Wanda’s Story Ch. 18

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Wanda Catron spent the next few days in a haze of loving glory. She and Astrid Martin, her college roommate, had expressed their feelings for each other. But Astrid was back home in Casper, Wyoming, spending Christmas with her family. And Wanda was here, in Provo, Utah, spending this Christmas day with the other woman she loved deeply, her Mistress, Anne Franklin.

Specifically, “here” was strapped, face-down, on the bed in Anne’s “dungeon”. The fact that this was really the basement of Anne’s home didn’t matter. To a slave like Wanda, whatever her owner, in this case Anne, told her, she believed. If Anne had told her the sun rose in the west and set in the south, Wanda would believe it.

What Wanda believed right now was that she was very close to orgasm. Mistress Anne had their favorite Strap-on deeply buried into Wanda’s pussy, and she was also rubbing a mini vibrator on Wanda’s sensitive clit. The 19-year-old college freshman was moaning and groaning with delight as her Mistress, a 33-year-old high school English teacher, urged her to greater emotional heights. what Anne had not allowed Wanda to do, yet, was cum. Anne was testing her slave to see if all her lessons had held.

“You’re just a little fucking slut, aren’t you?” Anne hissed into Wanda’s ear. “You go off and have free sex. Mistress bets you haven’t even worked on orgasm denial, have you, slut?”

Moaning, so close to orgasm she could feel it swelling in her pussy, Wanda could only reply “I tried, Mistress.”

Still the sexual torture went on. “Don’t cum, slut,” Anne repeated. She emphasized every spoken word with a sharp thrust of the rigid fake cock into Wanda’s pussy. Soon Wanda was whimpering, the sign to Anne that the teen needed to cum, but was holding off. The teacher turned sadistic then, pulling the vib off Wanda’s clit and sliding it into her pussy, letting it join the strap-on dildo in Wanda’s body.

The whimpering increased in intensity. Wanda held on for dear life, as her Mistress loved her as no woman ever had before. Two shafts in her pussy? Wanda had not even thought of that before Anne did it to her. Orgasm denial? A great thrill for Wanda when she was finally allowed to cum, a treat to show Mistress her training had held until the words were spoken allowing the orgasm.

On and on Anne went. The whimpering grew in intensity. Finally, after 30 minutes of listening to Wanda whimper and fight to hold back her orgasms, Anne spoke the words Wanda wanted to hear. “Cum for me, slave.”

Wanda relaxed at last and let the orgasm take control. She came hard, then came harder, then shook with joy as a third orgasm struck her on top of the first two. She was forced by the bindings to remain in place, which was lucky, Wanda thought. Without the restraints, she would surely have flung herself off the bed in her delight over her massive orgasms.

Finally sated, Wanda collapsed onto the bed. Anne released Wanda’s right arm, allowing the teen to roll on one side and let her Mistress cuddle close. The two women kissed, feeling the affects of the afterglow they got by making love.

Anne looked over her teen lover with an appraising eye. She could see a bit of her mother, Lorraine Catron, in Wanda, but realized that both women were special in their own ways. Anne had recently spent the evening in bed with Lorraine and her lover, J.L. “Lou” Spillington, a lawyer in town. The three women had made love while Wanda was in Salt Lake City taking Astrid to the airport. Anne had not mentioned the tryst to Wanda, nor did she intend to. Whatever the Mistress decided to do, she could do. The slave has no life but what the Mistress gives, and may never ask what the Mistress has been doing. It was a lesson Anne had made Wanda learn early on, and it served Anne well, for the woman had many secrets.

In addition to the secret about Lorraine, Anne had not told Wanda about Sydney, the woman who ran the porn shop just outside of town. Sydney had been a slave of Anne’s a few years ago, before Anne released her by mutual desire. Nowadays, Sydney kept Anne informed whenever Wanda went into the store. It was Sydney that had first seen the porn video that had starred, without her knowledge, Wanda. It was Sydney that had tried to seduce Wanda in the early days of Anne’s relationship with the teen. And it was Sydney who was letting Amber Anderson, another friend of Wanda and Anne, live with her while Wanda was home.


Many things had changed while Wanda had been in school the past three 1/2 months. Foremost, Anne had made Amber her newest slave. Amber had lived with Wanda and Anne for almost a year now, but was the third wheel while Wanda was there. Now she was the main slave of Anne, although she had been sent here to Sydney’s.

Another reason she was at Sydney’s was to hide the changes Amber had been going through. Not only was Amber a slave now, her body shape had also changed. When Wanda had met the 21-year-old, she was a former gymnast, with bahis firmaları a gymnast’s body, lean and lithe. Amber was only 4-8, with 32a breasts, a tiny waist, and small buttock. Now, she was a 32b in her breasts and growing every day. But the most astounding growth was in her womb. She was almost four months pregnant.

Amber’s mind slid back to the day in early September when she got pregnant. Her former boyfriend, Erich Buchanon, had knocked on Anne’s door. Buchanon, a former defensive end at Utah State University, had been the first-round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Two weeks into his first training camp, however, Erich had torn the muscles in his upper arm, ending his season early.

On a visit home, he had found he missed the company of Amber. He found she was living with Anne and a smile creased his face. Erich remembered the Saturday night sex parties with Amber, Anne and that Wanda chick that never did anything but suck his cock. Amber and Anne, though … they were creative in bed, and took him happily.

When the door opened, he found Amber dressed like a French maid. The skirt, though, was much shorter than anything he had ever seen, even in porn movies. His cock started swelling just looking at her.

“What do you want?” Amber said. She remembered the hurt she had felt when Erich had dumped her in January. That hurt had been eased when she moved in with Anne and Wanda. Now it was almost totally gone, or was until the cause of the pain showed up again.

“I’m so sorry,” Erich began. A large man at 6-6 and nearly 300 pounds, it was funny to Amber as she watched Erich start to grovel. “I was a fool, and I know that. I’ve come to ask your forgiveness. Please, Amber, I beg you. I need you.”

“Wait here,” Amber said. She closed the front door and went to the study, where Anne was working on lesson plans. She waited to be recognized by her new Mistress.

“Who was at the door, little one?” Anne asked.

“Mistress, it’s Erich, this one’s old boyfriend,” she replied. Amber had been learning to refer to herself in the third person when speaking with Anne. “He wants to apologize and says he needs this girl.”

“What do you think he really wants?”

“Mistress, your humble slave thinks he only needs a pussy to fuck.”

Anne smiled. “My thoughts exactly. Now, do you want to give him your pussy to fuck?”

“Mistress, this pussy is yours to do with as you want. If you want girl to fuck him, she will. But to be honest, she has been happiest when she is with you.”

A malevolent gleam showed in Anne’s eyes. “I have an idea, little one. Let’s bring him in, then fuck him in more ways than he wants.” She proceeded to quickly outline her thoughts. When Amber skipped back to the front door, she was all smiles.

“Come in, Erich,” she said. The lineman came into the house and sat on the couch. A minute later, Anne emerged from the study, wearing a long shimmering robe.

“You’ve come at an opportune time, Erich,” she said. “Amber and I had been talking about you, wondering where we could possibly find someone as equipped as you are to fuck these bodies.” with a nod to Amber, Anne dropped her robe.

Anne’s body was still in good shape. Her 36b breasts pointed at Erich. Her flat stomach showed not an inch of mid-age flab, and her thighs glistened with moisture. Erich’s eyes glued onto Anne’s naked body, until he noticed that Amber was also stripping. Soon he had two women in front of him, both as naked as when they were born.

“Follow us, if you dare,” Anne said. “And if you do follow, lose the clothes. Following is also implied consent that you will go along with anything the two of us desire.” Both women started down the hall. Erich was behind them a heartbeat later, dancing down the hall as he stripped. Erich remembered vividly how much fun it was making love with these women. He wanted more, no matter what. It was tough taking his shirt off with a sling on one arm, so Erich finally ripped the shirt off.

Now naked, the African-American with a 12-inch cock at half-mast walked to the end of the hall. There both women waited. Amber took his cock in to her mouth and started sucking on it. Anne placed a blindfold over his eyes and said “Follow the sucking mouth. I will help you down the stairs.”

Intrigued by the game, Erich started shoving his cock into Amber’s mouth. As he did, she scooted backwards. He took another step to fill her mouth, and again she scooted back. Fill and scoot, fill and scoot, they made their way carefully down the stairs. Erich felt hardwood floor under his feet as he walked on now. Then they stopped in the middle of the room. Amber started sucking his cock in earnest, and Erich’s mind went right to his groin.

So intent on the blowjob was Erich that he failed to feel the handcuffs click around his wrists. Only when the chains started rattling and his good hand was being yanked upwards did Erich start to protest. But by then it was too late. He was trapped. kaçak iddaa Even his casted arm was locked by a handcuff.

Amber took her mouth off Erich’s now-rigid pole, and both women stared at it. Then Anne giggled, and Amber joined her. Amber went to the wall, and took down a 14-inch strap-on dildo. She placed it on Anne’s groin, and Anne pulled Erich’s mask off. The football player’s first sight when the mask was removed was the longer cock on Anne. The second sight was that longer cock filling Amber’s pussy.

The two women fucked as Erich watched. Amber came hard, screaming Anne’s name. Then the strap-on changed bodies, and Amber fucked Anne until the older woman came as well. Erich was in agony, watching both women pleasure themselves.

But what came next was worse. Both women took floggers off the wall and started whipping the football star. At first it tickled. Then it stung a little. But as the beating went on and on, it got worse and worse. Soon the football star was screaming in agony as the leather strips on the flogger slapped flesh tenderized by repeated beatings. And still the beating continued.

After a bit, Amber came back around the front and took Erich’s now-flaccid cock back into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, getting the cock back to full mast despite the repeated beatings from Anne. When he was fully erect, Amber removed her mouth and said “Ready.”

When Anne came around, Erich saw she was wearing the strap-on again. He thought he would be watching a repeat of the earlier scene. Instead, Anne got a chair from the school classroom set Erich could see against the wall. Amber got on her hands and knees on the chair, and Anne pushed it, with Amber’s ass going first, towards Erich.

“Lift a little higher, little one,” Anne said. Amber raised on her haunches a bit. Then Anne pushed Amber’s pussy right onto Erich’s cock. She was deeply impaled, and Erich started thrusting as well as he could into Amber. Anne disappeared.

Erich got into a rhythm, fucking Amber. He realized he was not wearing a condom, but was too far into the sex act to care. Amber was moaning and groaning, her small pussy squeezing hard on Erich’ organ.

Anne’s hands started rubbing Erich’s buttocks and asshole. Erich felt a little wetness on her hands, but his focus was in front of him, so he didn’t pay much attention. He stroked hard, then harder, then harder still. His body stiffened, and he came, shooting his load into the small woman.

But right as he started cumming, Anne grabbed his stomach and Erich felt the worst thing he ever felt in his life. The 14-inch cock started sliding into his ass. He screamed, trying to turn away from this anal invasion. But he couldn’t turn. Sometime during the fucking of Amber, he feet had been locked into place on the floor. He was also held in place by his still-ejaculating cock in Amber’s pussy.

Deeper and deeper the fake cock went. More and more Erich screamed. His cock stopped spitting sperm and instantly deflated, sliding out of Amber with a “pop.” Then the in-and-out motion started. If Erich thought he hurt when it went in, he hurt more as Anne fucked Erich’s ass.

Amber turned to Erich. Venom dripped with every syllable she uttered. “When Anne is done, you will leave. Leave and never ever come back. I don’t want you. I don’t need you.

“And if you tell anyone this happened, we have a tape from the living room. You gave consent when you came willingly down the hall.”

The strap-on pulled out of Erich’s ass, and Anne shoved a long butt-plug into Erich’s ass instead. The pain was now constant and burning. Anne opened the bottom drawer of the desk on the school set. She pulled out a Magnum .38 and pointed it at Erich.

In pain, and now in fear for his life, Erich emptied his bladder. Both women laughed at him. The football player had never been so humiliated.

Amber unlocked the foot locks and the handcuffs, then jumped to Anne’s side. “Get out, now,” Amber hissed. “Get out and NEVER return.” Erich did.

Two weeks later, an at-home pregnancy test showed Amber was carrying Erich’s child. The two women talked and decided to be mothers together. Erich never knew he had a child.

Anne had also decided not to tell Wanda until she end of the school year. so Amber was at Sydney’s, although Anne did call her every day.


Wanda had asked Anne about Amber several times, but the answer was always the same. “She’s away, and will be back soon. I sent her on an errand. I’d forgotten you were coming home.”

After cuddling together for a while, Anne slid under Wanda’s body, and lifted her pussy to the teen’s mouth. Wanda needed no encouragement. She loved the taste of her Mistress’ pussy, so she dived right in. Licking and sucking hard, she worked hard to make her Mistress cum. She knew the spots that made her Mistress moan louder and cum quicker. Her tongue and fingers worked those spots feverishly, and she was rewarded when her Mistress kaçak bahis drove her mouth into Wanda’s pussy to muffle her moans of excitement.

Quickly Wanda changed her attack. She thrust two fingers deeply into her Mistress and bent them, rubbing her G-spot with her nails. That was the last straw. Anne lifted her mouth off Wanda’s pussy, screamed, and came, flooding Wanda’s fingers and mouth with her cum.

Anne spoke quietly, “Cum freely,” then drove her mouth into Wanda’s pussy. Wanda kept her mouth on Anne, licking and fingering her with love and care. They built each other up together, feeling the rises and falls of their partner’s sexual urges while trying to hold off their own urges.

When they couldn’t hold out any longer, they came. Wanda came first, having been given the freedom to cum. Anne tasted Wanda’s internal juices and came as well, allowing both of them to cum and drink cum at the same time.

Then Anne brought out Wanda’s Christmas present. The teacher had bought a pair of vibrating nipple clamps. She attached each clamp and turned on the vibrator. The feeling of pain that started building in Wanda’s body, a feeling she had missed since going to college, was now intensified by the buzzing from this strange place. Then Anne added a smaller vibrator to Wanda’s pussy, allowing the teen to shudder more.

After several minutes, during which the teen came once, Anne moved the dildo vibrator out of Wanda’s pussy and into her ass. Wanda squirmed in joy at having the vibrations coming from a new position. Then Anne added a third, thick, vibrator to Wanda’s pussy and turned it on high.

The three vibrators drove Wanda over the brink. Three buzzes, all at different speeds, moved all over her body. Three sets of vibrations attacked her most sensitive sexual spots. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Orgasm after orgasm followed close behind, as Wanda flowed freely. Finally, exhausted, she collapsed on the bed. Anne turned the vibrators off and let her teen lover sleep.


The next morning, Wanda drove back to the airport, visions of the night before dancing in her head. She waited patiently at the terminal until the flight arrived. Astrid was easy to spot, being as she was the tallest woman on the plane at 6-4. She saw Wanda and flew into her arms. People wandering in the airport gawked at the tall woman bear-hugging the 5-6 Puerto Rican girl, but the two didn’t care. They walked hand-in-hand to get Astrid’s luggage.

They got into Wanda’s Mustang and fell into each other’s arms, kissing and muttering how much they missed each other. Astrid’s hand brushed higher and higher up Wanda’s leg, and the girl smiled inwardly. She had really made a sexual creature of this formerly demure basketball star.

“I can’t wait,” Astrid whispered. “I’ve missed you so much. Take me to a motel room and let’s make love.”

Wanda smiled happily. She had already made such a plan, and drove to the room she had already rented. Once inside, the two teens pulled off their clothes and dived onto the bed naked. Astrid landed first, forcing Wanda to dive between the tall woman’s legs and eat first. Astrid did not have the training Wanda had, and had not even played with herself while at home, though she wanted to. She wanted Wanda to have everything she could give her, and she gave her lots.

The first orgasm came while Wanda was still licking the outer labia. Astrid needed to cum so badly, she exploded as soon as Wanda’s tongue hit the lips. Wanda continued on, drawing the second orgasm when she split Astrid’s pussy lips and licked up and down from the bottom of the pussy to the clit. The third orgasm came minutes later when Wanda finally drove her tongue deep into Astrid’s wet pussy. Finally, when Wanda added her fingers into Astrid, the orgasms came one after the other without stop, until the 18-year-old was too tired to continue.

Wanda called a local pizza parlor, and when the pie arrived, the girls devoured it quickly, rebuilding their strength. They donned robes only long enough to answer the door, but ate naked.

With a couple of pieces left, Astrid finally spoke. “Good pizza, my love, but one topping is missing off it.”

Wanda looked puzzled. “What do you mean, babe?” she asked. “I got the supreme, the type you liked. What topping did they miss?”

Astrid giggled. “Wanda topping,” she said. She took the piece in her hand and smeared it all over Wanda’s naked body. The shorter woman shrieked as the taller teen messed her body. But when Astrid then started licking the pizza toppings off Wanda’s body, Wanda stopped shrieking and started moaning.

Astrid’s tongue started on Wanda’s 38d breasts, licking toppings off each nipple. Then she moved down her abdomen, cleaning the bronze body under her. Tomato paste was cleaned off Wanda’s inner thighs, and cheese cleared off Wanda’s mons. Wanda had squirmed in delight as Astrid licked the pizza off her. She squirmed more when Astrid drove her tongue and fingers into her pussy. Astrid, following the teachings wanda had given her, went right for the G-Spot in Wanda’s pussy. Wanda felt her body lift off the bed, and she came, streaming cum out her pussy.

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