Tropical Delights

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Big Tits

Henry unfolded the long yellow beach towel and fought the steady ocean breeze as he maneuvered his afternoon bed of cotton onto the full-length beach chair. Checking the position of the sun once again, he pulled his chair a few inches through the soft, brown sand, and then sat on the end of the plastic seat.

Collecting his thoughts, Henry surveyed his surroundings. A turquoise sea lay in front, palm trees giving intermittent shade from the July sun were overhead, and to his left and right, dozens of lounge chairs just like his own, were sprinkled along the beach.

Going to bed early the previous night proved to be a blessing for Henry. Rising early following a good night’s sleep afforded him first choice among the highly-prized chairs that would be sought by other eager sun worshipers later that morning. Removing his T-Shirt, Henry was eager to lie in his chair, read the Jonathan Kellerman paperback he had purchased in the Miami International Airport, and simply soak up the Dominican sun. Well, Henry was most eager to forget about his stressful job back in the States, even if it was for a few days.

Henry was the city news editor for a paper in the Midwest. He knew he would never become rich although he had interviewed his share of the famous. Of course, the job of interviewing and writing happened less and less, managing, directing and making tough budget and editorial decisions seemed to define his work week now. Those decisions and who did what to whom and where and sometimes why didn’t matter much to Henry at this very moment. Today he was in a new world, saying hello to the early morning sun, shaking hands with the staff of the Excellence Punta Cana Resort, who, at any minute would be by with cold drinks. This of course, was an added form of relaxation to his island vacation. Well, beautiful women in tiny bikinis, sunning themselves next to him never hurts, Henry thought.

Pulling a bottle of sun tan lotion from his beach bag, Henry went about putting the creamy lotion over his muscular body.

“Not bad for 42,” Henry muttered to himself as he settled back onto his towel. Sure, the job back home was stressful, but he found time to hit the gym in the morning before heading to the newspaper office. His hour workouts and jogs around the indoor track helped him face stressful days, as well as keep his 6 foot, 175 pond body in decent shape for a man in his early forties.

The warm sun and the steady crashing of waves created a soothing massage of warmth and sound to his body. It wasn’t long before Henry was asleep, his paperback in the sand beside his chair, a smile on his face.

An bahis firmaları hour later Henry woke to the sound of voices and the movement of people finding chairs along the beach. Reaching into his bag, Henry found his sunglasses, helping his eyes adjust to the sun’s glare. Glasses in place, he reached behind the chair’s back, adjusting the angle needed to sit up for awhile.

“Mmmmmmm,” came from Henry’s lips as he noticed the curvaceous, sexy woman who sat in the beach chair not even 10 feet from his own beach retreat. She had turned her chair so that she was facing Henry, finding a way to be in the sun, but away from the direct path of the rays. As if she knew Henry was checking her out, the woman in the gold bikini looked up from her own book to give a glance in Henry’s direction.

“She’s looking back at me,” Henry said to himself. Is that a smile she’s sending me? No way, but stop staring, Henry thought as he broke eye contact and looked around for his book. Spotting it in the sand, he scooped it up and pretended to read Kellerman’s words found between the orange book cover. Sun glasses hiding the movement of his eyes, Henry stole glances above the paperback, hoping to gain a few lustful peeks.

Her legs were tan and tight, afternoon aerobic classes or daily jogs no doubt, Henry perceived. Her shoulder-length red hair was pulled back into a pony tail. The tops of her round, soft breasts that appeared to be begging for freedom from her bikini, seemed to tease Henry. He tugged at his swim trunks. The breasts of my fellow sun worshiper were not the only thing needing freedom, he noticed as he looked down on the growing rise in the swim suit he was wearing for the first time.

Henry pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose, just enough to make eye to eye contact with the woman. She smiled. Henry returned the smile.

“This is going to get interesting,” Henry thought. “The first day of my vacation and I’m facing the hottest woman on the beach.”

“May I get you a drink?” said the Dominican server, startling Henry. With his mind clearly engaged in mental tag with the red head on the beach, Henry had not seen or heard the young waitress as she moved from chair to chair taking drink orders.

“Yes, please, a rum and coke,” Henry replied. The waitress nodded and walked over to the woman who had captured Henry’s attention.

“A drink for you today my friend?” the waitress asked as she knelt down near the lady in the gold bikini.

Thinking for a moment then looking over at Henry she said, “Yes, whatever he’s having.”

Taking her own cue, the waitress looked over at kaçak iddaa Henry, who by now was watching the entire exchange. Smiling, the waitress gave a wink to Henry, returned her attention to the woman and said, “But of course. I will return shortly.”

Henry’s already warm face reddened slightly with embarrassment, as he wondered what that was all about and what was said. Just enough to let Henry know she was also aware of this game of cat and mouse, the woman smiled casually, adjusted the top to her bikini, and then buried her face in her paperback.

Waiting for his drink, Henry also went back to reading, but of course kept glancing up every few minutes to check out the scene before him.

It did not take long before Henry was sipping his drink, enjoying the buzz that comes with a strong drink on an empty stomach. He had promised himself to order pizza or a burger when the waiter made his rounds later that morning. It absolutely is paradise here he thought. I can lie on the beach, look at the waves crashing down, admire beautiful women and have people bring me food and drink all day.

After one long sip of his drink, he made a cursory look at his beach companions, making mental notes of the women who were alone, the women who were topless, and the couples who seemed to be on the prowl.

One beautiful woman in particular was worth admiring. Henry watched a brunette who had settled on a location about 6 or 7 feet behind the sexy redhead. Talk about depth of field he thought. With one glance I can admire both beauties at the same time and let my mind lustfully wander to places I know it should not go, Henry said to himself. Henry placed his book on the sand, continued drinking and lusting at the sites before him. Wow, first day of my vacation and I am well on my way to many a hard on, Henry confessed in his own mind.

About an hour later and 3 empty drink glasses in the sand and with the sun hot enough to roast a pig on an open pit, Henry decided it was time to cool down in the closest pool. As he was getting ready to head to the pool, a waitress stopped and asked if he needed another drink. “No thank you, I think I am going to the pool to cool off,” he said, knowing he said it loud enough for the redhead to hear. As he walked across the hot sand toward the pool, Henry hoped his high school-style hint had not fallen on deaf ears and his sun-tanning neighbor would join him in the cool waters of the resort pool.

Diving in, the water was refreshing and just what the newspaper guy needed to relax and wash away the sweat and of course the stress from his job back home. After doing a few laps kaçak bahis and floating on his back, Henry swam to the shallow end of the pool so he could stand and take in his surroundings. A splash behind him caught his attention and as he turned around, his tanning neighbor with the red hair surfaced about 5 feet behind him.

“That’s just what I needed….for now,” the lady said to Henry.

“For now,” Henry asked?

“Well, I take my steps slowly, at least till I know it’s safe to go faster,” she said.

Not sure what she meant, Henry opted to change the subject and ask her name and where she was from.

“Julie from St. Louis,” she said, extending her hand to Henry. “And you?”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Julie from St. Louis. I’m Henry from Kansas City. It looks like we are Midwest neighbors, when did you get in?”

Julie went on to explain to Henry about her flight 2 days ago and how she had been so tired from her week at work, packing and dealing with last minute details, that she had stayed mostly in her room her first day on the island. Today was officially her first day of fun and sun and she was not planning on slowing down till the moment she boarded the plane for her flight home. Following the last comment, Julie eased by Henry and grabbed the ladder, pulling herself up and out of the pool, and then sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water, facing Henry. Henry took this entire scene in, grateful that he had remembered his manners and did not stare too long at Julie’s tanned legs and painted toenails, splashing in and out of the water. Staring also meant lusting and lusting also meant his cock would form a tent in his bathing suit, a scenario Henry was sure would not be appropriate at this moment.

After a few minutes of small talk, Julie turned to address the “hey sexy” comment that someone was yelling from across the pool at the pool bar. The brunette who had been sunbathing near Julie and Henry was trying to get Julie’s attention from the bar. That’s Angel, we met on the flight from St. Louis, Julie said to Henry as she got up and headed to meet her bikini-clad friend.

“Oh my, oh my,” Henry said with a smile. Julie looked at Henry as she made the international sign for do you want a drink, tipping her hand to her lips. Yes, Henry nodded, as he yelled rum and coke. A minute later, both women joined Henry by the pool and after the introductions were made, Angel asked Henry if he was on vacation just to read or did he hope to explore his wild side too.

“Reading is just a distraction until the fun begins,” Henry said coyly. Besides, I haven’t met anyone yet who would fit into the “wild” category.”

“You silly man,” Angel said with a mischievous grin. Looking at Julie, Angel winked at her new friend and said, “It’s time for shots.”

(To be continued)

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