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In the last chapter Robert had experienced another turning point in his life. He had engaged in several sexual activities with his older lady friend Mary. She has taught him quite a bit and he has discovered some things about himself. To date he sill has not experienced intercourse but he hopes that is about to change.

Mary was laying on her side and she told me to cuddle up behind her and we would take a little break. After the busy day I have had up to now I didn’t argue with her. I cuddled my naked body up to Mary’s back, pressed my soft cock up against her ass cheeks. I wrapped my arm around her and took her right tit in my hand and massaged the nipple softly. I was thinking that I could not remember a time in my young life when I had been so at peace as I closed his eyes and relaxed.

My eyes popped open and it took a couple of seconds to realize that I had been asleep. It also took about the same amount of time to realize what had woke me. I felt Mary moving her ass against my now harden cock. I realized I still had Mary’s tit in my hand and I started massaging it and squeezing down on the nipple. Mary let out a low moan and started pushing her ass back into my cock. I moved back a little and turned Mary onto her back. I lifted her tit up to my mouth and started sucking on the nipple. I could still taste the banana flavor on it. Mary moaned louder this time as she took her tit in her hands and pushed it hard into my mouth She said sorry baby, both my tits are a fucking mess from the banana and spit. I pulled back just long enough to smile and say yes, I know and I love it. I then spit on her nipple and sucke it back in my mouth. Mary groaned Oh fuck yes, suck my big old tit you nasty pervert.

I looked over and saw the Mary was pinching and pulling hard on her left tit. There was a study Aaaaaaaaa, OOOOoooo, coming from her mouth. I was rubbing my now hard cock against her hip and I reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clit. Her pussy was a little sticky and her pubic hair was matted from the fruit and spit mixture that covered it. Mary said, listen sweetie, take two fingers and slip in my pussy and massage my G-spot, let your thumb rub my clit as you move your fingers fuck me. I did as she told me and when I touched her spot Mary pushed up against my hand Oh fuck yes, that’s it baby. Do it hard and bite my nipple hard. I started slamming my fingers into her pussy and biting her nipples so hard I thought I was going to bit it off. My head was close Mary’s mouth and she lifted her head and stuck her tongue in my ear then licked around the outside of it. I jumped, rubbed my cock hard against Mary’s hip and could feel my eyes roll back in my head. I had never had anyone do that and had no idea it would be such a thrill. We were both breathing hard and heavy and I could tell Mary was getting close. She had one hand under her breast and the other on the back of my head pulling me tight into her nipple. She had her knees pulled up and her feet flat on the bed and pushing her pussy hard into my hand. I heard OOOHHHH FUCK YES, OH,OH,OH, I”MMMM CUMMMMMING. I could feel her juice flooding my fingers and it was like a river flowing. Then she fell back on the bed, her arms dropped to her side and her legs just flopped down on the bed. She just lay there for a couple of minutes with a big smile on her face.

Damn Robert that was one hell of an orgasm. I looked at her and I must have had a puzzled look on my face. Mary looked at me and give out with a big laugh. She said sorry Robert sometimes I forget but I’ll do all I can to teach you. Orgasm in short means that I cum, but this one was kind of like my whole body cum. A ask, so that is a good thing? She laughed again and told me, oh yes my young fucking wizard and the unusual thing is that you have not yet fucked my pussy. I smiled and ask if we should clean up all the banana and spit before we get started. She said HELL NO, that will just make the licking and sucking better later. I smiled again and told her I like the sound of that. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me down to her, kissing me hard on the lips letting her tongue go deep into my mouth. I pushed back with my tongue and she sucked it into her mouth then open wide. She placed her hands on each side of my face and started moving it back and forth. I knew what she was wanting me to do so I started bobbing my head up and down using my tongue like a small cock to fuck her mouth. Both of us were really turned on. Mary reach over me with her arm and started pulling me on top of her. I raised up and without stopping the tongue fucking I moved over until I was on my knees between her legs. Mary pushed me back and told me to hold on just another minute. She told me she wanted me kneeling between her legs and looking at my cock the first time I stuck it in her pussy.
She said spit on your cock and on my pussy and I want you to guide it in yourself and sweetie you may cum rather quick the first time but don’t worry about it. I just want you to enjoy your first fuck. She was smiling and had a very pleased look on her face like she was so happy to be there. I thought, well that damn kocaeli escort welll makes two of us. I did as she had told me, kneeling between her legs. She reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart I lean down and let go with a big gob of spit that landed on the top of her pussy and started running down. She reached with her index finger and smeared it around a little. I gripped my cock with my right hand around the head and spit on it. I looked back at Mary and her face was just aglow. I put the head of my cock to the lips of her pussy and just looked at it for a second. I thought what a beautiful sight, then started pushing forward. My cock started slipping inside her pussy, when I was about half way in Mary moved her hands to the cheeks of my ass and applied just a little pressure. She raised her legs a little and it just seemed like the thing to do so I a leg over each then eased my cock in her pussy until I could my balls hitting against her ass. She pulled up on her legs causing my cock to go a little deeper. She moaned and said Oh Robert, that feels sooooo good. She was so wet and warm inside and I had to agree, it felt so good. She told me to hold very still that she wanted to do something that feel very good to me. Then she started making the inside of her pussy move, she would make it tighten and release and I thought, Oh shit, I’m going to cum. She smiled and ask, does Robert like. I could not speak so I just nodded. Mary said Ok sweetie you do whatever you want now. I just held still for a couple of seconds just enjoying the feel of her pussy. Then I started moving in and out a little at the time until I was pulling my cock almost all the way out and pushing back in. Each time the tingling in my cock and ball increased a little more. Then Mary said honey it if alright if you want to fuck me hard, I promise I won’t break. I laughed and said I know Mary but it just feels so fucking good I don’t want to cum. She said tell you what after you cum I will make a special treat for us. Okay, it’s a deal and I started picking up speed and in just a few strokes I was slamming into her so hard I was grunting every time I shammed in. I could feel my balls tightening up and the cum rushing to my piss hole. OH FUCK, OH HELL FUCKING YES, I’M CUMMMMING. Mary was meeting my ever thrust and surprised me when I heard BANG MY HARD YOU HARD DICK PUSSY FUCKER, I’M CUMMING TO. We were both soaking wet with perspiration and sucking air as hard as we could when my cum started shooting time after time. I could feel her squirting against my cock and I could hear the wet slapping noise as our cum filled her pussy. It felt so wonderful that I just kept humping until I had stopped cumming and my cock started to get sort and shipped out of her pussy. Mary placed her hand over her pussy as soon as I slipped out.

Mary laughed a little then told me come up here and give me some fresh fucked, come coated, fruit flavor cock before it all dries. I moved around and put my soft cock in her mouth. I was watching her face as she closed her eyes and started sucking and licking like it was the best cock she had ever had. She took my cock out of her mouth and started stroking it with her hand. When she opened her eyes she looked up at me and smiled. She ask Robert are you sure this is the first time you have ever fucked a woman? Laughing I told her, some things I may not know for sure but I can tell you without any dough that you are the first woman I have every done anything with all the way from kissing to fucking. She shook her head and told me that was a shame because I was a natural.

Mary looked at the clock and said Oh Goody we have time for our treat. I ask her what the treat was. She told me it was something we would make together and that was all she was going to tell me for now. She told me to go the kitchen and looking cabinet where the glassed were. She said I would see one that was rose colored and lager than the other. I was to bring it to her and we would get started. I told her I was going to run to the bathroom and take a piss. She told me HELL NO, go get the glass. I jumped and almost run to the kitchen, got the glass and return to the bedroom. I give Mary the glass and she raised up on her knees, I noticed she was still holding her hand over her pussy. She told me to lay down on the bed so I could get a close look at what she was doing. As soon as I got down to where I could see her pussy up close she put the glass up to her pussy lips and started pushing down. A great big glob of cum poured out of her pussy and into the glass. I couldn’t believe how much there was. She held the glass there until the cum was just down to a drip. Mary removed the glass, pushed me over on my back and placed her legs on either side of my head then lowered her wet dripping pussy on my mouth. I open wide and licked my tongue through her lips. I could taste our combined juices along with a little salty sweat and some banana. Damn, what a treat. Mary told me ok baby enough of that, I thought you had to piss. Oh yes, I’m about to bust my bladder. She said good, get up hear and let me get hold of your cock. I got to my knees and she held the head of my cock over the glass. kocaeli escort bayan She told me to let it go and I did. When she has as much piss in the glass as she wanted she squeezed the head and stopped the flow. She looked at me smiling as she pointed my cock toward her tits, let up on the pressure and the piss started flowing again. She let it splash on her tits then up to her mouth, drinking some of it the holding a mouth full before she pointed my cock back to her tits again, then as the piss started to show she held it down to the top of her pussy. As soon as I stopped she motioned for me to come closer. Out lips met and she let my piss flow into my mouth. I swallowed and she leaned back and held both her tits up to me. I licked all my piss off both tits and bit the nipples just a little as I licked over them. I followed the trail of piss on down her stomach and on the her pussy. When I had it all cleaned up Marry told me to take the glass and spit in it. I smiled as I could see where the treat was coming from. I took the glass and spit a big glob in it then she took the glass back. Marry said Ok, my turn as she stood up on the bed. She got her balance the place the glass to her pussy. I was on my knees and moved close to her to see better and be ready for what I knew was to come.

Mary told me when she had pissed in the glass I should take it and place it quickly on the bedside table then hurry back because once she started pissing it was hard for her to stop it. I watched as Mary place the glass to her pussy and let the piss fly. It was obvious that she needed to piss pretty bad herself . As soon as she put her fingers over her piss hole I took the glass and set it on the table and was right back with my mouth at her pussy. She moved her fingers and used her hands on her pussy lips to help direct the piss to my mouth first. I drank quite a bite then got a mouth full and when I closed my mouth she continued to piss in my face for a short while, she down my body and I leaned back as she soaked my cock. When she stopped she dropped back to her knees and put her lips to mine to receive her reward. She took it all in a swallowed every drop. She then licked her way down to my cock and started licking my cock and balls. My cock was getting hard again and she sucked it into her mouth and all the way down into her throat. Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth, spit on it and started pumping it with her talented hand.

She looked up at me and told me she was going to teach me how to deep throat a cock like that, I laughed and said but Mary we don’t have another cock and I can tell you I can’t get my mouth on mine, I know because I have tried. She laughed out loud and said I’ll just bet you have. She ask if I thought I could cum again and I told her I though I could if she would fuck my ass. She told me that would not be a problem and we could add it to the treat. She had me lay down as she put lotion on her fingers then on my ass. She started with two fingers sliding them in and rubbing that special spot in my ass. Next she wrapped her hand around my cock again, spit on the head and started pumping up and down. She ask, does Robert like? I said HELL YES Robert likes. She smiled and said then you will just love this. She moved her mouth over my cock and in one steady move slid my cock all the way down her throat. She started doing whatever it she does with her throat and it was like she had a vacuum on my cock. She was really working hare on making me cum in a hurry. It didn’t take long and I was pumping cum in her mouth. She felt it when my cock started twitching and she pulled back enough that she could catch the cum in her mouth. She sucked until my cock started getting soft.

She let it slip out of her mouth and reached for the glass. She swished the cum around in her like it was mouth wash, mixing the cum with her saliva then spit it all in the glass. She put her finger down in the glass and stirred it around, mixing it well. I was watching her every move and she was watching her. I think we may have been thinking the same thing. Is Robert going to drink the treat or not. I had mixed emotions about it. I was thinking the glass is almost of cum, piss and spit and half of it is here for me to drink and I was a little uneasy about that. Then I thought I love for this woman to spit on me, I have drank her piss and mine and I have swallow my own cum many times, so what’s the big deal. Mary stopped stirring and ask me if I would like to have the first half. When I looked at her she was holding the glass out to me and smiling. I told her how about we stretch it out a little and I would do the first quarter, she do the next quarter then we could finish it off. She said that sound good to her and handed me the glass. I took it and didn’t hesitate but put it straight to my mouth and took two big swallows. I swallowed so fast I could not really taste it unlit I had it down. I licked my lips and run my tongue around inside my mouth. Mary was watching my reaction as I handed her the glass. She ask WELL, what do you think. I thought about it and told her the truth. You need to drink yours so I can get another swallow because it is making me hot as hell doing izmit escort this. Mary smiled, turn the glass up to her mouth took a big drink and swallowed it then the next one she held in her mouth and swished it around like she did the cum. She open her mouth and let me see it then threw her head back and swallowed. She handed the glass back to me and I followed what she had done. I handed the glass back to her and she turned it up and drained it. When she took the glass down she looked down and started laughing. I looked down to see what was so funny and saw that my cock was rock hard again. I told her I would have to live with it because I was going to have to head home shortly. She said yes I know lets go get a shower and you can dress and go so you will not get in trouble when you get home.

When we got to the bathroom Mary told me while we taking a shower she would like to ask me some questions. She said I may not want to answer some of them and that would be okay but if I did answer to tell her the truth. I told her I would never lie to her and as far as I knew I would be willing to answer anything she ask. She said okay here goes, we fucked for the first time today and we have done sever things that most people would consider kinky, how do you feel about everything up to now. I told her Mary I’m a little surprised you would ask me that. What we have done is just an extension of what I was already doing to myself. I have loved everything we have done and I thank you for showing and sharing with me. She said before we fucked I thought that I wish I could been younger or found a younger person for you. How do you feel about that. I thought for a second and told her Mary I glad my first time was with someone like you. Yes, you are much older and I was aware of that from the beginning but with age comes knowledge and experience. I have experienced more with you in two days than I would have in two years with a inexperience girl my own age. She smiled and said think you Robert. I ask if that was all and she said no not really. I just curious about some things. I told her okay, ask away. She ask if you could would you fuck your sister. Hell yes I replied, wouldn’t you like to eat her pussy. Mary laughter and more that likely. If your mother would straighten up, dress better and treat you better would you fuck her. I told her I didn’t think that would happen but if she did all that I would thing about it. I can tell you this, her sister Shelby favors her some only she is all the things you just described and I know I would fuck her in a heartbeat. Mary look like she was deep in thought then ask me what if we applied the same situation to you daddy would you consider having sex with him. Oh shit, I don’t ever see him changing any at all for the better but to be honest with I have not thought about sex with another man. She ask do you thing that might be because of the type of men you have been around in this community. I told her that could be the case. She said you do know it is incest if you were to fuck your sister or your aunt. I thought for second then said there is a lot I don’t know about but I do know what incest is and I feel if it is not a case of one person taking advantage of another I don’t see a problem. If it is brother, sister parent, child or any other family combination. By the way, look at us, you are older than my Mom and I have loved every second I have been with you, it we are having sex or not. Mary said point well taken and thank you. She said I can tell you now this has worked out much better than I ever thought it would. I really enjoy being with you also Robert.

I have to get my clothes on and go but I have a couple questions for you. She said anything you want to know. I said the first one is simple, is it okay if I come over tomorrow and if so, what time Glad you ask she said, I intended to tell you but we kind of got busy and I forgot. Yes, please come tomorrow and you can come any time you like. When I know you are coming I will sleep in our play room and if I’m not up when you get here just come on in, undress and get in the bed with me. Is that okay with you she ask. Yes, that sounds great and now for the last question then I will go. You have talked about me learning to deep throat and ask questions about me having sex with another man, do you have someone in mind? She told me no, not a person, I was trying to find out how you would feel about having sex with another man or maybe with a man and a woman. I told I hadn’t really thought but the thought of it didn’t upset me so if the opportunity presented itself I more than likely would try it. So how do you feel about having sex with another woman. Mary didn’t hesitate, she said Oh I love, the first person I had sex with many years ago was a female. We will try to talk more about that later, you need to go now. I don’t want you getting in trouble at home for not having your work done. She walked me to he basement door where we hugged and embraced in a passionate tongue twisting, spit swapping kiss. Then I was down the steps, gathered my things, checked to be sure things were clear and I was out on the road and on my way home..

End of chapter five and
And Robert has lost his cherry and gained so much more. This is a door that is just opening for him and will lead to sexual adventures, heartache and sadness that he can not imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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