Trailer Trash Ch. 02

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My body came alive after having my first orgasm. All I could think about was sex. Every man I saw I wondered how big their dick was and what kind of wonderful things they could do with me. I got hot every time I saw a man looking at me with lust in his eyes.

I started to wear more revealing clothing just to attract the attention of men. I enjoyed the way they looked at me. I loved knowing how much they wanted me. I even caught my teachers staring at my cleavage, and I fantasized about them taking me right there on the desk.

One day after school I went over to see Mikki. I didn’t realize he had a work buddy over. He asked me to come in anyway. His friend was pretty hot. He was a younger guy probably in his mid twenties. He had brown hair, nice tan, muscular build, and a really nice ass. They were watching a porno and drinking beer. Mikki introduced me to his friend Jake. Blushing Jake quickly turned off the TV. I giggled at his embarrassment. We sat around chatting for a while. Mikki told Jake that I just had my eighteenth birthday and was now a woman.

Mikki then said that reminded him about something and asked me to come back to his room. As he opened his bedroom door he told me the package on his bed was a present for me. As I was bending over the bed opening the gift he came up behind me and started to grind his cock against my ass. He was holding my sides and it sent goose bumps all over my body. His cock rapidly grew to its maximum length. He told me how he couldn’t stop thinking about me. I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and just thinking about me made him so horny. I enjoyed his touch, and his grinding was driving me wild.

Inside the package was a vibrator. It was pink and gel like. He told me it was called a rabbit. He explained how the little nub would rub my clit while the shaft of it ran in and out of my pussy. He told me I probably shouldn’t use it in me because I was still a virgin and I it would be better if I lost my virginity by making love.

He started to kiss the back of my neck while still grinding my ass. I was rubbing my ass up and down the length of his cock. Just then I remember Jake was still in the living room. Mikki went out and talked to Jake while I turned on the vibrator to see how it felt. I ran it between my legs and felt the tiny vibrations through my pants. I couldn’t wait to put this to use. My pussy was dripping wet just from the grinding Mikki was giving me.

When Mikki came back he closed the door. He told me Jake understood that he needed to show me something real important. He began to passionately kiss me. My body melted into his. He laid me down on his bed and started to unbutton my shirt. He removed my bra letting my breasts loose. He climbed on top of me and started grinding his cock against my pelvis. I was so horny I just wanted him to take me. He began to play with my nipples while squeezing my breasts.

While continuing to suck on my breasts antalya escort he started fumbling with my pants. Without looking down he had my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and off. Seeing me in a thong really turned him on. He rolled me over so he could see the back. He started to kiss my smooth ass cheeks. I spread my legs to give him a good view. He then started rubbing the vibrator between my legs. It felt so good that I started fucking the vibrator through my underwear. He told me how much my coming to terms with my sexuality excited him.

He then pulled my ass cheeks apart and started kissing my asshole. With the kisses I could feel his tongue fondling my ass. He then started to press his tongue against the hole. It was tight and gave him quite a bit of resistance. He slid his hand underneath my thong and started to rub my clit with the vibrator. This sent a sensation all through my body and his tongue was able to slip in my hole. He stuck in a little at first while still rubbing my clit with the vibrator. He then was able to push his tongue in further. This was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. I started to rub my tits and play with my nipples. My inhibitions were starting to diminish and he was able to stick his whole tongue in my ass. While fucking my ass with his tongue he slipped off my thong.

He put the vibrator down and started to play with my pussy with his fingers. I was so horny I had no control over my body. Next thing I knew Jake was standing next to me with his dick in his hand jerking off in my face. At first I was shocked and started to jump up but Mikki then put the tip of the vibrator in my ass. This of course took me to a new level and I didn’t care if there were fifty people in the room at that time. Mikki took it slow trying to get the vibrator into my ass. It was so tight it was hard to fit it in. I could feel it pulling me apart with every inch he slipped in. It would hurt at first then all of my muscles would start to shake with pleasure. He continued to do this until it was all of the way in. then he slowly started to run it in and out. He would bring it out until just the tip was in then push it back in.

At that point I was ready for anything. Jake started pushing his cock against my lips. I was starving for some dick and I plunged it into my mouth, all the way down the back of my throat. I was twirling my tongue around the shaft and slipping the tip of my tongue along the slit. Jakes eyes rolled back in his head and he started to moan.

Just then Mikki told me to relax. He wanted to fuck me so bad but he didn’t want to pop my cherry. I wanted him to take my virginity; I needed to feel his stiff cock slamming into my hot, wet vagina. He started to push the head of his dick into my ass. He was too big, I couldn’t take him there. I started to stop him, and he told me to just relax. He tried to push it in again but he was just too big. He explained to me that I had to relax lara escort and push back against his dick. He told me once he got the head in it would be okay. I did what he said and pushed back against his cock. It was hurting and I really wanted him to stop but I just needed to be fucked. He pulled my ass cheeks as far apart as they would go and slowly tried to push his dick in again. His dick was slippery and I knew he must have put some oil on it.

Then I felt it tear into me. I screamed out as it slipped through the ring. He just held it there for a moment so I could adjust to having something this size in there. If felt really good and after a moment the pain started to subside and my pussy started gushing with its juices. He slowly started to push more into me. This made me crazy. I could feel every vein on his dick against the walls of my ass. I loved having his dick in my ass. I felt my whole body get hot. My nipples were hard and tight and my cunt was dripping. He kept pushing more and I went back to sucking Jakes dick. I was groaning from the pleasure and this really got Jake hot. He started really slamming his dick in my mouth. He was pushing into my throat with each stroke. I started to play with his balls while he fucked my face. His balls were big and heavy and his dick tasted so good. I was pumping my head up and down and his stiff shaft.

Mikki was finally able to get his whole dick in my ass. I was pumping my ass against his body and he was ramming his cock deep into me. I was full from the all of the dick I had inside of me. I could feel Mikkis’ dick all the way to my stomach, and Jakes past my tonsils. I enjoyed having a dick being plunged into my ass and one in my mouth at the same time. As I pumped both of my holes onto both men I could feel my nipples rub against the bed which turned me on even more. I started to feel the familiar quakes rush through my body. Then when I couldn’t take it anymore my body exploded. I started to scream but the dick in my mouth muffled the sounds. I came so hard Mikki felt my pussy squirt juices on his balls. He then started breathing heavy and plowing hard into me. Then with one last thrust he filled my ass with his seed. I could feel his cum slipping out of my ass around his dick.

Jake then shot his load down my throat. I didn’t even get a chance to taste his cum because he shot so fast and hard it just slipped down my throat. My nose was squeezed right up against his pubic hair while he held my head right up against him so I could get every drop.

Mikki slowly slipped out of my ass. I felt it hit my clit as it slid out which sent another orgasm through me. Both men started kissing my naked body and telling me how much they enjoyed that. I could not even get up for a minute because my legs felt like Jell-O. I could not believe what I had just done. I never imagined being with more than one man at a time but I really enjoyed it. Both guys manavgat escort were just lying on the beds with their dicks lying limp. My nipples were erect and I was still horny.

I decided I wasn’t done playing yet. I started to jack both of their dicks at the same time. It wasn’t long before I had both of them standing at attention again. I then bent down and started kissing Mikkis’ dick while rubbing Jakes shaft. I started sliding the tip of my tongue around the head, and then moved on to running it up and down his shaft. Mikki was moaning in pleasure. I then took him into my mouth I took it as deep as I could. His cock was very hot and hard. He fondled my breast while I took him into me.

Jake couldn’t take it and laid me down on the bed. He lifted my body up so my ass was at the tip of his dick. His member was not as big as Mikkis so it slipped into my ass pretty easily. With my hole already lubricated with Mikkis cum he was able to slide it in and out with no problem. He said it was the first time he ever ass fucked anyone. He really liked this and he was starting to get over excited already. He stopped for a minute and looked at how his dick looked going into my deep hole. He enjoyed watching it slide out all shiny then plunge back inside to the base.

Mikki straddled my face and pushed his dick back into my mouth. He tasted so good. His cock was so huge I could hardly get my lips around the whole thing. I couldn’t get down to his body like I did Jakes but I enjoyed every inch of what I could take.

Jake started to rub my clit with his finger as he started pounding my ass harder. This was so intense it made me dizzy. I started to suck on Mikkis’ balls and jacking his dick. He saw how hot this was getting me and bent over my body and started to run his tongue on my clit. His sweaty body was on top of mine as I sucked his nuts and he tongued my clit. This was all Jake could take he started fucking so fast he felt like a jackhammer. He started loudly groaning and calling my name. I felt all of his muscles tighten and he thrust real hard as deep as he could go. I felt his hot cum filling me up. His dick was smaller but he shot a lot more cum then Mikki did.

Once Jake fell out of my ass he collapsed. Mikki was able to really get into eating now that Jake was out of the way. He slurped all of my juices from my pussy. I could feel his hot tongue fucking me. I took his long, hard rod back into my mouth. I started pulling him into me as far as I could take. I was running his dick in and out of my mouth while playing with his balls with my hand. He was circling my clit with his tongue making me twitch uncontrollably. This caused me to thrust my body onto his tongue. My snatch tightened as the orgasm grew. I was screaming and twitching begging him to fill my mouth with his sweet cum. Just then he jumped up took his dick in his hand and shot his cum all over my tits. I wiped the cum off my tits with my fingers and licked them clean.

I have never felt this good in my life. They both dressed and left. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. When I left the bedroom both of them were sleeping in front of the TV. I kissed them both on the cheek and went home. This was a day I would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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