The Writing Partner

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Johnathan gave himself a quick once-over through his bathroom mirror. He had taken off his tie and draped it over his shoulders, rolled up his sleeves, and unfastened his top three shirt buttons to show off his broad chest.

He then adjusted the bulge in his pants so that it wasn’t too obvious. His date, after all, was simply waiting for his return so that the two of them could continue their movie night on his living room couch.

Satisfied with his appearance, Jonathan left to rejoin her. He – along with his bulge – was unprepared for what he saw.

His date had rid herself of her blouse and skirt, having tossed them onto the floor next to the fireplace beneath his television. She stood before him wearing…


… Leonard sat back from the keyboard. His brow furrowed as he asked himself, “What the hell is she wearing?… What the hell does she even look like?”

Working out the kinks in his latest erotic romance, he sighed as he sat in front of his computer at his favorite booth. He looked around at the decor of his favorite coffee house – which had featured in several of his stories – while pressing his creative mind for answers.

His eyes then fell on the booth against the far wall… and the lady who occupied it. She had a soft-spoken beauty that was impossible not to recognize. He glanced around the café – wondering how he missed her enter – before returning his curious gaze to the alluring young woman.

He decided that he had found the love interest for his story. He pushed aside his laptop, grabbed his notepad and a pencil, and wrote Sexy Stranger on the top of an otherwise blank page. Stealing glances at the newfound inspiration for his main character’s inamorata, he took notes:

***Pixie haircut (super sexy) perfectly framing the delicate features of her face. Perfect lips. Shiny from some type of balm (imagine it flavored. wild cherry perhaps?) As she reads her mouth curls into a mischievous smile. Her short stiletto heels peek from beneath the table top as she sits with her legs to one side. And what do those legs look like??? Oh to climb beneath that table and find out!***

Leonard took a break from his notes, as he felt like a stalker. After a few moments with his eyes on his laptop – though he wasn’t focusing on anything on the screen – the stranger stood from her seat. Leonard was excited at the chance to see her body. It didn’t disappoint.

He covered his forehead with his hand, attempting to shield his eyes so that he could study the young woman at whom he was gawking without seeming so obvious. He continued taking his notes as she strolled to the counter to get another cup of coffee.

***And there they are! Legs crafted by the gods! Toned all the way to her upper thigh – revealed by her mini-pencil skirt. The fabric of the skirt stretched tight around her rounded bottom as if holding on for survival. She’s poetry in motion as she walks, though it seems a miracle the taut skirt stays attached as she strides. God! Her legs! They make me want to beg for them to be wrapped around my body… or my head!***

Leonard took a deep breath as the stranger’s coffee drink was made. His attraction to her was already visceral… and he had yet to get a good look at her from the front. Not that he minded eyeing her from behind. And he loved her behind.

He glanced over his notes until the stranger received her drink. She seemed to turn in slow motion. She was stunning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Fortunately, she wasn’t looking at him, though she wore the same mischievous grin as she made her way back to her booth. A gobsmacked Leonard jotted down his thoughts:

***Jesus, this woman is fine! Her quads poke from beneath her skirt as the product of, what must have been a shit-ton of squats. I bet her inner thighs would crush my head as I licked her to climax. What a way to go! Her hips flair in that way only the hips of a woman with such a tantalizing ass can. And her breasts? Perfection! Nice sized and natural, but not too big. Enough to fill a very sexy bra… my hands… or my mouth! This woman is amazing!***

Leonard shook his head in disbelief. He decided that he had enough notes to continue his story, but he found that he couldn’t focus. His libido had a difficult time coming down from its high. He decided to get his own refill before getting back to work.


As Leonard returned to his seat he placed his drink on the table and pulled up the story files on his laptop. Having found where he had left off on his work-in-progress, he grabbed his pad to incorporate his notes. But he didn’t see his notes about the stranger. There was only a blank page.

He searched the immediate area to no avail. Confused, he lifted his laptop and looked under it before shaking his head. He couldn’t imagine what might have happened to them.

Frustrated, he looked around the coffee shop – as if the answer to his conundrum would come to him. His eyes then fell on the stranger, who was still reading… but not her book.

She continued bedava bahis to flash her devious smile as she perused a couple of loose sheets of paper. He had a sinking feeling that she was reading the notes he had written about her. The only thing causing him to not – in horror – start plotting how to stop her, was the idea that his thoughts were the height of presumption.

After another minute of half-hearted searching for his lost papers, Leonard was distracted by the stranger sliding out of her booth. All pretense of him not watching her was gone. His vision was drowned in the sway of her hips and the gentle jiggle of her breasts as she moved in his direction.

It never occurred to him that she would stop at his booth… which, of course, is what she did. Leonard’s eyes bugged as the stranger maintained her sinister smile while handing him his papers.

“These are yours,” she said as he stared at her.

After several seconds, he looked down at her hand and saw the words Sexy Stranger in his handwriting on the top of one of the papers she held.

Accepting them from her – and presuming she had read them – Leonard said, “Um… these are notes for a story I’m writing.”

She nodded. “I assume I’m the sexy stranger?”

Leonard paused with his mouth open. “I… um…” he said before taking a deep breath to steady his nerves. “I… you… partially… inspired a character, yes.”

“It’s hot. May I see the story?”

“I’m… still writing it. I’m actually having a hard time with it.”

“Sounds like you could use some help.”

Leonard perked up. “You write?”

One corner of her mouth curled. “I think I can help you with your story.”

“Well, I’ve never written with anyone before. But, if you’re interested in us collaborating…”

“Sure,” the stranger said. “Collaborating. Let’s call it that.”

He nodded before extending his hand. “I’m Leonard.”

Her eyes still locked on his – and without taking his hand – she said, “Let’s go, Leonard.”

As she sauntered by him and toward the exit, Leonard collected his laptop and notes.

Catching up to her as she placed her hand on the door, he asked, “Um… where are we going?”

She looked over her shoulder as she answered, “To my office.”

She then exited the coffee house with Leonard scrambling to keep up with her.

Still a couple of steps behind as he fumbled with his belongings, Leonard asked, “Should I follow you in my car?”

She glanced back at him and said, “I’m walking.” She then eyed his laptop and papers. “You can put your things in your car. You won’t be needing them.”

“I won’t… need… But what will I take notes with?”

She smiled before continuing out of the parking lot.

Leonard paused before sprinting to his car, tossing his things onto the floor of the front passenger seat, and then sprinting to catch the sexy stranger.

She was halfway across the street when he reached her. He then asked, “So how far a walk is it to your office?”

She looked at Leonard before nodding toward the hotel in front of them.

His legs continued to move as he followed the woman, but his mind was swimming. He wasn’t the type of guy women invited to their hotel room.

His eyes were locked on the motion of her ass and the sway of her hips as he followed her through the lobby of the posh hotel at which he had stared many times through the window of the coffee house. She then strolled into an empty elevator and pushed the button to the sixth floor.

As she turned toward Leonard, wearing her mischievous smile, he asked her, “So… um… what’s your name?”

“Annette. So would you like to start with my legs wrapped around your body… or your head?”

Leonard’s mouth hung open. He contemplated Annette’s words – and the notes he wrote that inspired them – as she grasped his thigh just above his knee. She then slid her hand up his leg until she was cupping the ever-bulging front of his pants. “Or would you prefer my mouth wrapped around… something?”

“Umm… you… your…”

The elevator glided to a stop before Leonard could form a coherent sentence… or thought. Just before the elevator doors opened, Annette said to him, “Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.”

She then released his erection, exiting the elevator and easing down the hallway. Leonard stood frozen as he stared at her. It wasn’t until the elevator doors began to close, with him still on it, that he snapped out of his trance.

He stumbled out of the elevator, briefly pinned between the doors as they closed before freeing himself. He then jogged to catch up with Annette, whose stride never varied. Leonard reached her just as she slid her key card into her room door to open it.

Leonard followed Annette into her opulent hotel room. His eyes jutted between the stunning decor and Annette’s stunning figure. After walking to the opposite side of the space to draw open the curtains to the large floor-length windows overlooking downtown and the river, she turned back bedava bonus toward Leonard. Her smile never waning, she pointed as she said, “The bathroom is through there.”

Leonard stared for a few seconds before nodding and saying, “Oh. OK. Yeah. I’ll…” He then pointed toward the bathroom door before his legs mercifully rescued him from his awkwardness and carried him in that direction.

Leonard stood in front of the bathroom mirror, not quite sure what to do or how much time was enough to wait so that Annette thought he was doing what she expected him to do… of which he had no idea. He then decided to give himself a quick once-over through the bathroom mirror.

He wanted to look casual, so he rolled up the sleeves to his button-down shirt. He then unfastened his top three shirt buttons to show off his broad chest. Looking down at his pants, he adjusted his bulge so that it wasn’t obvious, though Annette had already examined it in the elevator.

Satisfied with his appearance, and feeling as if he had taken an adequate amount of time to satisfy his hostess, Leonard left the bathroom to rejoin Annette. He – along with his bulge – was unprepared for what he saw.

Annette had rid herself of her blouse and skirt, having tossed them over the recliner next to the large hotel windows. She stood before him wearing a hunter green lace halter top bra and matching lace bikini panties. Leonard’s chin dropped as Annette’s curves – which had been restrained by her tight skirt – were on full display. Ironically, he had mulled whether he might be showing too much skin when he decided to unbutton the third button on his shirt.

“I’d ask what you think of my outfit, but… I’m pretty sure I can guess.”

Leonard couldn’t will himself to form intelligible words. He managed to eek out a few grunts as Annette made her way to where he stood. He fell completely silent as she unbuttoned his shirt. She then ran her finger down the center of his chest before kissing him there.

Looking up at him, and with her lips still an inch from his chest, she asked, “Do you think you’ll remember all of this for your story? Or did you want to go back and get your laptop so you can take notes?”

Leonard stared at Annette’s wet lips. “There’s no chance I’ll forget any of this.”

She smiled. She then sat Leonard down on the side of the bed as she helped him off with his shirt.

Kneeling between his legs, Annette placed several more wet kisses across Leonard’s chest. She then unfastened his pants, releasing his erect cock. Leonard was both physically relieved and a tad embarrassed by how hard he was. He watched Annette’s expression, which didn’t change. Her mischievous grin still painting her face, she wrapped both of her hands around Leonard’s erection and stroked it.

He took a deep breath, as it seemed every nerve in his body was being massaged by Annette’s hand. Her fingers and palms sliding up and down his shaft, Annette continued to lick her wet lips as she kept them tantalizingly close to his tip.

With her elbows resting on either side of his pantsed thighs, Annette took notice before looking up at Leonard. “I thought my legs were supposed to be wrapped around you.”

Leonard gave a shallow nod, his eyes hypnotized by the glisten of Annette’s lips. “You can put your legs anywhere you want on me.”

Annette’s smile widened. “There’s plenty of time for that.”

It seemed to Leanard as if she were moving in slow motion as she lowered her head toward his dick. His entire body shuddered as he felt the touch of her lips on his tip. After a couple of soft, wet kisses – her lips parted and she slid his shaft inside her mouth.

Leonard gasped as Annette eased down the top half of his erection. She held there for several seconds as her tongue coated and wet his shaft. She then pulled her mouth up and off of him. She used her hand to stroke him with the saliva with which she had just painted him. She then looked up at him. “You’re a mouthful.”

Leonard let out a microchuckle. He then continued to stare at her lips, begging Annette with his eyes to continue.

She licked her lips as she continued to pump the full length of his dick with her hand. She then returned her lips to his tip. Tightening her grasp on the base of his shaft, she dropped her head down, his tip disappearing into her mouth. She squeezed and stroked him with her hand as her head bobbed and her mouth slid up and down the half of his cock that her throat could handle.

Leonard was afraid he was going to explode as he watched her hand begin to glisten along with her lips. Her mouth tightened around him as her speed increased. Just as he felt he couldn’t take anymore, Annette slid Leonard out of her mouth.

She massaged his soaked dick with her hand from tip to shaft as she hungrily stared at it. She then looked up at him with narrowed eyes. “I want to feel how wet I’ve made you.”

Leonard’s heart sped at the thought of her pussy sliding down his cock. However, as she stood, Annette said, deneme bonusu “But I want you to feel how wet you’ve made me even more.”

He wasn’t sure what was next – though it didn’t matter in the least. He stared at her as she slid off her panties and climbed on top of him.

Annette placed one hand on Leonard’s chest and pushed him onto his back. She then moved up his body until her knees were on either side of his head. Her hips gyrating as her wet pussy hovered over his lips, she asked, “Is this how you wanted my legs wrapped around you?”

Leonard trembled with anticipation as she straddled his face. “Oh god, yes,” he said. He then grabbed Annette’s ass with both hands as she lowered herself until his tongue grazed her clit.

Leonard’s dick pulsed as Annette’s body shivered. She then squatted as she grabbed the back of his neck with both hands and rubbed her pussy onto his mouth.

Leonard pushed his tongue as deep inside Annette as it would reach. He then used it to thrash around as she rode his face.

With her eyes closed, Annette said, “Rub my clit.”

Leonard moved one of his hands from her ass and used his thumb to flick and massage Annettte’s engorged and soaking wet clitoris.

Her gyrating slowed but intensified as her grip on his neck tightened. He could barely breathe as she pressed and rubbed her crotch into his face, which made him harder than he had ever been in his life.

Annette then stopped moving as her thighs tightened around his head. Leonard attempted, with little success, to continue thrusting his tongue as her vice grip around him rendered him all but motionless.

Annette’s body trembled twice before she released Leonard’s neck. She threw her head back and panted as she sat on his chest. He stared at her wet pubic hair with his mouth positioned only a few inches from her center, hungry for more.

Once she began to catch her breath, Annette looked down at Leonard with her mouth open and nodded. “That was a good scene… but we have a lot more to write.”

He then watched as she moved down his body until her pussy was hovering above his tip. Leonard’s eyes grew, staring between her legs as Annette smiled at him. She then lowered herself until the top half of his tip rested between her pussy lips. Leonard’s head spun as she rocked back and forth.

He then looked up at her, his eyes aching for her to further lower herself and invite his dick inside her. Her smile widened. “You don’t want me to fuck up your pants, do you?”

She continued to rock, barely keeping his tip between her lips as he said, “Fuck pants. Just fuck me. Please.”

Annette shook her head as she lifted her pussy off of him. She leaned forward, until their faces were inches apart, and said, “Be patient. This is going to be good.”

Annette then kissed him on the lips. As she backed away, she licked her lips before pausing her retreat. She lowered herself again and ran her tongue over his lips before bringing it back into her mouth. She looked at him and said, “Damn, I taste good.”

That time it was his body that trembled. Annette finished dismounting from Leonard’s body, standing between his legs as she pulled off his pants and underwear. He sat up – his dick firm and pointing at Annette – as she climbed back into his lap.

The heat from Annette’s slick pussy engulfed Leonard’s shaft as he slid inside her. His hips thrust upward right when he felt her ass touching his thighs. Annette gasped and closed her eyes, tensing her bottom and raising herself up. “Oooh, that’s deep,” she said.

She then looked into his wanting eyes. “We have time. You don’t have to rush.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone so bad in my life,” Leonard said as Annette’s mischievous grin returned.

She reached behind herself and, with one hand, unhooked and removed her bra. As her exposed breasts dropped from the fabric, Leonard’s gaze moved from her face to her chest.

His lips parted as he felt Annette’s hands grasp the back of his head. She then pressed one of her nipples into his mouth. Leonard’s tongue lapped at her breast as Annette’s hips, ass, and pussy gave him the erotic ride for which he had been pleading.

She then eased back down until her lips were stretched around the base of his cock. He continued to suck and lick Annette’s breast as he thrust his tip against her spot. She pressed Leonard’s face until, for the second time, he was having trouble breathing.

He continued tapping the deepest parts of Annette with his tip while strumming her nipple with his tongue. Annette’s knees then tightened against Leonard’s hips. Her body shook and writhed as her pussy soaked his balls and the bed covering beneath them.

Once her orgasm subsided, Annette leaned back as she stared at Leonard in disbelief. Her breathing was labored and strands of her hair painted her perspiring forehead. Leonard’s heart raced as he focused on her eyes as well as how soft her pussy felt wrapped around his throbbing dick.

“I want to make you cum so hard,” Annette said. Leonard’s own breath quickened at her words.

Annette pushed him back down onto the bed. She rested her palms on his chest with her arms outstretched as she stared at him. Leonard then felt her lips glide from the base of his shaft up to his tip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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