Vetriss Academy: Broken In

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Recap: My brother Gabe and I had been shipped away to Vetriss Academy, a school buried deep in the secluded mountain. Upon arrival, the headmistress had forced me to give Gabe a blowjob while she molested me in her office. Then, she left the two of us half naked and alone.
I swallowed again and again, trying to wash the salty taste of Gabe’s sperm out of my mouth, but it lingered as we sat in the headmistress’s office. I could barely look at Gabe after I had just had my mouth all over his penis, all over my BROTHER’s penis. I was sick, I was wrong, I was…I didn’t have time to think of all the other foul things I was, because the office door swung open, and a woman in black pants and a fitted white jacket stepped in.

“You both may address me as Madam Sanders, Macy, I am your house mother. Gabe, your house father will be by in a moment to pick you up. Come Macy.” She motioned for the door. I pulled by bra strap up and followed her out, not glancing back at Gabe for a moment.

“Here at the academy there are a few things to know ahead of time that may help…ease the transition into this way of life.” Madam Sanders began to explain. I cut her off, speaking quickly in hushed tones.
“Madam, I must tell you what just occurred in the office…the headmistress…she made me do horrible, terrible things” I said, as tears started rolling down my cheeks. “She made me…she made me suck Gabe’s cock.” Sanders gave me a small smile as well turned down a corridor on the right.

“Blow jobs are a completely natural thing Macy, and if they make you uncomfortable, my best advice for you would be to stop being such a little prude and get over it. Although,” She glanced over at me, “the fact that you’re so…innocent, will make this process all the more enjoyable for us.” She pushed me up against the nearest wall, pinning both my hands with one of hers. I looked up at her, terrified. She brought her other hand up under my shirt and bra, and started massaging my breast. She leaned in, her mouth almost touching mine. I could feel her hot breath on my lips as she spoke.

“I’m going to love breaking you Macy.” She pulled on my nipple, smiling wickedly. Her tongue snaked out, and she brought it to my lips, tracing a circle with her tongue. I quickly turned my head to the side.
“Please don’t. Please.” I whispered. Sanders laughed, and released me, and continued walking.

“Only because we are late as it is, and I have so many better plans in store for you my dear.” I followed her down the hall until we came to a massive oak door inscribed with the words “Enter in Unity.” When Madam Sanders pulled open those doors, I almost fainted at the scene behind them.
There were at least twenty girls in the room, each of them will an overseer. Every pendik escort girl was naked, and performing sexual acts out in the open! Several of the girls were on a mat in the far side of the room, with padded squares for their knees, and they were all giving head to their instructors, easy twice their age. Most of the instructors were male, and about forty, but a few were female of the same age. Other girls were ties with their hands in the air, and the only thing holding them in the air was a seat with two attached dildos, shoved in their vaginas and asses.

A few other girls were clamped onto a machine that held the girl in a spread position, and then inserted dildos and vibraters, plunging them in and out of the girl as the overseer s observed, stroking their cocks. I also saw a girl in the far back that was suspended by a weight in liquid, with an oxygen mask on, and suckers attached to her nipples, clit, and one tube that extended into her pussy.
I stood, terrified, paralyzed with fear. I felt Madam Sanders put a hand on her shoulder, guiding me forward, although I couldn’t feel my feet.

“Now, I’m going to ask you something very important Macy,” Sanders cooed in my ear “Are you a virgin honey?” I glanced at her nervously, and nodded. A smile spread across her face. “That’s what I hoped.” Before I had a chance to make a break for it, I felt a needle being jabbed into the side of my neck.
When I finally awoke, I felt like a thick haze was slowly falling from my body. I concentrated, and tried putting my hand to my face, and realized I was in restraints. I looked down, and found that I was clamped down by the ankles and wrists to a long table. My upper half was propped up on a foam wedge so that I could look forward and see my whole body. I was naked. Just then, madam sanders’ voice boomed through the room over a loudspeaker.

“I see that you have come around Macy, and I truly look forward to witnessing this. It’s not every day that we get a virgin here. For the next few hours, you will be completely cut off from the rest of the world. No one will help you, no one will hear you screaming. The best thing you can do is just relax and enjoy this.” The loudspeaker cut out, the door buzzed, and then opened. In walked a giant man, well over six feet. He wore tight black leather pants that wrapped around his bulging muscles. His thighs were the size of my waist. His eyes were cold, piercing blue, and his platinum hair was shaved. This man was huge. The wall next to my bed beeped, and a tray full of metal devices moved out of the wall. The man smiled a frigid smile at me, and then licked his lips. “You are my bitch now, you do as I say virgin.” As I went to beg him not to do anything to me, I realized that I was gagged, and my escort pendik protest just came out as muffled bits of noise. The man came to the side of the table, and reached out with both hands, grabbing my nipples twisting them gently. I shook my head violently back and forth “NO!” but he couldn’t hear my words. He put his mouth over one of the nipples and started sucking it forcefully, rubbing the other breast with his hand. He switched back and forth until both breasts were swollen with blood. “You like it you little whore. Look how hard your nipples are.”

I started sobbing through the gag, knowing I was about to be raped. He reached over to the tray, grabbed two devices and put them aside.
He then went down to my crotch, sticking a finger into my pussy. I gasped at the intrusion. He wiggled his finger around in my pussy and brought it out, and began rubbing my clit. I tried to squirm out of his filthy touch, but the restraints held my firmly into place. He came up to my face, and quickly slid his hand under the gag, forcing a finger into my mouth. Before I realized what he was doing, he pulled the finger out, and I was left with the taste of my own pussy in my mouth. I was going to puke. “Like the taste of that? I bet you do. You are not going to like this though. He flicked both of my nipples, and grabbed the two devices from the table. He clamped one on each of my nipples. I screamed behind the gag. Pain ripped through my chest. He took the chain that linked the two clamps and tugged it forward, inducing another wave of pain. “Ughhh!” I screamed.

“Well Miss Macy, I would say it’s time we break you in right.” He grunted, pulling down his tight leather pants, letting his cock spring free, all ten inches of it. He started stroking his cock, getting it nice and hard. I looked down at my nipples, which were turning from a dark shade of red to purple, the pain almost unbearable. The man moved to the side of my bed again, and removed the nipple clamps. I felt instant relief. It didn’t last long, as he fitted a leather, bra-like apparatus to my breast. The difference between this and a bra was that instead of coverage and support, only my nipples were held in tiny cups, which were pulled tightly to my breast. The man grabbed something else from the table, and as he slipped it in the cup, I realized it was ice. In each of the cups that held my nipples, he put a piece of ice that was forced against my nipples by the bra. I gasped at the sharp sensations in each breast that was quickly turning to inescapable pain.

“They stay until they melt. Now,” He positioned himself at the foot of the bed, holding his massive, thick cock in one hand, “I want you to feel what it’s like to be made into a woman.” With that, he plunged his huge dick pendik escort bayan into my pussy, ripping me in half. Pain! Oh god did I feel pain! I felt like someone had put a baseball-bat into my vagina and was sawing me in two. I sobbed behind the gag. He held his dick in for a moment, and then withdrew it. “Remove the gag.” Sanders voice boomed. The man reached up, tearing off the gag. Then, he rammed his dick into me again.

“GAHHHH! Stop, oh, god, please stop!” He grabbed my hips, and began pumping me.
“Please stop touching me, get it out of me ooooooo OOO!” He began ramming as hard as he could into my vagina, and I could feel my body begin to lubricate,as repulsed and violated as I felt.
“Whore, slut, enjoy my dick like the dick rag you are.” He grunted as he pounded into me.
“NO!!! No!” I screamed, crying. “Get it out of my vagina, please, PLEASE!”

He slowed his pace, and smiled maliciously. “If you say so Macy.” He pulled out, and I sighed in relief. He reached down at the table again, emerging with a giant black dido and a strap on vibrator.
“NO! NO!” I shrieked, shaking as he inserted the thick dildo into my pussy. It hurt even more that his dick. He strapped the vibrator on, positioning it on my exposed clit, and turned it on. A moan escaped my lips, I couldn’t help that my body was aroused. The man just smiled, pressing a button on the wall. To my horror, the table that I was strapped to began to rotate, and soon, I was facing the ground, my tits hanging towards the floor. I was still strapped firmly to the table. However, I heard more movement, and I felt by back being exposed to air. Hot oil was squirted into my butt crack.

“No! ANTHING BUT THAT PLEASE!!” The man just smiled, and rubbed the oil up my ass crack. He inserted a finger into my tight ass.
“Oh, this is going to be fun. You are so so tight you know.” And then, without warning, I fell the head of his cock enter my asshole. I groaned in pain. He quickly pushed all of his weight down, spearing my ass on his long, thick rod. I cried out. When he finally had my entire ass stuffed with his thick sausage, he began pumping in and out of my anus. I felt like I was going to lose control of my bowels at any moment. He picked up the pace, and I winced in pain every time he rammed into me, and I could feel my intestines being violated.

He was fucking me like a dog, in and out, reaching up under the bra, and twisting my sore nipples. He sped up, pumping hard and fast. He withdrew almost completely, and then lunged forward, pulling my ass towards him, driving his long shaft as far into my asshole as he could, and let loose a stream of cum that wiggled deep in my asshole. I could feel the hot semen deep inside of me, oozing out of my ass. He pulled out his dick after a moment, and rubbed the rest of the semen all over my ass, and slapped it a few times. Then, just like the headmistress, he left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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