Une Nuit à Paris

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This is a sequel to Madame Récamier. I recommend reading that first if you haven’t already. Thanks, as always, to Angel and Gari, Jen, Jill and, of course, my beautiful wife Jodie.


Jill and I had spent the morning making love. Her confidence grew along with her enthusiasm. She had completely surprised me when, after I’d asked her if she’d like to go to breakfast, she had replied, “Eventually…”

I looked into those beautiful, blue eyes and saw a heat and desire in her. The trepidation of the night before seemed to have completely evaporated.

I smiled and said, “Oooh. I like the sound of that. So, no regrets babe?”

In answer she placed her lips on mine and we started a passionate kiss, our fingers going into each other’s hair. She pushed on me so that I was now on my back, with her blond locks draped down over us. I felt the urgency and need in me grow and I moaned into her mouth.

She broke the kiss and smiled, “Does that answer your question? No. None. In fact all I want to do now is explore with you. I slept better last night than I have in ages. You filled my dreams and now you are filling all my senses. Now I want to savour you.”

She pushed the covers off me and my body reacted as she kissed my neck and then continued on down, taking one of my stiff nipples in her mouth. I felt tingles in my clit, at my entrance, inside me and I could feel how wet I was getting. She sucked my nipple in and then I felt her fingers stroking through my bush and down to my clit. I heard her moan and felt the vibration of the sound through me. My own moan joined and seemed to harmonise with hers. I felt her fingers slide down over my lips and circle my entrance. My body reacted automatically, lifting up to her, willing her to enter me.

She broke the sucking on my breast and looked up at me. When she spoke she said, “Now I want to taste you properly. I was too nervous last night to really enjoy it. Are you ready?”

God, she was taking control. I loved the feeling of being hers to use and explore. I just nodded and said, “Anything you want is yours, babe.”

She smiled, “Mmmm. I like that idea.”

My pussy ached as I felt her fingers leave. She slid down between my legs and I pulled them up and spread wide, holding them up against my chest. She inhaled deeply and then delicious thrills ran through me as I felt her tongue lick at my entrance, sliding in and licking around in circles before sliding up between my soaking lips to my engorged clit.

She whispered, “God, Anna, I love your taste. I think I’m addicted.”

My body went into overdrive as she clamped her mouth over me, sucking greedily on me. I could hear wet, slurpy sounds and as she flicked her tongue I felt my orgasm rushing up.

“I’m going to come, babe. So close. Don’t stop.”

She obviously remembered back to what I’d done to her the night before and stopped immediately and my body shuddered at being edged so beautifully. I cried out in exquisite frustration as I felt the wave build even higher, my pussy clamping rhythmically.

I grabbed my tits and started mauling them, pinching my nipples into peaks. I was practically feverish, my head thrashing from side to side.

I felt fingers at my entrance and got that amazing feeling of fullness as she slid two in. I was so ready I easily accommodated her and she drove them deep into me. I felt them brushing my insides, touching everywhere. She started finger fucking me quite quickly and that was all it took.

I felt my wetness increase and the rush, centred in me, spread out, filling me. It was everywhere and she drove on, keeping me up on the peak for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly I felt a huge contraction in me and her fingers were almost forced out as I screamed in ultimate pleasure. She slowed down and finally came to a halt. My body was shuddering and my breathing was rapid.

When I came back down to something approaching consciousness I looked to see her lying next to me, her head propped up on her hand. Her chin and mouth were covered in my juices and she had a huge grin on her face.

She kissed me softly and said, “I loved that. Your taste is really addictive, Anna.”

I gave a rueful chuckle and stroked my fingers through her hair and said, “Oh god, babe. That was amazing. You are amazing. I haven’t come like that in ages.”

I suddenly saw a sliver of the insecurity from the day before when she said, “You mean it? You really enjoyed it?”

I kissed her and said, “Every second. You are a perfect lover, babe. Truly.”

I wanted to return the pleasure she had just gifted to me and, if possible, double it. I pushed gently on her and moved so that I was on top of her, laying between her legs, my pussy pressed against hers, our breasts mashed together. I could feel her heat and her wetness and she moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I pulled back a little, looking down at her, her blond curls arrayed around her like a halo.

“So beautiful,” I said, “let illegal bahis me look at you properly.”

I slid myself up and knelt between her legs, taking in her naked beauty. Her gorgeous blue eyes seemed to be beseeching me. I looked down at her beautiful, full breasts with their hard nipples surrounded by pale areola. Her blonde pussy hair. Her pussy lips full and glistening invitingly. I lay my hands just above her breasts and slowly dragged them down over her, stopping momentarily to roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She gasped and I watched her eyes flutter. I carried on stroking down, over her tummy and then her mound. I briefly brushed over her lips before running my hands firmly down over her inner thighs. I reversed direction and slid up to finally frame her pussy. My fingers resting on her tuft of blonde hair, my thumbs brushing up her outer lips.

Jill moaned, “Oh… god… Anna… I need this. Please? I need your fingers and your tongue. I need you to make me come.”

I smiled up at her and looked down. I could see her pussy was almost dripping now.

“Well, Ms. Straight Girl, your tune has changed,” I said as I let my fingers slide down between her lips, brushing over her clit and down to her entrance which seemed to willingly absorb them as I gently pushed two into her. Her scent was strong and mingled with mine making the whole room smell deliciously of our sex.

I moved back and lay down. Inside I easily found her spot and started stroking it before running my tongue up and then around her engorged clit. She moaned and I felt her fingers mesh in my hair, pulling me onto her.

“Yes! Yes! Please, Anna!” She cried out.

I gladly clamped my mouth over her and sucked greedily. I started flicking my tongue left and right, speeding up my movements inside her and she started shaking, lifting up a little from the bed.

I felt her cunt squeeze on my fingers and then she cried out loudly, “Arrrghhh!” her voice shaking as the orgasm raced out from her centre. Her hips sank into the bed and I had to concentrate to make sure I didn’t lose hold of her.

As she calmed down I slowed but didn’t stop. I felt her walls open and contract again and she groaned out, “What? Oh god… again… yes… fuck!”

This time her legs clamped around me and I rode the wave with her. I felt her wetness increase as I stroked the little ridges inside her and then there was a little squirt over my hand. I tasted the change in her and adored the new flavours and scents that joined her already glorious taste.

I lifted my mouth from her clit and slowly moved my fingers out, loving how her pussy entrance was still contracting with aftershocks.

I moved up next to her and she grabbed me almost fiercely, pulling me to her for a deep, long kiss.

When we finally broke and she’d got her breath back she stared straight into my eyes and said, “Wow. Just wow. Two. Almost more like three. Huge.”

I smiled and placed a soft kiss on her lips before saying, “You’re welcome. I loved doing that for you. Now, how about we get dressed and go for some breakfast?”

A small look of panic crossed her face and she said, “What am I going to do about my hotel? I haven’t got a change of clothes or anything.”

I thought for a moment before saying, “Do you want to go back to your hotel? We could stay there tonight if you like. If you want to be with me, that is.”

Her brow creased momentarily and then she smiled, “Fuck the hotel. If you’ll have me I’ll checkout and bring my stuff here. This place is so much nicer than the boring hotel room I have.”

My heart lifted and I said, “Wonderful! Of course I’d love you to stay with me. We’ll go out tonight. I’ll take you to a favourite club of mine.”

She looked at me and said, “I didn’t really bring anything clothes-wise that would work in a club.”

I kissed her and said, “In that case, we’ll go shopping for something special. My treat.”

We took a shower together, which was filled with fun, tickles and giggles as we washed each other. Jill seemed to take great pleasure in using the sponge on me, focussing on my breasts and between my legs.

I helped Jill get her clothes back on and helped sort her hair out. Having checked out of the window that the weather was going to be warm I picked out a white, cap sleeved cotton dress. It’s about mid thigh and I love it with my black boots, which Jill helped me with.

We went to the café and Anton was there. We had coffee and croissants and then headed to a nearby taxi rank and went to Jill’s hotel, which was indeed a soulless chain hotel with no atmosphere. She took a few minutes to change her underwear, “I think what I’m wearing is a little stained by us.” I helped her pack and we lugged her cases down, checked out and headed in another cab back to the apartment. Once we’d got Jill all settled in, it was early afternoon so we headed out for lunch.

All the time we were together in public, Jill was chatty but reticent about illegal bahis siteleri showing outward affection, even avoiding holding my hand.

As we were finishing our lunch at a little backstreet brasserie I reached across the table and put my hand over hers. “What’s wrong, Jill?” I asked, “Why won’t you even hold my hand?”

She flushed and smiled, turning her hand up and squeezing mine gently. “I’m sorry, Anna. This is all so new to me. I’m worried people will stare at us. I feel really self conscious.”

I understood, of course I did, but I wanted us to be a little more relaxed when we were in public.

“Nobody knows you, babe. You can be who you want. Paris is a cosmopolitan city. I promise I won’t try and seduce you in one of the parks but can we please act as if we’re a couple?”

She swallowed and said, “Is that what we are?”

I was flustered. We were only a day into knowing each other but I felt a connection that I didn’t want to lose.

I squeezed her hand, “I don’t know, Jill, but we’ve made love and it was beautiful,” she smiled shyly as I said this, “and life is complicated. You’re on holiday, you’ll likely go back to America and I’ll just be a holiday romance.”

At this she interrupted me, “No, Anna. I don’t view you like that. It’s just that I’m confused. I’m not a lesbian. You’re my first ever, and I’m so happy I met you.”

I stopped her with a finger to her lips and said, “Shh, babe. It’s okay. Let’s just enjoy our week and see where it goes.”

She visibly relaxed. “Yeah. That sounds good,” she said, “now, let me pay for lunch and then go look for some knockout outfits for tonight.”

She paid, left a large tip, and we left, finally, hand in hand. My whole world lifted as we walked through the Parisian backstreets looking for a suitable clothes shop. We eventually found the perfect one and went in. It was one of those uber modern shops. The sales staff were all dressed in shabby chic clothes and the selection was wonderful and sometimes breathtaking.

We happily wandered through the racks when I saw something that caught my eye. I pulled it out and let out a soft sigh. It was a see-through, black mini dress with three quarter length sleeves and clever patterning of black sparkly flowers that ran in lines down the left and right and would, just about, hide one’s nipples.

Jill gasped, “You’re not thinking of wearing that are you?”

I laughed and looked at her, holding it up against her, saying, “No, babe, I was thinking of you wearing it.”

She blushed, “Anna, I couldn’t! People would see my… my… bra.”

I shook my head. “No, babe. You’re not supposed to wear one with this. Of course, you’ll have to wear black panties underneath but I think you’ll be the centre of attention. I like that idea, don’t you?”

She swallowed and said, “You want to show me off? What sort of club is this you’re taking me to?”

“Oh, you wait to see what I pick for me. We’ll both be the centre of attention.”

I reached in the rack next to Jill and pulled out a top I had seen as we were talking. It was a silver grey, see-through material with a sort of loop-chain motif. There was a short skirt, made of the same material. I got a slight thrill at the idea of wearing it. I knew I had the perfect underwear to go with it. I held it up against me.

Jill gasped. “Anna! That’s unfair. You’re going to have to wear a bra with that or they’ll see everything.”

I smiled and winked at her. “Want to bet?”

Her eyes went wide and she hissed in shock, “What? You’re going to wear it without?”

I nodded and smiled. I looked in her beautiful, blue eyes and said, “I can be quite the exhibitionist when I am in the mood. I love the idea that people will be able to see us both. Come on, babe. At least try it on?”

She begrudgingly took the dress off me and inspected it, feeling how soft the material was. She looked up and said, “Okay. I’ll try it on, but I’m not promising anything. Okay?”

I almost wiggled with glee at the thought of seeing her in it.

We went through to the changing rooms and I asked the woman if we could change together so we could help each other. She smiled and gave us a knowing look before handing us our tokens with a ‘1’ on and pointed us into the changing area.

We entered the large room and closed the door, making sure it was locked behind us.

I took a moment to wrap my arms around Jill’s waist and she relaxed into a long and sensuous kiss. We weren’t in public so she let her guard down, happily for us both.

When we broke she said, “Okay, you first. I want to see how you’re going to get away with no bra.”

I grinned and sat down to remove my boots. Jill helped me undress. When she unclasped my bra she couldn’t resist, and I wasn’t about to stop her, placing a kiss on each of my very erect nipples. She first helped me put the skirt on and then slid the top over my head.

My panties weren’t quite the right colour so I hitched the skirt up canlı bahis siteleri and slid them off. Jill said, “Anna! You can’t…”

I interrupted her with, “Babe, we’re on our own, the door is locked and I’m not showing you anything you haven’t already seen all of. These,” I held up my panties, “aren’t the right colour. I’ve got the right ones at the apartment but for now I just want to see what it looks like, okay?”

I looked in the mirror and took a few moments to adjust the skirt. Jill stood just behind and to my side, looking with me at my reflection. The top wasn’t figure hugging, but fell perfectly. Yes, you could see my breasts and the nipples were just visible but you’d have to really be looking to know for sure. As for the skirt it was well above mid-thigh and the top came about half way down the skirt. I loved it.

I turned to face Jills. “What do you think, babe?”

“I think I want to take you back to the apartment and make love immediately. Stay in bed forever. God, Anna, you do things to me… I am so wet right now.”

Just the thought of that gave me extra tingles to the ones I already had from being practically naked and on show to her.

“Come on, let’s get you changed,” I said.

I helped her undress and when I released her bra I mimicked her by savouring a kiss on both of her nipples. She put her fingers in my hair and moaned. I pulled back and picked up the dress from the chair we’d draped it over and helped her into it, sliding it up, getting her arms into the sleeves and then doing up the zipper which was cleverly concealed in the filigree patterning. The dress came to just below mid thigh and fitted her perfectly. It was more figure hugging than my outfit and I was able to adjust it so that the long filigree patterns covered her nipples but the swell of her breasts was most definitely visible. The low cut neck was perfect, enhancing her décolletage beautifully.

I heard Jill gasp as she saw herself in the mirror. Our eyes locked in our reflections and I smiled at her, reassuring her with a calming hand on her lower back.

“Babe, you look gorgeous. It’s stunning,” I said, trying to give her the confidence she clearly needed.

“Anna, it’s scandalous! I can’t wear this in the street. I’ll be arrested!”

I let out a soft chuckle, “No, babe, you won’t be. This is Paris. But I’m not suggesting you go out in the street in it. We’ll wear some sort of covering shrug each. I’ve got a couple at the apartment that will work well. We’ll only take them off when we get to the club.”

I saw the look of worry and doubt in her eyes and she said, “I… I don’t know. I… I’m conflicted. I want to do it… for you… and if I’m honest the thought is kind of a turn on. I just don’t know if I’m brave enough.”

I replied with complete honesty. “Babe, you have the most fabulous tits. You really should be proud of them and want to show them off. Look, it’s no worse than wearing a brief bikini on a beach, is it?”

She considered this for a moment and said, “Yeah, but on a beach everyone else is wearing…”

I interrupted her with a soft kiss and, when we broke, I said, “And there will be others equally scandalously dressed, some even more outrageous. Trust me, babe. Please? I want you in this dress.”

I saw the resolution form in her eyes. Her face relaxed and she smiled, placing a quick kiss on my lips following it with, “Okay. Let’s do it God. I’m now really turned on just at the thought of it, and I’m going to love seeing the reaction to you showing your gorgeous tits off, too.”

I helped her off with her dress and likewise she helped me. As she lowered the skirt I was surprised, as I stepped out of it, to feel her hands on my hips and she leaned forward to place a kiss on my very tingly clit. I moaned softly and parted my legs a little, putting my hands in her hair and pulling her to me. I felt her tongue flick out and swipe side to side.

The rush was instant. I felt it in my core, reaching for the orgasm that I felt right on the edge I moaned softly, trying not to make a noise to attract the attention of anyone outside or in nearby cubicles. Holding it in made it rush higher. I felt my legs start to buckle and suddenly an enormous orgasm was released from my soaking cunt. Jill didn’t stop. She drove me on to a second, bigger wave which had me mauling my breasts and pinching my nipples.

As she slowed and my breathing and consciousness slowly returned I stepped backwards and flopped down onto the chair. Jill was on all fours and slowly stood up, just in her panties, with a glorious smile on her face.

I stared at her beautiful face and said, “Oh, babe. Wow. Just wow. That was wonderful and so unexpected.”

I held out my hand and pulled her to me. She perched on my lap and we kissed deeply.

I was just stroking her nipple when there was a tap on the door and a voice said, “Est-ce que tout va bien?”

Jill looked confused, but I just called out, “Tout va bien. Nous serons sortis dans un instant.”

I whispered to Jill, “She wants to know if everything’s okay. I told her we’ll be out in a moment.”

A look of frustration crossed Jill’s face and I kissed her and said, “I promise I’ll return the favour soon, babe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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