Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 05

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I walked into a familiar ABS and headed for one the video booths in the back. Over twenty booths were available.

I found an unoccupied booth in the center and went in. All the booths had large gloryholes at crotch height, so I was not concerned about which booth I chose.

The booth was dark and if not for the light from the video screen, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. I sat down in a chair, put half my tokens in, and let the first movie run. It was an oral sex fest. I pulled my shorts down and started to stroke my cock.

It was not long before I heard noises from the gloryhole on my right side. I leaned over and glanced into the hole. To my surprise, I saw a blonde female with a cock in her mouth. She immediately saw me and motioned for me to stick my cock thru the hole as she sucked on the one in her mouth. What a greedy girl I thought, before I immediately obliged.

The blonde reached out with her hand, I thought she was going to grab my cock, but her hand went under my smooth balls and up the crack of my ass! Her fingers found my anus in a split second and began pushing into it.

Even though her fingers were as dry as the desert sand, I was too stunned to move. Her attempted penetration did not feel very good.

Eventually, I attempted to step forward to elude her fingers, but when I did – my cock went right into her open mouth. As I paused to appreciate her warm mouth engulfing my semi-erect cock, the determined blonde wormed her index finger past my tight sphincter right into my ass.

The dry, forced penetration caused a burning sensation. Again, I attempted to disengage her finger. I shifted my weight to my left side and rose up. This movement only encouraged her to press her finger in deeper, until it was fully embedded in my ass!

I groaned in response to my discomfort and about the fact she had me hooked. I groaned some more when she pulled me forward, even further into her mouth with her finger – the one that was in my ass.

Even though my anus was contracting over and over on her finger, I began to relax when she started circling the head of my cock with her tongue. I relaxed even more when she ran her tongue and lips down the length of my cock while taking my heavy balls in her free hand and oh-so-gently massaging them.

When the blonde knew for sure that, I wasn’t leaving anytime soon, she began sliding her finger around in my ass. I had done this to numerous girls while sucking their clit, but having a woman’s finger deep in my ass and finger fucking it was a first for me.

Then the proverbial light bulb went on. I had been searching for their g-spot. She was searching for my prostate!

When the blonde found it, her cock sucking bordered on the electric. I showed my appreciation by groaning loudly.

Being stimulated like this, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. My flexing and rocking legs confirmed that I was going to shoot my wad – if I wanted to or not.

The blonde noticed that I was on the verge of cumming because she abruptly stopped sliding her mouth back and forth on my cock and withdrew her hands. I quickly looked through the gloryhole, hoping she was not leaving. I smiled when I saw her motion for me to come around.

As I approached her booth, I saw that her booth door was wide open. When I got bahçelievler escort to the door, I saw that she was bent over. Her fuck me skirt had been pulled up and was resting on her lower back. Her naked, white ass almost glowed in the semi-darkness. A man was standing behind her. I saw her reach around and slowly guide the man’s erect cock toward her pussy.

I watched his cockhead push open her outer pussy lips and enter her. She gasped as he pressed just about half his cock length into her. He drew back out to pull out the cunt juice he needed to lubricate his entry, and then he slowly sank into her to the hilt.

With a cock in her pussy, the blonde took on another cock. I saw another man place his cock in her mouth.

After a couple minutes, the two men switched positions. The second man started to fuck her slowly at first and then went faster. He came quickly. The other man switched positions, again.

He had her sit down and then squatted between her legs. He lifted her dress to access her pussy.

I turned away for a second and instantly noticed a young Mexican male standing by me. He was stroking his noticeably large cock inside his shorts as he, too, watched the live sex scene.

Without a word, I dropped to my knees and gently rubbed his big cock thru his shorts. I could feel it throbbing. Since he did not resist me, I decided to slide his shorts down his legs. When I did, his eager, young, brown cock sprang out into my face. It was thick and fully erect.

I opened my mouth and he fed me his large cock, sliding it slowly between my wet lips. When his cock was fully coated with my saliva, I started to suck him. The young Mexican alternated his gaze between watching his fat cock slid in and out of mouth and the blonde getting fucked.

At some point, I wiggled my finger into his ass and held it there, following the motion of his body with my hand. His reaction to having a finger shoved up his ass in the middle of a blowjob was no different from my own, when my wife did the same to me. His arousal peaked and he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

As he quickly approached a huge orgasm, his pace became more frantic and the strokes deeper. I could feel his cock swell and his sphincter clamp down hard on my finger. Then he suddenly stopped fucking my mouth, shoved his cock deep into my throat, and held it there.

I immediately switched gears from sucking to letting my throat fuck his cock. I collapsed my throat walls around his cock, trying to pull his sperm load out.

A split second later, my reward came. When I felt his cockhead expand and twitch, I folded back my tongue so that I could capture all his semen in my mouth.

I could feel the pulsations of his orgasm on my finger in his ass as his warm semen exploded into my mouth. He must not have cum in awhile, because I swallowed at least three mouth loads of his frothy cum.

Right after the young Mexican came, a male gently pulled me to my feet and led me to a chair by the blonde. She had her legs on top of a man’s shoulders and was in seventh heaven – moaning, moving her ass side to side, and raising her hips as he sucked her erect clit.

I kneeled on the chair, pushing my bare, smooth ass outward. The man caressed my ass cheeks and rubbed my bahçeşehir escort anus with his hard cock. (I had stepped out my shorts while blowing the young Mexican.)

After a couple of minutes, the man inserted lubed fingers into my ass and began to finger fuck me. The blonde and I watched each other, until her man stood up and began to fist his cock.

Strangely, the man who had been finger fucking me went over to the blonde and offered her his hard cock. When she grabbed it, he gently stood her up, bent her over, and pushed his cock into her slick pussy. Still kneeling with my ass cheeks naturally spread, I watched them fuck.

After only a few minutes inside the blonde’s pussy, the man pulled out, moved back behind me, and pushed the head of his cock into my rectum. Without thinking, I pushed my smooth ass back toward him. His cock being slippery with pussy juice easily pushed in further.

When I felt his pubic hair touching my smooth cheeks, I realized he had his whole, thick, black cock up my small, white ass. I had goose bumps running up and down my arms and legs as my anus spasmed around his wide shaft.

Neither of us moved for a few moments, until he squeezed my ass cheeks and calmly began pulling and pushing the full length of his rigid cock in and out of me. The blonde watched me brace myself because the flange of his cockhead was really stretching the inner walls of my rectum.

The young Mexican who had already cum in my mouth wanted more and placed his limp cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and began to bring him back to life. With a cock up my ass and another in my mouth, I felt ecstatic.

At some point, I lost myself in the sensation of being fucked at both ends because I must have slacked off my cock sucking. The young Mexican man had gone from letting me occasionally suck his cock to fucking my mouth. I was thankful that he was being considerate of me and only fucking my mouth with short strokes, so I wouldn’t gag or choke with a cock up my ass.

Without warning, the man fucking my ass began cumming. As soon as I felt his cock swell in my ass, he began rapidly slamming his hips into my cheeks. Seconds later, his balls began emptying. I felt his warm sperm flow into my loosened rectum.

The young Mexican pulled his cock out of mouth, and came around behind me when the other man disengaged. My sperm lubed, gaping anus did not even have a chance to close up because the walls of my rectum were immediately engulfed by another big, meaty cock.

Even though the young Mexican had just cum less than thirty minutes ago, he did not last very long inside my greased ass. In no time, I also felt his warm sperm fill my ass up.

While I was being pounded, another black man fisting his large cock walked up to the blonde woman. The blonde reached out for his swollen cock and without much ado was on her knees eagerly slurping his big, black cock. Her mouth worked over time, spit shining it. She sure knew how to suck a man’s cock.

The black man eventually bent the blonde over, hoisted his leg onto a chair, and inch by inch, pushed his large cock into her pussy. The blonde assisted him. Her slender little fingers spread her pussy, to make the entry easier.

Soon, his healthy set of balls began swinging rhythmically bakırköy anal yapan escort as he repeatedly pumped her pussy. He fucked her like this for quite awhile. From the look on her face, she was certainly enjoying her pussy being reamed.

After the last man came in my ass, I remained kneeling on the chair, waiting for the next hard cock to fill it. My hungry ass wanted more cock.

By now I had been fucked so many times that it was easy for my loosened anus to open as I reached around to spread my cheeks apart. I looked behind me. Several men, who had been watching our little orgy, were eagerly waiting to get relief for their hard cocks and aching balls. My freshly fucked ass guaranteed immediate access and relief. A couple of men took advantage of the opportunity.

While the blonde and black man fucked, at least two more men came in my ass. The last man just stuck the head of his cock in my ass and jacked his shaft ’til he came. Right after he pulled his cock head out, my bowels involuntarily opened and a large amount of sperm farted out. Luckily, he was no longer standing directly behind me.

Just before black man was about to cum in the blonde, he pulled out of her well-fucked pussy. His big, black, erect cock glistened from their combined juices.

He turned the blonde around so that she could kneel in front of him. Then he beckoned for me join her as he stroked.

Our tongues flicked up and down his purple, mushroom shaped cockhead. We savored the taste his pre-cum and her pussy juice. When our lips occasionally met at the head, the blonde didn’t display any shock or surprise seeing me enjoying another man’s cock in my mouth.

We took turns. I sucked on his cockhead while the blonde would suck on one his large balls.

When the black man could no longer fight the desire to cum, he whimpered something and pumped his cock in my mouth and then hers before cumming in her mouth. She swallowed his entire sperm load.

When the black man pulled out of her mouth, I carefully licked his big, throbbing cockhead. I made sure to capture any remaining cum that oozed out.

When the black man left we stood up. I began stroking my hard cock. When the blonde reached for it, I told her to kneel on the chair. She mounted it and bent forward.

I immediately mounted her. As I slowly worked my hard cock in and out her hot pussy, I proudly watched her fondle her breasts and nipples. That is when I decided how I was going to cum.

I pulled out of her pussy and told her I wanted to fuck and cum on “those titties.” Without a word, she pulled her t-shirt up, reached round, and undid her bra clasp. As the two lacy cups fell limply down, she hand cupped each of her firm, full breasts, and began rolling her erect nipples between her fingers and thumbs as I fisted my cock.

When I began to sigh, I slide my cock between her breasts. The blonde instinctively knew what to do. She squeezed her breasts together around my slickened cock and slowly fucked it.

Right before I came, I stepped back, stroked my cock, and pointed it at her left breast. My sperm poured out in an arc onto her breast. I stopped it and then did the same to her right breast.

Whenever I saw her after that, over the next couple of years, and no matter who she was with, it was a given that she would bare her breasts for me at the end of her evening. In addition, when I came on them, she would lick my sperm off her titties, regardless of who was watching.

In time, I became known to the ladies as a big cummer. I had many experiences like this with different women, as well. I will always remember the blonde, though.

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