like touching myself.

“Fuck… you look so hot,” Steve said in almost a growl.

I noticed it was his turn to start shifting in his seat but in his case I figured he was trying to readjust his cock as it tried to grow in his pants. Poor boys, they have to deal with all this stuff between their legs. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have this thing growing from my crotch!

Steve started to reach over but I brushed his hand aside. “Sorry, not while you’re driving,” I admonished him.

Part of it was to tease him but I genuinely was concerned about his driving as well. It was one thing to blow a guy in downtown traffic where things weren’t moving too fast but we were heading down a highway now at seventy miles an hour and there was lots of traffic as we approached the city. There would be plenty of time later so for now he could just watch and listen.

“Oh yeah…,” I sighed as my finger pushed into me just enough to wet the tip.

I pulled it out and started to rub my clit slowly with my moist fingertip and it sent sharp feelings of pleasure throughout my entire body. “God I’m so damn horny!” I sighed as I rubbed myself. Indeed I was and after all the fun with the truckers and now the feeling of my fingers on my pussy I wanted to be fucked more than anything. Unfortunately, THAT was out of the question, at least for the moment, so I was going to just have to make do with my fingers.

“Shit you look so hot doing that,” Steve said in a barely audible whisper.

He was rubbing himself though his jeans now and from the size of the bulge I would say he was pretty erect. Come to think of it, I don’t think I had just masturbated for him like this before, at least in recent history.

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