Unicorn Surprise Ch. 01

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Cloudy days were the hardest to keep focus, and today was no exception. She couldn’t help but reflect back on the morning and wonder what was ahead. It started out as any other morning — sweet cuddle time as they shed sleep and geared up for the day ahead. Morning routine soon turned playful as he pressed his warm and freshly showered body full length against her, teasing her with his cock. “You know what happens when you do that” she laughed, the last word muffled as she took his cock into her mouth. She heard the sound of his reply but not the words, as she was already lost in the sensation of his cock full in her mouth, warm and sweet. Her body filled with that familiar warmth and tingle — just from the taste of him she could feel her body respond with wetness. Abruptly the moment ended when the phone rang, bringing them both back to the reality of a business day. She started to follow and provide a little sweet torment while he was on the call, but instead looked at the clock, sighed, and went back to the mundane grooming tasks.

After the call ended, he had a particular cat-ate-the-canary twinkle in his eyes, but said nothing. A few more gropes, licks, and well placed nibbles and it was time to officially start the day. Before leaving he came to her for that morning kiss, those few last seconds when they belonged totally to each other, before the demands of work ensued. He kissed her sweetly at first, then more passionately before deliberately pulling away, and saying softly, “We finally have some playtime. Tonight is ours, and I plan to take you to places you have only imagined. I have a surprise planned for you” As she pressed back toward him, that twinkle returned to his eyes, spreading across his face, as he picked up his briefcase and headed down the stairs. “By the way,” he called from the bottom of the stairs, “I have someone coming by later today for some work on the house.” And with that, the sound of the garage door lifting ended their morning time together.

She wondered about the plans, but it wasn’t long until the responsibilities of her work-at-home job took over her mind, and it became just another workday — until the clouds distracted her.

The doorbell broke her cloud-induced trance, and she remembered his comment about having someone come by for some work. As she went to open the door, she tried desperately to remember what the contractor was supposed to be doing — did he even say? She opened the door, and was caught off guard to see a woman standing there, holding a plastic cleaning caddy and broom. “Good Morning! It’s nice to see you again!” The two had met the previous weekend, when Carol accompanied Tony to show a house. The woman was new to the area, and had been so pleasant and fun they hadn’t ataköy escort minded spending their weekend showing homes.

“Your husband said this would be a surprise,” Kirsten said as she closed the door behind her. “I understand you two have a special weekend planned, so he thought it would be nice to get the household responsibilities out of the way, so you can just focus on enjoying your weekend.”

“You are right — this is quite a surprise! We usually pitch in together and get things out of the way pretty quickly — but this is really nice!” Carol replied, smiling, still just a little bit unsure of what she thought.

Kirsten wasted no time in getting started, and the scent of cleaning products soon filtered through the air. Carol went back to her computer, determined to get everything completed in record time, so she would have a few minutes to freshen up before Tony came home for the day. Not even the clouds could distract her now!

Later, she went into the kitchen to fix a drink. Kirsten was just finishing, and said, “Please, let me get that for you!” Carol was slightly uncomfortable, it felt odd to have someone serve her like that in her own home, but it wasn’t a bad thing. As Kirsten handed her the class, her hand lingered, ever so lightly and just for a moment, on Carol’s. That’s when Carol noticed the shirt.

It was a solid color polo — red — not an unusual or inappropriate thing to wear while cleaning. It was the logo that caught Carol’s attention. Not a polo horse, not a crest, or monogram, but a unicorn!! She blinked a couple of times, thinking surely her eyes were playing tricks, but there was no doubt — it was a unicorn.

She thanked Kirsten for the drink, and immediately picked up the phone to call Tony. Was this his surprise? It certainly seemed more than coincidental. Carol had never seen a unicorn on a shirt like that, and if this was something Tony had planned, it was just the type of subtle hint he would have out there. They had been discussing and fantasizing about including another woman in their play for quite some time, and often joked that the hunt for the perfect woman was like searching for the rare, elusive, and maybe even non-existent unicorn.

They had even discussed, after spending the day with her, how Kirsten would be a perfect unicorn. She and Carol had a comfortable chemistry and rapport. She was attractive in a real person way, with expressive eyes, a great smile, and nipples that could be counted as expressive, too. She was either cold all day, or titillated at house shopping, as they had stayed taught and visible through the thin fabric of her blouse the entire day. There were even a couple of times, as she would lean forward to get ataköy eve gelen escort a closer look at some feature, the fabric would fall open, giving both Tony and Carol a full view. She was definitely the touch-feely type, and had even run her fingers through Carol’s hair a couple of times. No wonder they didn’t mind spending the day with her!

She hung up without leaving a message when Tony’s voice mail message began. He would see the missed call and call back when he was free. What kind of message would she leave, anyway? “I think our housekeeper is a unicorn”? Sounds like the title of a straight to video movie.

Shaking her head and smiling, Carol returned to her computer and tried to focus her attention back on work. Difficult as it was, she had just hit send on the final project of the day, when Kirsten called from the master bedroom. As Carol crossed through the door, she could hear the water running in the Jacuzzi tub. The look on Carol’s face spoke volumes as she rounded the corner into the bathroom and saw the tub filling with water and bubbles. With a warm laugh, Kirsten said, “Tony has a very special evening planned. He wanted me to help you prepare and give you lots of pampering.”

Carol was speechless, titillated, and a little shy all at once. Was Kirsten their unicorn, or simply an innocent part of a plan?

“If you would like to get undressed and slip in the tub, I will put away your work things and clean in the room where you are working while you soak away the day. Relax and enjoy yourself,” Kirsten excused herself from the room, which only heightened the mystery and intrigue Carol was feeling. Before disrobing, she tried Tony’s phone one more time. Still no answer, but this time she left a message, saying simply, “Unicorn, or not? That is the question.”

Carol pulled her hair up to keep it out of the water, dropped her clothes to the floor and slipped a toe into the water. It was almost too hot, but she liked to slide slowly in, letting her body acclimate little by little. Between the small frosted window in the bathroom, and the dense cloud cover outside, the room was almost nighttime dark, and Kirsten had lit a few candles, casting the perfect, ambient glow about the room. It hadn’t been a particularly stressful day, but the warm water relaxed her nonetheless. She could feel a flush throughout her body, and the shorter, loose tendrils of hair curling around her face from the moisture.

Not really wanting to fall asleep, she berated herself for not bringing a book. She thought about turning on the TV, but that would seem intrusive. As she looked around the room, she noticed Tony’s little computer, the one they used infrequently for the internet, ataköy grup yapan escort sitting on the bathroom counter. “That’s odd,” she mumbled to herself, as the warmth of the water and glow of the candles took over, and she closed her eyes.

Carol became aware of the presence in the room before she realized she had been dozing. She had been having sweet dreams about the soft touch of a woman’s touch contrasting with the firm and somewhat rougher sensation of Tony’s hands. By the time she was fully awake and aware that Kirsten was in the room, she was belatedly aware that her own hands were between her legs, just softly touching herself. Slightly embarrassed, she repositioned under the bubbles to a more modest position. Carol was always a little shy at first.

Kirsten had replaced the red polo and was simply wearing a tank top. She had also replaced the cleaning caddy with a smaller one which appeared to have all the accoutrements for a pedicure. “Sorry to disturb you,” she whispered. “My instructions are to get you ready. Tony said you might be shy at first, but I want to make you very comfortable. May I?” She motioned to the caddy.

A pedicure was something Carol would never turn away. She gave a little smile, once again amazed at Tony’s attention to detail. To her surprise, what came out of the caddy were not the tools of a pedicure, but shaving cream and a razor. Carol nodded slowly — and swallowed hard as Kirsten sat on the edge of the tub, reached into the water and brought her leg up to the edge of the tub. The shaving cream had a soothing lavender scent, which helped to calm Carol’s nerves. She really wasn’t sure what felt the best about it — the cool cream as it lathered onto her leg, or the hands that were gently rubbing it in. With very deliberate strokes, Kirsten ran the razor down Carol’s leg, below the knee. She repeated on the other side, and Carol could feel herself begin to relax somewhat and become accustomed to the slow strokes and light, feathery touch.

“You know,” Kirsten remarked, “to really do this right, we need to trade places. I can’t shave what is in the water.”

Carol was silent for a moment, as though thinking carefully about her answer. Her eyes met Kirsten’s as she said quietly, “You are right,” and stood up, unsure what was making her wetter — the water, or this experience. As she repositioned herself on the side of the tub, Kirsten stood and began to slip of her clothes. After taking off her tank and exposing firm breast with those taut nipples that had been the topic of discussion, she gave Carol a questioning look, as if to ask for approval before going further.

Carol slipped her fingers into the band of Kristen’s shorts, and unbuttoned them. They feel to the floor, and Kirsten stepped into the tub, razor and cream still in hand. She began to lather Carol’s upper thighs, and the already smooth area between her legs with soft, circular movements. Natural body responses were starting to take over, and the shyness Carol had experienced began to slip away as easily as Kirsten’s shorts.

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