Waiting to Meet Him Ch. 02

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The doorbell rings and this is it, this if really fucking it, he’s here.

I totter down the stairs, a quick glance in the mirror confirming my biggest fear, I look incredibly fuckable tonight, how long will he resist the urge I wonder. One deep breath is all it takes before I wrap my hand round the door handle and welcome him in, his Oud instantly wiping out my composure, holding back the instant desire to be pinned down by him. It seems he senses my lust, as he grabs my arms, forcing them above me and pushing me back against the wall, biting my neck and running his lips round to mine, biting them even harder and moaning about how he can’t wait to end the evening with me in his control.

‘We need to go’ I mumble, as he continues to kiss me and caress my hips and bum. ‘We really do need to go’ I say again, as he lets go, puts my hair right and ushers me out the door in front of him, the obligatory pat on the arse as I step outside. His car is there, on my very own drive, it’s bedava bahis playing out exactly, no better, than I imagined him. As he follows me round to the passenger side, opening the door for me and allowing me to gracefully enter his 4×4 via steps, part of me wishes it was a low sports car, enough for him to see my panties as I fall back in my seat. The noise of my door closing by his hand signals that I’m his now, for the next few hours, the evening ahead, for as long as we lust for each other. As he climbs in behind the driver’s seat, I instantly place my hand on his thigh, it feels so natural already and so incredibly sexy to be so close to the prize I’ve been after all this time. As we drive off, there’s all but the short two mile country lane until we reach the secluded restaurant, our first date, our first chance to devour each other’s attention and discover what the other truly seeks. I know the road so well now, the start of any late night drive for me before bedava bonus I met him, before I needed to get lost in someone else rather than myself. The twists and turns, the bumps and the feeling of being so far away, it’s all so familiar, it’s all so warming now to spend the same journey alongside him.

As we pull up, he grabs my hand as I go to get out, waits, then pulls me in hard for our first real kiss, taking my breath away as he wraps his hand round my head, his fingers through my hair and his attention solely on me, solely on us in that first moment. Little does he know his hand on my head turns me on as my pussy begins to drip, this time straight into my black tights, his fantasy slowly becoming a reality tonight with me, neither of us wanting to give in just yet.

I should probably tell you about how he is though, looking so sexy in black chinos and blue denim shirt, undone to the first few buttons, his white trainers so clean, reaffirming his deneme bonusu passion for being a well groomed and composed man that I’ve longed for. We’ve only had that brief kiss but over dinner, I feel myself losing power, reeled in by his tone, the way he puts words together and the look in his eyes as he stares into mine, trying desperately to stop myself from biting my lip as my body tingles at the thought of what’s to come, not to be downplayed by what’s already happened tonight.

As we finish our drinks, I grab his hand as I stand up and bring him to his feet, almost on my tip toes as I pull up to him just to have another kiss, wanting our small audience to know how different our evening will be to theirs. We’ve not even discussed what we’ll do next, it’s only an early Summer’s evening so there’s still light but I can’t just dismiss my date and wait til our next encounter. I owe him this, I owe him my evening and whatever it can bring for the pair of us. I go to say it, I go to say I want you to come back to mine, but he takes it from me, only saying yes to the question that never left me. It takes no more than him gripping my hand harder as we walk back to his car to know that he knows what I want and how, excitement erupts through me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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