Warmer by the Lake Ch. 02

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“That was fun,” said Julia as she helped pull the aluminum fishing boat up onto shore. “I haven’t been in a motorboat since I was little. But they’re so noisy. Getting here in a canoe is slow, but it’s peaceful.”

Of the three girls I rescued from the lake the previous weekend, Julia appreciated being in the woods the most. She was also the most mature. It took all weekend for her to warm up, and then she surprised me by initiating a hungry lovemaking session at the edge of the water while her roommates, Sarah and Prisha, entertained themselves back at the tent.

We tossed our bags in the canvas tent and together lugged sacks of cement and other building supplies from the boat to the supply shelter.

“You sure know how to show a girl a good time, Daniel,” she said, brushing strands of fine blonde hair out of her face.

“I appreciate the help,” I said. “And sorry for making you work. This was the only weekend I could borrow my friend’s motorboat. Carrying building supplies in my canoe just isn’t an option.”

I told Julia my construction plans for the weekend. After a year of cutting trees to clear the land, I was ready to build the cabin.

“I don’t mind,” she said. “I didn’t come here to sunbathe. I don’t know anything about construction, but I’ll help wherever I can.”

When we finished securing the supplies, we stood and stretched. We were shining with sweat and breathing hard from the exertion.

I looked at Julia, her long legs exposed by her hiking shorts, her medium-sized boobs pushing out her top.

Julia noticed me admiring her and said, “So I guess you want to fuck me now.”

“What?” I said. “Actually, I was only going to ask if you wanted to go for a swim and cool off.”

“Really?” She said, unconvinced.

I took both of her hands. “Yeah. Really. You think I invited you here just for sex?”

“Well, not only for sex…”

“Julia, I loved what we did last weekend, but I figure that was a fluke. You were caught up in the moment or something. But you really liked being here, out in nature. I like that. I like sharing what I have here with folks who appreciate it. You’re my guest. Relax and enjoy yourself. We’re supposed to be getting to know each other. Other than that and working on the cabin, I have no expectations, okay?”

Julia took that in and said, “Sorry. Guys usually want to fuck long before the ‘get to know you’ part.”

I sighed. “Yeah? Well, then we’re covered after what we did last weekend. This time, let’s try it the old-fashioned way and talk to each other and do things together first?”

“That’s old-fashioned, all right. Positively Victorian. But sounds good to me.”

I cleared my throat and extended an elbow towards her. “Now that’s cleared up… Madame? I beg your pardon, but if I may be so bold as to inquire… on this exceedingly warm day, would you permit me the pleasure of your company for the briefest dip in the lake? The water looks ever so refreshing.”

Julia grinned and took my arm. Attempting an English accent, she said, “Why, how thoughtful of you to offer, kind sir. I think that would be most amenable and if I may say so, salubrious. Please allow me just a moment to don my swimming attire.”

“Of course, Madame.” I expected her to run up to the tent to change into a bathing suit. Instead, Julia stepped back and pulled off her top, revealing her bare breasts, quickly followed by her shorts. Within seconds, she stood naked, unashamed and looking at me expectantly.

I was open-mouthed. Her medium-sized breasts were breathtaking. She had trimmed the dark blonde fur between her legs since last weekend, but I was glad she hadn’t shaved completely.

“What?” she said as I stared. “You saw me naked plenty last weekend.”

I recovered enough to ask, “Did you even bring a bathing suit?”

“Sure. But I liked swimming naked last time. And you were a gentleman about it, so… why bother?”

I nodded thoughtfully. “Well, in that case, Madame… I’m most gratified for you to accept my invitation. And may I say, your choice of swimming attire is most fetching. Most fetching, indeed. Here, permit me to obtain appropriate attire for the occasion as well.”

I too stripped naked and stood before her. Julia appraised me for a moment and when I again offered her my arm, she took it, and we strolled down to the water like a scene from a pornographic Charlie Chaplin film.

We waded in and swam out into the lake. The cool water was a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

“This is great,” she said. “I’m a little nervous, though.”

“You didn’t have a problem last weekend.”

“That was at night! It’s broad daylight now. What if someone sees us?”

I grinned. “No one ever comes this far down the lake, remember? I’ve skinny dipped here for years and never been caught. And if someone saw us, so what?”

Julia swam alongside me, considering. “You’re right. So what?” She rolled onto her back and sculled with her arms, causing her breasts to break the surface. “This certainly is liberating.”

I avcılar elit escort was a strong swimmer but Julia kept up with me as we swam far into the lake and further down the shore. When we got back to the camp, I took Julia’s hand as we waded from the water.

“That was wonderful,” she said, “but now I’m freezing.”

I pulled her close and rubbed her back and naked bum. Julia’s warm body pressing against me was delightful after the cool of the lake.

“It’s a hot day. You’ll warm up soon. Come on… we can lie in the sun for a while.”

We dried off and spread our towels on the ground.

I recalled all the times I had swum with my wife and lay beside her in the same spot. Once I would have felt guilty doing the same things with someone else, but enough time had passed since she was killed. I was determined to move on. She would want me to.

We lay without talking, staring up at the clouds and enjoying the sun, the warm air and quiet sounds of nature.

After a long while lying in companionable silence, Julia said, “I should feel nervous being here.”

“Should you?”

“Going alone to the camp of some guy I just met? Anyone would think I was crazy. But somehow, I’m okay with it.” Julia propped herself up on an elbow and looked at me. “Must be that ‘connection’ you talked about.”

“I guess so. I’m no saint, but you can trust me, Julia.” Pausing, I said “Of course, that’s exactly what a serial killer would say. Maybe I’ve lured hundreds of women out here to their doom.”

Julia gave me a half smile and shook her head. “You’re not the violent type.”

I kept silent.

“I’m warm now,” she said. “Do you want to go up to the tent?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. “The tent?”

In an English accent she said, “Kind sir, could I impose on you to accompany me to the boudoir for an hour or two of the most improper debauchery?”

I laughed. “That accent isn’t getting any better, Julia. Are you sure?”

She nodded.

“Well then, Madame,” I said, “since your temperament is amenable to such a venture, I’d be absolutely delighted. I implore you to consider though: why retire, when we have all of nature’s abundant glory to enjoy?” I swept an arm around the camp.

Julia looked shocked. “Here? But…” She paused and looked around as if to verify there was no one looking. She nodded to herself. “You’re right,” she said.

We came together and embraced, our hands exploring each other. I caressed Julia’s warm smooth body and firm breasts. I stroked her ass and between her legs as she explored me. It was leisurely and slow. Neither of us was in any hurry. Soon she was sopping wet.

Julia pulled me on top of her, but I slid down between her legs. Her trimmed blonde pussy was so pretty, and it was the first time I had seen a natural blonde up close. Julia looked down at me as I took a slow experimental lick and explored her.

“Huuh…” Julia laid back and spread her legs to give me full access to her.

I teased and played with her soft folds and clit for several minutes as Julia sighed and writhed. When I looked up, she had closed her eyes. Her eyebrows were raised and her mouth hung open. One hand was absently massaging a breast while the other petted and guided my head to where she needed me.

Julia didn’t moan or flail around. Instead, she sighed and pushed herself into me as I pleasured her. When I introduced two fingers into her opening, she became more animated and her breath quickened. I kept at it until I heard a little squeak. She arched as she went over, holding my head still with both hands as she came.

I watched the lovely sight of Julia’s climax and slow recovery. I had just a twinge of pride that I could still bring a woman to orgasm that way. When Julia opened her eyes, she looked down at me and blinked.

“Was that acceptable, Madame?” I asked.

Julia nodded and pulled me up onto her. She looked at me with lidded eyes and said, “Do you want me to blow you now?”

I poked my hardness against her. “God no. I’m ready.”

“Good,” she breathed, “Because I really need to be fucked right now.”

I obliged, sliding into Julia all the way with one slow insistent stroke. The feel of her, plus the surprised delight on her face and the moan she gave nearly made me come right away. I held myself still within her until the urge passed and started fucking her slowly.

Julia breathed and panted, pushing her hips back at me each time I entered her, urging me on with her hands on my ass and legs hooked around me. She had her eyes closed and her head turned to the side, lost in her own world as I took her.

We fucked, enjoying the sensations and the sense of freedom of coupling at the edge of the lake in full daylight. The scent of the surrounding woods and sound of the breeze in the trees mingled Julia’s small moans and the scent of her arousal.

I thought of how I had no right to be doing this with this 24-year-old woman. I was 37, and a bitter old widower. Or I had been avcılar escort until three lively young women floated into my life. The previous weekend with Julia and the others had woken me up from my long period of grief and shame. I was determined to move on. Making love to beautiful Julia was a hell of a way to start.

Before long, my motions became irregular and more insistent as the need to come rose. Julia clung tighter and rutted back at me until I pushed into her hard and let myself go. Julia grunted and half opened her eyes at the sudden deep intrusion, and when she realized I was coming inside her, closed them again in languid satisfaction.

We lay side-by-side as we recovered, holding hands and looking at the sky.

“I think you needed that,” she said. “I know I did.”

“I’m out of practice. I hope that was okay.”

Julia chuckled. “Oh, yeah. Most guys just jackhammer away. You take your time. I get why Prisha has been gushing about you all week.”

“She has?”

“Pri hasn’t shut up about you since last weekend. It was getting annoying. I think she has a little crush on you.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I thought back to her roommate Prisha: dark and lovely, gawky and shy, but courageous enough to sneak into my bed while her friends slept. I liked her immensely. If only she was as mature and as capable as Julia was. But she acted like a skittish college girl. She was too innocent. I pushed her away so I wouldn’t hurt her.

It occurred to me then that Julia reminded me of my wife. Not in her looks, but in her manner: confident, capable, and intense. Was that why I felt a connection to her? I hoped it was more than that, not a subconscious longing to duplicate what I’d lost.

There was an odd sound in the distance.

“Hear that?” I said, cocking an ear.

Julia looked around, straining to listen. “Is that… music? Singing?”

We both stood, tried to figure out where it was coming from.

“It’s getting closer,” Julia said. She paused. “Oh, shit! That’s Sarah’s voice!”

Grabbing her clothes, Julia ran up to the tent and ducked inside.

Now I could clearly hear singing:

“…for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. Drink up me hearties, yo ho! We kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot. Drink up me hearties, yo ho! A pirate’s life for me.”

I yanked on my shorts just as a canoe glided into view. Sarah was sitting in front, wearing a black tank top printed with a huge skull and crossbones. A red bandanna covered her copper hair. Prisha sat in the stern, trying to steer the canoe to shore.

Sarah waved a plastic cutlass. “Avast, Quixote, ye landlubber! Prepare to be boarded.”

I ran down to guide their boat to land. “What the hell are you two doing here?”

“We came to see you, Daniel!” said Prisha. She beamed.

“And to claim what you owe me,” said Sarah.

I grabbed the bow of the canoe and pulled it up on shore.

“Yeah?” I said. “And what do I owe you?”

“A really good fucking!” she laughed. “Last weekend you fucked everyone but me.”

Prisha covered her face in embarrassment. “Sarah, you and your filthy mouth. Daniel, you don’t owe us anything. We wanted to repay you. We’ve brought food and supplies to replace what we used last weekend and…”

“Vodka!” yelled Sarah, lifting a bottle into the air. “Good stuff. Not that cheap shit you gave us last weekend.”

I helped the girls step out of the canoe. They had another rental from the campground up the lake, like the one they had last weekend.

Sarah stretched up to kiss my cheek. “Admit it, Quixote, you bad boy… you’re happy to see me. Like my outfit?”

“Really cute, Sarah. The pirate wench look suits you.”

From my other side, Prisha also kissed me, but first she hugged my side before pulling my lips to hers.

“It’s so nice to see you again, Daniel.” Her dark eyes were shining. “I hope we’re not intruding too much.”

I hugged her. “Nice to see you too, Prisha. This is a hell of a surprise. That’s a long trip just to see me.”

Sarah was flexing her shoulders. “No kidding. Two frigging hours of driving. Another two paddling. My arms are about to fall off. Hey…”

She walked over to the motorboat and tapped it with her toe. “What’s this? Mister mountain man came here in a real boat? I am disappointed.”

Before I could respond, Julia emerged from the tent, dressed and looking angry.

Sarah gasped. “I do not fucking believe it. You absolute fucking slut! So Daniel is the sick grandmother you had to visit this weekend?”

Julia lifted her chin. “He invited me.”

Sarah whacked me with her plastic sword. “You invited HER? I’m the one left out of your little orgy last weekend, and you invite little miss frosty for more?”

I said, “I’m surprised she didn’t tell you.”

“She said she was taking care of her grandmother.” Sarah turned to Julia. “Too embarrassed to admit you’d be whoring it up with our mountain man, Julia?”

Julia’s face darkened, avcılar eve gelen escort and she advanced on her friend. “God damn it, Sarah. No one invited you here!”

Prisha stepped between them and tried calming them down. I got the impression she had to do that often.

I watched the squabbling for a moment and said, “Ladies, there will be no fights at my camp, okay? You’re all friends. Calm down and work it out.”

Julia and Sarah stopped squabbling to look at me, embarrassed.

Prisha said, “We will go, Daniel. We didn’t know Julia was with you.” I caught a wounded expression before she looked away.

“Like hell,” said Sarah. “We just got here. I’m not paddling another two hours just so Julia can have her precious twat reamed out all weekend.”

Julia yelled at her friend again, so I spread my hands and said, “Keep it calm, you two. Sarah’s right… it’s a long way back. You’re here, so you’d better stay. I can run you back with the motorboat in the morning. Save you from paddling.”

Sarah and Prisha thought that was acceptable, but Julia wanted them to leave right away.

The turn of events derailed my plan of a peaceful weekend with Julia. I had to admit, though, that it was nice to see Pri and Sarah again.

“Let’s get your gear out of the canoe. You can sleep in the same room in the tent as last time.”

“And Julia?” asked Sarah, eyeing her friend. “Where is she sleeping?”

I traded glances with Julia. “Uh, we hadn’t discussed it.”

“You two sleep together,” said Julia to Sarah and Pri. “I’m staying with Daniel.”

Sarah was about to say something, but Prisha shushed her. The four of us gathered around the canoe.

They had a large cooler plus backpacks. While Sarah and Julia lugged the cooler up beside the fire pit, Prisha and I took the backpacks into the tent.

I set a pack down and as I turned, Prisha put her arms around me and pressed her head against my chest. Surprised, I held her.

“I am very surprised that Julia is here, Daniel. But I understand if you have chosen her.”

I shook my head. “This isn’t some soap opera, Pri. I haven’t ‘chosen’ anyone. Julia really liked being at the camp last weekend, and there seemed to be some spark with us, so I invited her back. That’s all. I never thought she’d keep it a secret.”

“I believe she did so because she knew it would hurt me.”

That stilted phrasing again. Her slight English accent. Her shyness. Her need. Everything about Prisha was compelling.

She looked up, wounded. “Didn’t we also have a ‘spark’, Daniel?”

I didn’t want to answer that. “You know, Pri, all this attention… from you, from all of you. After being alone for so long, it hard to know how to deal with it. Why am I so popular all of a sudden? All of you should find guys your own age, not hang around with me.”

“The guys I know my age are dreadful. Besides, once people are adults, does age matter that much?”

“I think so. Usually.”

Prisha said, “But not always. My father is ten years older than my mother. They are very happy together.”

“Pri… listen. Last weekend with you was wonderful. You are wonderful. But you don’t even know me. I’m… not a good guy.”

Prisha looked up with big, trusting eyes. “Of course you are.”

I wished she hadn’t come. I loved seeing her again, but she would be crushed if she discovered who I was.


“We’d better check on Sarah and Julia,” I said.

The other girls were sitting on a log beside the fire pit, still having a heated discussion.

Prisha pulled my arm. “Daniel, come see what we brought you!”

She lifted the lid of their cooler. It was packed with meat, cheese, eggs, booze, strawberries and even ice cream.

Sarah ambled over and pulled out a can of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate sauce.

“For the strawberries and ice cream,” she said. “Or you know… whatever.” She grinned.

Prisha showed me a bag with camp soap, batteries, bug spray, fishing lures, suntan lotion, even razor blades. She beamed with pride explaining how she spent all week thinking of things to bring.

“This is amazing, you two. Thank you. There’s enough food here for a week, even for four people. You’ll have to take some of it back in the morning.”

Sarah stepped close and pouted, “Are you really going to kick us out in the morning? Send us home after… just… one… night?” She emphasized each word by walking her fingers up my chest, ending with her arms loose around my neck and giving me a smoldering look.

I laughed. “Sarah, do you take lessons in being slutty?”

“Don’t need ’em. I’m blessed with a natural talent.” She grinned. “So, are you going to make us go back?”

“Ladies, as interesting as it is having you here again, once again, this isn’t a resort. I’m here to work on the cabin. There’s a lot to do if I’m to get it finished before the winter. Julia is going to help.”

“We can help too, Daniel,” said Prisha. “We would love to help. Right, Sarah?”

Sarah looked at Pri and Julia. She didn’t seem enthusiastic, but she said, “Sure. Absolutely. But only if I get to use the chainsaw.”


I showed the girls the plans, and we got to work: pulling stumps, staking out the site and digging holes for the large cardboard tubes we would later fill with concrete for the foundation piers.

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