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“Wow, what a great little place!” I thought to myself.

The food was just right, not too heavy and spiced so nice! And to make everything just perfect, they have someone playing guitar out on the deck. I don’t know how Joanne and I find these places but it just makes a beautiful day like this even better! I’m glad the singer is doing originals and if she does a cover, she at least has the talent to make it her own version. Because if I hear “Tequila Sunrise” one more I’ll just barf!

“So, what did you order us to drink on this beautiful day, babe?”

“Why a tequila sunrise!”

We’re sitting on the deck, the sun is warm, the music is great and the only other people here is another couple sitting a couple of tables away from us. When the singer goes on break, the guy comes over with his girl and introduces themselves.

“Hi, I’m Tom, and this lovely lady is Sandy. We saw you over here and thought that…”

“I just love… the peasant blouse your wearing!” Sandy interrupts and says to Joanne. Before Joanne can answer Sandy is feeling the fabric.

“Well I’m Michael and the lady with the apparent attractive blouse is Joanne.”

“Hi!” Joanne says to Tom and then turns to Sandy and says, “I just love these and the material is so light, I can’t remember where I bought it, but it’s funny I was thinking the same thing about your top. I think that open shoulder look is so… sexy and your blouse has that low-cut neckline. Where did you get that!”

“Gee girls, if you love each other’s clothes so much, why don’t you exchange blouses! But Tom, no matter how much I love that pair of jeans you have on, I’m not switching pants with you, besides you look pretty jacked! Do you work out?”

Joanne reaches out and feels Tom’s arm, “Oh my god, you do work out!”

“Thanks, I’m on a bodybuilding team from the gym I go to. I hope that you folks don’t mind if I show off a little.”

“Of course not.” we say, “Go for it.” Tom takes off his t-shirt. Man is this guy jacked! He does that typical pose with his forearms in the air, Joanne can’t help but rub his chest.

Joanne is still rubbing Tom chest when Sandy says, “Yeah but he’s working out all the time, so there’s no time for me.”

Tom is putting his shirt back on when he says, “Mike’s right, why don’t you girls go switch blouses if you like each other’s so much.” And then he adds with a wink, “I’m sure we’ll be able to tell you apart afterward.”

The girls go off and to my dismay, Tom orders another round of “tequila sunrises”.

I find out that Tom and Sandy live only a couple of miles from here in a modest lakefront house. He also plays a little guitar, so we have something in common to talk about.

When the girls get back, Joanne looks great, Sandy looks good but that low cut of the blouse Joanne now has on really shows off her boobs!

Tom can’t help but say, “You really fill out that shirt a lot more than Sandy did Joanne. Nice! But if I can make a suggestion,” He gives me a wink and reaches over and pulls the blouse down a little to show more of Joanne’s cleavage. “There, that’s better, wouldn’t you all agree, you look Hot now!”

Sandy chimed in, “I know that when we were changing I couldn’t help but look over and admire your breast, Joanne. I wished that you didn’t have a bra on!”

I thought Joanne started sticking out her chest to make her tits looks bigger. She did look “hot” and I could feel myself getting aroused.

Joanne had to be pleased and replied, “Well if it gets any hotter today, maybe someone could un-snap me and I’ll just have to go bra-less.”

“I’ll drink to that! Turn up the heat!”, Tom bellowed

Sandy picked up her “tequila sunrise” and drank it all down, suddenly she looked sad. And she whimpered, “I guess I don’t have the type of body that men stare at.”

Now Sandy is about 5’6″ with one of those long faces. I wouldn’t say she was pretty but she was far from homely. She had nice sandy blond hair and these long legs with a tight little ass. She was wearing a pair of cut off jean short shorts that were beyond being too short.

I had to say, “Hey Sandy, come on, you have those legs that I’m sure men just want wrapped around their faces.” Joanne shot me a look, “So let’s drink to Joanne’s breast and Sandy’s legs.”

“And Tom’s hard body!” Joanne threw in. (She can be such a bitch sometimes!)

The smile was back on Sandy’s face. She uncrossed her legs, stretched them out and spread them apart. She gave me a look and licked the “tequila sunrise” from around her lips.

We’re drinking and eating appetizers. And the nice thing about this couple is they are the touchy type. Which make Joanne and me touchier. When I order more drinks, Tom doesn’t hesitate to give me hug. When Sandy complement’s Joanne, Joanne give her a little kiss on the cheek. When I say my back is sore, Sandy gives me a little back rub. Tom for no reason will pat the girls on the bum. Or Sandy will ask me, “Do you think these shorts are too tight?” and I place a finger bahis firmaları under the rim of her shorts and move it along the bottom so I could feel her butt. And of course, Tom keeps pulling down Joanne’s blouse. In short, we are getting along fabulously and everyone is doing some harmless flirting!

After a couple of hours, Tom finally suggest, “We were just wondering if you would care to partake in a bowl of nice smoke that would be perfect for a day like this?”

“Well Tom, that’s very friendly of you, but I don’t want to smoke something and be in a coma for the rest of the day. Unless it is something that’s more cerebral and mind opening.”

Tom just smiles and says, “I knew you two were cool from just looking at you! No this is something that will make your senses open up. Everything will look more vivid. Sounds will be more pleasing. The conversation will be deeper. Touching will be more forefilling.”

“Well Tom, break it out.”

“It’s back at the ranch. Jump in our car and we’ll all go there and maybe we can go for a swim.”

Joanne takes hold of Tom’s hand and says, “Gee I don’t have a bathing suit!” and Tom’s eyes light up!

I’m in this SUV and I’m wondering, how does this stuff happen to Joey and me. We just seem to find a good time! You would think we were all college kids! We’re laughing and joking, just a great time.

As advertised their house is in a great location on a nice big lake. There are no other houses even around it! They have their own private beach with a dock.

“Make yourselves at home, there is a bathroom inside the house and that door leads directly to a half bath. The house isn’t much, but it’s the privacy and the view that we like.”

It seems from out of nowhere, Sandy has appeared with a blender and an array of bottles. As she’s getting some nice frozen drinks ready. Tom brings out this nice big water pipe built for four.

“With just the two of us, I usually never get to fire this baby up.” And he pours in some Apricot Brandy and loads up the bowl. “This stuff will start off slow and then hit you like a tidal wave!”

“Sunshine, great drinks, smooth smoke, and wonderful company! I thank you both.” I announce.

The weed is so smooth no one even chokes or coughs. When the bowl is spent Joanne walks to the end of the dock turns to us and in a very sexy voice says, “I can’t wait to feel that cool water .. all over.. my body.” As she drags her hands up her legs and over her tits and sways her ass! “I’m going in.” And so she slowly peels off her shorts and panties and then slowly removes her blouse and bra. It was a nice little strip tease and all our eyes were on her.

Tom whispered, “Nice Ass!”

Sandy agrees and added, “Nice breast!” And Sandy walked over to Joanne and cupping Joanne’s face with her hands, slowly dragged her hands down over Joanne’s shoulder and over her tits until she has her hands on Joanne’s hips!

I say, “Girl on Girl action to watch, nothing better in my book!”

But Sandy jumps out of her clothes and tells at us strip down. Which is a little disappointing. Her ass isn’t as nice as I thought it might be and her tits are only a mouthful, not like Joanne’s nice round full orbs. Tom and I take off our clothes as fast as we can. Tom has the body I could only wish for. Because he does those body builder contest, he has shaved all the hair from his body. But he must use steroids because saying that his now stiff dick is of a moderate size would be a compliment. It really isn’t that big at all. I have my clothes off and my cock is rock hard.

Just as if she is announcing the winner of a contest, Sandy does the honors and we all cheer,

“Tom has the best body!”

“Joanne has the nicest breast!” As she runs her fingers over Joanne’s nipple.

“I have the legs!” And she grabs, her pussy.

“And Michael has the penis that a girl would want to fill her!”

I don’t feel so intimidated by Tom sculptured body after she said that.

Joanne walks over and gives my cock a stroke, and says, “Please don’t say penis, this, this is a cock!”.

Everyone laughs and we jump into the water and act like little kids in a pool. The sexual tension has diminished so my cock isn’t as hard. The pot is really starting to hit me now, and the feel of the water and the reflections off the water are beginning to play games with my mind. Everyone is splashing and diving under.

Tom says to swim underwater with your eyes open. I do and it’s like being a fish! You can see everything so clear. Sandy tells us to drip water on ourselves and feel it running down. This is absolutely magical! It’s so hard to describe. Your body is warm from the sun and as the water drips off you, it tingles the path down and what’s more your skin seems to glow where the water is dripping. I wish I had a video of this. We’re all standing in the lake, slowly dripping water on ourselves. We are, as they say, totally spaced out. I think I would have done that all day except Tom finally came over to me and tapped kaçak iddaa me on the shoulder and whispered, “Look at the girls!”

Sandy has gone over to Joanne and is participating in this with Joanne. Sandy take a hand full of water and drips in on Joanne’s back. She then uses a finger to trace the path that water took. All the way down to Joanne’s butt and then down the crack of Joanne’s ass, Sandy moves to the front of Joanne and does the same thing, letting her fingers move down Joanne’s body until her finger is caressing the lips of Joanne’s love nest.

Both Tom and I are enjoying the show and our dicks are hard again. Tom moves behind me and he starts massaging my shoulders and I feel him place his dick on the crack of my ass. I tighten up my ass muscles to hold his cock between the cheeks of my ass.

Sandy has gone from using her finger to using her hands all over Joanne’s body.

She is caressing Joanne’s ass! She is cupping Joanne’s tits and giving the nipples a little tweak! She is rubbing Joanne’s legs and placing her hands on Joanne’s pussy!

Joanne is getting so turned on! Her eyes are closed and she’s breathing heavy. Her tits appear to be fuller than before. Her nipples are sticking out and rock hard. She is licking her lips with her cute, tight, pointy tongue.

Sandy final kisses Joanne and it’s as if Joanne wakens from a dream. The girls go into a passionate embrace their mouths locked in a hard kiss and their tongues dancing. Joanne is pulling on Sandy’s ass and has a finger trying to slip into Sandy’s butt.

Meanwhile, Tom’s hands are all over me, squeezing my nipples and playing with my dick. He’s starting to pump me from behind and I tell him, “Take it slow big guy! I want that dick up my ass when you cum so I can feel it!”

I can feel his excitement as he rubs the cheeks of my ass!

The girls are in a mad sexual frenzy. Joanne is sucking on Sandy’s tits, Sandy sucks on Joanne’s tits. Their hands are all over each other. Joanne is fingering Sandy and then putting her finger in Sandy’s mouth so Sandy can taste her own pussy juices. They lock in an embrace and Sandy is pumping her pussy into Joanne’s leg. All this time Sandy is slowly moving Joanne over to the dock and when she gets there she has Joanne get up on the dock and spread her legs. Sandy leans over, so her ass is facing us and buries her face in Joanne’s pussy and starts licking like a mad woman.

I tell Tom, “Grab that bottle of suntan oil! Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to fuck Sandy doggy style as she eats Joanne’s pussy, and I want you to fuck me up the ass!”

I make my way over and take Sandy’s ass and with no problem. I find the entrance to her wet pussy. No sooner do I have my dick in Sandy do I feel Tom soaking my ass with the oil and using his finger to open up my tight bum. He then slowly pushing his cock up my ass. I could have orgasmed right then. It hurt at first, but after his dick was in me, it was erotic. (Thankfully he had a small cock. How does my cock ever get into Joanne’s ass?)

Joanne is moaning and starting to get vocal now. She is rubbing her own tits or pushing Sandy’s face deeper between her legs. She can see me fucking Sandy and Tom fucking me. Which turns her on even more! She smiles at me.

She moans, “Lick my cunt bitch! Taste my pussy! Smell my pussy! Do I taste good? Is Mickey’s cock filling your pussy! Is Mickey pumping you good! Lick me! Do you like that dick in your ass Mickey? Pump Mickey good Tom. Fill him up with your cum!”

I reach down between Sandy’s legs and start rubbing her clit. Which actually made her bring her head up for air and then she went right back to eating Joanne’s pussy.

Sandy had her hands under Joanne’s ass and was putting a finger in Joanne’s ass. Sandy was moaning between licking. Joanne was moaning

I was in sexual bliss. My lovely Joanne’s was going to cum getting her pussy eaten by another girl. (What a turn on!) My cock was in a nice warm wet pussy, and I had a dick up my ass pumping me. It was all too much. I moaned, “I’m going to fucking cum…I’m cumming… I’m cumming …don’t stop fuckin my ass!” and then I could feel Tom’s hot cum shoot into my ass which just made me cum even more as he started yelling, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I could feel the head of Tom’s Dick get nice and full and then feel his hot cum shoot into my ass!

Joanne’s breathing was erratic. She was pumping her pussy into Sandy’s face. I could see her fingers dig in and I knew she started cumming. “Lick me deep Sandy. Slide your tongue deep into my love nest and suck out my pussy juices! Lick every drop of my cum!”

And before my dick started going limp, I could feel Sandy’s pussy tighten and felt the wave of an orgasm overtake her. She was moaning and licking Joanne’s pussy at the same time. Again and again, she would push her ass back toward me slamming my dick further into her.

It was over and for a second all I could hear was the sound of birds and the wave breaking on the beach.

Joanne is kaçak bahis lying down on the dock, I went over and started kissing her lovely face. Sandy and Tom came up and started each playing with and sucking on Joanne’s tits. It was as if we didn’t want the sex to end.

Joanne managed to say, “This is fabulous!”

I finally stand up and say, “Hey, what is there to eat around here? I’m famished.” The response I get is different from each of them, “Pussy!” “Dick!” “Tits!” And everyone is laughing,

“That’s for dessert!” I joke.

Tom doesn’t put on any clothes but the girls put on some of Tom’s Flannel shirts. It’s so relaxing.

Sandys throws some ribs on the grill and her an Joanne make up a nice salad. I notice the girls are giggling from time to time and sharing a little kiss.

Tom and I make a nice size fire in the fire pit, and we make some jokes about being careful or someone will get their ass burned. Tom says, “Hey I’m not that one with body hair. You’re the one who should be worried.” As he grabs my ass cheeks.

After we eat we end up sitting around the fire, relaxing with a hot cup of spiked coffee.

Sandy looks at Tom and me and then ask, “What do you think Joanne, Since, a woman knows the female body better than any guy could, was that the best anyone has licked your pussy?”

“I hate to disappoint you Sandy, but Mickey is still the best! And if he had a balloon it would blow your mind!”

“Balloon? Tom do we have any balloons? Could we go to the store! I’ll just have to have Michael eat my pussy then.”

Joanne finally ask, “So Mickey, how did you like getting ass fucked?”

Sandy laughs “What! Do you mean to say that that was a virgin ass before today! Did you pop your cherry?”

“I thought that you might be a virgin Mike, your ass was so nice and tight, Well, what did you think? Want to go for it again?”

“Well, actually it was great, although my butt is still a little sore. I’m so jealous of Joanne getting butt fucked all these years and that I waited so long. Feeling your dick slide in and out of me was so stimulating and the feel of your hot cum pumping into me was just great. But I was thinking that maybe I would try sucking your cock the next time.”

“Well Mike, I was hoping to get my dick into the pretty little pussy of Joanne’s.”

“Somebody start writing this down. I was thinking that because Sandy ate my pussy, I was hoping to eat her and sip on her cum.” Joanne responded.

All this sex talk was turning us on.

I walked over to Sandy and gave her a kiss and said, “You have some serious decisions to make here lady! Do you want me or Joanne to eat your pussy?”

Joanne kissed Sandy next and said, “Like you said Sandy, a woman could do a better job eating you than a man!”

Tom finally said, “I have it and I think we’re going to be a square. Joanne will eat Sandy, I’ll eat Joanne, Mike can get his wish and suck me off and Mike will get the blowjob of his life from Sandy.”

I had to add, “Well in theory that sounds great, but there is no way that it’s going to happen, Hey I’m an Engineer I should know. Do you want to see my calculations? The angle of the tangle is equal to the heat of the meat squared. (Nobody even laughed!)

“No! It Won’t work because you guys will blow your load way before Joanne and me.”

“See that Joanne, Sandy doesn’t have the faith that you can do a good job eating her.” I teased.

“I didn’t say that! Joanne is going to make me cum all over her face.”

Joanne was standing in front of Tom and he was rubbing her butt, “Oh man, would I love to fuck this ass.”

I crawled over and was laying on Sandy, feeling her tits and sucking on her nipples as I whispered, “Sure you wouldn’t rather have my cock in your wet pussy again?”

“Oh that would be nice.”

Joanne turned around and knelt down and placed Tom’s dick in her mouth and was licking nice and fast.

I saw Joanne’s ass up in the air and asked Sandy, “Or maybe you’d like to tongue fuck Joanne’s nice round ass!”

That’s when Joanne rolled over to us and pushed me off Sandy and started sucking on Sandy’s tits, I was rubbing Sandy’s legs and Tom came over to start kissing her face. She was in heaven. Joanne starts moving downwards kissing and licking. She then gently rolled Sandy over and Joanne laid down looking up and her pretty face disappeared between Sandy’s legs.

Without hesitation, Tom laid on the ground and at first started stimulating Joanne with his fingers and I saw his finger fucking her delicious pussy and saw her start pumping his hand. Sandy was already pumping Joanne’s face!

I wanted to fuck all of them. I bent down over Sandy’s ass and start licking her ass and tonguing her butt hole. “Let’s see who cums first!” I thought.

I found the bottle of Sun tan oil and started rubbing them all. I rubbed Joanne’s tits with the oil. I dripped it on the crack of Tom’s ass and fingered his butt hole. I dripped it down Sandy’s ass. Joanne had her arms around Sandy’s butt and was now fingering Sandy’s ass as she licked and sucked on Sandy’s pussy. Tom was doing about the same to Joanne. They were all moaning and sweating and pumping. It was time for me to join the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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