Trying it Out

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She had been reading erotica for years, starting innocently enough with a romance novel swiped from her mother’s towering bedside stash. Skimming through she found at the end of chapter 23, the first real depiction of sex she’d ever encountered. A man was instructing his reluctant and innocent bed partner and teaching her the ways a man likes to be pleased. Instructing her to firmly grasp and stroke his cock, to open her mouth and use her tongue for kisses and to relax as he entered her so he wouldn’t hurt her. This was not typical of the harlequin romance set, which usually discussed the act in terms of fireworks, heights, need, filling, moving, and then finally crashing.

Her mother had always been very matter of fact about sex and bodies and all of the things that most young ladies are ignorant about so she knew how sex came about, that in the simplest terms, a man’s penis got hard and he put it inside of a woman (when you grow up catholic, that’s the only type of sex that is discussed) She also knew that it was fun, and it felt good, because her mother wasn’t a liar. She said it would be fun with someone who loved you and cared that you had a good time. She also said it would be terrible if you did it with someone who was selfish and when you did it for the first time; it was going to be disappointing. So, basically good advice.

Her father loved Anne Rice, and one year a cheeky family member gave him a copy of the re-telling of the sleeping princesses adventures, with a kinky twist. Because neither güvenilir bahis of her parents ever limited her reading she swiped the book without a second thought. She had enjoyed the reading the Vampire stories and thought perhaps this would be a similar take on an old story. The spanking and forced sexual releases described in the books were a surprise, how could someone feel pain and still feel pleasure???

It was to those mental images that her first attempts at self satisfaction were accomplished and putting herself in the place of the princess, with tears, and welts and throbbing wet pussy were the things that brought her to edge mostly quickly and left her breathless and shaking.

Later, years after getting married, and well over a decade of hiding the desire for a red warm bottom, something amazing happened. During a particularly rousing bout of reverse cowgirl, she was the recipient of a sharp slap on her ass. In the heat of the moment, he wanted to hear the crack. After all he was an ass man, hers was amazing and she had never been a prude by any stretch. She twitched, moaned, shuddered and wound up in a puddle on her face. He’d had to finish her from behind and gave her a few more slaps just to hear the pitch of her moans change while she came.

Even after that, it still took a long for her to ask for what she wanted. A real spanking, with his open hand, on her bare ass, laying across his knees. She was nervous that he’d balk, refuse or mock her for the request. Her fears were unfounded. It türkçe bahis wasn’t his kink, but he’d do it, because she wanted it. Feeling bolder, she asked if he would finger her, in between slaps. The answer was of course, yes. Then quietly, going for broke, she said, “When it’s done, will you kiss my forehead?”

She sent him some short stories, to give him ideas. Pleasure, Discipline, Comfort, Catharsis, there were so many options. She wanted pleasure, but she also wanted control, from him. Wanted to be unsure of how long it would last. She wanted him to decide when they were done and then afterward she wanted to fuck and have him squeeze her sore red cheeks.

The slaps were done lightly at first, warming her skin to the sensation. He spent a lot of time rubbing between each one, which made her sigh contentedly. She felt his knee under her stomach and thigh, and enjoyed when his enjoyment of this new thing became evident. His kink or not, he was harder than he’d been in a long, long time.

As the gentle swats became real slaps and got harder, and faster, with less rubbing in between she began to groan with each one and then breath harder through the sting as he either rubbed for a moment or slid his hand between her legs to see how she was responding.

Every 5 slaps or so, he would try to dip his finger into her pussy, and after about 20 good slaps he was only a little surprised to find warm wet evidence of what she had known after only two. This was getting her so hot, she might even cum, just from güvenilir bahis siteleri being spanked! Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

It was, on slap number 45 she came unglued, breathing hard, clenching her thighs, pulling against his hand which had been embedded in her hair pulling it to augment the sensations. He stopped slapping and slid three of his fingers into her pussy, easily gliding in and out and finding the spot inside that made her squeal. SHe was writhing on his lap, kicking her feet and making so much noise he was worried the neighbors were going to talk. When she finished twitching he eased out from under her pulled her back unto her hands and knees and entered her from behind.

He placed one hand on her hip and one on the rosy globe of her ass. He smoothed his hand over the skin, the sting of his palm from delivering the spanking, sliding over her warm skin. She started breathing hard and making low affirming noises in her throat. He spread his fingers wide and began to curl them into her flesh. He felt a shiver run through her and he began moving faster, soon he was slamming his entire body into hers and spanking her between thrusts, She was growling and pushing back against his body and hands, trying to get as much of his touch as possible.

When he came, and it wasn’t long, he pressed her down on the bed with his body, feeling her arching her back, pressing her abused ass into his coarsely hairy abdomen. She lay on her face, breathing hard and smiling that crazy sexy satisfied smile that drove him wild. He lay down beside her, rolled her over, tucked her into the curve of his arm and placed his lips against her sweaty forehead. His fingers slid between her pussy lips, as he whispered low into her ear, “Good Girl”

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