Truck Driver

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The rain was falling on me relentlessly as the big rig pulled over along the side of the highway. “Thank goodness!” I thought as I sprinted toward the open passenger side door.

“Climb on up here outta that rain.” Came a voice from the driver seat.

I looked up to see a man around 40-ish I would guess, slightly graying hair, and a little over weight but fairly clean cut. He had a kind smile as he took my hand and helped me into the truck.

“Thanks so much!” I said as he pulled the rig back out onto the highway.

“What in the world is a young girl like you doing walking in the middle of nowhere, at this time of night in a mess like this?”

I looked at the clock on the dash and it read 11:24pm. “Well to make a long story short I was checking out a college up state and I was on my way back when my car broke down. I wasn’t able to pick up a signal on my phone, which now has a dead battery, so I decided to walk to the nearest town. Then it started pouring and got dark and I still haven’t seen a town.”

“Yeah and the nearest one is still almost an hour drive.” He said. “You had a long way to go still yet.”

“I’m really glad you stopped. I don’t think I could have stood that wind and cold rain much longer. Sorry about getting seat all wet.”

“Don’t worry about it at all. There’s a bag back in the sleeper that has a towel in it. I may also have a shirt and pair of sweat shorts. Might be a little big on you but its dry. You can climb back there and pull the curtain, get changed and dried off if you want.”

“Thanks! Sounds good I’m froze.”

I pulled my wet shoes and socks off and stood up in between the seats to reach into the sleeper for the duffle bag. I used a towel to dry my hair and then laid it out on the bed so I wouldn’t get the sheets wet when I climbed back there. Everything I was wearing was soaked through. I did happen to find a shirt but the only pants I saw were blue jeans that were way too big for me, so I figured I would put the shirt on and wrap the towel around my waist. As I undressed and dried myself a funny thought crossed my mind. I wondered if the man was conscious to the fact that there was a naked girl in his bed. “Wonder how often he can say that.” I thought to myself.

I used a brush from his bag to brush my hair, then climbed out of the sleeper and laid my wet clothes on the floor.

“Feel better?” He asked.

“Much better, thanks.” I replied. “I didn’t find any shorts but this towel will work fine.” As he looked over I was putting my feet up on the dash by the heater vent to warm my cold toes. The towel split along my thigh and after noticing he quickly turned his eyes back to the road. I fixed the towel and leaned back in the seat to get comfortable. I was glad to be warm and dry. After a few minutes he introduced himself as Tom and asked where I was headed. I told him my name was Amy and explained to him where I lived.

“Well.” he said with a pause. “The good news is I’ll be driving right through there, but the bad news is it won’t be until tomorrow morning. I’ll need to stop and rest a few hours before driving all day tomorrow. If you like I can get you to a place where you can call for help, or you’re more than welcome to sleep here and get some rest and I can take you home first thing tomorrow. You can stretch out back there in the sleeper and I’ll stay up here.”

I thought about it for a moment. I really didn’t want to sit and wait all night at some truck stop for help to get there. But he had been very kind and didn’t want to impose on him. He had probably had a long day and deserved to sleep more comfortably.

“I couldn’t do that to you.” I said. “If anything I would stay up here and let you sleep in the back.”

“Oh it would be no problem at all.” Tom insisted. “This seat can be pretty comfy.”

I turned and looked into the back and spoke before really thinking about it. “It’s fairly spacious back there. There’s no way I’m going to make you sleep up here so maybe we can both sleep in the sleeper.”

He gave a polite smile and glanced over his shoulder. “Well only if you’d be comfortable with that.”

“Sure.” I replied now realizing that I just offered to share a bed with a complete stranger. I then reassured myself that he seemed like a pretty good guy.

At around 1 am Tom turned onto an exit and pulled the truck off to the side of the road.

The next truck stop is still a ways off and if I gaze at the road much longer my eyes may get stuck that way.” He joked. “Go ahead and make yourself at home.” He stepped out of the truck for a moment and I crawled in the back and stretched out. When he came back he slipped off his jeans, with boxers underneath and pulled back the blanket. I think we were both a little shocked at what was laying underneath. It was a magazine with bold letters on the cover that read: “SeXXXy” Tom grabbed the magazine and began illegal bahis to put it in his bag.

“I’m sorry you had to see that.” He said. “Gets a little lonely and boring at times on the road.”

I could tell he was embarrassed as the poor man’s face was beet red. In an attempt to ease the awkwardness I reached out for it with a light laugh. “Ah it’s no big deal. It can’t be that bad. Let me see.” Tom looked at me as if to say, ‘You’re kidding.’ And I realized that the awkwardness just increased. He hesitantly handed it to me. “Doubt you’ll be interested in anything in there.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

I flipped it open to a random page and there was a picture of a blond girl bent over a table. A muscular man stood behind her with his cock halfway penetrating her shaved pussy. I turned to the next page and the same girl was lying on her back on the table. The man was on top of her this time fully inside her. Her legs were spread wide and her feet with pink painted toenails were stretched high in the air. In another attempt to ease the tension, I said the only thing that really came to mind. “Well the books title certainly does fit.”

Tom gave a laugh and leaned sideways on one arm. It was becoming more apparent to him that I was not bothered by the magazine; in fact I was rather interested.

“Which girl in here is your favorite?” I asked.

“Well there are a few I’m fond of.” He reached over and flipped a few pages and stopped on a picture of a redheaded girl spreading her bald pussy open from behind. Another picture he picked displayed a girl with her lips around the head of a man’s dick. She had cum on her tits and around her mouth.

“Good choices.” I turned the pages until I saw one portraying a man giving oral sex to a girl. His tongue was pressed against her clit and he had two fingers slid into her pussy. “I like that one!” I said. “Lucky girl.”

“Lucky guy.” Tom replied with a laugh.

We continued to look at the pictures and I read one of the short stories aloud. By this time I realized I was getting turned on. I noticed Tom pulled the blanket over himself trying to hide his erection making his boxer shorts stick out.

“These magazines are pretty nice to look at but they seem a bit unrealistic.” He said.

“How do you mean?”

“Well.” He continued. “Some of the stories are a bit far out and pretty much all these girls are shaved down below. I mean it’s really hot but I’ve never met a woman who was bald there. At least not that I know of.”

There was a moment of silence before I spoke up, “Actually you have.”

He looked at me a bit confused at first and then his eyes widened when he realized I was referring to myself.

“And actually most of the girls I know are shaved as well. Or at least neatly trimmed”

Tom grinned. “I didn’t realize it was so common. Of course I could be a little behind on the times; it has been a few years.”

I wasn’t sure how many years he called a “few” but I didn’t ask. Actually I didn’t have to.

“My ex-wife and I divorced 6 years ago, and she never shaved there. So I’ve only seen it in pictures not in real life.”

Thoughts began to run through my head. I was already turned on by the pictures and stories. But I was also getting turned on by the thought that not only had he not had sex in so long; he’d never seen a shaved pussy in person before. The idea of showing him, letting him see my pussy, sent a warm tingling feeling through my hips and legs.

Here we were alone, in complete privacy and basically strangers. A wave of heat flushed over my face and chest and I began to feel extremely naughty. I wanted to watch how aroused he would become seeing me naked and touching me. I wanted to lie there and let him explore my body with his eyes and hands. I could feel the moisture increasing in and around my pussy.

“Umm.” I said sitting up and hesitantly unwrapping the towel from my waist. “Do you want to?”

There was a hint of disbelief and surprise on his face. He pointed to me “You mean…?”

I sat closer to him, lifted my shirt and leaned back opening my legs. He leaned toward me for a closer look. I lifted my shirt up over my B-cup breasts and puffy swollen nipples.

“You are beautiful!” he said as he began to rub up my inner thigh then pulled his hand away.

“Go ahead.” I assured him reaching for his hand and placing it back on my leg. “You can touch me.”

Tom’s hands explored my smooth tan legs rubbing down past my knees and back up, then he put a finger on either side of my pussy and spread my soft, moist lips apart. He slid his finger up and down the inside of them and gently massaged my swollen clit with his fingertip. I sighed at his touch. His fingertips were rough and created friction on my clit sending a tingling sensation through my pussy and down my legs.

I leaned back and rested my head on a illegal bahis siteleri pillow. His other hand rubbed upward over my stomach and gently squeezed my right breast. He briefly rolled my nipple between his fingertips then squeezed my tit in his palm again before softly running his hand down my side to my hip. He leaned back a little and his eyes slowly swam over me taking in the site of my naked body. I pulled my shirt the rest of the way off and playfully tossed it over his shoulder. Then I laid back again, rested my arms over my head and smiled. There I was lying completely nude in front of a man I had only just met. I don’t know what had come over me but I was really enjoying being exposed and on display for him. I rubbed my foot over his chest and stomach and opened my legs wide. Reaching down with my fingers I pulled up on the flesh of my pubic mound causing my swollen clit to peek out from its hood. Then I squeezed both my breasts in my hands and motioned with my finger for him to “come here”.

As he leaned over me I put my hand on the back of his head and gently pulled his mouth to my nipple, which he met with a warm tongue and sucking lips. He licked around the areola and up my chest using his hand to softly brush my hair back before licking and sucking my neck. The stubble on his face was a little rough but with his tongue dancing over my sensitive flesh, it didn’t bother me at all. He sucked my earlobe and ran his lips across my cheek then I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. I met it with my own and pressed my mouth to his welcoming his deep kiss. I could also feel his hard cock through his boxers grinding into my thigh.

He was getting more and more into it, as his actions became more assertive. He held his weight with one arm but the other hand rubbed every inch of my body that he could reach. He squeezed my tit again this time much harder. He rubbed down over my stomach to my hip and down my thigh as I brought my leg up and wrapped it around his waist. His tongue made its way down my chest to my other nipple and as he nibbled it I felt his hand slide under me and firmly squeeze my ass.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I moaned when I felt his hand slide between us and down between my legs. I took the leg that was wrapped around him and spread it out to my side.

“Mmm yes. Touch my pussy.” I whispered in his ear. I was so wet that even my inner thighs were soaked. His hand rubbed my clit and lips while his mouth moved to my stomach. Then he leaned up and continued massaging my slippery cunt. Finally I felt a finger slip inside me and a whimper escaped me that let him know how good it felt. As he added a second finger I thrust my hips up and he slowly moved his face closer. I felt his tongue press against my clit and start to move up and down, back and forth, giving long, hard licks over my swollen pink button while his fingers pushed and pulled in and out of me. He stopped for a moment and laid down on his stomach. He used his hands to hold my thighs as far apart as he could then he buried his face in my pussy. His mouth almost covering the whole thing he sucked my lips and licked between them. I felt his tongue slip inside me and he started to fuck me with it. I put my hands on his head and pulled trying to get it to push in a little deeper. .

“Mmm, Yes. Lick my pussy!! “I begged. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

His licks became faster and harder and I felt my insides start to tighten. A tingling pressure built up in my groin and slowly grew downward into my pussy. He removed one of his hands from my leg and began pumping two fingers inside me as he sucked my clit into his lips. His tongue continued lashing at it until I exploded.

“Oh Fuck yes, I’m cumming!!” My whole body tensed up as my orgasm seemed to rip through me. Every time his tongue swiped across my clit my whole body jerked, and he never let up until made him because I couldn’t take any more.

I laid there with my legs still shaking and my breasts rising with each heavy breath I took. He lifted his head and smiled at me. His faced was glazed with my juices. I felt him pull his fingers out of me and he crawled up on top of me and began sucking my nipple. His mouth felt so good but I had other plans for the moment.

I sat up, took his shirt off and gently pushed him back making him lie down. “You made me cum, now it’s my turn to make you cum.” I told him.

I pulled his boxers down and off. Straddling one of his legs I took his swollen cock in my hand and began to stroke it. He was of average length but pretty thick, definitely a handful for me. Softly at first and then I tightened my grip. When I saw a drop of pre-cum form, I leaned down and licked it up with the tip of my tongue. I heard Tom moan as I put my lips around the head of his dick. I moved my hand down and fondled his balls as I slid my mouth all the way down the shaft to canlı bahis siteleri the base. I felt the tight flesh glide over my tongue and press into the back of my throat while his pubic hair tickled my nose and lips. I held that way for a moment before coming back up. Then I went back down again, over and over and faster until I was literally fucking him with my mouth. The way my wet lips glided up and down this strangers cock and the way it pushed into my throat made me feel so dirty. I felt submissive to him. I felt like a slut. And that made me all the more aroused. I moaned on his throbbing dick and grinded my dripping pussy against his leg.

It wasn’t long at all until I heard him say “I gonna cum. I gonna cum!”

I guess he thought I would move my mouth away but I didn’t. I continued to suck him deep, anticipating the taste and feel of his warm cum flooding into my mouth. His prick flexed and the first shot of salty cream coated my tongue. Then came another and another. I managed to swallow most if it but there was so much it began leaking around my lips. Never-the-less once he was finished I licked all the excess cum from his dick and balls, and then licked my lips. I crawled up next to him and continued to play with his cock as it began to go soft.

“That was amazing.” He said. “I have never had a girl let me cum in her mouth before.” He reached over into a small cooler and got a bottle of water and handed it to me. I took a drink and then gave it back to him as he did the same.

“Really?” I said smiling at him. “Well I’ve never let a guy cum in my mouth before.”

He looked at me smiling but puzzled. “So what made you decide to let me?” he asked.

“You just had me feeling so hot and horny that I wanted it, I guess.”

He looked at me and his eyes examined my naked body as his hand rubbed my bald pubic mound and up over my smooth stomach. My own hand rubbed over his stomach and to his hairy chest. When I moved my hand back down to his dick I realized it was beginning to get hard again. For a moment I had been thinking he was done for the night. But feeling him stiffen in my hand, I knew I might get to feel him inside my pussy. Excited at the chance, I crawled down and took him back in my mouth.

He moaned as I worked it back to fully erect. Then I moved up and straddled him. I gently rubbed my pussy on his dick teasing him. “You want to fuck me now?” I asked.

“Yes.” he answered.

“You want my pussy?” I asked again.

“Yes I do.”

“Tell me you want it.”

“Oh, I want you to give me that sweet little pussy.” he said. “Fuck me baby.”

I guided the head between my slippery wet lips and lowered myself letting his dick slide up in me. I could feel the warmth of his hard cock inside my body. He was so thick and I felt so full and stretched.

“Oh damn, baby.” Tom breathed. “You have such a hot, tight pussy.” He put his hands on my hips and thrust upward nearly raising my knees off the bed. I grinded myself down on him and squeezed my nipples. I began to ride him sliding up on his cock and then back down hard shoving it deep up into my cunt.

After a moment he pulled me down on top of him, wrapped his arms around me and rolled over to where he was on top. He continued to fuck me slowly as he grabbed my ankles, then lightly kissed and licked the bottom of my foot. He licked along my high arches and between my toes while sucking them in his mouth. I am usually ticklish but this sent me over the edge and another orgasm swelled in my loins. Feeling my insides contract he leaned down on top of me and started to fuck me faster. With each thrust he crammed his dick inside me up to the hilt.

I began to moan and cry with orgasmic bliss. “Yes, fuck me! You feel so good inside me! Please, fuck me hard!” I cried.

With that he came down with the weight of his body and slammed his hips into me stabbing his cock deep into my pussy repeatedly. I came so hard and my inner muscles contracted so tight it was like I was trying to squeeze him out, but each time he forced himself back inside me.

After I cummed I begged him to fuck me from behind. He pulled out and let me turn over on my hands and knees. I stuck my ass up at him and he quickly entered me from behind. I felt his hands grab my hips and pull me back to him as he rammed forward. This position allowed him to penetrate me even deeper than before. With each hard thrust his balls slapped against my clit. Barely over the last orgasm another came seemingly out of nowhere. I buried my face into the blanket and screamed. I heard him call out that he was getting close and I begged him to cum in my pussy. I wanted him to shoot his hot creamy load deep inside my body. He fucked me as hard as he could and when he finally came I could feel the warmth of his cum filling my insides. He kept his cock in my pussy well after he’d finished until it went soft then he pulled out and we both laid down exhausted.

The next day he let me out close to my house and told me he’d be back through in a couple of days and would like to meet up again. I gave him my number and told him it was a definite date.

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