We train our friend for more anal fun

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I woke Sunday morning, my stiff cock being held by Lyn who was still asleep, while Kerry lay naked still covered in cum next to me, our bed sheets stuck to me as I moved to have a pee.

My movements woke Lyn, she kissed me stroking my cock as she did, I told her I needed to pee, her eyes lit up, saying shall we get naughty, I knew what she had in mind, as we have played with water sports before.

We snuck into our bathroom, Lyn still sticky with cum from last night looked great, as we kissed and played, my fingers slipping into her warm pussy, she didn’t take long to begin to orgasm, still on a high from last night, as she did, I slipped my cock up her ass, then let my piss flow, the heat from it sent her over the top as she shook though her first orgasm for the day.

We didn’t see Kerry standing by the door watching as my piss over flowed from her ass and ran down her legs, the first we knew was when she made a gasp of surprise, then lowered her head down to get a good look, this made me stop peeing, but Kerry moved one hand on my cock, the other now feeling Lyn’s ass, I let my piss start again, she rubbed my piss into our bodies

I held back, my cock still stiff, but more piss in my bladder, pulling Kerry around, I pushed her forward, my cock went into her pussy, fucking her for a short while, then I let my piss loose, she squealed as the heat from my piss filled her cunt, at first she must have thought I had cum in her, but then reality hit her and she realised it was my piss, Lyn went under her licking her clit, soon had her breathing heavy, as her orgasm hit home.

As Kerry came down from her orgasm, she looked at us both and called us a kinky couple, Lyn then pushed us both down on the floor, stood over our heads and let her piss go, Kerry shocked by this went to stand, but we held her down, both laughing as we rubbed Lyn’s pee over our bodies.

A nice warm shower cleaned us off, it took awhile to get the dry cum out of the girls hair, then we lay talking about our fun, Kerry still shocked about her kinky time this morning with us, Lyn told her we got into water sports by accident one night with a few bi guys, as they used us both to empty their bladders, after a really horny fuck session.

As the girls talked I took time to clean my butt, then Lyn did the same, Kerry at first didn’t seem to catch on, but then made her excuses and cleaned her butt, the day was set for more anal fun, Kerry now standing in front of pendik escort us, rubbing her clit with two fingers in her ass, soon made herself cum, Lyn slipped her fingers in Kerry’s pussy and got her to cum again.

My cock was hard and with some lube soon found her ass ready for a good fucking, Kerry took it all and bent forward for me to get deep inside her butt, burst into another orgasm as my balls banged against her pussy lips.

Kerry was busy eating Lyn’s pussy when I pulled the vibe out, and swapped it with my cock, Kerry took the vibe in her ass as my cock slipped up her cunt too dp her, her orgasm took hold as she enjoyed the feeling going though her body.

We have one or two big vibes and dildos, Kerry had seen some, the 12 inch vibe soon found her pussy entrance and started in. she jumped but pushed back, this was looking good, as both vibes went right in, my cock changed and I slide back into her ass, as more orgasm raced though her.

Kerry was more than happy with both holes filled, so I pulled my cock out of her ass and eased the 12 inch vibe in, she reared up as the head went in, but she held firm, more slide in, then slowly but steady I worked the rest into her rear entrance, her orgasm going well as our new anal slut took it all. Lyn was still licking her clit, as we both kept her high, orgasm after orgasm showed us her body was ready for more kink, the 12 inch vibe now going in easy as her butt opened up nicely.

it was now time, I told Lyn to let Kerry have a sniff of the poppers, we had kept them nearby, once she tried them Kerry’s anus went loose, her head spinning, that was where I needed her to be as my fingers the knuckles slipped in, she looked back, fear in her eyes as with one more push my fist popped in her ass, she screamed as her first anal fist orgasm hit her.

Kerry was now putty in our hands, anything we wanted she would do, so we gave her a good fucking, then as we washed off again we told her she had better get the morning after pill, as well as get on the pill too, she made a phone call and headed off out to the doctors.

We were swimming when Kerry returned, quickly stripping of and diving in the cool water, she told us all was good, and in a few weeks time, she wouldn’t need the other morning after pills any more, we kissed her as my cock slipped in her wet pussy, saying good now you are going to really see what we get up too.

Just about every evening Kerry was at our place getting fucked, her escort pendik butt now able to open up quicker with bigger vibes, Wednesday night when Lyn met her regular lover, Kerry came over, I told her to dress sexy, she sure did in a skirt that left all on view, she went in to get ready, then I took her for a drive, not letting on what we would be doing.

I stopped at the sex shop and brought some more poppers, the guys in the shop had trouble not raping her where she stood, then held her arm while I walked her out the back to the glory holes, she saw guys standing in the gloom, as I took her in the middle booth with a hole in two walls, she asked what was going on, I put a finger though one hole and a cock appeared before us, my mouth took it in as she watched.

The guys had seen her come in with me, so another cock soon popped though the other hole, Kerry looked as I told her to suck him off, she did and all to quickly got his cum splashed on her face, my guy also cum and I swallowed his load, the next cock was a beauty, nice and fat so I turned and opened my ass for him to fuck, he did, and his load hit bottom inside me too.

Kerry was on her second cock, when she took his cum, she swallowed it all, then saw me with a butt full of cum, took her skirt down and backed up to the hole her pussy quickly got fucked hard and filled, as she asked another guy to take his place we heard guys pushing to get in the booth.

They didn’t know which hole was her or me, and within the hour we both had been fucked by half a dozen guys each, I told her it was time to head home and fuck some more, the guys outside saw her leave and groped her body asking her to stay, I said we would be back next Wednesday night for more fucking.

Once we got home we fucked like crazy, my cock loved the feeling of the cum in her pussy, and more surprised her ass too, so my toys and cock went in every hole in any way I wanted too, Kerry was sex crazed as she took my fist in her pussy then her butt, saying a couple of weeks ago, she had never though sex could be so much fun, it was then I told her one more toy and you have had the lot.

Kerry sat and watched as I pulled my monster dildo from the drawer, her face went strange as she saw the full size of it, 12 inches or more long, and a good 3 inches across, and it is heavy very heavy, she held her hand over her butt cheeks and said no way, I laughed and said watch, with some lube I sat over it, the head splitting my ass lips pendik escort bayan open, as it slowly disappeared inside my hole, she gasped as I sat on the balls at the bottom of it.

I rode my monster for awhile my anal orgasm going strong, then pulled it out, her eyes blurred with tears all most, then I went back to fucking her pussy and ass, using the toys around us too, by now with some poppers Kerry was relaxing again, it was time, I pulled the vibe in her ass and pussy out, her body empty for now, Kerry began to breath slower, as I picked up then eased the monster to her butt, she clenched up tight, I gave her more poppers and said relax, she did trusting me more now than ever, as inch by inch I worked it in her stretched butt, boy did it look good too.

This is one hell of a dildo, as more went in her anus opened up and looked great, at one time I pulled it out, her ass never closed, I could see some way in her body, then back in it went, as she orgasm more each time, she was game for more.

I got her to take a real good sniff, the poppers did the job I saw her body and anus go limp, then with several hard push’s, it went in, her body reacting to the onslaught fought back, but I held it in firm, then with one good push back she let out a scream and quickly orgasmed on the monster, she was no longer afraid of taking anything.

I kept her high for some time, then she asked if she could rest, I pulled my toy out, and held in front of her, she touched it and said, “Thank You,” my cock slipped back in butt, but she was too far gone to notice.

I fucked her until I was close to coming, then pulled my cock out, sat on her chest, and blew my load right over her face, something I had done before but she wasn’t keen on, this time she put her tongue out and licked my cock and her face clean.

We must have drifted off to sleep as Lyn woke me as she got into bed, I made a bee line for her pussy, eating her out and taking Johns cum from her, she told me he blew three loads in her tonight,, after she told him about the black guys, turns out he wants to see a girl with two black cocks in her, and more surprising she told him to come along Saturday night.

Kerry woke as I fucked Lyn’s ass, she told me two loads were in her butt tonight, as my cock refiled it for her, Kerry went down eating her out, sharing our juices. We told her Saturday was going to be busier, and maybe kinkier if we can arrange it too.

We fell off to sleep, Kerry left for work early, as we discussed which guys we will invite for Saturday night, now it was going to be a full blown gang bang, we might as well have a lot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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