Waking Up was When It Started

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This is a follow up to—– My Girlfriend Delivers


It was a dull Saturday morning I was emptying the dishwasher from yesterday afternoon. My roommate Grant came into the kitchen after finally getting out of bed. “So how did your date with Karen go?”

I had only gone out with Karen a few times but as most of my dates with her went, we ended up in bed. And we both thought that our relationship was going just fine because of it. “Well we enjoyed a wonderful evening my boy.”

As I bent over the dishwasher Grant came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, bumping up against my ass and said, “Oh from this view I can see what your girl Karen likes about you Steve. Since we share a common interest I think we might enjoy some exciting sexual adventures.” I answered, “Why Grant I didn’t know you found the big girls to your liking.”

Grant responded, “Oh my interests are wide ranging. I’m sure Karen would be up for some double man action.” Then as he reached into my sweatpants to take my dick in his right hand added, “She seems to enjoy this bit of Steve as much as I do, I’m thinking a threesome would be a good time for all.”

Well in case I hadn’t mentioned that Grant and I besides being roommates are both Bi and lovers. We met in high school where we had some mutual girlfriends, had some threesomes and once we were freshmen in college we were getting it on without them around.

As Grant bumped his obvious boner against my ass and massaged my stiffening dick with his right hand I stood up and thought Karen might enjoy that action. She’s a strong girl 5-9 tall and 185 pounds and finds my 6-1 220 pound frame to her liking so Grant being 6-2 tall and 230 pounds wouldn’t be off her radar.

So with Grant having stroked my nine inches good and hard he turned me around and squatted in front of me taking my pants to my knees then took the head of my cock in his mouth. Grant is a big strapping young man but he has an incredible talent for sucking cock. He was quickly working half of my dick between his lips.

When Grant started humming I knew he had hit his stride so I reached down to take his head in my hands and began fucking his face. Grant is more than able and happy to deep throat my nine inches but he has a thing about getting his head held firmly and having me work it in his mouth. No reason not to please the boy.

With his hands free Grant was stroking the backs of my thighs which he knows makes my knees a little weak and hastens me getting off. So when I felt ready to go I eased Grant’s head back so that only the head of my cock was in his mouth before I came. Oh what a pleasure, for both of us, me getting off and Grant swallowing a big load.

Licking his lips Grant stood up and I unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor then pulled his dick from his boxer briefs. As usual while giving head Grant developed a hard on, his own nine inch dick, OK nine and a quarter because he likes to be the top gun, throbbing in my hand. Smiling Grant opened his left hand to show me a condom and tube of lubricant he had pulled from his pocket. Prepared as always, at least when he wants something, like to bang my ass, which I do have to say, I enjoy very much.

I turned to allow Grant to lube up my back door with one then two and finally three fingers before I rolled the condom on his stiff dick.

Then spreading my legs wide I leaned over the counter and waited as Grant squeezed my butt cheeks and slapped my ass with his boner. Grant spread my cheeks with one hand and we both grunted as he poked bahçelievler escort the fat head of his dick into my asshole.

I caught my breath as Grant paused with one hand on my shoulder and the other guiding his cock into me. We both relaxed and enjoyed one of our regular activities.

As Grant slowly pushed his dick in me part way he moved both hands to my hips and began to go a little deeper with every push. It is a sweet feeling to have my ass good and stuffed by my bi buddy. After a few minutes of pushing I could feel Grant’s belly smacking into my big butt which meant he was putting his nine inches all the way in.

Then as Grant began thrusting upward as he pushed my hips up with his arms so I was on my tip toes at first then bracing my arms I was basically lifted off the floor when he pushed all the way into my ass. Now I’m a big boy so it takes some power to fuck me off my feet but it feels so exhilarating and I’m damn fortunate to have Grant.

The next few minutes were glorious as Grant pounded my ass. Finally with me off the floor and balanced just so Grant pushed his cock to the balls deep in my ass and held me firmly until he came.

Grant set me down and pulled out then said, “Now you can’t tell me your girlfriend wouldn’t want to get some doubleheader dose of that fun.” I was catching my breath as I answered, “She’ll be here about noon why don’t you ask her?” Grant slapped my ass and said, “You bitch you could have said something before.”

“Why, you wouldn’t have held off and waited.” I replied.

“No I wouldn’t have” he said “But I hate it when you hold out on me.”

Grabbing my dick I said, “Now when to I hold out on you Grant?”

We both laughed and grabbing my balls he said, “Well not when it really matters.”

So about noon Karen arrived. She and I were in the kitchen when Grant came in and said, “So what kind of plans did you two have for the afternoon?” Karen took a drink of water and answered, “Well Grant I was hoping to get a big heaping helping of hot sweaty sex, would you be able to give Steve a hand dishing that out?”

Unbeknownst to Grant I had texted Karen that if she was up for it Grant would be more than happy to join me in fucking her brains out. Which, no surprise, she was all for.

Grant looked a little shocked that it was that easy but composed himself quickly enough to take Karen by the hand saying, “So that’s settled, let’s get to a bed and get to it.”

We all got out of our clothes and seeing Grant and me already getting hard Karen said, “Damn you boys make for quite a pair.”

As Karen took his semi hard dick in her hand Grant bent down and kissing her tits replied, “You’re quite a pair yourself Karen.”

With Grant’s dick still in her hand Karen patted him on the head and said, “You smooth talker, now let me take a crack at this baby first, I’d like to get acquainted with my new toy.”

She then sat down on the bed and after kissing the head of Grant’s dick took the knob into her mouth. With Grant gently stroking her hair Karen got going, easing an inch at a time further up the shaft of his now hard cock.

I got on the bed and sat down behind Karen. Kissing her neck I put my arms around her cupping a bountiful tit in my left hand and fingering her pussy with my right. That got Karen going and she was some squirming against my body and before too long was working seven inches of Grant’s cock between her lips.

We were all enjoying ourselves when Karen pulled back releasing Grant’s dick bahçeşehir escort from her talented mouth and said, “I’ll take all of this in a second but don’t you dare cum. He’s got my pussy good and wet and since I’ve got this baby good and hard there’s no sense waiting to get fucked by this big stiff dick.”

Grant looked down and smiled, “If that’s your plan, you go right ahead because I’m on board with you.”

Karen smacked Grant on the ass and said, “Hard and smart, very good.” She then went back to sucking his cock.

Moments later, true to her word Karen locked on and after quickly taking the first nine inches down she moved to swallow the last quarter inch of Grant’s cock. She reached around and squeezed Grant’s ass as she slowly pulled back and let his cock slip from her lips and said, “OK big boy, it’s time to hit this bitch in the sweet spot.”

I rolled out from behind Karen and got a condom which I rolled onto Grant’s dick. Karen bounced to the center of the bed on her back and rubbing her pussy said, “Now that’s what I like, some teamwork from my boys. It speeds up the action if I’m not the only one handling the meat.”

Grant said, “Well we’ve got some experience doing this you know.”

“So you’ve shared your girls before?” replied Karen.

I decided this would be as good a time as any to let her know he meant more than that, “Well we don’t always need a girl around to be part of the action.”

I don’t think Karen got that at first but as I was holding Grant’s stiff cock in my hand she then blurted out, “BULLSHIT!!”

Karen gave me a look of disbelief so I said, “Yeah, Grant and I swing both ways. Sometimes two horny guys can’t stand to wait to have a woman to take care of them so you gotta get some action.”

Grant laid down next to Karen and rubbing her sides said, “That’s right Karen, Steve and I have been together a long time

Karen was lying there with a stunned look on her face and said, “You know what would be really wild would be the two of you giving to each other, I’d love to watch a pair of big boys butt fucking.”

Grant rubbed Karen’s pussy and said, “We did that this morning before you got here girl, if we had known we could have waited.”

“FUCK you two are full of surprises.” She said, “Now I’m in a real conundrum. I want to see some big boy butt fucking but I’m a selfish greedy bitch with two big stiff cocks here for my pleasure and I don’t want to pass up my chance to keep them both aimed at me.”

She paused and then said, “Will you boys promise to put on a man fuck show for me next time?”

As I kissed Karen, Grant reached over to squeeze her tits and responded, “Oh I think that’s a promise we can keep Karen. Now let’s get back to putting some dick in you where it counts.”

And with that Grant got between Karen’s legs and taking his cock in his hand aimed it at her wet pussy. As Grant slipped the big head of his dick into her pussy Karen gave out the little ‘squeak’ like always followed by a ‘sigh’ as he made that first push in.

I moved to Karen’s side and began sucking on her fat tits as Grant took his time working his cock in and out of her sweet snatch. Karen had her eyes closed and was just getting off on the double team. By the time Grant was pounding all nine inches into her Karen had reached out with her left hand and was stroking my already stiff dick and said softly in my ear, “Oh Steve you be ready to jump on and give me this puppy as soon as he’s done. Fuck I’m so hot, this is great.”

Well bakırköy anal yapan escort with Karen getting off Grant finally was ready so he put his arms around her thighs and lifted her big butt off the bed pushed in all the way and came with a series of grunts. He was a little out of breath and set Karen’s legs down and sort of rolled onto his back.

Karen patted me on the head and said, “Next shooter.”

Circling around after rolling a condom on I took up right where Grant left off. Karen was wet and hot and it only took a few strokes before I was giving her the full length of my dick. And that was exactly what Karen needed to be satisfied and get off.

I was continuing to fuck Karen at a leisurely pace when Grant recovered and after kissing Karen came around behind me to hug me and push with my thrusts into Karen. I thought it might be too much weight pounding onto her but she got off on it moaning, “Oh yeah that’s it, both of you sticking it to me, plant my ass deep.”

I didn’t last long after we started that and held my cock deep in Karen. Grant sensing I was ready hugged me around the chest and pushed down on top of me and we plastered Karen into the bed as I came. She had a red face to go with her wet pussy but damn she was happy.

Grant and I laid on top of Karen for a minute or two, she was in no rush to move. I was kissing her and Grant was feeling us both up. Karen said she needed a shower and I offered to show her the way. Grant said he would go make some margaritas, partly because he wanted a drink and because he knew what I was thinking and there was no way the three of us would fit in the shower.

So Karen and I showered and played with each other under the warm water. We then dried off and returned to the bedroom where Grant had the margaritas waiting.

After a leisurely drink Karen sat down on the edge of the bed and directed Grant in front of her on his knees. As he went down on her Karen motioned me to stand up on the bed in front of her and she went down on me. I had to keep a hand on Karen’s shoulder to keep my balance as I stood on the edge of the bed with her head bobbing back and forth sucking my dick. I didn’t want to fall and miss the blowjob or fall onto Grant.

I could feel Karen below me getting off on Grant’s muff diving and she was working all of my cock between her lips. My knees were getting a little weak with pleasure when she released my dick from her mouth, laid back and said, “Oh Steve your boy Grant has gotten me off and I need to get it again.”

I felt Grant move behind me and looked down to see him rub Karen’s thighs before he said, “Yeah she’s ready Steve climb on and give it to her.”

As Karen wriggled on her back to the center of the bed Grant grabbed a condom and put it on me. I quickly slid between Karen’s widely spread thighs and poked the head of my dick into her wet snatch. I was quickly pumping my dick into Karen’s pussy and she had on a happy face.

Grant moved to the side of the bed and Karen reached out to help him get hard, she does love to plan ahead. I eased Karen’s legs up over my shoulders which gave me a different angle to slam my cock into her harder as my balls slapped against her ass. I couldn’t hold out long doing that and I hugged Karen’s thighs as I came.

Grant came around after putting on a condom and took the same position with Karen’s thighs over his shoulders and pounded her pussy until he came.

After that Karen laid between us and we fooled around, Grant and I both fingering Karen’s pussy until we could get it up again. Then we went another round, this time Karen on her hands and knees going down on me while Grant fucked her from behind and then I took his place.

By the time that round was done Grant had to go and I think Karen was finally satisfied. We took a nap and agreed there was more fun to be had and not only with Grant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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