Traci’s Diary: Week 01

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Author’s Note: The following is a diary of my random erotic thoughts. The items are not meant to form one continuous story, but rather to be taken day-by-day and item-by-item. I will be sure, whenever possible, to distinguish the real from the unreal. Traci.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

I continue to read with great interest all the stories I can find on the Internet about the earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia. I do this partly because last week the electricity was out in my house for a day and a half. Luckily, I had someone to stay with when the temperature in the house fell to fifty degrees. By the time the lights and heat came back on, the house was in the low forties.

I thought those were terrible conditions and I felt sorry for myself. Imagine what the people in Indonesia and the surrounding areas must be going through.

One story of particular interest involved a European scuba diver and his girlfriend. We’ll call them Stefan and Petra. She was scuba diving at the time of the tsunami while he was back on the beach where they were staying. Stefan was able to climb to high ground behind the beach when the first waves hit. Petra surfaced after feeling the effects of the waves and managed to find her way back to the beach in the dive boat.

They eventually found each other, she in her bikini and he in his swim trunks. It was all they had left as their bungalow was completely destroyed. Stefan spoke of their efforts to aid others and find food and water and clothing for themselves.

I pictured in my mind the desolate hillside jungles of the island; the complete lack of civil order; the desperation of the people. Stefan and Petra ended their real-life story in relative tranquility. In my imagination, I put them in a different setting.

Unable to find clean water along the shore, they hiked higher into the mountains. They knew of a village nearby that should be able to provide them with a little food and water to get them through the first day.

Soon they saw the first of the mud and stone structures in the village. A few residents huddled about, no doubt discussing what they had heard about the disaster caused by the giant waves. Children ran towards Stefan and Petra with hands extended, just as they did to all the tourists…hoping for a few coins.

But it was Stefan and Petra that were doing the begging. They approached a large group of women and asked if anyone among them spoke English or French. Behind them, a man’s deep voice advised them that he spoke English. They turned to face a middle-aged islander standing outside his shack, dressed in dirty shorts and a tank top. Stefan explained their predicament and asked if there was any place they could find water or food.

The man invited them into his place.

Stefan and Petra had little reason, or desire, to question the man’s motives. They were hungry and thirsty from their hike and the experiences of the morning. So they entered the little cabin.

The visitors stood in a small living area with chairs and a TV. In front of them was an even smaller kitchen. A hallway to the right of the kitchen led to a bathroom and bedroom.

To the delight of Stefan and Petra, the man gave them a glass of water, which they shared and quickly emptied. He offered them fruit, explaining that he wouldn’t get to the market until the next day. The fruit was gladly accepted and Stefan and Petra sat in the living room.

The man watched Stefan, who appeared to be in his early thirties. The European was slightly built with a two-day beard and dark hair. He didn’t strike the islander as an overly strong man.

Petra was small with short, jet black hair and a round face that glowed with a deep tan. Her tiny two-piece swimsuit accentuated her shapely figure. The man saw many women like Petra on the beach, but had never had one in his house. He studied her closely.

Stefan, upon finishing his little meal, said he would pay the man except all their belongings had been swept into the sea. He pointed to their swimsuits and said that is all they owned.

The man laughed. “Then perhaps I take it,” he said in broken English.

Stefan smiled at him nervously, unsure how to take the comment. The man rose from his seat and walked into the kitchen. A window looked out the back of the shack. He yelled something in his native tongue to an unseen person outside the window and a moment later a young man entered the cabin through the front door, closing it behind him.

They spoke briefly in hushed tones in the kitchen. Stefan looked at Petra and was ready to suggest they leave when the younger man walked behind Stefan and the owner of the cabin stood next to Petra.

With catlike quickness, the younger man grabbed Stefan’s wrists and pulled them behind him. The older man put his hand over Petra’s mouth and held her tight.

Protesting the whole way, Stefan was led into the kitchen and thrown face first onto a table. The man grabbed rope from a nearby counter and tied Stefan’s hands behind him. bahis firmaları In less than a minute Stefan was powerless to help his girlfriend.

Both Stefan and Petra were led into the bedroom. Stefan was thrown to the floor and told not to move or make a sound. He looked up and saw a terrified Petra standing in front of the cabin’s owner.

Stefan watched as Petra’s bikini top was untied and pulled roughly from her body. Likewise, the bottom of her suit was yanked down her legs and thrown into a corner. The beautiful young woman was warned not to scream or she and her boyfriend would die. She was pushed onto the bed and told to lie on her back.

Both men undressed quickly. From the floor at the foot of the bed, Stefan saw the older man climb onto the bed, his semi rigid cock flopping in front of him. He heard a moan from Petra as the man mounted her.

The man kissed Petra forcefully, then sucked her large breasts until the nipples rose involuntarily. Now he was fully erect and with one thrust had the bulk of his huge cock inside her. He picked her up by the ass and pushed again. Petra nearly screamed as she felt his cock spread open her pussy. But she overcame her fear and remained as quiet as possible, wanting nothing more than to emerge from the shack alive.

Petra’s assailant fucked her with long, deep strokes, hovering over her little body like a giant. He watched her breasts bounce up and down as his body struck hers. It would not take him long to cum, so he grabbed her ass tightly and pulled her closer to him.

The younger man watched intently, stroking his own cock occasionally to keep it hard. He smiled down at Stefan and nodded.

The old man was about to cum. He put his hands on Petra’s waist and held her in place as he pushed his cock as far into her as he could. Her legs were spread open by the force of his large body. And he came.

Petra felt the first spurt of his warm cum in her pussy. Each thrust of his massive cock spilled more fluid into her. She moaned loudly, but not as loud as the man himself grunted as he came. The little bed banged against the room’s wall. Still, the younger man watched and stroked his cock.

The old man fell on top of Petra, his cock sliding out of her slowly. He licked her breasts one last time before rolling away and leaving her alone on the bed.

Petra had no time to rest before the younger man was on the bed next to her. He straddled the woman, pushing her in the side with one hand. He mumbled something she couldn’t understand, but his motions seem to indicate he wanted her to roll over. The man nearly flipped her himself before Petra could roll onto her stomach.

She felt him slide his fingers over her soft, round ass and down the inside of her thighs. She felt the moisture from the first man on her legs. Then she was being lifted off the bed at the hips and she reached for the little headboard in front of her. Soon, her ass was pointed toward the ceiling and she was on her knees.

The young man used his hands to spread her legs apart. His hard cock moved into place at the entrance to Petra’s pussy and a second later was inside her. The first man’s cum made his motions easy as the cock slid in and out of Petra. Holding the young woman’s hips, he pounded her repeatedly. The noise of their sex was easily heard by the powerless Stefan behind them.

Petra clung to the headboard as the cock again and again entered her wet pussy. The man’s hands rose to her breasts and kneaded them with cruel intensity. Only when he squeezed her nipples did she feel the slightest twinge of excitement. She would not cum.

But the man would, and it began suddenly and ferociously. Petra was pushed nearly against the wall as he thrust his cock into her from behind, spilling his cum into her pussy and down her thighs. He continued to cum, finally finishing by pulling out of the woman and squeezing his cock so that the last spurts of cum fell onto her naked ass.

The men talked briefly before the shack’s owner advised Petra and Stefan that they were free to go. Petra quickly found her bikini and put it on while Stefan was cut free. The older man made one last threatening motion with his knife towards Petra’s neck before directing the pair out of the cabin.

They did not look back as they left the village and headed toward the damaged shore below.

Friday, December 31, 2004

I have to go to a wedding tonight. Is there any worse way to screw up a New Year’s Eve than a wedding? And I’m not just talking about the guests. Why would a man and a woman want to do that? Get married, I mean. It makes no sense. Didn’t they learn anything the first time? These are adults. I’ve known the woman…now in her early thirties…for a few years. I like her. A lot. I fantasize about her. A lot. But I’ve also known for a long time that I had no chance of getting her. Just wondering about it, though, was enough to make me cum many, many times alone in my bed at night.

Now I think about how I’d like to wish her well on her latest kaçak iddaa attempt at life with a man. The wedding is at a mutual friend’s house. I think about how I’d get there a couple hours early tonight and find the bride-to-be in her jeans and a sweatshirt, sipping wine in the kitchen.

Her name is Carolyn. We hug and I kiss her on the cheek and tell her I’m happy for her. We talk about things we’ve done together and the normal sexual tension I feel around her comes back.

I ask her what she’s going to wear and she invites me back to the bedroom to see her dress. It’s a beautiful, beige formal gown that will look wonderful on her tall, thin body. Carolyn holds it up to her neck and I press it against her, visualizing how it will cling to her ample breasts.

We sit on the bed for a moment and talk some more. I can tell she’s been drinking just enough to make her happy, but not drunk. At one point we hug again and I take that opportunity to turn it into a kissing embrace that she resists at first. When I continue kissing her and put my hand on the side of her face, our mouths open and our tongues meet.

I look at Carolyn’s eyes when we separate. When I see a hint of acceptance, I tell my friend I love her and we kiss again. This time when we finish she whispers, “You better close the door.”

I gladly do just that and return to the bed. Carolyn hasn’t moved, so I sit beside her again and use my arm to pull her down to the bed. As we lay side by side kissing, I slide a hand inside her sweatshirt and feel her bare breasts.

I’m afraid to ask her if she wants to continue, so I lift her sweatshirt and expose her beautiful full breasts. I expect her to pull away, but instead she uses a hand to hold up the sweatshirt while I move down and put a nipple in my mouth.

Her moans assure me this is alright. Whether I’d be able to complete what I had in mind is still doubtful. So I concentrate on sucking and licking Carolyn’s breasts until the nipples are fully extended.

I boldly ask her to pull off the sweatshirt, and she complies. Her breasts nearly fill her chest and I use my hands to push them up to my waiting lips. I wiggle my body on top of her and she spreads her legs to allow mine inside. I can feel her thighs as she wraps them around my hips.

She whispers my name and tries to squirm out from under me, but I reassure her and tell her to lay back and relax. My tongue is moving down her stomach towards the top of her jeans. I unsnap the pants and pull down the zipper, revealing a pair of soft white panties. I pull them down a couple inches and kiss the skin under them. I’m now on my knees on the floor while Carolyn lies sideways on the bed.

Her eyes are closed as I pull on her jeans. They easily slide down her legs to her ankles. I take them off and look up at the panties covering her pussy. My fingers move up the inside of her thighs until they disappear under the panties and meet on top of her clit. I rub her gently and watch her hips rise off the bed.

I take her panties off and quickly move my mouth to her exposed pussy. At the first touch of my tongue on the entrance to her cunt, Carolyn jerks upward and again calls my name…this time saying “No. Please.”

I lick her again. Then I lick her clit. Carolyn lies down and I’m free to have the sex I’d always dreamed of with her. My hands slide under her ass and I pull her up to my mouth, which closes around her clit.

I feel her begin to fuck my tongue as it glides up and down over her skin. Every few strokes I slip it inside her cunt and she moans louder. I attack her pussy so that she’ll not want me to stop. I want her to cum…just this once before I no longer have the chance to please her.

A moment later I feel her body tense up. She’s going to cum. Carolyn’s body trembles as I suck and lick her clit. She’s moaning “Yes” each time I put my lips around it.

And then her orgasm starts with a loud groan and a series of rapid thrusts of her pussy towards my face. I struggle to hold onto her ass and keep my tongue in contact with her clit. She’s sliding farther and farther away from me with each orgasm, but I follow her across the bed and make her cum again.

I can taste her and smell her and feel her as she cums. She’s limp on the bed and pulls my head away with her hands. I lay my head on her thigh and watch her. She’s running her fingers over her nipples and breasts, breathing heavily.

I climb onto the bed and kiss her, letting her taste her own sweet juices on my lips.

Well, I hope the happy couple live a long life together. I look at it as an awful way to spend an evening…especially THIS evening…and another lost opportunity for love. I wonder if the Maid of Honor… Oh, forget it.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year! Well, the wedding was short and sweet and I didn’t have sex with anybody. But it was still OK. Lots to drink and eat. Lots of women in great dresses that I could drool over. Where do they all find these husbands, anyway?

God, there kaçak bahis are a lot of football games on. At least we’re finally to the teams that deserve to be in bowl games. And the games are in places you’d actually like to visit.

Do you ever wonder what the cheerleaders do when they end up in a bowl game in Boise? This year the pleasure went to Fresno State and Virginia.

Boise, Idaho. In the middle of December. I’m sure the possibilities are endless. But if you use your imagination, you might see something like this happening (insert dream-like music here and fade out).

Cindi had just about had it. Twenty four hours into her stay in Boise and the Fresno State cheerleader was ready to scream. The bowl game’s organizers were a little too outgoing for her tastes in their efforts to put a happy face on everything. It all sucked and she was ready to party.

Her luck was about to turn. Her roommate, Staci, burst into the hotel room and proclaimed that she had met a booster at lunch who invited the entire squad to his suite to use the Jacuzzi. And the bar would be open.

Cindi normally would have questioned Staci until midnight to make sure she was for real. But just the sound of the words party and Jacuzzi and bar overrode her usual insecurities. They began calling the other girls.

At 8 p.m., four other cheerleaders joined Cindi and Staci in their room before heading up to the booster’s suite. The six girls put shorts and t-shirts over their swimsuits hoping the Jacuzzi offer was legitimate. Soon they were knocking on the door of the suite.

The door was opened by a tall, professional looking middle-aged man who invited the group in. Two other men, slightly younger than the host, were seated in the living area of the suite. They rose to meet the girls and introductions were made. According to the host, Steve, the two men were clients of his.

Cindi didn’t care what else happened that night, it was already better than the past day had been. But the mood of the girls gave her the sense something good was about to happen.

Steve kept up one end of the bargain by offering everyone drinks. The girls didn’t need to know that the cost was being borne by Steve’s company, which hoped to profit greatly with business from Steve’s two guests.

The girls marveled at the plush surroundings of the suite—the large sectional couches, overstuffed chairs and fancy lights. A kitchen and eating area took up one corner while French doors separated the living area from the bedrooms. Somewhere behind another door was a bathroom equal in size to most of the girls’ entire rooms.

Everyone talked for about half an hour before Steve asked the group, “Would anyone like to try the Jacuzzi?”

Several girls answered “Yes” simultaneously and the host opened a door that led to that portion of the suite. The four-person tub was surrounded by a large tiled area that was a step above the floor around it. It was already full of inviting, swirling water. Champagne bottles and glasses sat at the corners.

The cheerleaders exclaimed their approval and Staci became the first to take off her shorts and t-shirt. Soon, all six girls were down to their swimsuits. Four of them climbed into the Jacuzzi as Steve and his guests looked on.

Champagne was poured for everyone and the room quickly filled with noise as voices and the water jets united in one loud clamor. It didn’t take long for the girls to insist that the guys join them. When the youngest looking of the men, Tom, claimed he couldn’t because he didn’t have a pair of trunks, Staci surprised the group by holding her bikini top above the bubbling water, saying, “Now I don’t either. C’mon.”

Laughter and cheers grew louder as the man began undressing. When he got to his boxers, he stopped and looked at the four girls in the tub. “Not until all your tops are off.”

They protested, but only slightly. In a few seconds there were four tops on the tiles outside the Jacuzzi. All eyes were on Tom as he hesitated, then slowly pulled off his boxers.

More cheering began as his large cock came into view. It hung semi-erect between his legs, obviously affected by the sight of the girls in the water. When he walked toward the Jacuzzi and stepped onto the tiles, Staci stood in the center of the water and motioned for him to take her seat.

The girl’s firm, round breasts dripped as she watched the man enter the Jacuzzi and squeeze between all the legs around him. When he was settled on the small seat, she lowered herself onto his lap.

Staci put her arm around Tom’s neck and kissed him lightly. Water swirled around their chests, splashing softly over the girl’s breasts. Under the water, Staci put her right hand around the thickening cock that rested against her hip. She felt it twitch and grow harder. The look on her face gave away her actions to everyone else in the room.

“Come on, Eric. I’m sure one of the girls will make room for you,” Tom said to the other young man. He was urged on by the cheerleaders after he balked at first. Then, slowly, he took off his shorts and shirt. Like Tom before him, he was cheered when he got naked. Eric was a well-built man with muscular legs and a chest that hinted at time spent lifting weights.

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