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Did you ever have a person in your life that you secretly wanted so bad? Someone that you knew was out of your league for a number of reasons, including you being 10 years older? Well like most of you, I have one of these people in my world.

Her name is Tracey, and she’s my friend’s sister-in-law. I first met her when she was probably 14 years old in about 1980, which puts me at about 24. I could tell even then at her tender young age that she was going to be a hottie. I remember her dressing very sexily for a teen, wearing lacy black gloves and lot of makeup that was common for that ancient time. I didn’t see her very often in the 80’s, maybe once or twice a year, always at my friend’s house, and I always had problems not staring at her. By the mid 80’s she was legal, and her attire became even more erotic. I’d see her at the holidays and she’d be wearing black garters and stockings under her tight black “holiday” dresses, and I would just die!! I would do anything I could to get a peak at those garters, and by this time I thought to myself that she had to see me staring at her.

As the years went by Tracey became an exotic dancer, which just fueled my lust even more. She developed into a beautiful woman, blond, big breasted, great smile, pretty eyes, and a great ass. I was still so intimidated by her that I would never ask where she danced, nor did I ever really acknowledge that I knew she was dancing. But one night, my friend (her brother in law), had seen her dancing when he went to a bachelor party with some guys he worked with. So the cat was out of the proverbial bag. By this time I was married at least 10 years to a woman that used to baby sit her as a child. And really, in my eyes I was a geek accountant that used to practically stammer when I talked to her, and still always trying to sneak a peak at anything that I could remember and masturbate to later on.

So, my secret admiring continued. Being the geek that I am, I was into photography, and Tracey wanted some good pictures to use to try and get into Playboy or god knows what. All I knew was I was going to be able to stare at her for a few hours through my close up lens. This was somewhere around 1991 and at that time one was shooting 35mm and sending them to the drug store for processing, so we’re not talking about pictures more revealing than a bikini. That day was heaven! We went to the ocean in the dead of winter and shot a few rolls as the sun was setting. She was a trooper in the cold crisp air in her thong bikini, her nipples poking thru the material on that cold sandy beach. She changed in the car but I offered to turn my back so I have to honestly say I didn’t see anything more than a sexy thong bikini allows. The hottest photos were of her in her bikini bottom and an open denim jacket on top with nothing underneath. It afforded such a sexy look at a portion of her breast, its fullness and perkiness it must have had under that denim. We made other stops that day shooting pictures at a nearby hotel, first of her in the hotel pool and then of her in a sexy black dress, gloves and again the stockings and garters. I had secretly hoped that maybe she would forget her worn panties in the car that day. Oh, if I could only smell her most intimate scents that I’m sure were left behind in the flimsy cotton thong panty. Its not that I needed them to masturbate with though, spending that day with her took care of that. If she only knew how many times over the next decade that I masturbated to the pictures and memories of that day,

As time went on I began to see more of her, maybe 5 or 6 times a year and while I was still intimidated we began to develop a friendship. 10 years is a lot when you’re 14 and 24 but by now she was in her mid 20’s and me in my mid 30’s . One day she finally asked me to come see her at work while she was dancing. I tried like hell to act cool about it, but the truth was I thought I was going to have a heart attack. So I got my chance to get a peek at her luscious breasts, albeit in a dark tittie bar. I only went that one time but it surely was memorable for me. I used that memory like the last one, masturbating many times to her image that was burned into my brain.

Now I’m almost 50, overweight and certainly less attractive than I might have been, and she’s near 40, still slim, sexy beautiful and married . We still only see each other a few times a year, but with the Internet we occasionally chat. I’ve found it less intimidating typing things at her than actually saying them to her. That made it easier for me to get our chats a little sexual and I finally admitted to her that I was stroking myself as we chatted. I did my best to turn on the charm and maybe get her somewhat worked up and I think that maybe I did that. She admitted to touching herself, though I don’t know if she really got to the same completion of the act as I. Of course a part of me always thought she was sitting there saying things to me just to be nice. One late night on-line, I sent her a picture of my hard on, using the rational that I had seen her topless so I wanted her to see me. I imagined that maybe she was there touching herself looking at my blood engorged meat, and god did I come bahis firmaları hard with her there online with me.

I am lucky to work out of my home now, and I have a wonderful secluded pool . My wife works full time out of the house, which leaves me here alone all day. A heat wave was here and it was in near 100 degrees as I popped on line to check my mail before heading out for a swim. Tracey was also on-line and said hi complaining about the heat and lack of air conditioning. I told her to feel free to come on by for a dip as I was heading for a skinny dip myself. I truly never wore anything in my yard when I was home alone. I loved the feeling of being totally free. I love to masturbate in the hot sun, sweat rolling down my body as my hand flies up and down my hard fat cock. I would bring my lube and sit in the chair mind fucking myself until I shot my thick load in the grass. And there I was doing exactly that, when I heard a car in the driveway. I jumped up and covered up as fast as I could, as I had no idea who it was. My hard cock deflated slowly as I put on a suit and went to see who it was.

Well, to my surprise it was Tracey, who had a few hours to kill before picking up her daughter at dance class. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think id be sitting alone at my pool with her. She carried a small gym bag and asked if I was serious about offering her a dip. Of course I was, I told her as I was just hanging out getting ready for a dip myself. We went to the yard and headed for the pool house. I pointed at the changing room and told her she could change and leave her stuff in there, and that I would make her a Bacardi & 7. All kinds of masturbatory fantasies started running through my head. With one of the main ones being that her freshly worn panties would soon be sitting in that changing room just waiting for me to pick up and inhale. Call me a pervert if you like, but if you lusted after this sexy woman for a quarter of a century and the closest you were ever going to get to her was the scent and (hopefully) wetness and warmth of her panties, you would be thinking the same thing as me. It took all of about 3 minutes for me to use the excuse of needing some more towels and I headed straight to the changing room.

I don’t know if it was an act of god or the devil, but right there on the bench were her panties. I didn’t hesitate to pick them up, feeling the satiny material in my fingers. I looked at the crotch of the slinky black thong panty, and spied a small creamy white wet spot. As I suspected, a sexy woman like her should have some womanly goo in her panty gusset. Quickly, I held them up to my nose. I was actually smelling her most intimate of scents, and how incredible it was. After all these years and hundreds of cum loads dumped in her honor I was finally getting a little piece of her sexuality. Truthfully it probably smelled no different than any other woman I had been with in my life, but to me at this moment it was the most amazing thing in the world. I knew I couldn’t masturbate with them, I had to get out of this changing room fast, and if I stayed much longer id have a boner from hell. So I rubbed her little cum spot on my upper lip, put the panties down where I found them, and went back outside to the pool. Amazingly, I was able to smell her on my upper lip as I sat down next to her. Here I am now making small talk with her as she’s lying on her stomach in a 2 piece suit. It wasn’t a thong, but none the less there was a lot of skin visible. While sitting there I’m listening to her, looking at her and thinking to myself “I know what your pussy smells like”, I was probably barely making coherent conversation.

I wanted to masturbate so badly knowing that I could just breathe thru my nose and constantly smell the scent of her pussy. I got up and went to the pool house that’s set up as an outside bar with stools and a counter. Back there my lower half was hidden and as I looked busy, I was actually squeezing and stroking myself to a semi hard on. I made another drink for the both of us and after readjusting my cock again I went back to lounging next to this temptress, though she had no idea just how much I was lusting for her at that moment.

After our 2nd drink she asked me if she was keeping me from anything, I jokingly replied that the only difference with her here or not is the amount of clothing I was wearing. I reminded her that I said I was going for a skinny dip earlier on-line. I went on to say that none of my neighbors can see this area of the yard and that I was usually naked when home alone. I suggested we both take off our suits, thinking to myself that I’m pretty sure she has very few opportunities to let some sun shine on her beautiful ass, so who knows maybe she’ll go for it.

It was now or never and I knew it. I stood up dropped my suit to my feet, stepped out of them and sat back down in my chair, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. She didn’t move, still lying on her stomach, though I did see her glance at my semi hardon before I planted myself in my lounge chair. The sun was blazing and the sweat was beginning to pour off me. I stood up and mentioned that I needed some lotion, especially kaçak iddaa on the areas where the sun doesn’t usually shine. Tracey chuckled and said that she needed some too and began to stir from her lounger as I moved to the pool house. I grabbed the lotion and turned around to see Tracey’s back to me, she was already topless and now she was slipping her bottom off her beautiful ass.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a hot, beautiful, naked woman standing there in the blazing sun. I stammered something but I have no idea what I said. I was happy she wasn’t facing me so I could just stare and soak in her sexiness. As I got closer Tracey got back down on her lounger face down as she was before. She caught me staring at her ass this time and asked me if I was enjoying the view. Of course I was though I had seen her in a thong before. The fact that she was totally naked was much more exciting than the view I had. I told her that Stevie Wonder would be enjoying this view as I began to lotion up myself. At this point I was no longer shy about being naked, this was a win–win situation for me now. It was a great trade, my nakedness for hers, as she is much more attractive than me and that was obvious.

She lazily watched me rub down my legs and then my upper body. Then I squirted one more glob of lotion in my hand and casually stroked my penis and balls, making sure they were protected. I took my time on my cock, and it was almost fully erect before I stopped stroking it. I know she was looking at me, and being on display for her was such a turn on. Too bad the lotion had at least temporarily overwhelmed the scent of her on my upper lip.

I went to hand her some lotion and she looked at me and said “Why don’t you just do my back for now”. I tried not to jump out of my chair, but I knew that if she was looking at my cock she would have seen it twitch when she said that. My heart was racing, beating so loud I could swear that she could hear it. I tried to act casual as I slid off my lounger, swung my legs between the 2 chairs, and said “sure!, I’d be happy to” which she of course knew.

I leaned over to her, squirted some lotion on her calf and began rubbing it in. She moaned softly as I began more of a massage than just a simple lotion application. I continued to rub her calf, going down to massage her feet. I noticed for the first time that she had a beautiful manicure as I slathered lotion and rubbed between each toe. I bent her at the knee and rubbed the front of her shin, and as I did this her thighs parted a little. I could see her beginning to really relax and my mind raced. I had no idea where or how far this was going to go, but I did know that I was sporting the hardest cock I ever had.

I moved off my lounger to get better access to her other leg, but also because I didn’t want her to see my boner sticking straight out of my body. I threw a cushion on the bricks at the foot of her chair and got on my knees as I began to work on the 2nd calf. All those years of dancing really kept her legs tight. I really began massaging her in earnest and my movements on her leg were affording me a view of her moving ass crack. It was so hot now that we were both sweating as I watched a bead of sweat run down the crack of her ass. Damn I wanted to lick that salty drop off of her.

I moved up her legs to her lower thighs but I couldn’t reach up any farther. I got up off the floor and kneeled down on the end of the lounger, each knee on the outsides of the chair with her calves pinned down by me as I sat softly on her. From this position I was able to reach her thighs and her ass, and I wasted no time getting to them. I shot some lotion right on her ass cheeks and she twitched a little from the cool feeling of the stuff against her hot body. I began kneading her ass, as she moaned louder this time. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. I looked up at her and could see how sweaty she was now, the hot sun making her neck wet and her hair moist, and maybe even I was helping her get so hot. I could have rubbed her ass for hours, but by now I was thinking with my little head as much as my big one. My cock was throbbing as it stuck out in front of me, occasionally poking myself in the stomach as I leaned forward. I knew that in this position once I went to rub her back my cock was going to make contact with her ass.

I squirted her back and leaned forward rubbing her lower back and ribs. She moaned again, as I pushed up her back to her shoulders. We both gasped as I did this because my cock did as I expected and nestled into her ass crack, her soft cheeks still slippery and hot surrounding my hardness and my balls. I didn’t move my lower body as I rubbed her neck and shoulders, trying to make this last. She began telling me how good she felt, that no one has massaged her like this in years and that I was wonderful with my hands.

After what seemed like an eternity but was probably more like a minute or two, I leaned up to the back of her neck, nibbled on it, hitting a spot that seemed to work as I could feel her begin to melt for me. I began humping her ass and hissed into her ear that I was about to explode. She said “go on baby, cum for me” kaçak bahis as I moaned and started pumping my load between us. I kissed and licked her ear as I came and came, finally stopping, feeling the sticky wetness between my stomach and between her cheeks. I was panting in her ear when she said “Wow! That was hot!! Now get off me so you can lotion up my front”.

I slid up off her and got a towel to wipe the cum off both of us. Tracey flipped over and brazenly spread her legs affording me a view of her shaved pussy. I of course took in the view, this time not worrying that she saw me staring. I grabbed the lotion again and slobbered some on her breasts as I began rubbing them, her nipples were hard as rocks as I gently rolled them in my fingers. So beautiful she was, her chest covered in freckles which turned me on so, her breasts big and full under my fingers, her eyes closed. I could see the sweat on her upper lip glistening in the bright sunlight.

I moved down her body quickly coating her stomach with lotion so I could get to her legs. I really wanted a closer look at her shaved snatch and I knew I was finally going to get that. I massaged her legs as I coated them with the stuff and I as I looked closely at her pussy I could see that she was already very wet. I’m sure some of it was sweat, but I could distinctly see a little whiteness oozing from her slit. Then I remembered that I already knew what she smelled like from the earlier panty sniff and I could feel my cock twitch again.

I moved to rubbing her inner thighs now, and as I spread her legs her slit lips opened a little showing me that she was very wet. I had to taste her. The sun was so hot, I was totally soaked in sweat and I was afraid I was going to burn as my back was still unprotected, so I took Tracey’s hand and a cushion and pulled her toward the pool. We moved to the shaded end and I sat her down at poolside on the cushion as I jumped in. I pulled her pussy to the edge of the pool and held her legs up over my head. In this position she was totally spread open for me, and boy what a beautiful sight I had before my eyes.

I took a moment to take it all in, totally shaved, her lips partially open, even her asshole was exposed to me. Damn, how hot was this looking so closely at her 2 sexy holes. I noticed a stray hair or 2 around her asshole, I would guess it’s hard to shave there so that didn’t surprise me. In fact it turned me on knowing such an intimate thing about her. Finally, Tracey spoke, which was the first thing either of us said since I squirted my load on her ass. “Stop looking, and lick my cunt already, baby” she croaked out of her throat, and believe me all she had to do was ask.

I attacked that vagina immediately, slurping at her juices as they leaked from her hole. She tasted sweet and a little salty, and at this point I didn’t really care if the salty was from her sweat or her pee. All I cared about was giving her the best orgasm I could. I tongued her hole, pushing it in to her tightness and sucked softly, drinking in all she had for me. I removed my tongue and moved it lower to her asshole and I tongued her there, cleaning her wetness that had dribbled down from her pussy. She moaned as I did this and I took that to be a good sign so I rimmed her ass as I felt my cock begin to again harden.

It was time to really concentrate on her orgasm, so I licked up from her asshole, through her pussy lips up to her clitoris. She jolted as I hit her clit, as I moved back down to her lips. I just love licking pussy and I loved to explore Tracey’s wet pussy with my tongue, finding every little crevice, licking and tasting every bit of Tracey’s most intimate of places.

I moved back up to her clit as I could feel her moving under me trying to get my tongue on her love button. I was now slowly humping the pool wall as I began to tease her clit. I spread her lips wide, exposing her clit and I pulled back its hood fully exposing it. I put my mouth over her taught skin and slowly touched her clit with the tip of my tongue. I swear I could feel a little jolt of electricity as I made contact with her. I began to lick her slowly and softly up and down over her clit. Then I’d go around in a circle a few times, then back to up and down, moving a little faster and with a little more pressure.

I could feel her beginning to get close, her breasts heaving as she was breathing heavy. She was moaning louder now, saying things like “Yes baby, lick me, oooh, make me cum” and boy she sounded more sexy than I could ever imagine. Now I was a man on a mission and I moved my tongue faster and faster over her engorged clit. I felt Tracey tense and I looked up at her to see her neck all red, her eyes closed, and her mouth open as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. I flicked my tongue over and over on her, now grabbing her tight around her ass so she couldn’t squirm away from me. With her legs on my back she was at my mercy and I kept hammering her clit as she continued to quake. She went right thru that first orgasm into a second and that one was more intense then the first. He hips were bucking on my face as she hissed “Yeeeesssssss” as she came hard. I felt my chin get wet as Tracey actually squirted as she grunted and humped my face. I couldn’t believe that she was so wet and I relished in licking her clean, softly licking her now knowing that she is way too sensitive for anything else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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