Treating Joe Bevins

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Now that I’m older—I’ll be twenty-five soon—I often wonder why I did some of the things I did in high school. Like going out for trick or treat when I was eighteen. I mean, why? Was it some attempt to regain my childhood?

Actually, no. Because when I think back on it, I know exactly why I did it. I did it to drive Joe Bevins insane.

He lived two houses down from me. He was about thirty then and, God, was he hot. I’d watch him from my bedroom window when he cut the grass in the summer in those shorts and that tank top. I’d play with myself and cum once when he cut the front yard and once when he cut the back.

By the time Halloween rolled around, this stud deserved a payback from me.

Alison and I used to trick or treat together when we were growing up. She lived on the block behind us and we were the same age. Well, OK. She was a few months older. But didn’t act like it.

She was such a flirt. If only her sex life had been as good as her imagination. Alison really knew how to get the guys hard with those little skirts and tight sweaters she wore. But when it came to actually doing it? She’d back off.

So we were a good team. She taught me how to flirt and I told her about all the guys I did. I was hoping she’d listen to some of my tales of lust and love and get some for herself.

Her lack of sex had nothing to do with her looks. Alison was a tall brunette with killer legs, a perfect butt and full tits. She just didn’t need to get it as much as me, I guess. Myself? If I heard one more person tell me I was “cute” somebody was going to die.

As Halloween approached, I got serious about planning a way to get to Joe Bevins. I wanted to see that cock up close and personal. And I wanted him to see Alison and I at our flirtatious best.

Preparations started the first week of October. Alison and I were driving back from the mall when I first mentioned my idea.

“Sure, I know who you mean,” Alison said when I mentioned Joe. “He’s OK.”

“OK? He’s more than OK,” I demanded.

“So what about him?”

I had practiced what I’d say to her to make sure she’d buy into the plan. “Don’t you think it would be fun to go over to his place on Halloween night and put on a show for him?”

Playing on Alison’s aptitude for flirting, I believed, was better than just blurting out that we should fuck this guy.

“You want to fuck this guy?” Alison asked with a sly smile.

It’s never a good thing to know somebody too well. It makes it nearly impossible to trick them into anything.

“God, Alison. You are so…”


“Whatever happened to the shy Alison I used to know?” I asked.

“Hey, I didn’t say I wanted to do this guy. I asked if YOU did,” she corrected me.

I abandoned my plan. “I think WE should. I think WE should dress up on Halloween night, wait for his wife to take the kid out and then give him a show.”

“And if he goes with them?”

I thought for a second. “Then we wait till they get back. No bid deal.”

Alison was silent for a moment. It was probably this indecisiveness that had reduced her sex life to one encounter with Jeff Hastings. We won’t EVEN go into those gory details. God.

“What are you thinking of dressing up as?” she finally asked.

I replied instantly. “A nurse. A sexy nurse.”

“Well, duh. Like I had to guess THAT.”

“What?” I asked. “That I’d go as a nurse?”

She made a face at me that I totally understood.

“We need to get you something,” I suggested. Of course, I already had decided what it would be, but I was going to let Alison have her own voice in the matter, too.

“What do you recommend?” Alison was way smart sometimes. She knew it was useless to even make a proposal.

“How about something like a schoolgirl? You have great legs and we can get a halter top that ties together and a short skirt and white socks and little black shoes and…you know, an innocent little schoolgirl.”

“That’s me, alright.”

“Perfect. We’ll go shopping tomorrow for what we need,” I said with finality.

That’s how it all started.

I was actually very pleased with the costumes. My nurse’s outfit zipped all the way down the front, beginning at a neckline that plunged to the top of my breasts. The dress stopped halfway to my knees and clung to my ass like shrink-wrap. I added a pair of white heels and a stethoscope to complete güvenilir bahis the uniform.

Alison’s outfit made me wet just looking at it before she put it on. The white halter-top wasn’t going to conceal much even when tied, I decided, and the short plaid skirt was slit up the side to where it snapped at the hip. With a pair of white socks pulled up to her knees and shiny black shoes, she could have made any teacher cum on the spot.

We met at my house late on Halloween afternoon. We slipped on the briefest thongs that we owned and then the rest of our skimpy costumes. It was a good thing Joe lived as close as he did because it was going to be cool out and we had lots of skin showing. Lots of skin.

We stood at the window in my bedroom watching the Bevins house. Right at 6 p.m. we saw Joe’s wife and little son heading down the street.

“Perfect,” I said. “Let’s go. We should have at least half an hour.”

Alison and I ran down the stairs and out the front door. We rapidly walked up the sidewalk, my heels clicking loudly in the dark, still night. I wasn’t sure what Alison had in her mind at the time, but I knew what I wanted. It just had to be a quick, precision strike. We were the smart bombs and Joe Bevins’ cock was the target.

Joe’s wife and son were only a couple houses farther up the street when we approached his brightly lit porch. I pulled my dress tight against my body and noticed Alison opening her shirt an extra inch or so. From the side I could practically make out her entire tit. This was going to work, I thought.

I rang the doorbell.

The look on the man’s face when he rounded the corner with a bowl of candy in his hand was precious. He opened the storm door and we greeted him in unison:

“Trick or treat.”

From his higher perch inside the house his view must have been spectacular. The top of my stethoscope was about the only thing covering me above the nipples and Alison might as well have not had a shirt on.

“Well, hi girls,” Joe stammered. His hand was inside the bowl but his eyes were not looking for someplace to put the candy.

“Hi. We heard you were giving out beer,” I said nonchalantly, my finger twirling the end of the stethoscope in circles just below my tits.

Joe laughed nervously. “Rumors.”

“So it’s not true? All you’re going to offer us are candy bars?” Alison chimed in with serious disappointment in her voice.

She stuck her hip out and placed both hands behind her ass, causing her ample chest to protrude even farther and the skirt to all but separate up her thigh. With a slight tilt of the head, she completed the pouty look.

Joe remained relatively calm under the attack. “Well, how do I know you’re old enough to drink beer?”

“I’ve been held back twice and she’s licensed,” Alison promptly answered.

I couldn’t hold back my giggle before falling back into character.

“I see,” Joe said. He looked at me and asked, “What are you licensed in?”

I held up my stethoscope. “Treating people. Need a checkup?”

I saw Joe glance up the street in the general direction of where his wife and son were last seen.

“Come on in,” he said.

The door swung open and I followed Alison inside the house. Why I felt like a safecracker who just opened the vault I’ll never know.

Toys were strewn about the living room to our right, verifying a child lived here. In the hallway was a single rubber ball resting in the corner.

Joe placed the bowl of candy on a chair just inside the living room and told us to follow him down the hall. The once-again-shy Alison fell in line behind me.

We entered the kitchen and watched our host pull open the refrigerator. Within seconds cold cans of beer were in our hands.

“I don’t do this for just any trick or treaters you know,” he said as Alison and I pulled open the tabs on our cans.

“I certainly hope not,” I said. “You should leave little girls alone.”

Alison didn’t let the remark go unnoticed. “Hey, speak for yourself.”

Joe laughed. “I don’t think you’re so little.”

The man took an extended look up and down Alison’s body. She had very little on in reality, but even less in his mind.

There was silence as Alison and I took long drinks. Joe wasn’t joining us other than to watch.

He looked at me and nodded toward my stethoscope. “So, does that thing work?”

I may türkçe bahis have only been eighteen with a “B” average in school, but I knew he was giving me the OK to take the game to another level. With time running short, I wasn’t about to drag this out.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, stepping toward him. When I got within an arm’s length, I placed the earpieces in my ears and raised the listening device. With somewhat shaky hands, I lifted his shirt and placed the metal piece on his chest.

I couldn’t tell about his, but my heart was racing. I felt him twitch when my hand made contact with his chest, then the beating of his heart DID register in my ears. It was loud and clear…and rapid.

I looked up into his face and saw his eyes focused on the opening in the top of my dress. A second later his eyes met mine and he smiled.

I lowered the stethoscope farther down his chest, past his stomach and below his belt. Before he could stop me, my hand was in his crotch.

I wasn’t sure what I expected to find, but even I was a little shocked to feel the hardness of his cock. The first tingle rippled through my pussy as I traced the outline of his shaft.

“Ah. There we go,” I said calmly. “Everything seems to be fine.” My hand was sliding up and down the outside of his jeans, the metal piece of the stethoscope rubbing against the length of his cock.

“Let me check this more closely.” I dropped the earpieces back around my neck and let the stethoscope hang as I pushed one hand inside his jeans. Instantly, I was holding the thickening cock and pulling it up inside his boxers. After just a couple strokes I could feel it pulsing in my palm.

Joe yanked the stethoscope from around my neck and placed it on a counter. Then he grabbed the top of my zipper and pulled it down to my navel. Our faces were within inches of each other as I fondled his cock and he pulled my dress open.

His hands engulfed my breasts and began a gentle kneading that sent shivers down my back. When he put the nipples between his fingers and squeezed, I moaned out loud.

Immediately, I felt his cock reach full erection. I had to have it.

Joe reached for my zipper the same time I reached for his. My dress was laying open from top to bottom long before I had his zipper down, his belt unfastened and his jeans unsnapped.

His hands were all over my body. They cupped my breasts again, slid down my stomach and found my thong-covered pussy. By then I had his pants pushed down to his ankles and was hooking the waistband of his boxers with my fingers.

I saw Alison staring intently at the huge bulge in the man’s shorts. I pulled the boxers out from his body and lowered them to his thighs.

Joe’s magnificent cock sprung upward as if it, too, wanted to see and feel my tits. My arms were intertwined with Joe’s as he reached around my body to clutch my ass. After a quick squeeze of both cheeks, he moved his hands back around to the front and inside my thong.

His fingers hit my clit and I gasped. My hand was wrapped around his cock and I squeezed it harder as his finger entered my wet cunt. He was practically lifting me off the ground with his hand fucking. In return, I was stroking his cock like it had been years since I’d seen one.

Poor Alison had to be suffering from listening to the moans coming from Joe and I and watching our mutual attacks on each other’s bodies. I probably would have had my hand up under my skirt, so I give her credit for her restraint.

I hated to make Joe move his hand, but I had to have him in my mouth. I knelt down on the tile floor and began licking the underside of his cock with long, slow strokes. I pushed his boxers to his ankles and continued licking the magnificent shaft.

When my lips finally engulfed his cock and I felt the warmth in my mouth, Joe motioned for Alison to come to him. My head was bobbing in slow motion as I saw Alison standing next to me.

Joe reached out and deftly opened my friend’s halter-top. I wanted desperately to watch them, but I was too intent on satisfying this guy. I put a hand around the base of his cock and pumped him vigorously while sucking harder and harder.

Joe had Alison’s top pushed open and he was assaulting her beautiful breasts. He leaned forward and put one in his mouth, causing Alison to step closer and allow the man to manipulate it any way he wanted. Over the sounds my own mouth were güvenilir bahis siteleri making I could hear Joe lick and suck Alison in between her moans.

I would have let this go on all night, but we didn’t have all night.

“Lay down,” I said while tapping Joe on the stomach.

He and Alison separated just long enough for the man to get on the floor. Both of them looked at me, apparently waiting for instructions. I was going to let Alison fend for herself. As for me, I moved until my cunt was directly over Joe’s throbbing cock.

I parted my dress down the middle and pulled my thong aside so my pussy was exposed. From there it only took a few seconds for the man’s rigid cock to be inside me. I couldn’t help but sigh when the thick shaft filled me. It was glorious and I was going to make him cum, no matter what he and Alison had planned.

My notion of the shy Alison took something of a hit when she lifted her little skirt, pulled off her thong and sat right down on Joe’s face. We faced each other, smiling the type of smile you could only use when a friend joins you in delicious sex.

Joe quickly grabbed Alison by the hips and placed her body above his mouth. I saw his mouth open and his tongue proceed to stroke her from her clit to the entrance to her vagina. Soon his mouth was wrapped around as much of the area as he could get between his lips.

Alison was holding her skirt up with her hands, her eyes closed in rapture. Once they got into a rhythm I could feel Joe begin to fuck me in earnest.

My hand slid down to my clit and I brought myself to the edge of an orgasm. God, I wanted this to last. But my body revolted.

“Oh, God,” I cried out. “Yes. Yes. Fuck me.”

Joe thrust into me hard enough to raise his ass off the floor. With my fingers flying over my clit, my orgasm exploded from deep inside me. I bounced up and down on the man’s thick cock hoping it would enter me deeper and deeper. I felt my cunt muscles tighten around him with each wave of the orgasm.

My tits bounced uncontrollably as I rocked in every direction feeling the full extent of Joe’s cock inside me. I couldn’t stop groaning as the first orgasm melted into a second. My hand was rubbing my clit so hard I thought I was going to push it inside me. Meanwhile, Joe pushed for all he was worth.

As my orgasm subsided, I managed to squeeze him one last time. This must have been all he needed, as his muffled grunts from underneath Alison were followed by a couple dramatic thrusts and a gush of cum.

“Oh, yes. Cum inside me. That’s it baby,” I said pleadingly.

And Joe came. Three, four plunges of his cock inside me produced a flow of cum. I squeezed again. He grunted as another push brought on another spurt. Then I felt him relax and settle onto the floor once again.

He must have found enough energy to bring Alison to a climax, as it was only seconds later that she joined us. The poor girl was having her clit devoured from below and didn’t dare move that much. Joe clung to her the best he could and I watched with satisfaction as my best friend came repeatedly over this man.

Her breasts were gorgeous as they quivered on her chest. She flung her head back and moaned, lifting the breasts invitingly. I found myself wanting to take one in my mouth, but decided this was not the time or place for that.

This was about Joe Bevins. This was payback.

Finally, Alison was done and the house was quiet except for her heavy breathing. She moved to the side and I saw the moisture glistening around Joe’s mouth. He had that contented look that comes after successfully getting somebody else off. I was happy for him…and Alison.

She and I stood at the same time and rearranged our thongs. I zipped up and Alison retied her halter-top. As Joe began to get dressed and stand, I grabbed my stethoscope from the counter and placed it around my neck.

“Well, I think you’re be better soon,” I said.

He smiled at me. “Babe, I’m not sure how I can get much better.”

“Would you like Santa’s little helpers to visit you at Christmas?” I asked innocently.

“Please do. You can sit on my lap and I’ll tell you everything I want.”

Alison and I promised to make a return visit and headed for the front door. To my pleasant surprise, Alison lifted the back of her skirt and gave Joe one last look at her petite ass. He slapped it playfully.

As we stepped out into the night air, Joe yelled out, “Thanks, girls. Do come back.”

Far down the street a little cowboy was running towards the house with a large bag. It had been a good Halloween for all concerned.

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