Virgin Stories Ch. 02

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If reading porn is illegal where you live or if you just dislike it try clicking the X in the upper right corner! All characters are above 18 and completely fictional. Resemblance to anyone you know irl exists in your head only.

I own the copyright to all my works. Disrespect that and my lawyer will do very horrible things to you while I watch…

~ * ~

“Uhm listen, Jen, that guy is just creepy. Can you honestly not see that?”

“No – he’s just…”

“A creep.”

Amanda liked Jennifer, but the girl was so clueless about people. She continued to paint her toenails in a soft pink color that matched her nails, but it wasn’t exactly the same. Damn small town store always ran out of her favourite brand. She would have to open her own store if she decided to stay here when she was done with college.

“Whatever. Who is it tonight?” Jennifer had a sly smile on her lips, as if she was trying to prove she was better than her friend.

“Joel.” Amanda changed her attentions antalya escort to her other foot, careful not to spill on the bed she was sitting on. This brand was actually pretty good, even if it wasn’t top notch. She made a mental note of it.

“My weird, geeky cousin? Ew.”

“He’s cool. We aren’t dating anyway, we just hang out.”

“Right”, Jennifer said as she rolled her eyes. Sometimes when she did that Amanda wanted to slap her.

“Jen, he’s gay. We’re not dating.” Amanda was getting annoyed and it showed in her voice. She had been in two semi-serious relatioships, and had only gone out with three different guys. What was the big deal there?

“If you say so. I gotta go home before mum misses me.”

“See you later, Jen.” What she wanted to say was ‘running away again?’, but she knew better.


Amanda sighed. Jennifer had been her best friend in kindergarden and they’d been inseparable until sixt grade, but Jennifer was just too… slow. kemer escort Amanda liked people who could understand her jokes, watched the news and didn’t just blindly follow when someone gave orders.

Then again, Amanda knew that from Jen’s point of view things were just normal. She sighed again. The polish was almost dry now. From Jen’s point of view a guy like Danyel was normal.

Joel, on the other hand, actually was a nice guy. He had a really crappy situation at home, but he wasn’t broken. Well, not completely anyway. Amanda made sure he spent as little time at his home as possible, and her parents didn’t mind having him over. Half of his things were in the guest bedroom and the rest would probably come tonight.

Thinking about it, her parents were pretty damn awesome – as always. It just sucked everyone else didn’t have parents like hers.

“Manda! Panic! I need HEEELP!” Her younger sister Vanessa screamed as she came running into the room in her underwear. konyaaltı escort Amanda looked up shocked as if she’d expected the house to be on fire. “I don’t have ANYTHING to wear tonight!” Vanessa continued.

“OK, OK sis, just take something of mine.” Geez, that girl sure knew how to get attention. ‘I’m so talking to mom about her ways’, Amanda decided.

“No, I just can’t decide… should I look cute? Serious? Sexy?” Vanessa continued to talk at a speed that would make a Ferrari blush, so Amanda just stopped listening and gave her a calm-down-silly look.

“Sorry. I just need some help here.” Vanessa said as she sat down next to her on the bed.

“You’re taking this way to serious. You’re JUST gonna watch a movie with Justin… you’ve known him since kindergarden.” Not to mention dad will stalk you all night.


“Just put on what you normally wear for school.”

Vanessa sighed dramatically and went back to her own room. Amanda knew she’d take her advice… sort of.

While she was taking Joel out to dinner and then possibly check out a bar or two, she was hoping to see a glimpse of someone else tonight. Someone she’d been thinking about for ages but had never dared approach. Maybe tonight was her lucky night?

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