Unexpected Phone Call

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I was sitting at home one night about to masturbate to thoughts of my ex-girlfriend Jennifer. As I was stroking my dick, my phone rang. A bizarre coincidence? Jennifer was the one who was calling me, what did she want? We had not talked in months and now she says she’s in the area and wants to stop by. I’m thinking to myself, am I dreaming? I quickly said yes, and hope that I can ejaculate before she gets there, just in case anything intimate happens and I can be at ease.

After we hang up, panic sets in. My girlfriend Ashley said she was going to stop by in 2 hours but she would kill me if she found Jennifer at the house. I finished my duty and within 10 minutes Jennifer was at my door. I opened the door to find her looking stunning in a tight white tanktop and short jean skirt. I quickly realized she had dressed to kill, and she would be killing a million of my kids if I had my way.

As she came in she brushed past me and I knew she could feel my hardness. She asked if she could have a drink and I offered her a rum and coke and I had one myself. We quickly finished our drinks and began light chatter about how we were doing and how families were. As she talked, she bent forward, showing me a view of ample tit flesh. I was straining in my boxers and I was moving in an uncomfortable manner. She asked if I was ok and I replied that I had been bored all day and I’m just antsy to do something. Then she moved her hand to my thigh and said I shouldn’t be bored anymore now that I was sitting with her. I knew the hand gesture could be just friendly, but I could feel more from it and I knew if she moved her hand a few inches to the right she’d feel more as well. All of a sudden the phone rang and I jumped to answer the cell phone on the table.

The voice on the other end could easily be heard throughout the room, it was my girlfriend Ashley. Jennifer took this as her cue and stood up and walked towards me in a sultry, sexy way that would make any male turn into a pile of mush. I quickly thought of a reason to get Ashley off the phone and told her that I had been feeling sick and needed to rest. She said she would let me go and would not be coming over later because she had errands to run. Excellent! I screamed in my head but to her I made it seem as though I was sad. Jennifer then had her face right in front of mine as I was talking on the phone and she began to take the phone out of my hand.

I quickly said bye to Ashley and Jennifer took ataköy anal yapan escort my right hand and slowly drew my index finger into her mouth. Oh I felt so at ease in that mouth, a mouth I had deposited numerous cum loads into. She took her other hand and slowly rubbed from my chest down to my large expanding cock. As she measured its length through my jeans, she whispered in my ear that she had missed my veiny, hard as a rock pussy tool. I could’ve let my children flow into my pants at that very second but I held off. She slowly began to pull down her tanktop to give me a view I had not seen in years. There was Jennifer’s 38C breasts in front of my eyes, with her long horse nipples. You could suck on those things for hours and thats what I was planning to do.

I dove in for her right breast and suckled on it like a famine-stricken baby. Jennifer started moaning and told me everything I wanted to hear. “Oh Matt please use your tongue everywhere, then I want that hard cock deep in my pussy. You’ll be begging me to help you break up with Ashley when we’re done.” I knew this was wrong, but hey when something feels so right who is to argue. I knelt down and lifted up her skirt to view the sexiest pair of pink thongs with cute diamond accents over her pussy mound and on the string that split her supple ass cheeks. I rubbed her clitoral area and grabbed a large chunk of her ass. I loved this ass, I had been buried in it so many times before that doing it again would be like riding a bike. A bike that would moan and come all over my dick many times tonight.

I laid her down on the couch and slowly pulled down her thong. I had envisioned what her pussy was like in my dreams, but seeing the glistening pink slit and shaven cunt made me dive head first into her pussy. I ate like a kid on steroids as I parted her pussy lips and savored the sweet aroma and taste of her nectar. Her pussy was leaking all over the place and she began screaming she was going to spray cum all over my face. I slurped and swallowed every drop of pussy juice she could spit out and smiled when her orgasm had passed.

She sat up with a look of a wild slut in heat and she pushed me back on the couch and unbuckled my jeans. She unzipped me and pulled out my already hard seven inch dick. She dove at it like a bird for a worm and began bobbing on it like a beast. After about a minute she had worked up enough saliva to take my dick ataköy bdsm escort all the way into her throat. She was pressing her nose into my pubic hair and enjoying every minute of it. I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth like every other hole of hers I had fucked in the past. She began to gag but I knew she could take it and then I pulled out to keep from cumming my load in her stomache. She whined and begged for her meal but I told her she needed to turn over and show me that sweet ass of hers.

I sucked my pinkie and then stuck it into her brown star to give her puckered hole a lashing. I started slowly but then was quickly fucking her butt with my finger and her pussy was dripping wet. Without further notice I stuck my hard dick into her sopping slit and felt her immediately orgasm on my cunt rod. I got out of her ass and grabbed the back of her hair to ride her like the sex-crazed slut she is. As I felt the velvety glove like texture of her pussy pass over and over my dick I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came. I was giving her everything I had, and only needed to deposit my children in their new home. I was on the last stretch when suddenly the door was being unlocked and opened by my girlfriend Ashley. I was stunned, shocked, having the deer in the headlights look and I couldn’t pull out of Jennifer’s dripping pussy.

Jennifer was oblivious to Ashley at the door and kept screaming that she wanted me to cum in her tight ass. I wanted to oblige but Ashley had interrupted those plans and now had the look of shock on her face. Her mouth dropped open and she dropped the things in her hand onto the floor. Jennifer then saw Ashley and pulled away from my dick to run over to her. What happened next made the last hour worth nothing.

Jennifer hugged Ashley and started consoling her. She told her she was lonely and wanted to be with someone that knew cared for her and she wasn’t trying to take me from her. Ashley was in total shock and could not make any words come out of her mouth. Jennifer, as crazy as she is, then moved her mouth to Ashely’s to kiss her. Ashley smacked her in the face and told her to get the fuck out of the house but Jennifer was relentless. She shoved her tongue into Ashley’s mouth and lifted her skirt up to rub her pussy. I was dumbfounded, what the hell was happening? I knew they both had bisexual tendencies in the past, but never around me.

My dick, which had ataköy elit escort not cum yet, was standing at full attention and waited to see where this was headed. I noticed Ashley was not putting up much of a fight anymore and then shoved Jennifer’s face into her twat. I got up to walk towards them and Ashley finally spoke. She told me not to come any closer and if I did she would beat the bitch Jennifer and then cut my dick off. I was in no place to argue but I knew I had to do something about my dick.

I began to stroke it for all it was worth and could see Jennifer’s tongue sucking in Ashley’s pussy juice. Jennifer’s ass was sticking up in the air so I stroke my dick quickly and then released a long rope of cum that sprayed onto her ass. She began moaning and I realized she was having an orgasm from my cum on her ass and Ashley soon joined her in the orgasm.

Ashley pushed Jennifer away and walked towards the bedroom and yelled for us to follow. I stuck my finger up Jennifer’s cunt as we walked and I knew I was about to die and go to heaven. Never in my life had a threesome been handed to me on a silver platter. I walked in the bedroom to find Ashley naked and lying on the bed fingering herself. I crawled onto the bed and dove into her glistening pussy as Ashley called for Jennifer to sit on her face. I ate her pussy like a hungered beast and could feel my hardness returning. I started stroking my cock and lined it up with Ashley’s pussy. She stopped me and told me she wanted to eat out Jennifer’s pussy as I fucked Jennifer’s ass. I couldn’t argue with that and found my anal lube to get Jen’s ass prepped and primed for my prime rib poker.

When I finally managed to squeeze the head in her sphincter, I felt that I could cum at any minute. I knew Jennifer had already came as Ashley was lapping up large amounts of cum below me. I grabbed Jennifer’s hips and then dug deep in her bowels with everything I had. Within minutes I announced I was going to cum again and Ashley screamed to pull out and let them up. They both knelt down facing my dick and put their tongues all over the cum and ass covered cunt beater.

They made out over the head of my dick and then sucked my balls. Ashley commanded that I cum on their tits and I was ready to oblige. The first rope of cum landed on Ash’s tits and then I let the next go off on her face. The third rope landed across Jen’s tits and Ashley grabbed my dick in her hand to suck down the rest into her throat. The two girls then started making out with my cum and spread the seed over their breasts. As I laid back onto my bed and recounted the events that had transpired. I was a lucky fucker and prayed that these activities would continue in the future. My girlfriend fucking and sucking me and my ex-girlfriend. I could get used to this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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