Three in the Woods

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Time was running slow, Pete was out running fence on the back of the property. Installing fence on a sunny day is not bad, Pete was outside and working hard. It was just after one o’clock, he had just stopped for lunch. Pete sat there back against a hickory tree. Pete was in the middle of about seventy acres of a wooded area with heavy undergrowth, he was cutting brush and trees out of the way to put the fence up. It was hard seeing any distance through the undergrowth.

She appeared out of now where still about thirty feet away. She said, “Hey Pete How’s the fencing coming?”

“It’s coming. What are you up to today? Carol.” Pete said.

“Was out for a walk, heard your axe pounding the trees, so I through I would walk over and say hi” Carol said.

“I needed to drop a few here and there; trying to keep the fence straight. You walked two miles across country just to say hi?” Pete asks.

“Well, I was thinking about something else.” She said.

“Girl, your daddy would skin me alive if he found out what we were doing, not to mention my wife.” Pete said.

“Shit, man I’m nineteen years old, I work full-time and I am taking college classes every night. Just cause I found a man who cares about me enough to chance my father’s wrath doesn’t mean I am going to run scared.” She said dropping her backpack to the ground. She pulled a large blanket from it.

“Girl, my wife didn’t have to work today, this is the one Saturday that she could show up back here.” Pete said.

“Pete, your wife is not coming out into these woods. You know as well as I do she hates coming into the brush.” Carol said removing her shoes after sitting on the spread blanket.

Pete took his boots off, “Your right, we’ve owned this land for five years and she has only been out here twice to bring me lunch.” Pete removed his shirt. Carol took her summer dress off, standing there in her panties.

“Girl, that is one fine body, come here and let me hold it.” Pete said.

“Pete, your thirteen years older than me, this affair has been going on for almost a year. Since I first found you out here, I want more” Carol said.

Pete peeled his pants off and walked to Carol. He kissed her, feeling her skin against his, he felt the rush izmir escort bayan of excitement. Carol pulled him down onto the blanket. She straddled him, kissing and sucking at his chest. Pete laid back and let Carol enjoy herself. She licked the salty taste of dried sweat from his body. Working her way down to his stomach, she slid back till she was sitting on his knees. She pulled his underwear down exposing his cock and balls. She lowered her head, taking his cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue around the head. Pete sighed at the feeling, knowing she would not stop till she had swallowed his load.

“What the hell are you doing to my husband?” Wanda shouted.

“Shit, Wanda, what are you doing here?” Pete asks.

“I come out here to do what she is doing, but I see you already have that taken care of. Aren’t you the girl from down the road?” Wanda asks.

“Yes ma’am” Carol said.

Wanda undone her halter top, and then removed her cut-off blue jean shorts which was extremely short just the way Pete liked them. Naked Wanda walked over to Carol, knelt down looking into her face.

“You want him, you take me also” Wanda said and kissed Carol. Wanda’s hand wrapped around Pete’s cock and massaged it. Carol kissed her back, reaching up with one hand to squeeze Wanda’s tits. After the kiss broke up, “Let’s both suck his cock” Wanda said. Together, they started licking and sucking his cock and balls. Wanda licked the length of Pete’s cock while Carol licked his balls. Then both of them were licking his cock. The feeling of two tongues on his cock was intense. They would kiss now and then. Pete laid there with his head rested on Carol’s backpack so he could see them giving him pleasure.

“I think it’s time to make him work to keep us both.” Wanda said, “You’re smaller than me so you lay on top of me so our pussies are one above the other, so he can suck on both of them.”

Carol lay on Wanda, Pete moved between their legs. He started with Wanda, since she was being good about this. He sucked her clit while he fingered Carol’s clit with one hand and Wanda’s hole with the other. He toyed with each pussy licking, sucking and fingering them till both women had cum several times.

“Fuck one of us” Wanda escort izmir said, “We need to feel that cock in us”

“You chose who goes first Wanda.” Pete said not wanting to insult his wife if he picked wrong.

“Fuck Carol first, I’ve always wanted to see you fuck, I know how good you are, I just want to see you in action.” Wanda said.

Pete picked Carol up off Wanda and laid her out on the blanket. He knelt over her, pulling her legs up against his body. He guided his dick between the lips of her pussy, she moaned as his cock penetrated her hole. To both of their surprise Wanda straddled Carol’s face and lowered her pussy down. Pete held Carol’s legs as he pumped into her pussy, Pete was on his knees so Carol’s ass was in the air, she was cumming again. Her juices poured out and down her ass crack. She was cumming for the fifth time; he pulled out and pushed his cock into her asshole. She screamed and tried to get away. Wanda held her down helping her husband rape her ass. Within minutes, Carol was pushing up into Pete’s thrust. She was enjoying her first ass fucking and eating a pussy. Wanda seemed to be enjoying it too as her cum ran down into Carol’s mouth. Pete pumped her ass, his cock felt huge in her ass. Wanda squeezed Carol’s tits and pinched her nipples. Carol was fingering Wanda’s clit as she licked her pussy. Pete smiled at his wife, “You’re next” Pete said.

“I am” Wanda said.

“Yea, ass first” Pete said.

“Like hell, that is staying virgin.” Wanda said.

Pete pulled out of Carol and grabbed Wanda. Wanda started begging for him not to do this. Pete pushed her to the ground; Carol sat on her chest facing Wanda.

“You bitch, you held me down so he could fuck my ass, do you think I wouldn’t do the same to you?” Carol shouted over Wanda pleas.

Pete grabbed Wanda’s legs and pulled them together. He raised her up, forcing his cock into his wife’s asshole. Wanda screamed and Carol slid up onto Wanda’s face muffling her screams. Pete hit bottom, he started fucking in and out. Wanda settled down and licked Carol’s pussy. Carol leaned back so Wanda could finger her clit. Pete reached around and fondled Carol’s tits with one hand. Pete fucked his wife’s ass like he had just found a new toy, yea izmir escort a new tight toy. Wanda cum twice before he removed his cock from her ass. He moved her a bit and pushed into her cunt. She was trying to take it deeper but she couldn’t move with Carol sitting on her face and her arms wrapped around Carol’s legs. Wanda loved the taste of Carol’s pussy. Pete was sweating hard as he fucked Wanda watching the two women together as he fucked them had him about ready to blow. He pulled out of Wanda’s pussy and forced his cock back into her ass. Wanda screamed into Carol’s cunt. Pete pumped her as hard as he could till he groaned out loud turning that into a roar as he cum in his wife’s tight asshole. He held her in place till he felt the exhaustion. He lowered her to the ground and fell to his back. Carol came one last time before rolling off of Wanda’s head. The two women crawled, one up each side of Pete to rest their heads on his shoulders.

“Now that was a good lunch break” Pete said.

“That was a first for ass fucking and with a woman.” Carol said.

“It was my first threesome and a first ass fucking for me.” Wanda said.

“My first threesome and two virgin assholes, they were given to me by two of my favorite women. What can we do to top that?” Pete asks.

“Carol, would you like to move in and sleep in our bed with us?” Wanda asks.

“That will do it.” Pete said.

“Sure, we tell my father that you need me to work as a housekeeper. You will be paying me double what I am making now.” Carol said.

“You would work for me.” Pete said.

“You will be too ill with the two of us and some of our girlfriends fucking you to get your work done.” Wanda said.

“Really, are you going to loan or sell my dick out?” Pete said.

“Maybe, we could use the extra money.” Wanda said.

“Are you nuts, we have billions in the bank? You are going to whore me out, just so you can have them too.” Pete said, “I better never catch either of you with another man while I have you living in my house. Ladies, we could stay here the rest of the day. I have no problem with that, but I need to get this fence up that I have a problem with as long as the two of you are here naked.”

“Are you telling us to go away?” Carol asks.

“Oh hell no, I was just thinking about that stupid idea of work.” Pete said.

They remained there most of the day, loving on each other. That day was repeated many times for several more years with other women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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