Tuesdays with Arri

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Week Four

Her skirt was lifted above her waist and lay bunched up across her belly. Her legs were splayed apart — the right leg thrown across to the passenger side of the car and the left foot pushing hard against the floor board next to the brake pedal. Her high heels were thrown into the back seat. She wore no panties.

Lexi clenched her midsection tightly, pulling her shoulders forward and arching her body inward. Her breathing had become almost frantic, a series of short and irregular pants. A moment earlier she had been nervously scanning the dimly lit parking lot, making sure that no one could see her. But as the warm tingling sensations began signaling the first tremor of her climax Lexi’s eyes were closed tightly and her head was pushed back heavily into the headrest. One hand was buried tightly between her legs, with two fingers frantically pulling her exposed clit into tight circular motions. The other hand gripped tightly to the steering wheel as she gasped loudly. Her body shuddered and she released a long uneven whimper. Pressing her shoulders into the back of the seat and grunting deeply she lifted her bottom, pushing her sex upward against her frantic fingers. Her torso gyrated and convulsed in the faint glow of the dashboard lights as she rode the final waves of her powerful orgasm.

No one had seen her — although it no longer seemed to matter. Nothing would have prevented this release. Lexi had never been more excited in her life. The slippery leather beneath her was more than adequate evidence. Readjusting her skirt, Lexi checked the time and turned off the ignition as she saw a man leaving the mall through the large orange door and heading in her direction.


Week One

She bounced from shop to shop that Tuesday night, browsing more than actually buying. The rare weeknight trip to the local mall was a spur of the moment decision for Lexi. Feeling a bit bored at home, with perhaps a touch of depression, Lexi had picked up around the house, finished the sad novel she was reading, and could find nothing of interest on television. A new purchase, she thought – maybe a new pair of shoes, a swimsuit, or new jeans – would surely improve her mood.

The hour was late and the few shoppers remaining in the mall were heading in the opposite direction. Already toting a couple of bags, Lexi had one last store to visit — a little dress shop located at the far end of the mall. The store featured the usual wares for young women, most of which were presumably made for bone-skinny sixteen year-olds or storefront mannequins.

Lexi had just turned 35 and despite her commitment to physical fitness she was already finding it harder each year to maintain her youthful figure. But contrary to her self-criticism, she knew the hard work spent in the gym was still very much paying off. At five foot five inches tall, Lexi was well-toned and presented a sexy, and youthful, figure. She was also quite pretty, “too pretty”, her friends would tell her, “to be unattached”. With shoulder-length wavy Auburn hair and almond shaped brown-green eyes, Lexi was routinely noticed by men. But after eight years in a failing marriage Lexi had resigned herself to accepting her Facebook status of “Single”, quietly waiting for Mr. Right to magically swoop in and steal her heart.

An announcement could be heard ringing throughout the stores asking shoppers to finish their checkout as the mall was getting ready to close in fifteen minutes. As none of the dresses in particular had caught her attention Lexi was preparing to leave the store when she first caught sight of him.

He emerged from a back room and moved through the aisles carrying a large stack of dresses. She would come to know him only as his nametag revealed – Arri. He was a tall, older man with a dark complexion, perhaps in his mid-fifties. He had a Mediterranean look — with warm, dark eyes, and thick, dark hair with just a hint of grey around the temples. Lexi immediately found him stunningly attractive. The man, who it seemed had not noticed her, was the only employee in the small store. It was at this point that Lexi also realized she was the only customer.

The unexpected pleasure of spotting this incredibly handsome salesman, in a ladies clothing store, no less, sent nervous tingles through Lexi, and her readiness to leave the store was put on hold. Instead, she spent the next several minutes pretending to look through the racks of clothing while stealing glimpses of this stunning Adonis as he carried out his chores. The man was dressed professionally with a sharp necktie adorning a well-pressed (and presumably expensive) yellow buttoned-down shirt. The shirt fit just well enough to reveal broad shoulders and a powerful frame.

Lexi remained motionless and watched for several minutes as he stood on a small step-stool, his large and strong hands reaching to tag and hang several garments on the upper rack in bahis firmaları an adjacent aisle. She quietly wandered to a better (and closer) vantage point to improve her view. His tailored brown pants fit exquisitely, and revealed an unmistakable athletic build. All of this set upon buffed Italian shoes – he was immaculate in appearance. Lexi fixated on his tight backside as he continued to re-arrange several items on the rack. She was enthralled.

“Can I help you find anything, miss?” The man never turned away from his work as he spoke.

The sudden deep voice and the unexpected challenge startled Lexi, and instantly broke her trance. The words felt as much like an accusation as a question — as though he knew she had been looking at him. The sudden interaction had also left her without much of a response.

“Uhh… no, thank you, I’m just leaving.”

The man finally turned and, with a raised eyebrow, offered Lexi a sly smile. “Stop in again when you have more time to look.” He paused for a few seconds and then continued. “Have a nice evening.”

Lexi could feel the burning redness in her face as she turned to leave the store. She was obviously embarrassed, and at the same time completely overwhelmed by his dripping masculinity and his powerful presence. Exiting the store she stopped and glanced in through the storefront window for one last look. The man was still in the same position, still smiling, and still looking knowingly at her. “My God”, Lexi thought to herself, “did he watch me walk all way the out?”

Exiting the mall Lexi questioned the intent of the man’s words. “Was he merely offering me help? Or was he acknowledging that I was staring?” She felt busted. Or worse, she felt like a little girl – as though she was an adolescent teen being called on by a gorgeously handsome teacher. Awestruck, was the word. It was an unexpected and powerful moment that produced a rush of feelings she hadn’t experienced in years. His powerful and controlling demeanor left her with a surprising (and somehow pleasant) sense of vulnerability. She left the mall in a bit of a fog that night, embarrassed for wantonly staring, and yet consumed with lust for this gorgeous man.

After such a brief (and seemingly innocuous) encounter Lexi couldn’t quite explain her attraction. Maybe it was just her loneliness prompting her enticement, but it was clearly there — a strange curiosity and a beguiling lure. Unable to sleep, she ended the night turning to an old friend she hadn’t seen in months, her vibrator.


Visions of the strong salesman remained with Lexi throughout the week. She found herself occasionally daydreaming at work, picturing “her man-hunk” managing the dress store for her own personal amusement — posing and flexing for her approval as he tended the merchandise as she desired. She remembered the image of his strong hands, and fantasized about seeing his dark fingers wandering over her fair skin. She warmed at the thought of “accidentally” brushing against his tight backside trying to move by him in the crowded store. Or perhaps she could steal something from the racks so that he would chase after her and take her to the back room for a thorough punishing.

Passionate fantasies involving the dark, handsome salesman floated in Lexi’s conscience for several days. Finally, deciding that for the first time in a long time she would act upon her womanly impulses, Lexi resolved to return to the mall to discover more about this man. The following Tuesday night she returned to the tiny store.


Week Two

“Good evening, miss. Glad to see you again” he said in a deeply resonating voice behind that gorgeously seductive smile. Lexi had entered the store almost thirty minutes earlier that week and, not surprisingly, other shoppers were in the store. Arri was actively assisting another woman as she entered. Again she found herself in a loss for words and offered a quiet “hi” and a bashful smile as she passed the checkout counter where he stood. She immediately went to a favorite section of the store and earnestly started looking for a dress. All the while Lexi remained constantly aware of the man’s whereabouts. Incredibly, Lexi found the salesman even more enticing than the previous week. He wore a charcoal gray dress shirt, dark slacks and a soft, salmon-colored tie. But Lexi was most attracted to the light overgrowth of hair covering his face, lending a slightly rougher edge to his presentation.

After several minutes in the store Lexi could see Arri heading toward her position. He approached with a smile and eagerly offered his hand saying “I am Arri, and you are?”

“Lexi… very nice to meet you” she answered.

“Truly my pleasure”, Arri replied with a slight bow. “And now I am all yours. Are you doing okay, Miss Lexi?” he asked.

Lexi, holding a blue flowered print dress answered nervously “I think maybe, thanks.”

Arri drew his face into a slight kaçak iddaa wince and bit his lower lip as he looked over the dress in Lexi’s grasp.

“Is something wrong” Lexi asked.

“No, no, no… but, well… if you ask me such a pretty lady deserves a much prettier dress.”

Lexi broke eye contact and smiled as a deep blush covered her face.

Arri lightly touched Lexi on the shoulder prompting her to look up. “You, my dear, are a bright flower. Can I make a recommendation?”

Lexi stood silent and shrugged her shoulders in a bashful response. But her movements betrayed what she was feeling inside — sheer desire of his attention. She wanted to fall into his arms and be swept away into the back room. She could detect the sweet fragrance of his cologne — subtle, but very manly and extremely enticing. She stood there submissive and at full attention, all the while savoring his closeness.

“Let me see…” he said as he fumbled through the circular rack of clothes. He alternated his glances from the clothing to Lexi and back again until finally pulling two items from the rack. Handing Lexi the garments – a brightly colored pink floral dress and a yellow sun dress — he gave instructions. “Here… try these on and let’s have a look.” He then pointed to the changing rooms at the back of the store.

Lexi could find little cause for disagreement. Handing the blue dress to Arri she smiled and then practically floated to the changing room.

Lexi couldn’t contain a nervous giggle as she closed the louvered door from inside the booth. She hung the dresses on the wall and looked them over as she quickly removed her tennis shoes and socks. She had just finished unbuttoning her top when a quick knock on the door caused a brief startle. Quickly turning to the door Lexi recognized the salesman’s shoes visible under the gap at the bottom of the door.

“I think size seven should be about right” he said as he placed a pair of white heels at the bottom of the door. Lexi’s heart was pounding as she bent down to grab the shoes. She had always considered partially exposed changing rooms to be a little uncomfortable, and she was suddenly embarrassed for her naked feet. Relishing in the nervous excitement she quickly continued to disrobe before putting on the yellow dress. She instantly loved the way the dress felt on her body. But it was abundantly clear that the final approval belonged to Arri. Lexi opened the door and stepped out to find a mirror.

Lexi padded barefoot across the row of changing booths, carrying the store’s shoes in her hand. Standing in front of the triple mirrors she bent down to slip on the heels. As she stood she noticed him in the reflection, standing just a few feet away.

Arri smiled and approached Lexi from behind. “Yes, yes” he said, “very nice, indeed.” Arri reached forward and touched the dress on either side of her shoulders. His hands moved lower, running across her back until reaching just inside her elbows to her ribcage, feeling the fit of the material. Once again his cologne lightly stirred her senses. Lexi held still, breathless, and allowed him to pull and test the lay of the dress to his satisfaction. She watched the reflection of his movements closely as he stood behind, eying her up and down in the mirror while adjusting the shoulder fit and checking the length. It was the most forward display of uninvited personal contact she had ever experienced, and yet he made it seem so natural. She hadn’t even thought to offer an objection and allowed his touch without as much as a flinch.

“What do you think, my dear?”

Lexi’s bright smile reflected her approval. “You have an excellent eye, sir. I love it.”

Arri put his arm around Lexi’s hip, turning her in the direction of the changing rooms. “Now get back in there and let’s see the other one.”

As Lexi started forward from Arri’s position she felt his hand very casually fall from her hip to brush downward across her backside. It wasn’t so much a grope as an intimate touch of familiarity. It was very quick, and unlikely to be detected by anyone else in the store. But it instantly sent shockwaves through Lexi.

Returning to the dressing booth, Lexi quickly tried to calm herself. She silently mouthed the words “Oh my God!” and held onto her chest, feeling her rapidly beating heart. She unbuttoned the dress, all the while questioning whether she was imagining any sexual intent on the part of the salesman. She quickly convinced herself that his demeanor was more likely the result of European customs and overly helpful sales techniques. “He probably lures many women into buying clothes like this”, she thought. Whatever his intentions, he was clearly having an effect on her. Lexi could detect the steamy warmth of her excitement as she stepped out of the sun dress and quickly tried on the second selection. She was considerably aroused as she opened the door.

Lexi wasted no time positioning herself in front of the mirrors. This kaçak bahis time, however, she was less intent on seeing the dress than peering past her reflection to locate Arri. It didn’t take long.

“Fantastic…,” he said as he suddenly appeared from the sales desk. “Very sexy, yes… very sexy, indeed.”

Once again positioned behind her, Arri placed his hands on Lexi’s hips, moving her slightly from side to side as he looked her over in the mirror. He stood almost a head taller than Lexi — even in her borrowed heels. The cut of the second dress offered a fair view of Lexi’s modest cleavage, and she found herself arching her shoulders back ever so slightly to enhance the effect. She could feel her heart beating wildly as Arri suddenly gathered her hair and pulled it across her neck to one side. Almost instinctively, Lexi tilted her head slightly as if to offer her neck to her newly acknowledged master. Arri carefully adjusted the exposed bra strap to match the strap of the dress.

Arri then moved in front of Lexi and placing his closed hand under her chin to focus her gaze upon his eyes, simply said “absolutely delicious.”

All Lexi knew at that moment was that she was “absolutely melting”. She could feel her hands starting to tremble slightly. She rocked one foot backwards, withdrawing ever so slightly in an attempt to regain her composure.

“Shall I meet you at the checkout?” Arri asked.

Lexi smiled broadly, and replied “I’ll take them both.”


Lexi suddenly felt like a new woman. Despite the unending encouragement from her friends, her divorce had taken a lot out of her confidence. She just never wanted to play the dating game with other divorcees. It had been more than a year since the last man in her life, and he turned out to be a mistake – just another sad and lonely man trying to replace the true love of his life. But now, for the first time since early in her marriage, she felt star struck over a man.

In an admittedly shameful attempt to re-strike the lightening of the dress fitting, Lexi returned to the mall just two days later. But the visit was an instant disappointment as Arri was nowhere in sight. Lexi lingered in the store for twenty minutes, browsing the store just long enough to make sure he wasn’t perhaps working on something in the back room. Finally, Lexi approached the only visible salesperson, an elderly woman, and asked if the tall gentleman was working tonight.

“You must mean Arri” she replied.

“Yes, I was working with him earlier in the week and wanted to see if he was in tonight”, Lexi replied.

“You know,” the lady responded in a warm, yet painfully drawn out response. “I’m not sure, but I think he works in the city store. Yes, I’m fairly certain Mr. Arri works in the city. This store has seen quite a flurry of salespeople in the past year – especially those young kids. They’re just too busy with their “you-two” videos and phone thingy’s to keep a fulltime…”

Lexi interrupted her rambling and pressed the issue. “But I saw him in here Tuesday night. Does he actually work here?”

“You know”, the old woman continued. “I think he only comes out here one night a week… might be Tuesdays. Is there something I can help you with?”

Lexi tried to contain her disappointment. “No, thank you ma’am, I’ll just have to stop in later”

The city store was more than an hour away, and was not an option for Lexi. She never had the courage to drive into the downtown area alone, and “anyway” she thought, “that huge store would be packed with customers and other salespeople”. Lexi accepted that she would just have to wait until the next Tuesday to resume the private dance with Arri.

To say that Lexi’s mental distraction was intensified after her dress purchases would be a gross understatement. She quickly wore both of the beautiful dresses to work, feeling confident and unexpectedly sexy. One of her colleagues, a longtime work friend, asked Lexi “what the hell is the matter with you lately? Are you in love, Lex?” Lexi just shook her head and told the friend to stop being silly. But even as the words left her mouth Lexi realized it wasn’t her friend who was acting silly. She realized that Arri had not just been some hunky salesman, a flirtatious stranger, or a sexy piece of eye-candy that she couldn’t resist. He had turned into her obsession. She was entirely on cloud nine, lost in visions of his strong hands and broad shoulders. She wanted his attention, his voice, and his touch.


Week Three

Slowly, painfully slowly for Lexi, the following Tuesday eventually came around. Lexi had decided that on this next trip to the mall she would make a move. She hadn’t really thought out a plan, but she was determined to gather enough courage to somehow test Arri’s interest – and if the moment was right, to move in for a kiss. At first she thought of wearing one of the dresses she had purchased, knowing that he thought she looked “delicious” in them. But she later decided to avoid the possibility of an even greater embarrassment if she was wrong about him, and played it low key — shorts, tennis shoes, and a simple v-neck top.

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