Unexpected Visitor

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My last client has just left for the day and I’m sitting in my office on my red, leather chesterfield couch trying to decide if I should stop off on the way home and treat myself to a bottle of wine when the door goes unexpectedly. The rest of the team have already left for the day and I am alone in the old, stone building. Apprehensively, I leave the comfort of my warm office and head towards the front door, straightening my skirt and tidying my hair as I walk.

When I open up the heavy, black door I can hardly believe my eyes when I see you standing there. Stunned, I invite you in and you follow me through to my room.

I sense some kind of urgency within you and realise that you are in no mood for niceties as you suddenly take me in your arms and kiss me hard on the mouth. I can feel your cock, already hard and erect as you press your body tight against mine. You push my hand down between our bodies making me stroke your hardness through your jeans. You waste no time with fiddly buttons as you wrench my blouse apart and rip the white, lace bra from my body. Abruptly you shove me back against my couch and take my nipple into your mouth, sucking it so hard it makes my back arch. My hands thread their way through your dark hair as I feel your hand make its way up my skirt. Frustrated at the fabric that bars your way, you yank it aside and forcefully push a finger inside me. Your teeth scrape coarsely against my skin as your mouth latches on to my neck and I can feel your thumb press against my clitoris as you harshly rub at it.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to see stars,” you swear through gritted teeth. “I’m going to stick my dick so fucking deep in your cunt you’re going to gush, you hear me you fucking bitch?”

You quickly unzip your jeans güvenilir bahis and pull your stiff cock from your boxers. I briefly see the purple throbbing head of it, already wet with pre-cum, before you spin me round and push me callously over the arm of my couch. I use my arms to steady myself as you tug my skirt high up round my waist. My ass is now sticking up as if in open invitation to you, my thong, already pulled to the side, no longer hampers you as you drive your hard shaft in between my hot, wet lips. Your cock fills me as you thrust deep inside me. Your hand reaches around and clamps itself to my tit, squeezing it tightly as you fuck me. With every thrust you force yourself deeper and deeper, now holding on to my hips as you drive yourself repeated into my now sopping pussy.

“Fucking bitch,” you spit as your slap my bare arse cheek leaving an inflamed red handprint. “You deserve to be fucked like a dog; you’re nothing but a bitch in heat.”

Your angry words and harsh treatment spur me on and I try to push back against you.

“Oh you fucking love it, you dirty tramp. You like it good and hard, don’t you?” your voice comes out earthy and guttural. “I asked you a fucking question bitch!”

Without giving me time to answer, you slap my ass again, making my bum cheek sting with pain. I can feel your hand now scrambling between my legs and rubbing between my swollen, engorged lips. Your fingers are now coated with my juices which you slide up and down between the cheeks of my bum, rubbing them against my puckered hole. Suddenly you ram your finger into my tight asshole and I feel you plunge it in past the knuckle. I writhe under your touch, now simultaneously impaled by your cock and index finger. You fuck me with both making me cry out with a türkçe bahis mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Oh you like that, do you? Let’s see just how much the dirty bitch loves it.”

You pull yourself from me and sink to your knees, leaving me feeling empty and yearning to be filled again. As you kneel behind me you force my ass higher into the air, pulling my bum cheeks apart. My lace thong that angered you so much earlier is now in your way again. Taking the delicate strands of it between your hands you yank it apart letting the tatters fall to the floor.

I then feel your face bury itself between my legs and your tongue lick under me from top to bottom. It slides between my lips and presses against my clitoris, before you drag it downwards over my wet, open slit to my anus. I know I am soaking as I can feel my own creamy juices covering my inner thighs.

“See how wet you are, you dirty bitch. You love it hard and rough. Love me playing with your little asshole.”

Your tongue is now probing all around my anus as your digits plunder my pussy. I can feel your tongue slide over my asshole and then push into me. Your finger is now playing with my clit, rapidly wiggling back and forth over it making me jump and tense every time it hits the spot. You then start to finger me, but one finger isn’t enough and you push two inside me.

“You want more, don’t you bitch. Tell me what you want!” you demand of me.

“I want more. I want you inside me.”

“Fucking right you do.”

I have never felt so wet before, bent over my own office couch being roughly fingered from behind. You then stand up and I can sense what is going to take place next before it happens and even though I try not to tense I can’t help myself and my muscles tighten as I feel your güvenilir bahis siteleri thick, hard cock press against my asshole.

“Fucking take it bitch!” you shout as you push me further over the leather couch.

With one hand you part my cheeks whilst the other holds your cock between my buttocks, pushing it against my tight, wrinkled hole. You firmly press against it and the widest part of your cock slowly pushes inside me. The pain is extreme as your solid cock tries to penetrate my ass. My hole is stretched apart as you keep pushing against it and then suddenly you are inside. The sensation is immense as you slowly start to thrust in and out of me. I know you are holding back as you take your time, relishing the fact that you are fucking my ass. I start to welcome each thrust as the pain has now subsided and been replaced with the building feeling of orgasm.

“Fuck,” you cry out loudly and I recognise your need for release.

You grab my hips and start grinding into me. I can feel your balls slap against me faster as you fuck me harder and harder. I can’t believe the sensations building deep inside me and I know I am also going to cum soon under your continued pounding.

I squeal as my body starts to tense and I can feel myself losing control. My juices flow freely from me as I suffer an intense orgasm, every muscle in my body contracting harshly.

You pull your still hard cock from my ass and pump it over me until you cum. I can feel your hot seed spurt up my spine as you ejaculate over my back and onto my raised butt. It trickles over my skin and I can imagine how it looks as the white liquid coats the bottom of my backbone.

“Oh shit, that was amazing. You are amazing, absolutely fucking amazing” you declare as you gently caress my naked buttocks, smoothing your hand over the raised hand print you had made earlier.

I smile at you over my shoulder exhausted and spent after our coarse and frantic love making.

“I think you owe me some new undies,” I laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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