Their Story

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She wore a blue dress, he wore a black suit. They had planned the night to the slightest detail, her perfume, the tie she gave to him as a present, her brooch a gift from him. The dinner had been romantic, her favourite dish made by him, his favourite dessert made by her, the candlelight, the music, even the sky had conspired in that rainy spring to give them a clear night. They had dinner, talked about this and that, the past, the present, but above all, the future. He took her in his arms and led her to their room, and once again, even the slightest detail was prepared.

Her blue crop set, his black boots too. Her tight blue corset, his black leather choker. After getting their outfits, he started the games by pleadingly crawling to her while she sat on a plush chair.

She looked down lovingly at him, her plaything, her lover, her friend and confidant, but mostly, just hers. He looked up at her, his boss, his goddess, and deep down as his as he was hers. They left a mark on each other from day one, and it managed to stay on for about ten years before they had their chance to fulfil all the fantasies they concocted together. This moment and the excitement it brought would be on both their minds forever, and it could be seen in his hard, throbbing dick, and her nipples, so hard, they were noticeable even through her corset.

He spoke first, with a begging look in his eyes:

-Miss, may I please bask in the sight on your splendid pussy?

His face, almost like a puppy, moved her and almost made her cum right there, that powerful man, down on the floor, begging for her. She slowly uncrossed her legs, and opened them, sliding the crop along her skin, slowly caressing herself with it.

As she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of the leather on her skin, he moved between her legs, trailing güvenilir bahis his face along her thigh, and towards her pussy. Her scent invaded him, and made his mouth water, as he inched closer to her centre. Suddenly, she locked her thighs around his neck, much like a snake giving a mortal hug to her prey.

-Who gave you permission to come close, and on top of that, touch me?

The pleasure drained from her face, leaving a cold mask, and though below it, she was aching for him, he had broken the rules, and had to be punished.

– See, you should know better by now- she said as his face started to redden, her thighs choking him –So, either you like being punished and wearing my marks on your body, or I’m being too soft on you- Now she was looking at him like a helpless animal in her power.

She closed her grip on him even more, and just when he was about to pass out, she released him, pushing him back to the floor, gasping for air, but with a smile on his face.

-Now, as to your punishment… On all fours, pet, and be quick about it- she said while looking disinterested. He scrambled up to his position, still breathing deeply. She got up slowly, while he could only look at her boots, black, leather, and so shiny he could see his reflex on them.

She trailed her long nails along his back, leaving red trails on his skin. With no warning, she spanked him, hard, and he couldn’t help but flinch, but he made no sound. She landed another hard smack on his other butt cheek, leaving his ass red, but begging for more.

She waited until he relaxed again, then spoke:

-Count- as she lifted the crop and moved it down, landing blows all over his lower back and ass. He shook with each one, but still counted them all.

-20, Miss, may I please have one more- his voice trembled as he spoke, the türkçe bahis result of her crop trailing down his butt and stopping in his testicles. She gently slapped them with the crop, making him shake, fearing the demise of his precious jewels.

-Not for now. You have been a good boy, and for that, I will let you please me-

She sat down on the bed, opening her legs wide, and when he left his face to look at her, he noticed she removed her panties, so he was looking right into his very wet reward, and it was all worth it.

He approached her carefully, not wanting another punishment. He licked the inside of her thighs, savouring her skin, smelling her perfume. With his face inches away from her pussy he looked up at her, asking for her permission, giving her a last chance to stop him. She nodded almost imperceptibly, and he started kissing along her labia ever so softly. This was a delicacy, and he wasn’t about to hurry, he thought, as he started licking her, circling her clit slowly, teasing her. She bit her lip, stifling her moans as he closed his lips around her button, sucking it slowly and moving his tongue over it. Her juices were flowing freely, and he lapped them greedily, making her wetter in the process.

He put his tongue inside her, driving her over the edge, and as she moaned and trashed in the bed, he never stopped licking. She sat up and pulled him up. –I wasn’t done yet, you know, it’s rude to interrupt a meal- She cut him off, kissing him eagerly, tasting herself in his tongue and lips –You were doing great, baby, but I need you inside me, NOW- she said between kisses, moving back on the bed and pulling him on top of her.

He was happy to oblige, as he easily slid deep into her, feeling her tightness and her wetness around his now commanding organ. She felt how he filled her, hard, güvenilir bahis siteleri and just right for her. He leaned in to her inviting hard nipple, and sucked on it, biting it and thrusting hard into her, making her gasp and moan as he rubbed against her clit. She locked her legs around his thighs, pushing him even deeper into her, and ground her hips against him, she felt him on her g-spot and her clit, driving her mad with pleasure. It was his turn to gasp as he looked deep into her eyes, burning her blushed face with a mischievous smile, into his brain.

He took her arms and pulled them over her head, biting her earlobe, pistoning in and out of her, harder each time. –Having fun?- he asked her between breaths, and her only answer was to bite his neck and moan –I’ll take that as a yes-. Surprisingly, as loud and commanding as she could be for everything else, she was melting in his hands, just giving in to the pleasure he was giving her as he moved inside her.

-You…feel…so…fucking…good…- she managed to say between breaths –don’t…ever…stop…- He had no plans to. Grabbing her legs and stretching them up, he pushed them together and over his shoulder — Huh, bendy, I like that- he braced himself on her shoulders and thrusted inside her, feeling her even tighter.

He let go of her legs, and fell on top of her, as she embraced him and dug her nails into his hips, driving him inside her faster and harder. He felt the familiar urge for release, and was about to hold back, but she felt it too–Cum with me, baby, give it to me- he bit her neck, as his seed filled her, and he fell, moaning her name, into bliss. She exploded, her grip on his cock even harder, shaking like an earthquake hit her, and for a moment, all went black.

She came to herself again still shaking, his cock still hard inside her, and she felt their sweat on her skin, cooling her down. As she embraced him, he looked up at her and smiled –Somewhere, out there, they’re giving us a standing ovation, kiddo-.

Both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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