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School was so boring. I made decent grades and all, but I never really tried that hard. I just daydreamed all the time. I promise I think I was daydreaming for 85 to 90 percent of the day. Being young there was no limit to where my brain would go.

“Alright Class!” our teacher Mr Batelli said in a commanding voice as he walked in.

He was about 6 foot 4 with Dark hair that was parted, and the sides kept short. He had olive skin because I am pretty sure that he was Italian. His gray eyes were something that would catch me off guard whenever I was able to look into them. He was a fit man that always had clothes that accentuated his physique. Today was a gray collared shirt that was not tucked in but lay right at his belt line. He had a brown belt with black slacks. And his shoes were brown and a little pointy at the end. They were shiny and had hard soles so you could hear him walking around the room.

“Is everyone here?” he asked as he scanned the room. Mr Batelli now just asked us ‘is everyone here’ when he walked in and it was our responsibility to tell him. One time, he asked and we all said yes. He scanned the room and saw that someone was missing, and he lost it. He was intimidating. Mr Batelli was ex-military and he took role call very seriously. So now a days we do not say yes unless we were absolutely sure that everyone was there.

“Yes Mr Batelli.” We all said in unison.

He completed his scan and sat down at his desk.

“Ok………. Who remembers what we were going to do today?” He says as he is looking down at the lesson plan.

“Sex Education.” We all drone together trying to stifle our laughs.

“That’s right. Sex Education.” He said with a bit of a grumble in his voice. “The way they have this all set up is horrible. It doesn’t teach you anything that you don’t already know. I wish I could set up a lesson for this myself that was a little more educational.” He finished his sentence and bounced his palm off the desk twice and stood up.

The way he moved was always just mesmerizing to me. You could hear his hard-soled shoes walking around the room, but he seemed like he just floated from place to place. He shoulders broad and commanding your attention, and his large hands would be at his side or tucked into his belt. He was just a symbol of authority in every way.

“I have thought about this long and hard….” He pauses and lets out an irritated breath as we snicker a little. “There are a few ways that we can do this. I think what I am going to do is bring out the ole skeleton and use it as a model of sorts.”

Once the skeleton is out in the middle of the room. He begins the lesson. He starts with pointing at the skeleton’s hips and talking about the vagina and ovaries. There is no shortage of giggling throughout everything that he was covering. He would just look at the ground when the giggling got to loud. We would all quiet down quickly and then he would continue.

This probably went on for about 10 to 15 minutes before he just stood up and pushed the skeleton across the room. It crashed against the wall knocking some things down. We all moved our heads from the noise back to Mr Batelli and he stood in the middle of the class with his arms crossed and feet shoulder width apart staring at none of us and all of us at the same time. You could have heard a pen drop because of the scary silence in the room.

The focus that he had in his eyes was palpable. I could not take my eyes off him.

“So, this is funny to everyone?” He said as he moved his eyes to each of us.

“No sir.” I said thinking that everyone was going to say it together, but I was the only one that spoke.

I sank in my chair so embarrassed I could have died at that moment and been ok with it. So of course, his eyes and everyone else’s turned to me.

“Well if it wasn’t funny then why were you laughing, Lena?” He said to me in a stern voice.

“I…… I…… I’m sorry sir.” I said as I sank deeper into my chair.

“Do you think you can teach it better than me?”

“No sir.”

“Come down here Lena.” He said to me as he pointed to the floor beside him.

I didn’t want to go but my body just started doing as it was told. I knew that I had no choice, but it seemed that my motor functions were being operated by something inside me. When I turned around each and every student was looking at me. Not a smile on a single face remained. I couldn’t look at them anymore, so I just turned my head and looked at Mr Batelli. His eyes were intense as he looked down at me. I lowered my head but didn’t take my eyes off his. The silence was killing me.

“Everyone, say thank you to Lena for being our living model today.” He said as he clapped his hands.

“Thank you, Lena.” Everyone said in unison as they also clapped.

WHAT!?!?! I could not quite wrap my mind around what I just heard. A living model? What does that mean? and I didn’t volunteer for anything. I wanted to run away, I wanted to disappear, I wanted to die in that moment.

As the clapping stopped Mr Batelli said, “Today we are going to talk about the female body, and what you need to know for sex education.” He said as he pointed at me. “Go ahead and take off your sweatshirt Lena.” He said as he walked around the desk.

I was not sure if I heard what he said correctly so I did not move at all. I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around what I thought I heard. There was no way that I was going to take my shirt off in front of everyone in class. Who would tell someone to do that? How is that ok? Why has no one else said anything? Everyone just sat there staring at me as I was trying to decipher what was going on.

“Lena, did you hear me?” He said in a very matter of fact voice.

“I…. I’m not sure sir.” I said hoping to hear something else come out of his mouth.

“Take off your shirt and lay it on my desk.” Without question the words came out of his mouth.

No one responded at all as if this was normal. I could not quite believe what was going on. The silence in the room was too much for me to take and it made me feel as though I was in the wrong. Without being able to explain why I did it I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my sweatshirt and pulled it up above kocaeli escort me head. All I was wearing that day was a sweatshirt with a bra, so this exposed the majority of my torso to the whole world. I lowered the shirt and placed it on Mr Batelli’s desk.

“Perfect.” He said as he walked back around with a permanent marker in his hand. He placed my hands behind my back and knelt in front of me but still looking at the class.

He started his lesson about the ovaries and fallopian tubes again. I felt the cold tip of the felt marker on my stomach as he was literally drawing the reproductive organs on my skin as he was teaching. He explained how “Most eggs are fertilized by sperm while still in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg then travels down the fallopian tube into the uterus.”

I was still frozen in embarrassment and could not believe what was happening. He was moving from side to side while drawing, and occasionally switching colors so as to make the illustration easier to see and understand.

“This can take 1-2 days. When the egg reaches the uterus….” He paused and stood up. “I can’t draw the uterus Lena.” He said while staring at me.

I did not know what to do with this information, so I just said, “excuse me sir.” My voice was so small.

“Take off your leggings, so that I can teach everyone about the uterus.” He said pointing at my leggings.

“Take them off sir?” I said even quieter and shyer than before.

“Unless you would like me to do it for you?” he said in a tone that was barely a question.

Once again without being in complete control of my motor functions my head just started to nod. My eyes were gazing deep into his and I started to bite my lip feeling for the first time something new rather than embarrassment. I could not believe it, but I was getting aroused. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would have been a situation that I could have been turned on by but here I stand in front of 30 or so people with a hot man kneeling in front of me wrapping his fingers into the elastic or my workout leggings.

He pulled down and that is when I realized that his fingers were wrapped around my thong panties as well. I felt my leggings pop over my butt cheeks and then I felt my underwear come from between my cheeks. I tried to squeeze my thighs together to stop it and I brought my hands from around my back. Mr Batelli let go of my clothes and grabbed my wrists and placed my arms back behind my back, where they were. I looked down at him and just did as he led me too.

With my arms behind my back I just looked down at him as he placed his hands back into my clothes and pulled down. My leggings and thong fell to my sketchers which were removed with my socks. After that, the leggings and thong went off one foot at a time.

I did not realize it but Mr Batelli had already gotten up and walked behind me. The only way I knew, was because with one flip of his fingers my bra popped loose. He grabbed my wrists one at a time and slid the bra down my arms and off my body. As soon as the bra landed at my feet, he placed my arms again at my lower back.

I now stood as naked and vulnerable as I could be in front of everyone. I looked around the class and everyone was looking at my body. It was like I was not a person at all but a teaching prop for everyone to look at and inspect as they saw fit. There was something sexy about feeling so vulnerable and exposed.

Mr Batelli crouched in front of me again and continued the drawing as he finished the explanation of what happened when the eggs get to the uterus. I had so many thoughts going through my head as I felt permanent marker being applied to my body. Embarrassment was surprisingly the furthest thing from my mind now. I had accepted what was happening and now I was just glad I was freshly shaven so that it was easier for Mr Batelli to draw on me.

“So, does anyone have any question?” Mr Batelli asked the class. No one said anything. “Excellent. So, we can move on.” He stood up and grabbed his ruler and walked beside me. He touched the area he just drew on lightly with the ruler and said, “Now that we know how the baby gets made, lets talk about what happens when the baby is born.”

SNAP! The ruler popped against my breast as I gasped. I looked at Mr Batelli and he took his index finger and pushed my chin so that I was facing the class again.

“Who knows what these are?”

“Tits.” One of the jocks from the back of the class said as everyone laughed.

“Don’t be insensitive Mr Williams, but I do appreciate you volunteering for tomorrow’s demonstration, when we go over the male body.” He said as he gave him a look that wiped the jock’s smile right off him face. “These are breasts, and after the baby is born, they will produce milk that will feed the baby. The breasts will be very sensitive.

“Why will they be sensitive?” one of the females asked?

“Good question Julie. They will be full of milk and will need to be pumped every few hours. Also the baby will put quite the number on the nipples themselves.”

As he said that he reached over and pinched my nipple and pulled on it.

“HMMMMNFFFF” I let out.

“See how Lena winces as I pull and twist her nipples around?” He said looking at the class.

Everyone nodded their heads as they looked at my nipple that was being abused. He kept twisting and rolling it between his forefinger and his thumb as he continued to talk about how sensitive nipples get during breast feeding. I bit my lower lip not thinking that asking him to stop was an option.

Finally, he released his grip on my raw nipple and stepped back to my side. “So, are there any question so far?” He asked as he relaxed and leaned up against his desk.

No one said anything. Everyone was just staring at my body. I no longer was feeling embarrassed about being naked in front of the class. I had started to feel proud that I was chosen. In a way I was happy to be there for Mr Batelli to be used as he needed. I was always curious what it was like to be a teacher’s pet, I just didn’t know it could go this far.

He pointed and prodded at my body as he covered everything else in his lesson plan. Most of it I knew, and I ended kocaeli escort bayan up learning some as well. There was never really any question from the class. Everyone just nodded when they were asked if they understood.

He sounded like he was finished, and he stood up and leaned against his desk again. “So, does anyone know what an erogenous zone is?” He asked.

One girl raised her hand in the back, and he pointed at her.

“Those are the areas that turn me, um, turn people on, right?” She said a little embarrassed.

“That’s right. Thank you. Can you come point to one, on our model here?” he asked as he pointed the ruler at me. I felt a bit of a rush being called a model.

“Sure.” She said without hesitation and got up and walked down towards me. Once she got to me, she put her index finger on my collarbone.

It tickled just a bit and for sure I learned that this was an untapped erogenous zone for myself.

“Good.” He said as he nodded his head. “Just go ahead and stay there if you don’t mind.” He said as he looked back at the class and said, “Anyone else?”

The jock from the back of the class raised his hand and Mr Batelli just pointed at me. He got out of his seat and walked down towards me. I could see his eyes giving him away, because he was looking directly at my pussy. Once he got to me he bent down in front of me and touched my pussy lips.

“Mr Williams, you are going to have to be more specific. I am not saying you’re wrong. I am just saying that there is something down there that is an erogenous zone and there is something else down there that will make you a very selfish lover.” He said as he was chuckling a bit.

“What?” the jock said giving away that he was clueless.

“Oh Mr Williams, so much to learn.” He said as he walked over in front of me. “Now use two fingers to spread her lips apart.” As he clumsily did so, Mr Batelli said, “See that little bump there at the top Mr Williams?” He said as he pointed with the ruler.

“Right here?” The jock said as I felt a rough finger push against my clit.

“That’s right. That is the clitoris. The clitoris is extremely sensitive to being touched, and is great for sexual stimulation. It is responsible for feelings of sexual pleasure when stimulated, and, for many women, clitoral stimulation is how they are able to experience an orgasm.” He said so professionally. “Do you feel how it is like a little ball under your fingertip?”’ he asked.

“Uh Huh.” He nodded in agreement.

“That is because it is filling with blood showing us all that Ms Lena here is getting aroused. Why don’t you roll your finger around on it a few times Mr Williams?” He said as he made a circular motion with his ruler still pointing at me.

As he rolled his finger around the feeling made my hips move a bit and my breathing get a bit choppy.

“See how Ms Lena here reacted to your touch?” Mr Batelli asked.

“Yeah.” The jock said in a voice that was a dead give away that it was the first time he had gotten a reaction out of a woman sexually.

“Ok, who’s next?” Mr Batelli asked the class.

Person after person raised their hands and was called down to point at another part of my body. I had at least 20 different people that were all around me touching different parts of my body from my ankles all the way up to the back of my neck and my earlobes, and everywhere in between. I had moved through so many emotions during this spectacle and I was absolutely set on arousal at this point.

I was very surprised no one had mentioned it yet, but I could smell the musk coming from my body. Just a pure smell of sex. I had never been touched by more than one man at a time and I had around 20 different people, male and female touching my body with everything from a fingertip to a full-on palming. I started more uncomfortable than I had ever been and now I couldn’t believe I had been this long in life without this feeling before. I loved it! I felt so important, so needed, and so very sexy.

“Everyone else, go ahead and come to the front of the class.” Mr Batelli said to the remaining few people in their seats. “Ok, so now let’s talk about one that we have not covered.” As he was talking, he was having everyone gather round in a circle.

Without saying anything to me he grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around so that I was facing away from the class. He put his hand firmly in the center of my upper back and pushed me down to his desk. I felt his strong hands grab my wrists and spread them out wide on either side of me, and down onto his desk.

“So here you see the one place that no one mentioned. For many women, and men, the butthole is its own erogenous zone.” He said.

I felt his palms on both of my cheeks and spread me wide open. I thought I felt vulnerable before but that was laughable compared to this feeling. I think that it was the anticipation because I could not see, that made it so intense.

“Watch as I touch Ms Lena’s little opening.

Right then I felt a light pressure on my asshole. There was a reaction that I could not control, and I flexed.

“Did everyone see that? She has no choice but to react because of the stimulation. As you put more pressure you will find out what your partner likes and doesn’t like.” He said as he placed a large pad of a finger over my butthole and pushed down. I was flexing under his finger and my hips were starting to move as he was pushing in and out. “As you can see from Ms Lena’s movements and her breathing, she enjoys this pressure.” He said as he pressed in harder on my little hole and I felt I was not going to be able to resist him.

“Ooooooh.” I breathed as his finger entered my ass. I felt so tightly wrapped around his digit that I could have cut the circulation off.

“When you are doing, ass play, as it is called, you want to make sure not to go to far or to fast. Let your partner get used to the new sensation of something in their butt before moving again.” He said as if he was reading my mind.

I was there for a few seconds and I felt comfortable, so I started pushing back on his finger as he held it firm.

“There you go. See how Ms Lena has let us all know that she is now comfortable izmit escort with the pressure by allowing herself to push back on my finger?” He asked the class. I could hear that he was looking at them and not at me. It was so insensitive and well, hot. “Another way to see if your partner likes it is to check her pussy, to see if she is lubricating herself.”

As he said that I felt two of his fingers go on either side of my pussy and spread me out. It was so smooth and perfectly executed. Much better than the jock, earlier.

“As you can see Ms Lena’s pussy is very wet showing us that she is enjoying herself and lubricating herself for sex. This is something that the body will do on its own without prompting.” He said as I can still hear that he is looking away from me. “You may find that some of you are having feelings like this right now, just from talking about it.”

There was a pause as I assumed that he was looking around the class. I didn’t see any reason to stop what I was doing so I kept fucking his finger as I waited for what was next.

“Yes, Julie, you are having these feelings?” He said in a very comforting voice. “Why don’t you come up here and touch Ms Lena’s pussy?”

Oh my God! What? I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t dare stop this. The anticipation was almost to much for me to bare. My pussy started to tingle as it was held open still by his strong unwavering fingers.

“Here?” I heard her voice ask.

“Yes, go ahead.” He said

Then I felt a soft touch in between my pussy lips. It was light but just enough to make me gasp for air.

“Go ahead Julie, feel around.” He said as I felt her finger go deeper. It was as if he had grabbed it and pushed her in.

“MMMMMmmmmmmm” I whined as her finger went to the hilt.

She swirled her finger around inside me as I pushed back on her’s and Mr Batelli’s so as to get all of both of them inside me. I was being penetrated by two different people at the same time. We are knocking out first after first here today. I didn’t know why, but I loved it.

Now Julie turn your hand palm down and run the pad of your finger against the front of Ms Lena’s vaginal wall.” He said as I could hear he was looking at her now. As I felt her finger rotate inside me, he said, “Can you feel a little spongy bump there in the front about 2 inches in?”

“Oh yes, here it is. What is that?” She asked excited about her findings.

I, out of nowhere got excited too. I started to feel my pussy tighten on her finger as she touched it and put pressure on this new secret button of mine.

“That is what is known as the G Spot class. The G Spot and the clitoris are two very common ways that women can reach orgasm.” He said and had never been so right.

“MMmmm” I let out not meaning too.

“Did everyone here that?” he asked. “Ms Lena is becoming close to orgasm. Let’s all watch as she gets there. Everyone’s orgasm is different. Now Julie, push firmly against the G Spot and pull your fingers to the front of her vaginal wall.”

She did immediately as she was told, and he pressed his whole finger into my ass. He also started pulsing pressure with what I believe was his thumb on the outside of my asshole while his finger remained inside.

“Mr Williams, come here. Get Ms Lena’s juices on two of your fingers and insert them into her vagina.” He said, knowing he never did, and still did not, need my permission to do anything he wanted to me.

I felt two large fingers from the jock clumsily slap against my pussy. I know they were soaked because I was sopping wet. I felt his thick fingers against the opening of my pussy. With some pressure I felt the third and fourth finger enter my body.

“Ooooohh Gooooood.” I cried out

He pushed slowly and firmly all the way in. I was going to have to look at this jocks hands when this was all over because I felt him bottom out and push against my cervix once his knuckles touched my pussy lips. Wow he was big. He started thrusting in and out of me.

With Mr Batelli in my ass, Julie against my G Spot and now this jock’s huge fingers inside me pumping away, I was building faster than I knew possible. My knees started to shake against the desk making quite a racket. My hips started to flex as I felt a ticklish heat come from my abdomen. It spread quickly throughout my whole body overcoming any muscle control I might have had. I felt pulse after pulse of amazing tingling pressure radiate from the center of my body outward. I felt my entire body go completely limp and my mind was blank. It was at that moment that I realized I had never had a real orgasm before that moment. I felt like I was high for a few seconds as fingers started to retract from my body one by one.

I don’t know how much time passed before I heard Mr Batelli start talking again. “Now class, that is what the female orgasm looks like.” There was a slight pause and you could hear footsteps around the class. “Oh, if you look at Mr Williams you can see what the aftermath of a male orgasm looks like.” He said without any laugher in his voice. “Good thing we are not doing the male portion of sex education today, huh Mr Williams?” He said as the class snickered a bit. “Okay, okay, class it can happen to the best of us. No bullying.” He said as I could once again tell that he was not looking at me.

RING! I heard the class bell go off.

There was rustling and footsteps all over the classroom as people got their things and started leaving. I lay there completely spent chest down on Mr Batelli’s desk. After a few seconds I saw Mr Batelli sit down in front of me in his chair.

“Thank you for your assistance today Ms Lena, but you have to go to your next class.” He said looking down at his papers.

I tried to stand but my legs had not yet gained their strength. I slid down off Mr Batelli’s desk and sat on the floor and started getting dressed. I could feel that my clothes were wet, making it obvious that there was another first for the day. My first ejaculation which I didn’t even know was possible for me.

I was finishing up with my socks and shoes as I heard the 2-minutes till, bell go off and looked up. To my surprise I had not realized that Mr Batelli’s whole next class was already in their seats and looking at me. Maybe an earlier version of me would have been embarrassed but I loved the attention and smiled at everyone still floating from my orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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