Tye’s Surprise

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Big Tits

*This is my first story so please take that into account. I will gladly take any advice any of your have. Let me just give you a little back story to this story. Tye and his girlfriend, Alicia, always go to Top of the World on Fridays and spend the night there. However this time is different.*

It was a typical night drive for me and my girlfriend, but I had no idea what she had in store for this evening. As I drove my new Nissan 350 Z, I’d been saving for awhile to get this car, up 321 highway towards the mountains; we made a stop at a BP and got some supplies. She went inside for standard stuff, while I pumped a tank of gas. I closed the tank at about the time she came out. We climbed in the car and looked over at her before starting the car. Alicia has long brunette hair that spills over her shoulders, and hangs to the middle of her back. She’s shorter then I am at 5 foot 4 inches, with light brown eyes. She has excellent breasts for someone of her size, 32 D cup, they were resting perkily in her blue tank top. She was also wearing a green mini skirt, that just barely covered her panties. She always wore skimpy clothing, so I didn’t think anything of it.

“You ready to go?” I asked her while starting the car.

“Not yet.” She answered, as she leaned over and kissed me deeply.

“Now I am.” Said she with a smile.

I popped that car in 1st and pulled out of the BP. I continued to drive, and just enjoyed the scenery.

Driving through the winding roads bahis firmaları towards Top of the World, we pasted few cars, not many people drove this way this late. It was about 8 O’clock on this Saturday night. When we finally reached our destination, we got out of the car and sat on the hood as the sun set.

“Isn’t it just amazing?” I asked, gesturing towards the sunset

“It’s the same, it’s always the same.” Alicia told me.

“What do mean?”

“I mean that its time to change things. Come on!” She got off the hood and went inside as she said this.

I simple followed her, not wanting to sit on the hood alone. Once in I was in the car, she asked me to lock the doors. I did. I simple thought it was being safe.

“Alright what’s going…” She cut me off by putting a finger to my mouth.

“shhhh, no more talking. I told you we were going to change things.” She said as she climbed on top of me.

I immediately knew that she had this planned the whole time. My hands instinctively went to her hips, did you really think I was going to protest this kind of change. She leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues played in each others mouths, as she steadily ground herself into my lap. My hands roamed her back as she broke the kiss, and started to unbutton my shirt.

“I see you’re really enjoying” Alicia commented as she could clearly feel my arousal growing beneath her skirt.

“Oh Yeah!” I sighed.

She had finished unbuttoning my shirt by kaçak iddaa this point and climbed into the back seat. She slid her silk panties off and put a hand against her freshly shaven cunt.

“If you want it you’re going to have work for it.”

She made motion for me to get in the back with her, but as I tried to take a seat next her she put her hand to my chest a pushed me into a kneeling position between her legs. I looked at her with a quizzical look as I said.

“Do I really have to.”

She retorted with, “If you really want it you will.”

With that she grabbed the back of my head and gently pushed it down towards her moist clam. I was a little hesitant at first, but the longer I went at it my licks become more hungry, until I was slapping at her like it was my life. Her moans keep intensifying and her hand keep pushing my head into her with increasing force until, she screamed in orgasm. Her warm juices rushed over my face, but it only increased my hunger. I kept lapping at her, trying to get every drop. After the wave of her orgasm subsided I moved my head away from her. I pulled her tank top over head and threw it aside. Then I unclasped her bra, letting her breasts push it down, the proceeded to fondle her left one, while sucking the other. After I had satisfied one I gave the same treatment to the other.

“Tye, fuck me, do it now.” She commanded.

At that command I unzipped me pants and exposed my nine inch dong, it was already fully erect, kaçak bahis I guess I enjoyed the build up more then I thought I would. I tore pulled off her mini skirt with one hand and scooted her closer to edge of the seat with the other. I plunged my member in her cunt and began sliding it in and out, a little sporadic at first, but slowly building a steady rhythm, as we moved into a laying position on the backseat. It was a classic sex in a car scene, the windows fogged up, the car started shacking, and the moans just kept getting loader. We both were covered in that sweat that only comes from sex. I kept on my rhythm as she began to fondle her clit and breasts, trying desperately to get that extra stimulation she needed to have her climax. I, on the other hand, was simple enjoying the sight. Her squirming beneath me, rubbing herself everywhere. Then finally she began to pump her hips against me with renewed energy, as she was on the brink of climax. I rammed my member into her one last time as both our climaxes hit at the same time. Our juices mixed, and I collapsed on top of her.

We laid there for I don’t know how long, waiting for the after effects of our orgasms to subside. However the next thing I remember was waking up on top over her, our naked bodies had stayed together throughout the whole night. I crawled off of her and reached into the front seat to get my shirt. After getting my clothes back on I chose to wake her up. She awoke with a hazy look in her eyes. I got out of the car and allowed her to dress. After she got dressed I got back into the car, a few minutes before dawn. Together we sat in the backseat and watched the sun come up. A ending to a perfect of the routine.

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