Two on One

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One day you opened your e-mail to find an invitation. You were invited to attend a party at an upscale strip joint in Syracuse. The invitation gave you an address, date and time, and a table to sit at. You knew it was from me. In the invitation, you were instructed to discuss this with no one, even me. Just be there.

As the day drew nearer and nearer, you were getting more and more excited. It is so nice to have something to look forward to!

The day finally arrived. You drive to Syracuse and go into the club. This was a nice place. You have not been here before. You were greeted by a hot, friendly babe who lead you to your table. You even had an assigned seat! There were 5 other seats at the table. Two were filled. The table next to yours was almost full. All ladies. Nice ones. There were two empty seats at that table; the closest ones to you. As you sat there, more guys sat at your table. You got to chatting with the guys. They were cool. You talked hunting and sports, all the while keeping an eye out on what was happening around you. What did I have planned?

Then you saw me out of the corner of your eye. I was walking and talking with a good looking girl. We walked right by you and sat in the two empty seats at the girls’ table, right behind you. Just then, the lights went dim and the show started. A bunch of great looking models came out on the strip, the music played, and they walked, strutted and danced. Meanwhile, as you were watching, you were keep an ear out for what I was saying. Our seats were back to back. I was chatting with my friend. You overheard her name was Candy. You knew I was talking so you could overhear the conversation.

You learned I had found her on the Internet. She was from Syracuse. She was single and was tired of all the shit single guys out there. She was attracted to my ad. I had posted a personal ad saying a married couple wanted to try messing with another girl. She and I had met first and were instantly attracted to each other. I told her I wanted to make sure we got along before I introduced her to my man. I set the ground rules right away. He was mine and there was no chance he would go with her. I was interested in messing with another girl, but have never done bahis firmaları it. I wanted to do it with him around. I wanted him to watch and we would see how things went.

She was hot. A nice, intelligent, fun girl. You were listening to us talk and getting hotter by the minute. She asked where my man was. I avoided answering and began to tell her about you.

“He is tall and long. A smart guy with a passion for the outdoors. He has a big cock and a sexual appetite to match. He loves to have his cock sucked on. He loves to give pleasure even more. There are times we make love for hours and never fuck! He can make you cum and cum and cum. And when he eats you out, he has such a good time! He gets into it like you would not believe. He is very open about his fantasies. He will never tell you No. When I told him about wanting to try a girl he got excited. We like to play out scenarios. He loves dirty talk.”

As I am telling her, she is getting excited. You are, too! You think it is neat to hear yourself described so. And that there are two attractive girls getting excited about you. Anyway, she says you sound exciting and yes, she is interested in doing us. Can she meet you?

I told her you were here. I told her you would love her to lap dance you. Now, there are lap dances going on all around the place. A couple of the guys at your table were getting one. I motioned to her that you were right behind me. I suggested we BOTH lap dance you. She said Yes! She drew off her jacket and revealed a nice, backless dress. Snug. Short skirt. We reached over to you and swung your chair around. You looked at me and smiled. I could see you were already hard. You looked at Candy and you smiled at each other. We started to lap dance you, together.

You were loving it! You looked around and did not see anyone else getting two on one. Some of the other guys in the place were looking over at you, obviously jealous.

We wiggled and danced all over you. First one grabbing you, then the other, then both. You were hard hard hard. I could see the a wet spot leak through your pants. You were so hot! We were, too. Candy let you slip your hand under her dress. She was wearing crotchless panties and a garter belt. You kaçak iddaa could feel she had a full bush and a very wet crotch. You fingered her a little. She enjoyed it!

I suggested we leave and go to a room in the hotel. The hotel was attached to the place. I already had a room. We went upstairs. You noticed guys looking enviously your way as you left, one girl on each arm. This was awesome!!!

We got to the room. There was one BIG bed. Two bottles of champagne were on ice. We told you to lie back on the bed. We opened a bottle and poured a glass for each of us. Candy and I took a sip and started to undress each other. No words were spoken. As we undressed, slowly, we sampled each other. She unbuckled her bra. I touched her, hesitantly. She looked at me and smiled. I messaged her. I licked a nipple. It was nice! I sucked on it. She had full, firm tits. Bigger than mine.

Candy rolled her head back and closed her eyes. She enjoyed it. Then she unbuckled my bra. She sucked my breast. I moaned. We looked over at you and could see your hard cock pushing desperately through your pants. I looked at her and we both came over to you. We just had to let that monster out! We unbuckled your belt. I stroked you through your clothes. Candy unzipped your pants and we slid them down. She looked at your cock through your shorts and her eyes widened as she realized I was not exaggerating about your size. I slid your shorts down. You sprang out. She said Holy Shit under her breath and looked over at me. I nodded. She wanted to touch you BAD! I shook my head. We started to play with each other again. But as we finished undressing each other, her attention keep coming back to your cock. I could tell she was really interested in you, even though she knew I wanted to play with her.

I relented. We came over to you together. I leaned over to you and asked if you were having fun. You said Oh Ya. Both Candy and I came over to your cock. We started talking. She knew you liked dirty talk. So we began. She commented on how nice your cock was. She said you were so big. I said, Oh, how hot you were. She touched you. Your cock jerked reflexively. I touched the glistening drop at the top of your cock and rubbed it over your head. She kaçak bahis licked the length of you from your balls to your head. She said you tasted good. We both licked your shaft, her on one side me on the other.

We rubbed our tits on your legs, all the while telling you how nice your body was. She ran her hands along your long legs. Along the inside of your thighs. I stroked your balls. I licked under your balls, reached my long tongue to your ass. You moaned and bucked upward. She continued to talked dirty to you. Told you how nice this was. How great you were to let your girl experiment with another girl. How hot the two of us made her. She came up and straddled your face. You licked and sucked her. She was clean and sweet. She liked it. As you were eating her, she told you how good you felt to her. How good your tongue felt inside. You licked her clit hard and fast. She squirmed on your face. She screamed and told you she was cuming. All over your face. Cool!

Meanwhile, I was sucking you. Stroking your cock as I sucked your shaft. I rubbed your balls. I reached my finger under your ass and stuck it up there a little. Then Candy turned her ass to you. You licked her ass and she liked it! I kept stroking your cock while I sucked on her tits. She was Hot! You were exciting her from behind as I was stimulating her tits. She screamed and came again.

We all took little breather. We sat back and sipped our champagne. You were so happy. So hot. So excited to be there. As we sat back, we slowing began to play with each other. You began to finger me while I played with her tits and she played with your cock. All three of us took turns with each other. All three of us were rolling around on the bed. Finally, we would not stand this anymore. Candy and I wanted to taste your great cum. So I sat on your face, 69 style. We both sucked on your cock while she lay her tits on your leg. She fucked your knee as she got turned on by you. I was humping your face and you ate me out as only you can do. With both of us sucking you, you tasting me and feeling Candy’s hot, wet crotch in your knee, you came. Big. Explosively. I spun off your face and around so you could see your cum squirting all over the both of us. We licked it all up, licked it off each other and off you. You were in heaven!!!

We came up to lie next to you. One of us under each arm. Our legs thrown over you. We chatted a bit and decided we simply MUST do this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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