Thursday Rendezvous’

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As usual, Bernie arrived before Joe. She went to the window and looked out at the Cape Fear River. Traffic was at a standstill on the bridge. There were plenty of pedestrians strolling along Water Street, many of them going in and out of the Cotton Exchange.

Her voyeuristic fetish bubbled to the surface. Maybe I’ll give all you little people a thrill and have Joe do me in front of the window…. Bernie pressed her groin into the cool glass then pretended she was fucking her man, not caring a whit if anyone glanced up and saw her.

She glanced at her wristwatch, Damn, I’m cutting it close. I better get ready.

She strode directly to the bathroom and stripped, carefully hanging her clothing on hangers in the adjoining bedroom. She showered, paying careful attention to cleaning her pussy, which was already wet with her excitement at meeting him again.

After toweling herself dry, she went to the small dresser next to the bed, removed several items and placed them on the bed. She selected a pair of white stockings and went back into the bathroom to put them on. Rolling a stocking up, she placed her left leg on the tub and carefully drew the stocking up her leg, worrying that she might snag it. When it was in place, she repeated the process with the other leg, and smoothed the silken material down with her hand, eliminating any possible wrinkles in the hose.

Returning to the bedroom, Bernie pulled a sheer white top over her breasts, checked herself in the mirror, and fluffed her hair until it appeared just right to her practiced eye. The phone rang, and she answered it. It was Joe telling her he was only five minutes away.

Almost running back to the bathroom, Bernie removed a pink object from her purse, put it into her mouth, wet it, and then with one foot on the toilet for balance, carefully worked it into her rectum.

Just as she finished with the butt plug, she heard Joe enter the apartment and call her name.

“I’m in here, Joe,” she replied. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right out.”

Glancing in the mirror, Bernie decided a bra was in order, and quickly slipped one on. Hurrying, for Joe, she stepped into a tight, filmy, white dress, put on a matching pair of white shoes and went out to greet him.

They embraced in the foyer, and he handed her a colorful bouquet of mixed flowers, and pointed to a bottle of champagne that he’d already placed on the kitchen table.

“I think we’ll enjoy some bubbly along with our afternoon delight,” he said.

A lewd smile crossed her face. “Sounds wonderful, Joe. Oh, and I’ve just had a thought on how we can use it to celebrate.”

“Bernie,” he said, looking her up and down, “You really look good. I’m excited to see you.”

Bernie flashed him a winsome smile, and noted the erection pushing out against his trousers. A tingle shot through her body the likes of which she hadn’t felt in some time.

Joe sat down and pulled her onto his lap. The requisite, “How has your day been?” conversation ensued until he stopped in mid-sentence. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

He was dead serious.

Bernie knew it, and thought: This is the guy who’s married to my best friend and he loves me.

Reaching under her, Bernie located his hardon and gave it a friendly squeeze.

“First things first, Bernie, my sweet,” understanding him, Bernie rose up and stood by his side as he took out his cell phone. She spent the next sixty seconds rubbing her thigh as he told his wife he was meeting a client and would be home early. A discussion on who would pick up their daughter from pre-school and dinner plans followed.

Bernie reached out and took his free hand in hers, and got a smile from Joe. Eventually he hung up with, “I love you, baby.”

Bernie smiled. Joe smiled back at her and leaning in to kiss her, said, “And I love you too, baby.”

Bernie was not jealous in the slightest. Marital infidelity had both benefits and drawbacks, and she was very much aware of both. She was also aware that he felt a certain amount of guilt in being with her which caused him to punish her for no apparent reason.

“But you’re a horny little slut, aren’t you? Posing by the window for all the people out there?”

Bernie colored slightly, and then nodded her head. “But how did you know?”

“I saw you from the street.”

“Did you! Did anyone….”

“No one else thought to look up when I did. I would have heard them gasping at your actions.”

Bernie laughed delightedly.

Joe waved his hand dismissively. “Go over to the table and rub yourself against it.”

She hesitated for a moment then pressed her crotch up against the corner of the table and started to rub, pushing the hard wooden point in between her legs.

“Don’t you wish people could see you now?” She kept rubbing against the table, and did not answer him. He let this go on for a while before telling her to stop.

Bernie couldn’t meet his eyes, but came to stand next to him, like a pet dog.

“You’re a horny little cunt illegal bahis to hump the furniture like that.” Bernie said nothing. She waited patiently. Sometimes he got this way, ordering her around, humiliating her. But it was worth it. He was worth it as far as she was concerned.

He held out the index finger of his right hand, parallel to the floor, just below the level of her groin. “Lift up your dress and rub against this.”

Bernie edged closer and pressed herself against his finger, knowing he wanted to slip it inside her. To accommodate him, she bent her knees slightly, but still had to maneuver about until his finger was properly aligned. She felt a quaking thrill when it slid into her.

After moving the finger about and getting thoroughly wet, he removed it, and walked away.

“Joe!” her voice was full of emotion.

He replied by grabbing her hair and pulling her to his mouth. His kiss was so good that Bernie dissolved into him. When their lips parted, she moaned, “You are screwing up my breathing.”

“That’s my intention,” he laughed. They kissed again, and when it ended he asked, “Is the plug in?”

“Of course it is.”

Joe spun her around, and lifted the filmy white dress over her ass to see for himself, then rubbed his hand tenderly over her ass.

“You could have seen the plug without lifting the dress,” Bernie said with the beginnings of a smirk.

“I know, but I love looking at your ass, lover,” he said sitting down on the sofa.

“And I love your loving it, baby,” Bernie answered flippantly, then walked over to the flowers he’d brought and carefully placed them in a vase, took a step back to admire them, and turned back to him.

She took him in, he was fully dressed in a pinstripe suit, with a power tie and wingtip shoes, impeccably shined. While she stared at him, Joe got up, poured himself a scotch, drank it in one gulp and sat back down, and beckoned her to him.

Bernie glided over to him, humming a show tune she had picked up the previous week when visiting New York City.

“Bend over,” he said.

She bent over and presented her ass to him. With a slowness that drove her wild, he kneaded her behind, occasionally allowing his hand to slide between her legs testing her moistness.

“Rub yourself,” he said, his voice was tense and gruff, and excited her more than she could let him know.

But her hands covered her mons as she rubbed herself the way he wanted her too. She felt his fingertips at the butt plug lodged in her ass and glanced back at him from between her legs.

She heard his hiss of appreciation, and glowed with inner satisfaction knowing he truly loved her ass. A second later the plug was torn from her anus and replaced by his serpentine tongue.

Bernie didn’t make a sound. Joe didn’t like her making noises when he did her back there. But she did respond by frigging herself furiously. A minute later she was no longer capable of keeping silent, and began to utter a string of the nastiest expressions she could muster. Joe liked hearing her get nasty. The nastier the better, but he didn’t like her talking about “Liking this, or liking that.”

When his tongue tired, Joe replaced the butt plug, pushed Bernie almost roughly to her knees, stood up, and began removing his clothing.

When he was totally nude, he tendered his erection to her, and she began blowing him.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the play of her tongue for a minute or two, then nonchalantly reached out for the champagne and deftly opened it, and all the while Bernie applied her talented mouth to his rigid penis.

At the sound of the cork popping, she removed him from her mouth and let out a gleeful yelp.

Her eyes widened when Joe poured the first drops of the Champagne on the crown of his cock, and then tendered it to her.

Berne’s reaction was swift, for she didn’t want to waste a drop of the bubbly froth. She managed to capture most of it, but still some did trickle down the front of her dress and seeped into her bra.

Taking him from her mouth, she held it out to him and he readily spilled a small amount on the tip again. This time she was better prepared, and snared almost all of it, then for good measure, she licked up and down the length of him, which in Bernie’s mind, was considerable.

“It’s a fine year,” he said, off-handedly.

“Oh, I have to agree, a very fine year, Joe.”

“Open…” he said, and when she did, he poured some into her mouth and then took a swig himself.

Offering the bottle to Bernie again, he spilled some on her chest. Laughing, Bernie got to her feet and shrugged the filmy white dress off. After shimmying out of it, she hopped up on the kitchen table and spread her pussy lips apart, laughing giddily as Joe, holding his thumb on the top of the bottle, began shaking it.

Bernie protested, “You’re not!” but she was laughing hard. “Joe… I don’t….”

Just then a glint appeared in her eyes and she added, “I double dare you!”

In one quick move, Joe took his illegal bahis siteleri thumb off the top of the bottle and inserted it into the mouth of her pussy.


He turned it to the left and then the right, while Bernie rubbed her clit vigorously.

With a broad grin on his face, Joe worked the bottle deeper, pulled it out, shook the bottle again, and reinserted it, ensuring that a powerful spurt of the bubbly entered the furthest reaches of her cunt.

Now laughing along with Bernie, he extracted the Champagne bottle, leaned into her moist nest, and began lapping away as the bubbling wine oozed from her cunt.

Highly excited, Bernie began pulling on her right nipple and rubbing her cunt. Only when Joe brought the bottle back to her love-hole did she take her hand away and watch as it spurted into her with an even greater force than before.

This time the champagne began to seep out of her before he could suck it from her pulsing pussy.

Bernie, agog at this erotic display, lay back on the table, spread her legs impossibly wide as he shook the Champagne even harder, and then jammed the neck of the bottle back into her.

This caused so much wine to enter her that Bernie couldn’t control herself. The butt plug jettisoned out of her ass like a rocket, landing halfway across the room.

Joe was laughing as he half carried her over to a full-length mirror. “Here get a look at your ass.”

Bernie turned her head and looked in the mirror. She was shocked to see just how wide her asshole was. It looked like a gaping wound.

“Jesus, Joe … I didn’t think it was ….”

But he wasn’t listening to her. He spun her about, and forced his mouth against her cavernous yaw the butt-plug had made and merrily lapped away at her. Then he started choking, and fell backward, landing hard on his ass.

“Good thing I took my clothes off,” he chortled, for he was sitting in a pool of Champagne that had passed from Bernie’s cunt.

Then he was back with a vengeance, this time licking and lapping at both her ass and cunt intermittently while she frigged herself as best she could without interfering with his mouth.

“OH!” Bernie groaned and came hard, a torrent of champagne and possibly bodily fluids surged from her cunt.

He laughed, and continued slurping away at her.

Bernie came again.

Joe waited for her to come down from the clouds then had her straddle him. When the cheeks of her ass pressed against his hips, he propelled himself into her rectum with a fury that she had not experienced with him before.



He paused, and she leaned back, supporting herself with both hands, groaning as her face turned beet red. He resumed his ass fuck, pounding her even harder; going even deeper into her rectum.

He filled her, and she was pleased that the butt-plug had done its job in opening her up for him; felt her clit responding to the pressure from the other side and wailed, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” She answered his fury with her own, rising up and falling down on his instrument of love and exquisite torture.

When he tired, Bernie did most of the work, eventually turning away from him and re-impaling him in her ass and riding him again, only at a slower pace.

She felt her climax building again and slowed her pace to make it an exquisitely teasing one; only to have Joe revive and start pumping into her with renewed gusto.

Moments later an enormous climax roared through her, leaving her a quivering mess, laid out on the floor, legs akimbo, both his cum and the champagne trickling out of her.


Bernie thought about telling him about his wife’s new lover, but out of some perverse loyalty to her best friend, did not.

Several minutes later, Joe found he had an erection and entered her. Bernie went rigid at the entry and had a mini-orgasm that might have been a left over from the previous one.

Because Bernie had encouraged this at a previous love session, Joe began to slap at her breasts. Soon, with both breasts bright red from being slapped, she placed a hand on each of his shoulders and pulled him deeper into her.

They both groaned with satisfaction at the feeling this created in their sexual nerve centers. Moments later, he struggled to lift her as he got up. He managed to position her on the table and slammed into her as fast as he could. Then, tiring, he had her get off the table, lean over it, and re-entered her again in the doggy-style position.

Bernie liked this position, and told him so. His subsequent thrusts were more powerful and had her tits jiggling all over the place, once even striking her in the face. To prevent a recurrence, she held them back by using her left arm while her right continued to support her body weight.

Seeking to forestall his climax, he had Bernie sit on the table so that she was supporting herself with her hands while he ever so slowly glided in and out. Although tiring, Bernie managed to hold herself in this position while they enjoyed canlı bahis siteleri the sensual thrills it brought them.

Bernie realizing he wasn’t all that far from ejaculating, coaxed Joe to the window so that she might make use of it to show off her exhibitionist tendencies.

Laughing agreeably, and with her legs wrapped around his waist, Joe pressed her against the glass and fucked her from behind.

Bernie chose the exact moment a couple glanced up and recognized what they were doing and pointed up at them to cum.

But they kept on, not disengaging from one another until a minute or so later, when Joe confessed that he was about to cum.

Bernie dropped to her knees, took him in hand and directed his ejaculate to her tongue and face. When she had milked him dry, she sauntered over to the sidebar with the remaining champagne was, poured some into a glass; and with Joe looking on, spit his cum into the glass, toasted him and drained the entire glass.


Joe went to the kitchen cabinets, found another unopened bottle of red wine and opened it, making it a point to pour Bernie’s into the glass she had used to drink both Champagne and semen from.

She accepted the glass with a wide smile and drank half its contents.

“Can we have another session before you have to leave?” she inquired while holding the glass out for a refill.

He glanced at the clock on the mantle. There had been a close call only the week before, when on leaving the hide-a-way, with Bernie, they had encountered a business colleague of Joe’s. Smoothing things over had proved costly in that he’d had to approve a loan when his old friend didn’t have sufficient collateral and Joe felt it was a bad loan from the outset.

Bernie, who was also married, seemed to get even more excited from the thrill of almost being caught.

“Oh, Joe, c’mon, would you stop that?” she scolded. “You know you have until six-thirty or seven at the very least. You’re starting to make me nervous. She won’t be expecting you until then and you know it.”

“The later I stay the greater possibility I’ll meet someone I know on leaving. And let me remind you, Bernie, we leave separately today.”

“I know, I know. But can we do it again? I can get it up again, you want me too.”

It wasn’t the first time that Joe thought she wanted to get caught. Sure, I get a divorce and she starts in with the ‘Let’s get married, honey, dialogue.”

But the truth was there was no way in Hell he would even a serious relationship with her. His interest in Bernie was always and would always remain purely sexual.

“If you could get here sooner it would be better. We could do … more things. It always takes us a while to get started, you know?”

He nodded in agreement, not really agreeing, but not wanting to prolong the discussion.


He was thinking about their situation and didn’t hear her.

“Joey?” she said, louder this time.

“Oh, yeah… What is it Bernie?”

She placed one leg on the arm of her chair, exposing her cunt which still had remnants of his semen leaking from it.

“Make me your dirty cunt whore.”

He smiled.

Bernie watched his cock stir.

Her penchant for rough, degrading sex was what kept him coming back for more.

“How dirty?”

“Very, very, dirty,” she answered seductively as she raised her other leg to the other chair arm.

“You’re going to stain the chair.”

“Fuck the chair,” she said hotly.

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you,” he said with a knowing smirk.

“I do,” she said and giggled, connecting her words with those of the marriage vow.

“And you’ll do anything I want?” he said.

Bernie nodded, her eyes locked on his with lustful determination.

“Get on your fucking knees and suck my cock.”

As soon as the words left his lips, her eyes blazed with carnal desire. But as her lips closed around his shaft, her eyes shut with pleasure and she sucked gently on the end of his cock.

“Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” he sternly admonished her. “Look at me when you suck my cock.”

Joe was well aware that the dirtier their conversation became, the more aroused

Bernie would become.

Her eyes immediately popped back open and she moaned greedily as her mouth took more of his length down her throat.

Grabbing a handful of her light brown hair, he pulled her to the couch and had her sit in what amounted to a backward position, legs over the top of the couch, head hanging off the cushions. Joe sank to his knees and fed his cock back into her mouth. This angle would allow her to accept most of his cock down her throat without gagging.

He felt his cock nudge the back of her throat and slowly withdrew it. Once it was out of her mouth he inspected it. It was coated with her saliva. Bernie held her tongue out passively awaiting the return of his member to her mouth and tongue.

But Joe toyed with her, and began slapping her across the face with his lengthy cock. “Like it?” He inquired.

“Anything you want is fine with me, Joe.”

He dropped his manhood on her outstretched tongue and she immediately resumed sucking with renewed vigor; her bobbing; her soft, pink lips slithering up and down his pulsing shaft

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