Waking Up For Work

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The alarm started beeping and Don reached over to hit the snooze button. Next to him, Meghan began to stir. It took Don a second to remember that he had spent the night at Meghan’s townhouse. Both of them work at a large CPA firm together and have started going out 6 weeks ago, at the start of their busy season. He’s never dated another auditor before but they immediately clicked. Maybe it’s because they can relate to each other about the 12 to 16 hour days they’re working right now. Whatever it is, he isn’t complaining. Last night was only the third time they slept together and the first time on a work night.

Meghan sat up and began stretching her arms and shoulders while sitting in bed. She was only wearing her panties and a really tight spaghetti strap shirt. Her C-cup breasts seemed to strain against the fabric of her shirt as she stretched. Don could feel himself starting to get hard at the sight of her. Once Meghan was done she looked over to smile at Don. She brushed some of her long, brunette hair out of the way and said, “Good Morning!”

“Morning,” Don said and smiled back at her.

Meghan moved to lie on top of him and they began to kiss. Last night had been totally unplanned. They both worked a 14-hour shift, which was common for auditors at their firm during the busy season. They decided to grab a late dinner after work. He spent the whole meal thinking about fucking her and could tell she was thinking the same thing. During the two-block walk to her apartment they stopped every few steps to kiss or cop a quick feel of each other. In the elevator up to their floor they began to make out passionately and Don was willing to bet that if the ride lasted just 15 seconds longer they would’ve started doing it in the elevator car.

They got inside her door and started stripping each other as they kissed and made their way to the bedroom. Halfway there they were both naked and couldn’t resist any more. Don started to feel her up in the middle of the living room as Meghan moaned. He pushed her against a wall and picked her up by her ass. Meghan spread her legs and reached down to line up his rock hard cock with her pussy. Don entered her and she clawed at his back and ass as he fucked her. Neither of them took very long to orgasm. Meghan went first. She began moaning continuously and clawing at his back as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. This pushed Don over the edge and he dug his nails into her ass as he shot his seed into her. She smiled at him while he finished cumming inside her. Both of them were very tired at this point so they went straight to bed after.

Now this gorgeous, incredibly smart woman was perabet making out with him. For several minutes he let himself be lost in her. Then she broke off to look at the clock. She made a face and got out of bed. Don got up as well, showing his slightly overweight frame in his boxers. They had both gained some weight since starting their jobs as auditors and had talked about working out together once the busy season is over. Don stretched while she began laying out her suit to wear that day. She was walking back to the closet when he grabbed her and pulled her to him for another kiss.

After a minute he broke off but kept his arms wrapped around her. He smiled and said, “You know, I’m going to have to wear the same clothes I wore yesterday to work.”

Meghan smirked at him and responded, “Well, it’s not my fault you have no self-control! Maybe you should have thought of that before you came back to my place and fucked me!”

With that she playfully swung the bra she was holding at him and got out of his grip. They both laughed as she finished laying out her clothes on the bed. She started stretching again. Don had the sense that this time she was deliberately pushing her breasts out towards him. She announced, “I’m going to take a shower.”

She turned to head to the bathroom. Don turned towards the living room to go gather his clothes, which were scattered around the prior night. Just as he turned around something soft hit him in the back of the head. He reached up to grab it and saw that it was Meghan’s shirt. He turned around and saw her standing in the doorway to the bathroom. She was now wearing nothing but her panties and was facing away from him so he could only see her bare back and legs. She turned her head to look back at him. She gave him a small smile, bit her lower lip, and raised her eyebrows. With that she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Don stood there, dumbstruck. Was that an invitation to join her? He could hear her start the water as he tried to decide if it was or not. Well, one way to find out he figured. He quietly opened the door and watched in the doorway as Meghan stripped off her panties and stepped into the all glass shower stall. Don stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. The shower stall quickly filled with steam as he walked up to it. Meghan kept her back turned, wetting her hair, as he dropped his boxers and silently stepped in behind her.

Meghan jumped and gave a yelp as his arms wrapped around her. She quickly smiled and started laughing as he rubbed his hands up and down her body. His hands moved through the trimmed hair at her pussy and up her stomach. perabet giriş Meghan was breathing heavily and started moaning as his hands found her breasts. His cock grew hard against her ass as he groped her. For the next couple of minutes he massaged her boobs as she continued moaning. He discovered the first time they made out that rubbing her tits was a surefire way to turn her on. Meghan grabbed a bar of soap off the soap rack and held it up for him to see. “Rub me down, big guy,” she commanded.

Don took the bar and kneeled down to start rubbing soap on her legs. Meghan pressed her hands against the wall of the shower as he soaped up one of her legs then the other. Occasionally he would pause to kiss or lick a spot before rubbing in some soap. Meghan was gasping and biting her lower lip as he moved up to her ass and spent a good deal of time massaging and squeezing it. Finally, he stood up and gave her a smack on the butt before starting to rub soap all over her back. She could feel his cock rubbing along her ass crack, the soap making it glide smoothly on her skin. He soon settled into a rhythm and she could feel his cock running up and down her ass crack as he soaped up her back, neck, and sides.

After what seemed like an eternity, he grabbed her by the wrist and turned her around roughly. She leaned against the wall and smiled at him as he admired her body. She jutted her chest out at him as he started kissing her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her away from the wall and into the water stream so it was spraying all over her back. They continued to make out as all the soap on her back was rinsed away.

Once the soap was washed off, he pulled her back to the wall and leaned her against it again, facing him this time. He grabbed the bar of soap and kneeled down to start rubbing it on her thighs and stomach. He started to rub the soap into the trimmed hair around her pussy. Meghan moaned softly at his touch as two of his fingers slipped between her legs and started rubbing gently. Meghan’s moaning grew steadily louder as he rubbed her clit. Her hips started to thrust slightly into his fingers as he felt her grow more and more wet.

Finally, Don couldn’t take it any more. He looked up at her heaving breasts that haven’t been soaped up yet and stood up. Meghan looked at him hungrily for a second before they started kissing and she was vaguely aware of hearing the bar of soap Don was holding hit the floor. Don pulled her into the water stream and turned her around so she was facing away from him. The water rinsed off the soap from her as he reached around to squeeze her breasts. After a perabet güvenilir mi minute or so, he turned the two of them to face the glass wall of the shower stall looking into the rest of the bathroom.

Meghan’s shower stall was designed so the glass wouldn’t steam up too much while showering. She looked at the two of them in the mirror by the sink as she bent over. Don couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to fuck her. He needed to fuck her! He lined up his cock and mounted her with one, rough thrust. Meghan gasped as he entered her. She could hear him breathing into her ear as he began to slowly fuck her. His thrusts quickly grew more urgent. Meghan was able to stand up a little more now so he could see her tits in the mirror. They bounced slightly with each of his thrusts.

Don reached around and took one of her tits in his hand. He massaged it as he continued fucking her. His other hand moved down over her stomach to rub her clit. The second his fingers touched her pussy she started moaning loudly. She reached around to grab his hip and urge him to fuck her harder. Meghan could feel herself build to a climax. Her entire body began to shudder in his grip as she started to orgasm. Don held her tightly as he built to his own climax. His thrusting grew more and more urgent until his entire body tensed up. Meghan smiled with her face pressed against the glass as she took his seed.

Don held her for a moment after he stopped cumming and continued to rub her clit. Meghan had started building up to a second climax when Don suddenly let go of her and pulled out. Meghan was gasping heavily as he finished rinsing himself off. She bent down to pick up the bar of soap Don dropped when he spanked her as hard as he could. Meghan gave a yelp of surprise and leapt up. Don just gave her an evil grin and said, “Better get a move or we’ll be late for work.”

Meghan gave Don a half-amused, half-exasperated look as he got out of the shower. He went to gather his clothes as she immediately started rubbing herself. It didn’t take long to build up to her second orgasm as she fingered herself. She made sure she was very vocal about it so Don would know he missed his chance to fuck his girl a second time. She washed her hair and got out. Don came back in as she was toweling herself dry and she was aware of him admiring her body as she did so. “Tonight let’s go back to my place. I don’t have my toiletries here or anything.”

Meghan walked up to him naked and spanked him as hard as she could. She growled in his ear, “We’ll go where I say we go if you want to have a shot at getting laid again.”

With that she walked back to the bedroom to put on her clothes as Don just stared at her with his mouth hanging open slightly. Meghan had decided she was going to tease him all day at the office as punishment for leaving her in the shower like that. She knew that today was going to be a great day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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