Thinking Of You…

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It really turns me on, makes my very horny and hard knowing you are reading this and touching yourself. I wish I was there watching you, sitting in a comfy chair… reading this and pleasuring yourself, moaning and cumming thinking about me. 🙂

I am thinking about you now, going to your bedroom, slowly undoing your blouse. (You are thinking of me and going to have a little time to yourself 🙂 Your beautiful breasts now exposed in a sexy lacy bra you look down at your cleavage… remembering the last time we were together my cock was in it’s place. You let your blouse hit the floor and unzip your skirt, slowly wiggle your sweet ass, just enough so your skirt falls to the floor as well. You have a sly smile as you have no panties on today (I am so proud of you lol, naughty girl!!.)

You sit down in a comfy black chair in your room… reach back to unhook your bra and let your lovely breasts free. You sit back, leaving your bra on loosely, one nipple exposed and getting hard. You know this would turn me on and bahis firmaları it is making your wet. You push your arms together, eliminating the cleavage and pressing your firm breasts together. You relax your arms and drop your bra to the floor, you know this would have made me beg for you and that thought makes you extremely aroused.

Putting a pillow behind your back you slump down in the chair to get comfortable, shift to the side a bit and hang one leg up on the arm of the chair. Cupping your breast and stroking your nipple with one hand.. the other hand moves lightly down your stomach and caressing the outside, then inside of your thigh…

Your mind wanders…

…Now you are remembering the first time I was in your bedroom and guided you to be in this position. You recall me on my knees, ready to please you. I gently kissed your inner thighs, my hands stroking your hips, feeling your soft skin and over to the back to your ass squeezing lightly. As I kiss and run my tongue on your thigh I watch you kaçak iddaa spread your wet lips open for me.. taunting me with your sweet pussy. You then rub your clit.. inviting me to it while your hand moves to my hair, stroking me for a second and then move your hand to the back of my head you gently pull me towards you. My cock ached as I was finally able to kiss your pussy, licking your slit and sucking gently on your clit. My hands moved under your ass and as I held you firmly, I continued to suck and circle your clit with my tongue, loving the taste of your pussy and acting like I couldn’t get enough of you. You knew I wanted you, to please you and you finally let me have my wish.

You moan as you come back to the present, finding yourself very wet and your fingers are now playing with your pussy. You wish I was there now… but sadly I’m not. But… that won’t stop you from enjoying yourself, not today… you recall more of your memory, my hands on your tits and your legs now over my shoulders… my head still kaçak bahis buried deep in your pussy. I am diving my tongue as deep into you as I can then go back to your clit, circling it.. sucking it and moaning slowly, as I suck…lick…suck… vibrating a low murmur on your clit and driving you wild.

You are very hot now; your pussy is dripping on the floor but that doesn’t stop you… you whisper my name as you start to fuck yourself with you finger.. wishing I was there.. driving my cock deep inside of you. You have one finger on your clit now rubbing it while your other hand is fingering your pussy.. your legs are spread wide.. as you rub your clit and thrust your fingers in your wet, throbbing pussy.

You feel a sensation brewing deep inside you… you continue to fuck yourself and feel an orgasm erupt. As you think of my cock, inside you shooting hot cum, you are surprised to feel your hot juices flow out of your pussy.. you are having an amazing orgasm and squirting your own cum from your pussy… you scream… moan in pleasure as you continue to cum.. .slowing down.. just lightly touching your pussy now… moaning lightly, you lower your legs .. thinking about the next time we meet… and how you will greet me… xoxox

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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