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Double Penetration

Twins have always interested me. Identical twins are particularly fascinating. When I got divorced and went to Thailand in search of a new wife that was not in my mind until I saw identical twin girls working as waitresses in a Bangkok restaurant. They were beautiful and I couldn’t get them out of my mind. After a few visits I managed to persuade them to come to my hotel room with the promise that I would make a portfolio of photos to get them modelling work in the West.

They were nineteen years old and their pay at the restaurant was quite low so they didn’t take much persuading when I offered them the equivalent of £50 to pose for some nude photos after I had done a set of them clothed.

As I posed them in ever more revealing and sexy positions I talked to them about the red light district near where they worked. It turned out that both of them had accepted money for sex from restaurant customers on several occasions. They were embarrassed about it, but they thought it was worthwhile to be able to send money back to their families in the countryside. Foreign men visiting Thailand tended to think that all Thai women were willing to sell sex. It was not necessary to work full time as a prostitute to make a bit of money like that.

Obviously we moved onto the bed and I got two brilliant fucks for my money as well as a lot of souvenir photos. When we parted I arranged for them to come again after work the following evening and güvenilir bahis told them that I would pay more for some extra services and an overnight stay.

Wow what a night. I decided to test their limits right away. I had the girls on their knees facing each other. Next I stood between them and had one suck my dick while the other gave me a rimjob. After a few minutes of that I turned round and carried on with the same. Finally I shot my load into one girls mouth and watched her swallow.

I couldn’t tell them apart and their names were too difficult for me anyway so I decided to call them one and two. With her lipstick I wrote 1 on the forehead of the girl who had just swallowed my cum.

The girls were convinced that they needed to get to Britain or America if they were to have the good life that they imagined for themselves. That put a really big idea in my mind. I suggested that I could marry one of them and get both into Britain to make their fortune if they could show me that they would be better than any other wife that I might find in Thailand.

I invited them back for another night which would be an audition for becoming my wife. They were very enthusiastic. After an introductory drink I told one to go and put her lipstick mark on her forehead, we all got our clothes off and the girls got to work with their mouths bringing me to a massive erection. I set them up with number one on her knees with her head down and türkçe bahis number two resting her head on number one’s ass facing me as I fucked her twin in the ass.

It was really beautiful. I got my dick into her to he hilt and fucked for a few minutes and then withdrew to put it into two’s mouth. If she was disgusted by tasting her sister’s shit she didn’t show it. I gave two a good throat fucking and then returned to one’s ass. I swapped from one to the other until I felt that it was time to cum and then I shot a good load into two’s mouth. With true professionalism she swallowed the lot.

The deal was settled that very day. I had a competition to see who could give the best blow job between them. After two hours of conscientious work, I awarded One the winner. She did tongue work that took me to ecstasy and when I pushed into her throat she was able to take it just a bit better than her sister without gagging.

A long story followed from that, but to cut it short, I married One in Thailand in a lovely ceremony with her family. After I returned to the UK I kept in close and frequent contact until she could go to the British embassy and complete her test for a visa. She got it without problem. I flew to Thailand immediately, brought her to the UK and set up home as husband and wife. One was an absolutely fantastic fuck as well as carrying out other wifely duties very well, but she missed her family, especially her twin sister.

After güvenilir bahis siteleri two months I flew to Thailand on my own, taking One’s passport and visa with me. I collected Two from the family home and we travelled to the UK as husband and wife without any questions at all. The very moment we got into my house I repeated the ass to mouth fuck with Two getting my prick in her ass and One sucking it straight from her sister’s ass. One swallowed down my cum and we all cuddled together.

So far I haven’t found any modelling work for the girls, but I am not short of money. We are sending enough money back to Thailand for the family to be very happy with the twins progress. I have a pretty tongue up may ass or my dick down a beautiful throat as often as I want.

The twins are not often naughty or disrespectful, but if ever they are, I punish them both for any misdeed. Unfair? Yes of course it is, but much more fun and they both know that they cannot get away with anything by pretending that the other did it. Just to help me be sure about which is which, I have had One’s nipples and cunt lips pierced once each. For Two, poor girl, she has two studs in each nipple and two rings in each side of her cunt. There is never any doubt at all about who I am fucking or thrashing. Beautiful.


I have s super king size bed so we can all sleep together. I have one twin on each side of me. For normal daytimes I have decided that the twins should alternate doing household chores so that the one who has no work can be with me all the time. While I am writing or watching TV I will often have her with her head in my lap licking and sucking me for hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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