Unexpected Delivery Ch. 02

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Carly stared at the clock. She knew what time was approaching. The mysterious delivery guy would soon be back to collect his feedback form. After he left yesterday, she diligently filled it out, making sure to give him a glowing review.

Customer service. Five stars.

Courteous and helpful. Five stars.

Level of satisfaction. Five stars.

Carly even made sure to use the extra space to explain how he made her feel special by handling her box with loving care.

As the seconds ticked away, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. His arrival was imminent and her nerves were getting the best of her, as she was deliberately scratching her nail polish off in an effort to release her stress.

Today she dressed in her silky little negligee. It had an intricate white lace flower pattern, but you could still see right through it. She also wore her shiny, red faux leather high heels. Not only did they give her a few inches in height, but she thought they looked damn sexy too.

Suddenly, her doorbell rang and there was a forceful knock at the door. She gulped loudly and approached the front of the house. Trying to quell the anticipation building inside of her, she swung the door open, revealing the same sexy delivery hunk from the day before.

“Hello, miss,” he said, looking her up and down.

“Hi,” she replied, slightly embarrassed, opening the door in her current outfit, almost in her birthday suit.

“How are you? Fully recovered from yesterday?”

“Almost. Yesterday was…” she said, trailing off, not being able to articulate her feelings at the moment.

“Yeah. Yesterday was…” he agreed with her, smiling with an erection growing in his pants. “Do you have the feedback form?”

“Yes. Sorry! Yes, I do. It’s right on the coffee table.” She was a bit disappointed about his mostly professional demeanor, but his body gave him away. “Let me get it for you.”

She partially closed the door, but it was still slightly ajar. Not wanting to leave the door wide open while she turned back to fetch the form, she walked quickly so he wouldn’t have to wait long.

As she entered the living room, she felt like she was being followed and quickly aksaray escort turned around. To her surprise, he was right behind her again.

“Oh! Hello. I thought I had closed the door. Anyway, here’s the form.” She handed it to him. He quickly scanned her responses.

“Thank you so much for all the nice things you said about me.” He put the form back down on the coffee table.

“You’re welcome. It’s the truth after all.” She shrugged and smiled at him, and then looked down at the floor, still self-conscious considering how she was dressed and how he was reacting to her.

“You know, you look beautiful in that outfit,” he said, wrapping both his arms around her, grabbing her ass, and pulling her close so she could feel his hard-on.

She looked up at him. Her breathing was rapid and unsteady. She smiled. “You’re not just going to leave me hanging, are you?”

He grinned at her, and said, “Isn’t that my line?” Then pulled her in for a kiss. As their lips touched, he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she started breathing even faster.

As they continued, his fingers roamed her body, eventually finding their way to the thin piece of lacey material between her legs. “Very nice. Someone’s excited,” he whispered. He pushed her down on the couch behind her, unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor, and knelt down on the carpet in front of her. His cock was standing at attention, pointing at her.

“You’re such a bad girl. Look at what you do to me. I’m going to have to punish you for being so sexy. But we have to hurry. I still have more deliveries to make.”

Before she could reply, he was fondling her nipples through the white lace teddy, squeezing them firmly, and making her moan. Right after that, as she was trying to compose herself, he grasped both of her legs and threw them over his shoulders, and yanked her over to the very edge of the couch.

He moved the wet, thin piece of fabric to the side so he had an up close and personal view of her delicious pussy. At first, he only touched the tip of his cock to her pussy lips, teasing her.

“That feels so good. You have to fuck me. I can’t take it anymore.”

“You’re anal yapan escort gonna have to learn patience,” he said, grinning. Moments later, as he penetrated her love hole, she gasped, not expecting him to be inside of her so soon. “Oh yeah, baby. You feel even better today,” he said, sliding in and out of her, pumping her with his rock hard cock.

While they enjoyed the moment, they were oblivious when another man entered the room. He was staring at them having sex on the couch, not believing what his eyes saw.

That same man shouted at the couple, interrupting their love fest. “Greg! What are you doing?” The delivery guy stopped what he was doing and turned around.

At the same time, Carly was in fuck heaven with the delivery guy’s cock still inside her. At first, the voices barely registered in her brain.

“Don, what are you doing in here? I told you to stay in the truck.”

“What’s going on?” Carly mumbled, out of breath, finally getting her wits about her and trying to cover up.

“It’s nothing. I’m training Don today.”

“Training?” she repeated.

“Yeah,” he said to Carly. “Hmmm. Speaking of on the job training, how would you like two delivery guys to give you good customer service?”

Yesterday was the first time she’d had sex in a while. Was she really ready to take on two men at once? She’d never done that before, but it sounded like it could be fun and she might not have another opportunity to be object of two men’s desires.

With a little hesitation in her voice at first, she said, “Ummm, sure.” Smiles popped onto both of the men’s faces. “How exactly would this work anyway?” she asked. “I’ve only been with one man at a time, never two.”

The first delivery guy moved to the floor with his back against the hardwood. Once in position, he pulled Carly down on top of him. He wrapped his arms around her back and shoulders so that her boobs were flush against his chest, giving the second delivery guy, Don, easier access to her backside.

“Don, go ahead and fuck her in the ass. Grab some oil from the kitchen counter. And trust me, she’ll love it.”

Just hearing him talk atakent escort dirty like that turned her on more. She spun her head around and saw Don disappear into the kitchen for a moment. Then he reappeared with the dark green cooking oil bottle and began approaching them, dropping clothes with every step.

Once he was completely naked, he twisted the cap on the bottle and dripped a generous amount of oil on Carly’s ass and then poured some in his hands and lubed up his already rock hard cock.

“Please go slow, OK?” She pleaded.

“Don’t worry about him,” Greg said, pulling her down to him again. “Focus on fucking me.” He grabbed her hips and continued his thrusts and sucked on her nipples.

As he pleasured her, he slowly spread her legs farther apart and began fingering her. Her moans got louder and louder.

A minute later, she felt another finger playing with her asshole and began to get lightheaded. Her moans turned into screams when she felt a hot rod penetrate her virgin asshole. The second delivery guy grunted behind her as he reached forward with both hands and played with her breasts, squeezing her nipples hard.

These two hot delivery guys were fucking her at the same time. There were so many hands touching and rubbing her body. One would push into her and the other would pull back. Her screams turned back into moans as her body started to adjust to having two hard cocks in her simultaneously.

“You didn’t expect two packages today, did you?” the first delivery guy grunted aloud.

“I didn’t,” she said, moaning uncontrollably.

“But you love it, don’t you?”

“I do.”

“We have until eight o’clock tonight to deliver the rest of our packages, so we can only play around for another hour or so,” Greg said, as sweat was pouring off his forehead from bouncing Carly on his lap. With one hand still rubbing her clit and his cock still buried in her pussy, he used his other hand to grab Carly’s head and pull it close. He kissed her and thrust his tongue in and out before letting her go.

“Only an hour?” the second delivery guy, Don, questioned, grabbing Carly’s hair softly and pulling her head back toward him. “We’re just getting started.” He kissed and licked her neck while continuing to fondle her breasts.

As she tried to catch her breath, she continued to ping ponged back and forth between Don and Greg. Carly had watched soft core porn before, but she never imagined she would be ravaged by two sexy men at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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