Tori’s Awakening

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Tori was tired of her boring plain life. Every day, day in-day out was the same thing. She hadn’t had any excitement in her life since that brief period about three years ago in college. She would get up in the morning. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Watch TV and go to bed.

Tori was an administrative assistant at an advertising company. She was very shy and quiet. She had been orphaned at a very young age when her parents and sister had been killed in a terrible car accident.

Tori had no other family both her parents had been only children. She had no grandparents, aunts or uncles. So at the age of five she was put into a foster family. Her foster parents were an older couple. Very nice kind and loving. Tori had a very proper upbringing never financially wanted for anything. But she was painfully shy. She always felt alone or out of place. At first she was just a skinny quiet kid with a cute face. But people always noticed she looked so sad and called her poor thing. As she got older she noticed her body changing and was very embarrassed by these changes. At thirteen her chest swelled from pancake flat to a full C cup in a matter of months. Her slim 5’7 frame filled out in all the right places. Her new breast, hips and firm butt created noticeable curves. She noticed boys and even grown men beginning to stare at her and the boys tried to make conversations with her at school. It couldn’t be denied Tori had developed with a body to die for. And though she paid no attention to hair and make up. She had good strong classically beautiful features and long flowing blond hair that with antalya escort or without make up

could be found very appealing. But Tori was so timid all this attention made her very uncomfortable it didn’t take long before she was wearing baggy clothes and avoided people all together. She didn’t like the way she acted but she couldn’t help it. Every time some one would try to talk to her she would get red in the face.

When Tori finished high school and went off to college she battled her shyness. She learned to control her blushing. She practiced acting and looking confident even when she was shrinking inside. She still wore baggy clothes and always kept her long blond hair tied back in a severe bun or ponytail. She worn no make up and tried her best to go about her business as a unnoticed plain Jane.

She did however notice how other girls dressed and talked guys. Tori observed how every one seemed very concerned with partying and drinking and sex. Her Angela roommate was always going out on dates and bringing guys home.

One night Tori was awakened by moans and grunts. She rolled over to see Angela and a guy in her sociology class, Chris. They were going at it for all it was worth. The lights in the room were still on so Tori had no trouble watching their every move. Clothes were strewn around on the floor beside the bed. Tori sat up transfixed as she watched Chris head emerge from between Angela’s spread-eagle legs. His face was smeared with a wet shiny confection, but Angela didn’t seem to mind when he crawled up and kissed her deeply in the mouth. She just serik escort moaned and continued undulating her hips up towards Chris’ pelvis and jutting member. Chris and Angela never realize that Tori was awake and sitting up in bed watching them and they moved and grinded to their way up passion mountain.

This was the first time Tori had ever seen a real live dick or naked man or woman other than herself for that matter. Chris had a 6’ inch cock that was thick and stiff when he entered Angela, she sighed and purred. Oohhh, Yeah, babe.

Chris was on top and he had Angela legs pinned back and up on shoulders. With every stroke Angela grunted and groaned, raising her hips to meet his every thrust. Oh Chris. That’s feels so good. Don’t… Oohh… Don’t… No I .. urggg.. No. Don’t Stop. Ever. That’s right… right there keep..come…harder.. Yes.. yes. Ohh…ooohh Umhh. Yeah …more baby. Yes give it to me. Fuck. Ummm. ugg. That’s good. ahh. ahhhh…oooh yeahh Uh..Uhh…ayeeee.Yeess. I’m cum-mming…. ooohhhh.

All the while Chris was on top pounding into her with all his might. He also grunted and moaned. Telling her how good her pussy felt. As Angela shook beneath him, groping and tugging at her own breasts, Chris gave her about three hard strokes and then Tori watched and body tensed and he pulled out his penis. Tori was so surprised as she watched Chris spew is thick musk all over Angela’s heaving stomach and breasts. Angela wasn’t the least bit surprised. As Chris eased off of her, she happily massaged the warm cum into the skin on her stomach side escort and breasts.

Just then coming out of her sexual haze she noticed Tori staring open-mouthed. Chris was already snoring loudly beside her. Angela smiled and winked at Tori just barely before Tori snapped of her frozen shocked trance and looked away.

There was no stopping it as Tori’s face turned from creamy white to flaming red. Angela, her roommate, was not the least bit embarrassed. Angela simply got up from the bed, naked as the day she was born. Turned out the lights and returned to bed to sleep.

As Tori settled back into her bed in the darkness. She noticed how her heart was racing. It pulsated erratically, thudding against her chest. She felt hot and wet down there in her panties like she had just finished touching herself or had just finished looking at one of those erotic movies that come on late at night on cable.

Tori hadn’t touched herself in long time. She wouldn’t dare with someone else in the room. So she laid there pressing, opening and closer thighs. Until the friction was too much and she felt that burst of pleasure she been waiting for. Absently her hand flew to flick her clit as she always did, so the sensation would last. That simple action sent her head on into another wave of ecstasy. She tried to stifle the moan before it escaped her but it was to late. Ahh.. Aaahhhhhh.. Aahhh.

God she can’t believe she had just did that she had never been so turned on before in her life. Her panties were sopping wet and so were the sheets beneath her.

Goodnight Tori. Angela chimed. As she lay smiling in the bed across the room. What do you know she thought to herself that little mouse isn’t asexual after all.

Angela had never been more embarrassed or satisfied in her life as she timidly removed her saturated panties and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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